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Welcome to SummerClan
Hi there~! I see you've taken an interest in SummerClan, but honestly, who wouldn't? We're the clan of warmth and beauty, obviously: shining as bold and bright as the summer day, and as soft and elegant as the cool night. But our greatest strength is in our pride and our free-spiritedness. We hold high-standards for not only ourselves, but also our home; we give back to the land just as much as we take from it, and are rewarded with the most absolutely beautiful territory in the mountains! You won't find much in the way of action here; we're a fairly laid-back and lackadaisical bunch completely uninterested in the nonsense arguments and petty disagreements of other clans. Of course, that doesn't mean that you can push us around though. While we prefer a peaceful and diplomatic route for resolving problems, underestimate us and you'll find yourself on the receiving end of a force as overwhelming as the ocean waves. While we're far more welcoming to outsiders than most clans, loyalty is still totally key. Prove to us that you have a pure and true heart, and you'll find a big, happy family by your side.

Our Home
"So many interesting new foods to try and experiment with, some edible....some not so edible. The only way to know is to try it" - Tornadoeuphoria (May 2021)

"There is no garden in any other Clan as lush and beautiful as the ones in SummerClan! Seriously, the other Clans should just stop trying, it's pathetic." - Poppymask (May 2021)

The Garden:

The garden, which is so carefully tended by the Garden Keepers, sits at the top of the hill above the camp. At the top of the hill, the sun’s light always reaches it, and it is well out of the way of flood waters. While SummerClan’s territory is naturally blessed with a wide array of natural flora, the soil is most fertile here, and generations of skilled Garden Keepers have collected countless rare and exotic plants that they cultivate in private gardens. The rolling garden has many of the herbs needed by the medicine cats, ensuring that SummerClan will always be taken care of.

Rodents: Mice, Voles, Moles
Birds: Sparrows, Robins

The Garden Keepers: if you ruin their flowers. Don’t do it. Just don’t.

Flowers: Roses, Lilies, Tulips, Orchids, Carnations, Hyacinths, Chrysanthemums, Daffodils, Sunflowers, Petunias
Herbs: Borage, Catmint, Chamomile, Lavender, Marigold, Poppy, Tansy
"The meadows are SO romantic, and the perfect place for a first date. I love to get lost in the flowers and wander around, dreaming up all kinds of scenarios." - Honeyfrost (May 2021)

"The meadow? Great place for a nap, no one can find you and if they do who cares! Invite them for a snooze! But you want some real fun? The witch's house. Impress a few ladies and dudes, show them how brave you are. Things like that, you know?"- Chimeramask (May 2021)

"The Wildflower Meadows are one of the most, if not THE most, gorgeous places in all of SummerClan! And why wouldn't it be? I do most of my training there and I was the top of my class! The blooms in the meadows are the perfect size for flower crowns because Momma and I spend so much time tending to them, and the warrior apprentices have plenty of prey to hunt here, not to mention they get to look at me while they're training~" - Sunpaw (May 2021)
The Meadows:

The Wildflower meadow makes up a huge percentage of SummerClan's territory. Laying on the west side of the long river, it is a lovely, sprawling meadow filled to the brim with every flower under the sun: daisies, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, marigolds, daffodils, violets, buttercups, the list goes on! There's also no shortage of herbs, making this a favourite spot for medicine cats and garden keepers to forage. At the southern end sits a lavender field, perhaps once planted in neat, purple rows by twolegs but long since left to be reclaimed by the wild. The smell is gorgeous; especially after the first rain of leafbare, when the water soaks into the dry earth and the scent of lavender bursts into the air. The Rabbit Meadow is slightly smaller than the Wildflower Meadow, and sits directly across from it along the northern end of the river. A vast, open space of tall grass and the occasional small pine tree, fallen log, thin stream, and pond. You'll occasionally find deer grazing here too; looking like beautiful ghosts when they leap through the early morning mist, and one can often spot little butterflies fluttering through the grass.

Rodents: Rabbits, Mice, Voles, Moles
Birds: Sparrows, Robins, Larks, Blackbirds

Hawks & Owls: While not particularly a threat to most warriors than they are competition, hunting the same mice and rabbits that the clan needs to survive, to Queens with adventurous kits they are a mother's absolute worst fear. Tiny, helpless kits are as good of a meal as any for the sharp-taloned birds, with many stories of curious youths snatched away are told in the Nursery by parents to keep their precious kits from straying too far from the Deep Lands.

Flowers: Buttercups, Cornflower, Clover, Daffodils, Daisy, Dandelion, Forget-Me-Nots, Violets, Wild Carrot
Herbs: Foxglove, Lavender, Marigold, Poppy, Tansy, Yarrow
"i am a still a kit so i havnt been many plases yet but my favrit part of the tertory territerri teretorey is the rivur in the deep lands were i went swiming with lots of other peepil!!!" - Vixenkit (May 2021)

"theres no fences!! I never knew I could live without them. I can’t wait to see everything.” - Yarntangle (May 2021)

"I love coming to the waterfall, sometimes just to sit and think and other times to swim and fish. Just watching the falling water is so refreshing. It's a great place to come after a hard day of hunting or patrolling." - Skycloud (May 2021)
The Deeplands:

Though most of SummerClan's territory is meadow and moorland, on the far eastern end of the territory is a thick patch of forest surrounded on all sides by the river - effectively making it an island of sorts. Mainly pine, oak, birch,and beech, it is almost always filled with soft sunshine filtering under the leaves; there's rarely a place in the territory that is ever entirely gloomy. However, due to the proximity of the rivers, it is quite difficult to find any well-growing herbs in this area. In the center of the woods, close to the waterfall, lies a wide-open field that sits under the stars, which is where Summerclan has made their camp.

Birds: Sparrows, Robins, Bluejays, Crows
Rodents: Squirrels, Mice, Chipmunks, Voles
Fish: Tadpoles, small Trout

Foxes: Although they are not natural inhabitants of the Deep Lands, due to it's small size in comparison to forests further east, they have been known to invade Summerclan's territory during Leaf-bare when prey is scarce. Crafty and cruel creatures, they will attack any potential threats on sight. While most fully-trained warriors stand a chance at driving one off with minimal injury, reckless apprentices might not get off so lucky.

Herbs: Cobwebs, Dry Oak Leaves, Honey, Watermint
"Out here having the time of my life."
("Devotedcrow is drowning")
"This ain't about him." - Fawnhysteria (May 2021)

"It's as if I'm home," Brittlefrost sighed, her tail curling over her sand covered paws. She looked out over the ocean, closing her eyes and breathing in the salty air. "This is where I belong." - Brittlefrost (May 2021)

"The sea is never-ending and forever changing. It has stories in its winds and laughter in its waves. Even if I don't remember who I was, and if no one remembers me in ten years, the sea will always know me, its waters never forget the children who call it home. It's...comforting." - Lostelm (May 2021)
The Seas:

The Northern Sea takes its name because it stretches further than the eye can see from the northern border Summerclan territory, though it meets its end in Springclan on the other side. Its fresh water is always cool and crisp, rippling with a pale blue tint, though pebbles can be seen through its surface at all times. A long stretch of golden, smooth sand that covers the length of the Northern Sea, known as The Shore of Shifting Sands. In Greenleaf, the Shoreline is a peaceful place where young cats can gather to swim or fish. However, in the cold moons of Leaf-Bare, the relentless season, the water becomes dangerous, huge storms roll in and only the strongest swimmers can battle the sea and the shoreline. A similar shore runs along the Southern border of Summerclan, where the long, sandy beach stretches down to meet with an ocean of blue-green water that tastes of salt. The Southern Sea crashes against the shore with waves that, at times, rise higher than a wall of warriors standing on each other’s shoulders. While it's a great place for apprentices and warriors alike to train and better themselves, due to the mass of Twolegs that gather there in the warmer seasons, venturing down to that beach is ill-advised. Whether in the North or the South, both shores make for a great place for a Summerclan Warrior to relax and forget their worries for a little while.

Birds: Seagulls, Ducks, Geese
Fish: Bass, Bluegills, Perch, Trout

Sea Currents: While most Summerclan cats know or learn how to swim, even the strongest and most experienced swimmers have their limits. If a cat swims too far out, they can't risk getting caught in a current, and once that's very rare they will make it back to shore alive.

Watermint, Waterhemlock, Aloe Vera
"No. Nope. Absolutely not. I wouldn't go there if you paid me. N-not like I'm actually scared of that place or anything,'s just weird. Bad vibes all around. Um...can I please go now?" - Grasslizard (May 2021)

"Looking for a place to call home? Tired of being all on your lonesome and ready for a roommate? Wishing you could go to sleep to the ominous whispers and songs of the dead? Look no further, the Witch's House is meant for you! I'm Lostkit and this is Hauntings turned Flauntings!" - Lostkit (May 2021)

“good place to hide a body” - totally not Sootstep (May 2021)
The Witch's House:

Warriors call this dilapidated and abandoned twoleg nest "The Sunflower Cottage" around kits and apprentices, so as not to frighten the former or excite the latter into exploring where they ought not to. No one has ever seen the witch rumoured to live here; apprentices sometimes dare each other to steal something from around the cottage, and only the bravest cats venture close enough to take advantage of the little herb garden growing out the back or the mice scurrying through the piles of firewood. While many cats are convinced sightings of the witch are just scary stories that have gotten out of hand, occasionally one may pass by and notice the lights on or the chimney smoking...or hear faint singing out in the nearby woods at night. One thing’s for sure: if you see a shadow pass by the window - run.

Rodents: Mice, Rats, Bats
Amphibians: Frogs, Lizards, Toads
Birds: Blackbirds, Crows, Ravens

The Witch: The dilapidated twoleg structure has existed for as long as Summerclan has lived in their territory, and so have the tales of the terrifying witch that lives inside; a being that no cat has ever seen, but many swear is very real. Some claim that the reason no one knows what the witch looks like is because none have seen it and lived to tell the tale. The stories vary depending on who's telling it, but they all share a common warning: those who ventured to the innermost depths of the cottage have never returned.

Mint, Lavender, Chamomile, Wild Garlic, Death Berries

Cats of SummerClan
Rumor Mill

Does this even count as a rumor if it's completely true? Everyone and their cousin knows that Ratstar's mate Poppymask has a wandering eye, and that most of her kits definitely aren't his. He doesn't seem bothered by it though.

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` A warrior name that truly speaks for itself. A slender and scraggly light-brown tabby with a single, shifty yellow-green eye, Rateye fits the part of his namesake in every conceivable way. Cunning and quick-witted, he prefers to solve problems with words over claws, and if those fail, the light-footed tom uses his sharp reflexes to make up for his lack of muscle for a speedy exit. Despite being raised by his father from a young age after his mother's untimely death, he doesn't consider his youth in the twolegplace to be a particularly tragic story; constant death, brawls, starvation, and struggling to survive is just the way life is lived among loners and rouges, which makes his sudden rise from rouge to clan leader an even more astounding one. As competition for food in the twolegplace grew more and more vicious, Rateye knew deep down that he would not likely survive the next leafbare on his own. But just as he was ready to accept his fate, he began to have dreams of starry ghosts that seemed almost too fantastical to be real. Unbeknownst to him, his grandmother had been a Summerclan warrior, and now that forgotten bloodline had completely changed the course of his destiny. The dreams eventually led him to a small patrol, who declared that Starclan had chosen him to lead Summerclan. Caught up in the whirlwind of prophecy and fate, the lowly Rateye was now Ratstar, and was unceremoniously thrust into the responsibility of caring for an entire clan of cats. To his surprise, Ratstar was welcomed with relatively open paws, and given a new home and a second chance that most cats could only dream of. A down-to-earth, laid-back, and all-around friendly guy, Ratstar tends to treat every member of his clan as family, and every stranger that passes by like an old friend. He strives to know each on his clanmates on a personal level, and makes sure that Summerclan is a comfortable home for everyone else like it was for him. But just because he's easy-going does not mean that Ratstar is a pushover; if leadership has taught him anything, it's when to put his paw down. While it might be as rare as a blue moon, Starclan have mercy on a cat that can manage to make him legitimately angry. Nevertheless, Ratstar works hard every day to take care of the cats who now rely on him. He doesn’t always get things right, nor does he understand the nuances of clan diplomacy, but he tries his best and is a steadfast believer in Starclan. It seems almost odd for a cat like him to be religious, but it’s the least Ratstar can do, for the ancestors that granted him something worth living for.

Roleplayed by Gidgetgal

Rumor Mill

Devotedcrow claims it's on accident, but it totally, obviously isn't. Which is actually kinda weird now that I think about it, because everyone knows his actual, biological dad is Ghostcrown of Swiftclan.

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There are legends-- visions painted of cats clad in golden auras, who've served their clan endlessly, and whose names are said with praise- and then there are curses-- the types you only wish on your worst enemy. Crow is not named for a golden pelt, or golden eyes, or cats with golden auras who died well before his time. No, his signature sable fur is dark and tussled, his gaze wild like firelight, and he speaks with the heat of a thousand suns. There's the echo of an ancient anger in his voice, something distant but still present. Rogue born but SunClan raised, his claim to this world was precarious at best owing to his original clan's perception of crows, which are omens of death in their religion and the highest form of disgrace is to bear their curse in a name. It was his mother's hope that burdening her son with this would give him the strength necessary to survive in the cold shadows of SunClan, but it gave him something even greater than that: Purpose. Crow has a heavy-footed saunter, like with every step he's stalking across hot coals with thorns embedded in his paws, and a battle-worn body for someone so young, his history immortalized in his scars. He's seen a lot in his life up until now: He's survived life in the desert, outlasted the scorn of a clan that didn't accept him, weathered the loneliness of being separated from his family and the grief of losing a sibling, endured entire moons of a wintry vigil, and soared to the heights of hope, love, and acceptance. Despite all the unfavorable cards he's been dealt, he owes everything to the cats who have helped him become who he is today and his silent vow is to emulate their actions in his own life, offering a sanctuary to the young and wayward souls so they don't have to face their challenges alone. He fights with the spirit of SummerClan and the wrath of WinterClan after having learned their styles through the teachings of his love, Orchiddrop, and his half-brother Agonywail, but he has also picked up the stealth and cunning of a rogue, once having been the head of a gang. He'd never expected to find himself amongst a clan again-- let alone one that did not see him for what his name represents-- but in SummerClan, surrounded by their hospitality and the warmth of his mate's love, Crow couldn't imagine living any other life. He earned his warrior name, Devotedcrow, to honor the devotion he showed to his family and he strives every day to uphold the meaning behind it. His heart, once ensnared by a wicked fire, has harnessed the light from the flames and now shines brighter than any star ever could.

Roleplayed by Woof

Rumor Mill

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Are you looking for the perfect tom that does everything right and is always nice and kind? Well keep on looking because this gray tabby tom doesn’t quite fit the bill. Now don't get me wrong. Graythorn is loyal to SummerClan but he can tend to be very moody. This is the main reason he doesn't have many friends. His bright green eyes can hide what’s really going on inside his mind. Cats say that he may look more like his mother Gentlebreeze but he can tend to be brash like his father, Darkfang. But truth be told, Graythorn's harshness is a cover he uses to hide his insecurities. He was chosen early at five moons of age by Dreamcather to be her apprentice but she died shortly afterward leaving most of his training to Paragon and Pyriteessence. Now that Pyriteessence steped down for reasons only known to herself, Graythorn is now the youngest medicince cat SummerClan has ever had.

Roleplayed by Whitemuzzle

Rumor Mill

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Named after a known scavenging bird of prey, Vulturemalice is an odd creature. Lanky and long, cloaked in a short furred dusty brown pelt with snowy slashes across his face, his oddly angular eyes are a deep olive green and always seem to be rolling with annoyance. His voice is almost always edged with a hiss, lips permanently curled down into a scowl. Maybe is was the influence of his name, but Vulturemalice enjoys death and things of that nature. While a kit, he picked the meat off of the bones of prey before eating, laying out the pieces to dry. He had a collection, and is rumored to even have dug up a dead clanmate to have studied the way the bones were put together. He claims it was for medical knowledge, but some cats suspect he's just a tad bit insane. After having started training as a warrior, it was clear that he would never make it for his lack of strength. He had more power in his brain than his muscles, and found his calling in the medicine cats den. Though seeming to be a dark character, he has a knack for growing things in the gardens of SummerClan, particularly poisonous plants that can be used for both harm and good. Vulturemalice is hard to get to know and even harder to love, but once you’ve earned his trust you have a friend for life.

Roleplayed by Baewolf

The Red Guard
The Redguard is a special rank within Summerclan, reserved for the most elite and loyal of warriors: Founded by the late Ravenstar following her determination to never again leave her Clan defenseless, they are tasked with anything needed by the leader or the Clan - from special patrols and exploration outside the territory, to investigating rumors, or anything else the leader might require of them. They more often than not lead the charge into any battle and offer advice and counsel at the leader's request. Essentially, they are the leader's most trusted group of warriors. `

ASHER - pLuto
Asher is an young adult Russian Blue cat with green eyes. He is afflicted with minor vitiligo, marbling his chest and back with white. As he gets older, the condition will progress further. Pale scars cover his body from fights of his past. He was once a kitty-pet, adopted at a local shelter. Due to the late manifestations of symptoms of vitilgo, his humans didn't like his appearance and abandoned him. Since then he had to fend for himself, learning to fight and hunt on his own, toughening him mentally and physically. Because of his early abandonment, he didn't think that he wasn't good enough and fell into a depression. That was, until he met Link, a rogue in love with the idea of violence and destruction. Since Link didn't like weak cats he taught Asher essential survival skills and, over time, they became good friends. During their time together though, he picked up some unsavory traits such as blood lust, but he found a way to suppress them when he was around other cats. With an invitation from Fairystar to join SummerClan, he accepted. However, Link didn't follow him there due to a difference in lifestyle, he would still visit him at the border. Still new to living with more than just another cat, he tries to fit in, although feelings of not fitting in creep in sometimes.

With just a single glance, it’s hard to understand why she received the name Bubblechaser. The color of her eyes - a beautiful blue that perfectly compliments the siamese blood running through her - could easily explain the ‘bubble’ prefix, but chaser? It’s not like this she-cat is extremely outgoing, not anymore than your typical warrior anyway. So, what was it that this seal-point siamese was chasing? Is it perhaps something that only she can see? Well, in a way this may be true. Once you get to know her, it becomes quite clear what she’s after: her mother’s affection. From a young age, all she ever wanted was the praise of Quietmeadow, her mother, but her best was never enough, and she was always ignored, or rewarded with the harshest of criticisms. Every word lodged its way into Bubblechaser’s heart, digging their blades deeper and deeper. The only thing that she could do was work even harder, pushing herself to do even better. Some might think that she’s too hard on others, but that’s nothing compared to what she puts herself through. In her mind, she will never be enough, and there’s always that whisper of doubt in her mind telling her so. That no matter how hard she works, no one will ever care. Maybe that’s why she strives for recognition, why she would do whatever it takes to gain the approval of those around her. She is a people pleaser through and through, even if her reasons might be selfish.

Suave, cool, and an overall dork. Chimera, like his sister Daisy, loved hearing about the adventures of the clan cats that his mother grew up with. He could never understand why she would ever leave. Something about love, or some nonsense like that. Chimera and Daisy would play together, pretending to be warriors in their mother's birth clan. They made warrior names for themselves and gave themselves ranks (Chimera always made himself the leader). It only made him dream of life outside of the two-leg world. He was more than happy to have been adopted alongside his twin. But that all changed. Chimera was always being swatted at, his tail constantly pulled but the young two-leg that lived with them. The young tom was constantly hissing and scratching all of them in an attempt to protect Daisy, who suffered the worst of it. He’d hide in the corners with her, pressing his pelt against hers and reminding her of the life they both dreamed of. A dream that Chimera would make sure came true. One day, when the two-legs were opening their cave door Chimera grabbed Daisy by the scruff and pushed her along. They ran, as far as they could and as fast as they could until they finally made it. The forest. They were free. Chimera couldn’t be happier, and he was more than thrilled to see his sister starting to come alive again. Chimera is overly protective of his sister, feeling the need to protect her at every hour of the day. But when their surrogate father, Crow, had decided to join Summerclan with Orchiddrop his twin had decided it was time for her to find Sunclan. Chimera had wanted her to come with them, never having left her side before. But Daisy was adamant. She left for Sunclan, and Chimera joined Crow in Summerclan. With his new life, came a new name. Chimeramask. The tortoiseshell tom thought it was quite mysterious, and perfect for a cool cat like himself. He can be quite boisterous, showing off and goofing around. It’s almost a shock whenever this tom has a serious moment. Moments that only his sister seems to take seriously. He boasts a bit more white on his tortoiseshell pelt than his sister does with white fur trailing down his neck and chest and crawling up his legs. His pale green eyes are always glinting mischievously and seem to always gleam brightly.

A grey tabby with peach patches and white on the muzzle with green eyes. Fallenredemption was born in Earthclan and is the son of Mintlynx and Willowwhisper as well as the nephew of Firerush. When things started to fall apart in Earthclan Fallen followed his mother out of the clan and into the wild. The pair lived as loners while Fallen tried to figure out which clan to go to when Willow told her son that she was in fact sick and couldn't be healed. Fallen found refuge in an old abandoned shed where he would hunt and care for his mother. When the time came for Willow to pass she told Fallen to go live his life and follow where his heart lead him. That same night he stayed vigil for his mother before burying her and moving on. Taking sometime on where to live Fallen finally decided on settling in Summerclan where he hopes to make his life one worth living for and to change the lives of those around Willow had. He is a kind hearted tom with a clever mind and quick reflexes.

MUDTHISTLE - Gidgetgal
A story that’s all too common among many cats. A terrified young kit lost and abandoned; their mother nowhere to be found. Fortunately for one young she-kit, the nightmare stopped there. Hiding amid the prickly thorns of a thistle bush, she was discovered by a wandering Medicine Cat, who immediately took pity on her and brought her to his clan. Any memories of before the day she was found have been permanently lost to her, and she’s grateful for it. SummerClan is her home, and there are few cats prouder to serve her clan then she is. Perhaps part of that is her father’s influence. Almost at once following her rescue, a bond began to form between Mudthistle and Graythorn, the cat who found her. Despite being a Medicine Cat, he raised her as his own daughter, showing her all of the love her previous family had refused her. It is because of him that she is the cat she is today; with a decent knowledge of basic herbs, a respect for Medicine Cats that supersedes her respect for her own leaders, and a love for adventure and new discoveries. Generally happy-go-lucky and excitable, albeit a bit shy, Mudthistle is a princess in her own right; easily charming any cat that meets her. However, her pride tends to be her general downfall; too oblivious to any dangers she might walk into until it's already too late, and too stubborn to ask for help when she needs it. A sleek and slender Havana brown she-cat with yellow-green eyes, the only cat that she might love more than her own future mate or kits is Graythorn; the only parent she’s ever known. A stranger bond between two cats you’d probably never see again, but to Mudthistle, she couldn’t have had a better life story.

ORCHIDDROP - sunlight
Orchiddrop is the opposite of her sister, Rosethorn- she is generally slower to speak, more reserved and thoughtful. She internalizes things more deeply and second-guesses herself. It has gotten her in trouble before, like when she first became pregnant by Crow during Summerclan's lockdown- then an outsider- and foolishly believed everyone would judge her. She took a Summerclan tom, Goldenshadow, as her mate, but suffered threats and physical violence at his hands during her pregnancy. With the help of Ratstar, Rosethorn, and Crow, the issue was resolved, but the scars on Orchiddrop's psyche lasted long after. The white-furred warrior is a renowned warrior, strong and strategic, loyal and driven. Crossing over one of her sapphire eyes is a scar from her childhood, when she defended her sister from the rogues that killed her parents. Over the course of her life, through her trials and her failures, Orchiddrop has become a steady, strong presence, more given to mercy than anger, more to understanding than judgment. She has learned the value of deep roots and community, through extending kindness to others. Though she has her regrets, she could not have become the devoted warrior she is today without her trials by fire, and she loves her home all the more for the support it has given her.

RAVENMASK - whitemuzzle
So, you want to know about me? Well let’s see. As you can tell I’m a smoky gray tom with black patches of fur. I got my name from the black patch that covers my eyes and ears. Speaking of my eyes, their dusty blue color have already attracted some attention from some she cats. Just recently I was promoted to the rank of warrior. Some have described me as being a fun-loving cat who loves life. The world around me piques my curiosity and I long to explore it. I like making new friends and I’m not afraid to bend the Warrior code a bit when I think it needs it. Now don’t get me wrong! I’m very loyal to my clan, SummerClan. But hey, where’s the zest in life if you don’t let loose every once in a while, right? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This isn’t too important to me but to some cats it is. I come from a long line of descendants who can trace their linage back to Graystar, a famous SummerClan leader. My mother, Ashensnow, was a granddaughter of Coalstripe, whose mother was Cometstream, Graystar’s daughter. So that’s enough about me. Tell me a bit about yourself.

A light silver-tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Wispycloud clearly has some maine coon ancestry with her well-defined muzzle, thick, wispy fur and large frame. Her medium-long fur is frosty silver in color like a spring storm cloud; swirly, with faint tabby stripes, fading smoothly from gray to white. Her fiery amber eyes cut right through the haze and assert themselves almost like a warning. While Wispycloud is generally an agreeable she-cat, she is not a pushover. She will always make her opinion known and really thinks every situation through from beginning to end. She doesn't fuss if her idea is not chosen so long as it was considered. This she-cat is very honest and non-rebellious; however, she is apt to tag along if she suspects mischief is afoot. Wispycloud isn't the type of cat to rat anyone out but she doesn't want anyone getting hurt. She's pro-active is all: She thinks that it's better to stay ahead of the problem than any other side of it. She has a strong moral code and always tries to do what she thinks is best. Go ahead and call her a goody-two shoes. She may grimace at the nickname but she's a little proud of it too. You will be hard pressed to find a more trustworthy friend but she can be a little boring if you don't push her buttons every once in awhile.

Rumor Mill

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The Garden Keepers
Despite how they might look, Garden Keepers are actually a very important role in Summerclan. Summerclan takes the greatest pride in having the most gorgeous, scenic territory in the Mountains, if not all of the clans, and they go to great lengths to keep it that way. The job of the Garden Keepers is to maintain the territory; cleaning up trash, decorating the camp for special occasions, caring for the flower and herb gardens, and generally keeping the meadows beautiful. When those duties are done, many Garden Keepers spend their free time gossiping and weaving Summerclan's famous flower crowns. `

Craftedbubble is an agender brown bengal with teal-blue eyes. They take very little seriously, including themself. Well, mostly themself. They are dramatic enough to appall any natural born drama queen and are not afraid to shout their woes from the rooftops. "Cursed I have been to wander this cold earth alone - no lover, no mother, no friends - oh woe is me," but it is truly all in good fun. They were a kitty pet but their owner passed away suddenly and she had no family or friends to take Craftedbubble in either so they escaped the former home and set out on their own. To carve their own Destiny and make their way in the world. When they found Summerclan it quickly became obvious they were not suited for the life of a warrior, the thought of blood and gore horrified them and they passed out at the mere sight of it. So, they became a garden keeper and they have loved their job ever since. Not only do they enjoy keeping things neat and tidy but they love decorating and making their home absolutely beautiful and stunning. They also love wearing flower crowns and even the occasion bit of berry paint, even though body paint is not a common occurrence or tradition in summerclan. It makes them stand out and they love every minute of it.

At first glance, Dizzyclimb seems like most of the other kits in DayClan's nursery. She is bright and cheerful, with big hopes and dreams. She wants to one day become a member of the immortal council or a Janus in SunClan, and isn't deterred by that hard work that it will take to rise in the clan's ranks. However, those that have spent time with Dizzyclimb will begin to pick up on some worrying signs that there is something different about her. Firstly, when she is playing she sometimes tilts her head slightly to the side and it leads to her walking in circles. Secondly her balance is rather horrendous. It is difficult for her to walk in a straight line, balance on stones, and any sort of climbing. She is rather clumsy, and it's not uncommon for her to tumble over her own paws. When she was a newborn, it was easily excusable as normal behavior for a cat trying to test the limits of their body, but the odd behavior slowly intensifies as she gets older rather than getting better.

HONEYFROST - sunlight
Honeyfrost was born a kittypet named Alicia, and enjoyed an easy childhood as a pampered and content twoleg pet. She joined Summerclan with her best friend, Satinshore, on a whim- mostly to see what clan life had to offer. However, she brought her past self with her, opting to remain as carefree and gossipy as she had been instead of maturing into a valuable warrior. Honeyfrost is fun to be around, as sociable and joking as she is, but she never takes anything seriously and is a notorious gossip. More often than not, you'll find her with Satinshore, laughing over some minor occurrence around camp. Honeyfrost is a pretty cat, with plush black fur and laughing honey eyes. She's not exactly good at being a Garden Keeper, disliking bugs and dirt, but she's always down for a chat and a good laugh.

They say grief changes a man. In Howlingheart's case, this is particularly true. Born Ravenkit, Howlingheart was once a happy tom without a care in the world. That all changed, though, when his sister, Foxpaw, died. A happy childhood soon became a memory, and grief consumed him, so much so that after the tragedy occured, he requested that he was renamed to Howlingheart for how his heart screamed in unceasing agony the moment they put Foxpaw in the ground. He feels as though he lost the most that day: His sister, dead; his brother, gone; and his mother, he can see the way she looks at him, with sorrow in her eyes, and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wishes he was the one they lost. He drifted from the family after that, but nowadays has a close bond with Southernskies, who has made it his prerogative to be the father his son needs. He loves SummerClan and strives to do his best as a Garden Keeper, priding himself in becoming a master of his craft and elaborately decorating the territory he loves. Howlingheart is a silver-eyed furry red tabby with splashes of white across his chest and underside.

A round, fluffy cream she-cat with light green eyes. Born to a kittypet and then adopted into a twoleg family at a young age, for most of her life the twolegplace was the only world Largelight, formerly known as Missy, had ever known. The echoing rumbles of monsters on the thunderpath, the sweet smell of the flowers in their gardens, and the soft and warm comfort of her cozy nest; what more could a cat possibly want? The days went by in a comfortable, familiar pattern: nothing ever seemed to change. After a while, that began to bug her. Was this life really all there was for her? Missy grew desperate for something new, something different, but could never find the courage to chase what she wanted. That is, until a chance run-in with cats from Summerclan. Hearing about the clans, a place where cats worked together and lived in harmony, it was everything she ever dreamed of. She begged them to let her join, nervous from head to tail, but unwilling to let go of the only chance she might ever get. Quiet and polite, Largelight is a peaceful cat, not particularly good at handling confrontation, or even social interaction for that matter. Living alone for so long, being suddenly thrust into a large community has left her with a few anxiety problems, as well as a difficult learning curve when it comes to hunting and fighting. In spite of her clumsiness, Largelight is a real plucky character deep down, always ready to get back up and try again, and excited to see what each new day brings her.

Molemound was born with the chubbiest cheeks that you always wanna pinch. The short and simply brown tabby pelt you just wanna run your hands through. And a tiny stump of a tail like his mom's that some can't help but boop on the way past him. And Molemound will always squeak in embarrassment when you do. Because after moons of cats doing it, he keeps forgetting they will. He was born to Poppymask and Ratstar, and even though his other siblings look quite a bit different than their father, Molemound never doubted it for a second. I mean, they were both brown. What more could you ask for? That's the kind of simple thinking he's prone too. If it's easier to figure something out in fewer steps but not think about it critically, that's the path he will take. He's not dumb, but he's not exceptionally smart either. Molemound's talent seems to be just attracting people to his presence. Intentionally or otherwise. He doesn't particularly stand out, he's just the kind of guy that is hard to hate. Everything he does has such earnest kindness behind it, as if he always has the right reason behind it. Or whatever reason he's been lead to believe. Since Molemound is so trusting in others and they find him trustworthy, it's easy for you to make him a pawn in your game. And he won't really mind. Maybe the forgetfulness was hereditary from his real father, Undeadecho. But Molemound has an ear for details, able to recite a conversation line by line. A perfect mole for anyone who needs one. Bio written by strawberrycupid.

PINETEMPEST - Honeystorm
A thick furred brown tabby tom with pale brown eyes and a white underbelly, chest, and paws. He was one of the first to suggest SummerClan when the sickness came, knowing of Lightningswift's connection to the clan, and was quick to join his family when they fled. Adopted son of Thunderstorm.

Poppymask has thick, cream-colored fur with auburn tabby markings on her back legs and around her bondi-blue eyes. She is average in height and build, although maybe a little on the chubby side. This she-cat has small, tufted ears and a stubby tail that swishes from side to side often, regardless of her present mood. She is very friendly but complains about pretty much everything. She has a bad habit of lying just to make herself look good or explain away some mistake. She does this so frequently that she even tricks herself into believing it. Poppymask is usually figured out pretty quickly, though, but will never remit her lies, no matter how outrageous. Her heart is in the right place but her shallowness makes it hard for her to make deep connections with other cats. As a result, she tends to come on strong: very chatty, very annoying. She is not a smart cat and tends to believe anything anyone tells her. This she-cat struggles with most jobs but is surprisingly skilled with tasks that require finesse. For example, she cannot take a step into the forest without making a racket, but she can weave together an impressive flower crown. Poppymask also has an affinity for plants and can recognize almost any flower or herb by scent or leaf alone, which is perhaps her most useful skill, and proof that there is more to this she-cat than just what meets the eye.

The hue of her silky, well-kept fur is so lightly brown it borders on the sandy color of a shoreline, coupled with an oceanic pair of cobalt eyes. A former kittypet by the name of Alysha who spent her days enjoying the luxuries life had to offer and exchanging the latest neighborhood gossip with her sister-from-another-mister Honeyfrost, rumors of handsome wildcats drew her from the comfort of her home when the SummerClan borders opened. Most of her bad habits have followed her here, in particular her penchant for involving herself in others' drama and lounging when she should be hunting.

Blue is often compared to a cloudless sky or rippling river, the feathers on a bluejay's wing or the transparency of a window. Sunpetal's blue gaze is neither serene nor transparent. It is the hard, impassable color of ice in a tundra, ice that is concealed under layers of snow, ice that has never experienced thaw. Her thoughts are nearly unreadable from the look in her eyes alone-- but Sunpetal's propensity towards loud, quick, and downright brutal honesty leaves nothing to the imagination. She's not afraid to speak her mind and has done so her whole life to little consequence. As the daughter of Poppymask and Ratstar, she's always gotten away with a lot more than the average SummerClan cat, particularly because she has her father wrapped around her dainty little paws. She's never been someone inclined to recognize boundaries unless they're her own (and she is very protective of her personal space). During her childhood she often disregarded the rules the clan had set in place to keep kits separate from clan meetings, usually interrupting them to address something she disagreed with. As much of an annoyance as this was for everyone else, it's made her acutely aware of how things are run in the clan and she's integrated that quality into her own repertoire, a natural born leader who takes control of a room with ease. Physically, she stands on the shorter side and has a plump appearance, owing to her thick, fluffy cream fur, but she's not purely ornamental. Her body is relatively lean with solid muscle mass hidden by her thick pelt, aversion to work, and a startling tactical brilliance. She has a distinct facial mask of a fiery cinnamon tincture, and the same hue threads itself through the fur on her ears, paws, and her feathery tail. There are only a few cats who get to know the real her, the one buried under a carapace of snark and sass, but those who do stick around despite her rough exterior will see a glimpse of the real Sunpetal that just wants someone to show they really, truly care. Someone that sees her not for being Ratstar's daughter or Poppymask's mini-me, not for her dramatics and alligator tears, but for her iron will and honest heart. Sunpetal just wants to be seen in a world where it's all too easy to blend into the crowd.

A dusty orange she-cat with black paws, hazel eyes, and a generally cheery disposition. When the sickness came to WaterClan, she, along with some of her family, chose to flee to SummerClan. Daughter of Phoenixriver and Lightningswift.

Rumor Mill

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The Warriors

AZALEABLOOM - lavellan
Doubt is a constant companion, always lingering just below the surface. It's there with every word, every action, casting shadows over every little thing. Did that twitch mean they were lying, or what about that glance? Everyone lies, after all, so you've got to constantly be on the lookout for even the smallest of white lies. How can you believe what anyone says, even when your gut tells you that your own existence is a lie? Said to be born to Poppymask and Ratstar, Azaleabloom always doubted that the tom was her true father. Her and her siblings look nothing like the leader, and the way that Poppymask acted was suspicious enough. The seeds of doubt had been planted since early on, causing Azaleabloom to doubt every word spoken to her. Headstrong and emotion driven, it's a wonder that she hasn't uttered anything about these doubts, but perhaps the way her fawn-colored eyes narrow is enough of a giveaway. It's not just her words that are spontaneous, but her actions, as well. She's so strongly stubborn, refusing to even admit about her slowly deteriorating vision in her right eye. So many traits that are dangerous to both her and those around her, and it doesn't help that it seems as if Azaleabloom knows no fear for what her actions will bring. With a long, flowing white pelt with patches of cream on her chest and back, and her small, tuft ears, she shares much more resemblance to her mother, Poppymask, subtle as it is. Perhaps her family bonds are the only thing that she doesn't doubt, but who's to say just how long her trust will hold. It is a thing to be earned, after all, and who will really put in the effort to earn it?

She still doesn't understand why she picked SummerClan to settle in, her icy grey fur stands bright against the greens and golds of the rolling fields of the place she now calls home. Maybe it was the taste of salt on the wind, or the way the breeze off the ocean tugs at her fur. When she first looked out over the rough grey waters she knew this was home. It has taken her a long time to find a place where she didn't feel broken anymore. Having just been know as Frost before becoming a warrior of SunClan, she had been abandoned by her mother at a young age and had to learn to survive on her own. Through the moons, anytime she started to feel safe or meet another cat to travel with, something always happened to break it. That's why she took the name Brittlefrost, knowing that her interior was fragile and easy to crack. She is small bodied and quiet, preferring to keep to herself to avoid anymore breakage. Brittlefrost is covered in a pale grey tabby coat, broken up by slightly darker grey stripes. Her sweet face is ended in an ash colored nose, and her eyes are the color of the sea before a storm. She hopes that one day the frost inside her could thaw, but is not hopeful for that day to come. Only time will tell for her, but she knows now that she is home and is starting to feel hopeful for the future for once.

CRIMSONLIFE - whitemuzzle
One of seven born to Nightraven and Ghost, although he and his siblings believe Harestorm to be their father. Crimsonlife has a beautiful dark ginger tabby coat with a white bib and two white front feet. He has his mother’s eyes, dark green with flecks of gold. He is a serious cat but can find humor in life as well. The drive to train hard to be the best made him into an extremely formidable warrior. Crimson was a very appropriate name for this tom, even prophetic. He was thus named for his dark ginger tabby coat but the true meaning of his name is still to come. Blood looms in his future. Many will die from his claws and fangs but will it be in the service of good or evil? This fact is unknown at the time of his birth but will be revealed as Crimsomlife grows into his life as a warrior. What will shape his destiny? Only time will tell.

DAYDREAMER - ComplacentDevil
Borne from a fairy tale king, and a mother with no shortness of delusions it seems that this cat didn't fall far from the tree. As if destined to be a failure he takes to refusing the normalcy of clan life, ignoring boundaries and rules, even though his upbringing was strict, with no toe out of line all throughout his apprenticeship. Somehow he made it through, but he now spends his days as a warrior with his head in the clouds. No real use for him other than looking pretty, and he does, with his coat of smoke, almost black unless the sun hits him just right as to reveal obsidian rosettes hiding in plain sight; and his eyes of amber, pools of pale orange like a sunset on a warm day. Even as he crosses borders and does what he likes, he does enjoy the benefits of his Summerclan home, and stays loyal and true to his heritage as well as close to his siblings, both full and half.

FISHERPOUNCE - Whitemuzzle
One of four kits found by Whisperingwhiser, Fisherpounce is the youngest and most playful. He has a mischievous streak that would make any queen shutter. Fortunately he outgrew a lot of that as he aged but he still enjoys a good joke. Being spontaneous, he likes to do things on the spur of the moment rather than planning things out which can sometimes lead him into trouble. He’s always had a sense of adventure and a generally happy-go-lucky attitude. With that said, Fisherpounce is fun to be around. He sports a reddish brown tabby coat which enhances his bright green eyes. His front right paw is white and he has a white tipped tail. (Brothers – Wolfheart and Wolverinesnap, Sister – Cougarscream)

The eldest and only son of Mudthistle and Crimsonlife, and brother of Redflame. Grasslizard is a perfect blend of his parents: the thick, dark chocolate-brown fur of his mother, and the white chest and paws of his father. It's his eyes that serve as his namesake; a striking green that's as dark and wild as the meadow. He's a rebel; the smooth, cool-headed bad boy who doesn't care about the rules, who loves 'em and leaves 'em, always seen with a new she-cat by his side...or at least, that's the act he puts on in front of strangers. In the reality outside of his own head, however, he's actually a super dork. While Grasslizard 'tries' to play the cool bad boy type, it's his conscious, fears of getting in actual trouble or hurting someone's feelings that prevent him from committing to the role. Most of Summerclan's apprentices have broken more rules than him. Yet it isn't delusion that drives his theatrics, but rather a deep-seated need to impress others that's been there since kithood. Despite being showered in love from his parents and the rest of Summerclan, Grasslizard feels almost compelled to show-off and play the role of the charming bachelor, as if trying to live up to the legacy of someone he's never met. The 'real' Grasslizard, the one his parents and siblings know, is a dorky, super-excitable young tom and super romantic that dreams of being swept off of his paws. If a cat can get past the facade, there's a true friend beneath, one who loves to have fun.

IGZIQ - stardance
The sun sets on a world of pain and agony and ushers in a night of suffering and fear. It is quite relaxing, isn't it? The stench, or aroma, of fear everywhere, the sticky traces of blood on the walls. It soothes her soul. Her attraction for the substance was no fault of her own. Much to her father’s displeasure, she grew up in the League at the dawn of the New Order. Her mother embraced the changes and did not hesitate to teach her the ways of the League. Being a kitten, she went along with it and set herself on a path to being a killer among killers; however, her father had other plans. Shortly before her promotion to a trainee, her father stood up to her mother. The exchange of words escalated into an exchange of tooth and claw. The fight was short, but the damage was permanent. She watched her mother bleed out before her very own eyes. The frightening part to her was the raw emotion her mother still had. It was love for her child and her killer, and her father looked no different. They had both wanted the best for her, but their love for her destroyed each other. It was a sight she will never forget. In a panic, her father sent her away from the League, only whispering a few frantic words to her before sending the young cat away with her current name. For her development, such an outcome was perfect. She developed cunning and diligence with her mother but learned almost all the rest on her own and during her time in Absum Lux. She is not a ruthless killer, rather a tactical one. Deaths inspire fear, but after some point each successive kill will weaken the effect. By killing tactically, death is a messenger and never loses its sting, but that doesn’t mean she hates to kill. She enjoys it to some degree but understands that it is a tool before anything else. The distinction separates her from her birth clan, something she is proud of. She has killed and conned in the past, but that’s where she prefers to keep it. Her past as a loner is far behind her, infinitely more so with the League. She does her best to make sure almost no one knows where she’s from. She has always been inquisitive, eager to learn what makes something tick. That core personality gives way to other more layered parts of the she-cat. She is prideful of her work, perhaps more so than she should be. The numerous cruel things she has done and seen made her numb to all emotions. She sees things plainly. No attachments. No nonreal variables. Love is fleeting to the she-cat. She can never find herself emotionally attached to anyone for any sizable period time. By no means does the she-cat not care for anyone, but the root of it lies in logic rather than emotion. She inherited her father's Bengal ancestry, so her fur has dark spots and splashes like any Bengal, but her beauty lies in her auburn undertones. Her eyes are a vibrant sea blue. Her gaze is often unreadable but full of purpose. There is a three centimeter long scar just above her left eye from a particularly violent experiment. A triangle with a circle inscribed inside of it was carved into her chest prominently as well. Her emotions numbed, who knows where she will go, what she will do. Ousted from the Coalition, the she-cat wandered for a long time. Now she has returned to finish what she started. She is the Huntress, or she was. That name, but not its secrets, fell into the past as she settled down in DayClan for the time being. Having grandkits drew her away to SummerClan.

Pale green eyes gaze across camp, curiosity filling them and wonder encasing them. Just who was he? Who had he been? Why was he here? Questions filled his life and probably always would. Lostelm had been found by the clan and has lived here ever since. With no memories, he has no idea where he came from, what his name was, or even if he had anyone who loved him. The tom has asked these questions to many and even to his own heart, but alas he's never gotten an answer. All he can remember is a loving smile and an unforgettable scent. Maybe he's like his father? Or a cousin or brother? Could that be where he gets his kind personality? His gentle exterior and patient nature? Will he ever know? With a heart true and loyal, the tom has taken a place among SumemrClan's ranks and is content with it. But he still asks these questions, still wonders about who he was before and if he was a different cat back then. His brown fur is dark and thin, similar to the elm tree and his eyes the pale green of new leaves. He was named Lost when he first appeared in the clan, unable to remember his own name, and thus was nicknamed Lost. From there, and once he'd earned his way into the ranks of SummerClan, he'd become Lostelm. Even though he doesn't remember who he is, he'd accepted who he's become and that's a calm, kind, and forgiving tom. While the cat he once was is gone and lost to history, he can create himself anew here in SummerClan while seeking answers to the memories he's lost. But, does he really care who he was? Does he want to know? Maybe he won't like who he was? All Lostelm knows is that he's happy here in SummerClan, scars, no memories, and all.

PANTHERCLAW - whitemuzzle
I’m told I look exactly like my father, Darkfang, but I can’t remember him very well. He died in a fight when I was very young. Gentlebreeze, my mother, has told me a lot about him but I can tell you this, I may look like him but I’m not anything at all like him! While he was dark and moody, I’m bright and cheerful. I just absolutely love having fun! Life is a wild adventure and I want to hang on and enjoy the ride! Hey! It looks like my friends are up to something over there. Want to join them with me? I know we’ll have a great time! Pantherclaw is an all black she cat except for a small white dot between her eyes.

PICKLES - uniqcrim
Sweet, soft spoken, and unsure of others. Pickles is not one to start a confrontation. She can hold her own in a physical fight despite her size, but cannot stand her ground when it comes to a verbal altercation. Her tongue gets tied and she always says the wrong things. It has been known to get her in trouble a time or two and she is never more thankful for her quick paws and sharp claws than in those moments. Her light brown fur and green eyes help her blend in among trees, leaves, and foliage, but in bright or colorful settings she sticks out like a sore paw.

RAYSTRIKE - stardance
A snow bengal with green eyes. She is a bit of a spitfire. Words flow from her mouth like water from a waterfall, never ending and untamed. She has no filter, so whatever comes to mind, she says. Her relationship with her deity comes from her fiery words. She admires him and despises him at the same time. She'll insult him whenever she gets the chance, but defends him when any outsider question's the deity. Her stubbornness is second to none. Raystrike only gives in arguments when the truth hits her in the face. Given to her father by her mother at a few moons old and then her father, Ghostcrown, being exiled at the end of her kithood taught her the importance independence. During the Fire Nation's war with SunClan, she was poisoned. The effects of it knocked her out for most of the battle, which led to her getting left behind. She barely survived, and ended up getting captured by Frostfire and renamed Soot. She became a NightClan prisoner and Frostfire's servant as a result. Maybe one day she will see the sun again... and that day came when her brother Crow came and rescued her after five moons in prison. But the time there came at a cost: her lungs are permanently damaged, and she will have breathing issues for the rest of her life.

REDFLAME - Whitemuzzle
One of four born to Mudthistle and Crimsonlife in early Newleaf. Redflame is a lighthearted she cat who is easygoing and not bothered much about the cares of life. She takes things as they come, not much can ruffle her fur. Redflame can be a bit of a daredevil taking risks that most cats would think twice about doing, such as leaping across lofty spaces from tree to tree just to catch a squirrel or climbing down a steep cliff to rescue a clanmate. She loves to spend time at the ocean and enjoys just sitting on the beach watching the waves lap the shore. Redflame got the first part her name from the dark ginger tabby coat she inherited from her father. Her yellow green eyes came from her mother. Her warrior name came from the patch of white fur on her chest which resembles a flame. The only other white fur she has is on the tip of her tail.

SKYCLOUD - Whitemuzzle
A white tom with gray tabby patches on his body. One such patch covers both ears and the sides of his face leaving his nose and muzzle white. He has gray-blue eyes, the color of a warm dawn sky. He had lived with his parents as a loner until they died suddenly before coming to live in SummerClan. Stories of his heritage had been passed down to him through his family line. He is a descendant of Graystar, a former SummerClan leader, through Windstorm one of the leader’s first sons. Ashensnow, a distant cousin, kept in touch with his family and took Skycloud to SummerClan when she had heard of his parents’ deaths. Skycloud has adjusted to clan life well although he continued to miss the freedom he once had while living the life of a loner. During his time as an apprentice, he was part of the group who found the ocean that ushered in the great change within the clan. Despite the tragedy he suffered early in life, Skycloud is an optimistic cat who likes to find light even in the darkest of times. Overall, he’s glad he came back to his family’s roots and looks forward to what else life might bring him.

White colored tom with black patched and amber eyes. Tornadoeuphoria likes to try cooking new recipes, but struggles with anxiety when faced with new ingredients. He is afraid of everything new, but is also immensely curious. So he will often make a new recipe, and make others try it first. Tornadoeuphoria refers to themselves in third person a lot for no other reason than they like to sound Ominous. He goes out of their way to help everyone and acts very selfless and compassionate, but underlying that it's really just an intense need to feel needed by others, and they help people more out of self-validation than genuine care. Often get bitter if people don't thank him, need their good deeds to be externally acknowledged by everyone, may even try to force or manipulate people into being dependent on them just so they can have someone to take care of. They're not very self aware and are oblivious to this currently, but do often experience the effects of this behavior in relationships turning sour or always wondering why they can never be content alone with themselves and always need other people to make them feel needed.

Scritch scratch, itch twitch. Wherever he goes, most cats are sure to notice, or at the very least hear, Weevilspike. His claws always seem to be fidgeting with something; whether it be the dirt, a stick, or trying to scratch a hard-to-reach itch beneath his thick, dark-gray fur. His pelt is completely unkempt, sticking out in tufts in various directions. Many have tried to untangle Weevilspike's unruly locks, but all have failed, though he doesn't seem to mind. A complete momma's boy, he absolutely adores his mother Poppymask, and is always chasing after her attention and approval. In his mind, she could do no wrong, and he'll jump through hoops just to make her day a little bit brighter. Although not with the same intensity as his mother, he looks up to his father Ratstar with pride. Weevilspike is one of the few siblings of his litter to figure out on his own that Ratstar wasn't their biological father, but loves the leader even more for taking him in. He’s actually quite sharp, with what some might say a tongue far sharper than his claws, although few notice it given his passive and easygoing nature. Not one to take charge himself, he tends to just tag-along with whatever his siblings and friends are doing, for better or worse. Those who know him well describe him as a loyal and supportive friend and Warrior, but his mellow attitude causes him come off as lazy and unmotivated to most. Luckily Weevilspike has never particularly cared about the opinions of anyone except his immediate family, and will always stay true to himself.

Formally known as Yarn, this she-cat came into the clan as a kittypet but took right away to warrior life. She has beautiful cream colored fur with waves throughout, likely due to being a rex mix of sorts. Her eyes are a gentle hazel, earthy and full of life. Yarntangle is a conundrum of a cat, her personality being a bit all over the place. She can be wonderfully down to earth, modest, and lovely. Or, she can turn around a be an absolute wretch. She's a bit of a know it all, having watched documentaries with her old human. She soaked them in, always happy and excited to learn. When her girl went off to college, Yarntangle decided that she wanted adventure, like she used to watch on the TV. She believes it was her destiny to be a wild cat to connect with her lion ancestors. She's a bit odd too, very spiritual, and very interested in the Starclan religion. She finds it fascinating, though she's not sure if she believes in it yet or not.

Rumor Mill

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The Apprentices

ASHENPAW / dove - woof | warrior training
The clan's oldest stars have preserved themselves within her family for eons, connecting Ashendove to a lineage she could never hope to live up to. Far more timid than intrepid and shy where she should be sanguine, she won't delude herself into thinking she will be the next one to carry on the legacy, though her beating heart yearns for it deep down. Green-eyed and lithe, she's shrouded in fur the pitch of smoke invading the night, waves of dark tendrils of varying blackness cloaking her down to her little feet, two of which are a contrasting white.

CINDERPAW / flower - sunlight | garden keeper training
Cinderflower may never be the brightest or the most talented, but you'd be hard pressed to find someone more warm and welcoming. In terms of appearance, Cinderflower is cute- a little pudgy, with short, soft gray fur and big amber eyes that are always bursting with excitement or anticipation. She feels the ups and downs of life very keenly, brought to the heights of joy by a simple gift from a friend and plummeted to the depths of despair by a faintly cutting remark or criticism. She loves her family and friends with a pure and devoted heart, and lacks ulterior motives in anything she does. It's easy to convince Cinderflower to do or think anything- but it would make one feel a little guilty, manipulating someone so gentle and naive. Despite her energy and outgoing nature, Cinderflower is decidedly unathletic, winded by a simple game of chase.

CROWPAW / frost - Whitemuzzle | warrior training
A black tom with just a hint of tabby striping on his tail. He has a white muzzle, bib, and belly and three white feet. Pale green eyes with some golden flecks adorn his head. He descends from a long line in SummerClan starting with his ancestor, Graystar. Pantherclaw, his mother, was born to Gentlebreeze whose father was Bonefang. His father was Hawkstar and mother was Ravenstar. Hawkstar’s father was Windstorm, son of Graystar. Because of Crowfrost’s serious personality, he can tend to live up to his name. Gruff, serious, and loyal are three words that can be used to describe him. He’s a cat who wants to follow all the rules and make everyone else around him do so as well. Loyalty to SummerClan, his family, and clanmates is foremost in his mind. He’d risk his life to save any one of them.

CROWNEDPAW / hunt - Gidgetgal | warrior training
Some fear death, or snakes, or heights, but Crownedhunt fears obscurity. He does not want to fade into the background of life, or live as an easily forgettable warrior. He wants to be the kind of cat that others remember, that leaves the world behind him irrevocably changed, that burns in the memories and tales passed down through generations. As a result of this, he tends to overcompensate- playing up his accomplishments, using unnecessarily large vocabulary words, assuming the attitude of a pompous, renowned warrior without actually having achievements to be proud of first. Crownedhunt has parents that people remember- an ex-rogue gang leader as a father and a talented fighter for a mother. And, as one in a litter of six, he feels the need to try harder to stand out and make an impression on people. Physically, Crownedhunt is an attractive tom, tall and lean, with piercing green eyes and a long, handsome tuxedo coat. He cares for his family, but can rub them the wrong way with his attempts to be the very best, like no one ever was. Unwilling to live a boring or plain life, Crownedhunt will do whatever it takes to make others remember him.

DRIZZLEPAW / sky - NovaAmaro | garden keeper training
Wrapped in short, tabbied gray fur and sporting a pair of cobalt eyes, he's got an average appearance cloaking an extraordinary personality. His father spoke of a legend-- of a cat with long, white fur and blue eyes and whose name he said with love-- and his mother spoke of honor, of the devotion that saved his family from doom. He has grown his whole life knowing nothing less than heroics, triumph, and adventures beyond his wildest imaginations, and those stories have sculpted the tom Drizzlesky has grown into. He's a weapon that SummerClan wields against foes; he's the shield that protects his family from harm, and he would have it no other way. He can be rather boastful and is often arrogant about his prowess in battle, something he inherited from Orchiddrop, but if he adopted anything from Crow, it's his bleeding heart, quicker to offer an apology than he is to throw himself into battle. He's never been known to put much thought into his actions before they drive him to extremes, which made him the perfect target for his siblings' mischief and still makes him easy prey for those who seek to manipulate him. Even so, his honest, unassuming demeanor makes it difficult for anyone to be malicious towards him, Drizzlesky finding more allies than enemies in his corner. His only kryptonite thus far are birds-- there's just something suspicious about them, like they're secret spies sent from somewhere evil like SunClan to gather information about the other clans.

EVENINGPAW / lily - ian | garden keeper training
A dainty white she-cat with long furs that often hide the fact that she is incredibly thin and lithe. Because of her thick fur, she appears to be an almost .... normal sized feline, but if she had short, thin fur, it would be clear that she would be borderline tiny. The second youngest of the first Crow and Orchiddrop litter, Eveninglily is a rather... odd cat. Known for her eccentric interests, she can often be found doing strange tasks like collecting snails. She's got an airy manner about her, and half of her personality is rooted in this vague floatiness. Prone to meltdowns if things don't go exactly her way, Eveninglily also has inherreted her mother's worrisome nature. This often leaves her at odds with her other, more adventurous siblings. A very loving feline, although she can't help but to show it in strange ways, like collecting treasures and giving them to her beloved.

FALLENPAW / cloud - ashestoashes | garden keeper training
Ever the youngest, this light brown and amber eyed tom is the fluffiest of his siblings and uses that to his advantage to hide away when embarrassed. He butts heads with his sister. But only his sister. With anyone else’s he clams up and becomes far to shy for anyone to take him serious. But he’s smart but his ideas are usually spoken and voiced through Blueautumn. He’s known to hide behind his older brother and use the toms larger form to do so, but his fluffy sometimes sticks out. He’s teased for his fluffiness and his shyness and where ken sibling is kind and encouraging, the other goes to arms for him and attacks others be side of their teasing. It’s gotten them into many punishments and scolding a form their parents.

FIREPAW / shadow - woof | warrior training
To say he is uniquely talented is an understatement. Regardless of what the endeavor is, Fireshadow will find his own manner of accomplishing things, a trait which his father says he inherited from his uncle, Desertwind, though he's never met the SwiftClan tom, and his auntie Rosethorn, who he spent much of his childhood following around. His schemes can range from simple to elaborate-- and the success rates fluctuate just as much. His pride is a fickle thing often tested by his clanmates when yet another one of his creative solutions falls short, and his mood flares up in similar fashion due to the playground jabs he suffered for most of his life when his denmates outgrew him, a small stature cloaked by a sterling silver pelt branded by a jet black bengal pattern. His eyes are sundrop gold-- startling against his fur, and brimmed with his unyielding spirit.

FROSTEDPAW / clover - seekingchange | garden keeper training
A small grey tabby shecat with brown webbing throughout her fur, concentrated in her face. It looks as though someone dipped her in snow, as all four of her paws are white. She also has a splash of white on her chest. When you look into her golden brown eyes, you can see echoes of her kittypet father. She gained them from him. Frostedclover loves her litter mates fiercely, as well as her mother. She is proud of her heritage, and she soaks in all of the stories she can. Frostedclover is a sponge in many other ways as well. She's happy and quick to learn, with a sharp and witty tongue.

HIPPOPAW / step - bauble | warrior training
A feline of large appetites. A fluffy dark beige coat wraps luxuriously around a plump body, piling upon the throat and shoulders like a proud wattle of a great bird. And like a bird, he struts to and fro as if upon a stage -- well, no, he rather waddles about, gargantuan body weight thrown about with such abandonment you’d be liable to injury if you stepped in his way. A great soft egg of a belly makes up his torso, with white stripes cinched to his sides, stretched to their limits by all the bulbous rounds. All in all, he makes for a comic sight, but don’t be fooled by his doughy appearance. Hippostep makes for a dangerous foe, a large domineering frame that moves quicker than you’d expect, a cleverness only betrayed by small, dark amber eyes. He constitutes a true friend for those with the honor of calling him so; he’s protective, dependable, and steadfastly loyal. But even for those he calls friends, his past remains a mystery. The only suggestion of it are a pair of scars, stretching from either sides of his muzzle. He jokes that he earned them from trying to eat a mouse larger than his head, but more sinister waters flow underneath. Alas, there’s one thing all cats of Summerclan know for certain: this feline eats as if every meal is to be his last.

NETHERPAW / surge - uniqcrim | warrior training
An insecure goofball with a passion for screwing things up. Loves to play, goof around, roughhouse, and fight. Never backs down from a challenge or a fight and is known to go around showing off his so-called battlescars. In truth, this black tom doesn’t know how to control his strength. He wants to be loved and admired but doesn’t know when to stop. This frequently agitates others and he never stays part of games or spars for very long. Still, there is a loveable quality about him that prevents cats from staying too mad for too long. Has a good heart and means well but does not know how to properly channel his energy or strength, at least not yet.

OAKPAW / spirit - pao | warrior training
This tom is the larger of the two boys and the gentle giant of the trio of siblings. He has his mother's amber eyes with a tint of green to them, but his fathers personality and fur coloring. Fearful of his sister, he has always backed down whenever the two of them disagree. This definitely makes him the pushover brother, and it doesn't help that he is also the least likely to stop her when she gets in a mood about something. Particularly when she's voicing their youngest brother’s ideas or defending him. It is then and only then, that the two may join in arms for they love their brother dearly. It's a common fight if you will, something they can agree on and they never fight about. But no matter how much he'll defend his little brother, Oakspirit won’t defend himself and gets picked on by his sister for it. it's one of their constant fights, and since the dark brown tabby tom won't fight back against her, it usually involves him losing the verbal fight and ending up crying about it. You see, he can be a crybaby about some things like the cuteness of birds or losing to his sister, or being called names like giant or behemoth. In all honestly, he's too gentle of a soul some days and for that, it drives his sister Blueautumn up the wall. She'd just love it if he developed a backbone, but he probably never will. But his parents love him, and his mom is always in his corner while his dad tries to teach him to fight back. It hasn't worked yet, but they're all trying to make him a strong cat, emotionally and mentally. For what he lacks in those areas, he makes up for in sheer strength, that he never uses for more than giving kits piggyback rides and lifting things when needed. Their family may be a little odd, but Oakspirit loves his parents Lostelm and Wispycloud and both of his littermates Blueautumn and Fallencloud.

OCEANPAW / glow - biyuu | garden keeper training
A black-furred tom with deep blue eyes. Oceanglow daydreams through life, hiding an eccentric personality deep under a perpetually spaced-out expression and a sometimes disarmingly-quiet temperament. He has very little filter and is prone to randomly blurting out weird, screwed-up thoughts, sometimes not even realising he's saying them out loud. He drifts through life aimlessly, living strictly in the moment and never thinking forward. The son of Crow and Orchiddrop.

SOULPAW / pyre - lavellan | warrior training
A silver phantom with eyes as mysterious as the moon. There one moment, gone the next, like a prophecy long since forgotten. Riddles and metaphors that never quite make sense, this is Soulpyre in a nutshell. Always going out of his way to appear mysterious to those around him, this silver bengal is an odd one indeed. The second born in a litter of six, all of which have their own oddities. With a mother who died after giving birth and a completely absent and unknown father, Soulpyre and his siblings had to rely on the charity of the clan quite often as kits, repaying them only with headaches. He tries to keep his emotions in check, as he would be far more mysterious if he doesn't wear his heart on his fur, but the one thing that can always draw out his emotions is the thing that he collects: seashells. Beautiful, dazzling shells that never fail to be stolen right out from under him, no matter where he hides them. If there is a true mystery, it's how he keeps letting his previous seashells get stolen or broken. Although he's been collecting them his entire life, his collection has never managed to grow.

SPARROWPAW - pao | warrior training
There are few cats who can say they have such a strong family history. When you are raised being told of greatness, of grandparent, aunts, uncles, and many, many others have achieved such amazing things like leadership and healing, then it sets you up to follow in their pawsteps. For clearly if so much greatness has come before you, then you too must be destined for it! But Sparrowkit is nothing like them. This poor tom will never achieve anything of greatness, nothing to brag about, and fears the days his mother realizes this, when anyone in his family realizes this. He is the black sheep of the family, the one who will be only ever subpar at best. Don't get him wrong, he tries, but even he has to admit that the idea of living up to all that greatness is overwhelming. How did everyone else before them do this? His litter is basically famous for its ties to so many leaders, their uncle is the medicine cat for crying out loud! So much is expected of them, their every move seems to be watched. And all Sparrowkit can do is fail at each step, get up, and try again. He's slow, but the determination is there. Well, maybe it's more the pressure of expectation than determination. But he's decided he will be a warrior, even if he's not a great one. Mediocre is okay, right? Not everyone can be greatness walking. Right? It will have to be for this white chested, brown tabby tom. For even his appearance is mediocre and normal, just plain average. The most unique thing about him would be the bits of green in his golden-amber eyes. Or maybe it's the few areas of grey in his brown fur. Either way, they're only reminders of what he should be, of what everyone expects from him that he can never achieve.

SUNPAW / veins - achromatic | warrior training
Say my name with your sunlight veins. When the sun hits the earth at the right angle, everything turns green and gold, but as the sun disappears, Sunveins continues to hold the warmth of gold in her furs. Her long pelt is dappled ginger, gold, and white, and her bright green eyes shine brightly with mischief. Playful, with a huge imagination, it's hard to tell that her background had been anything but pleasant in the past. She doesn't remember much of it, other than the stories her adopted father had told her, about rats, the way their grandmother had been powerful and how she resembled her, the way their grandfather had gone mad in his later days, how their family was cursed to forever hold a madness within them, the way their mother had wanted them, but she had been too soft to survive the part of the forest they were from. The three of them–her cousin, her adopted father, and her–traveled through the forests, and one day, she found herself lost. Found by a warrior of Summerclan, she was young enough to integrate like anyone else. Still, part of her feels lost though she'd rarely admit it. She wonders where her family went, what they meant when they spoke of a family curse, and whether she–like the rest of them–was cursed as well. Her own concerns are often kept to herself, and outwardly, she's nothing but a ball of sunshine and energy. Bright, talkative, and full of creativity, Sunveins seems like another airheaded, bubbly cat, only ever showing who she is when she's angry, the deep-seated rage created by the circumstances of her past lashes out like a solar flare.

VIXENPAW - biyuu | warrior training
A silver and white tabby tom with pale blue eyes and a lithe build. Vixenkit is a sardonic, cynical tom with a grim outlook on life and a pathological need to be entirely self-sufficient that borders on religious. The brother of Wildkit and the son of Fallensnow, Vixenkit has a tendency to feel smothered by his mother and became disillusioned with the notion of family at a young age. His feminine name is a constant source of irritation for him, and leaves him in a constant state of defensiveness during most social encounters with cats he's not familiar with.

WILDPAW / haunt - complacentdevil | warrior training
Uncannily similar to her predecessor, Wildhaunt is charming, warm, sweet. The perfect Summerclan cat, inviting, but quick on her feet to defend her home. The only living daughter of Fallensnow, she tended to follow after her brothers, though they tried to protect her as much as they could, her rough and tumble spirit has gotten her into many a sticky situation. Her pretty black tabby coat sporting a few scars here and there, though nothing anyone would consider to be outlandish. Her eyes, yellow as buttercups, are always alight with humour and a tinge of the cravings for adventure. She's particular, choosing only to surround herself with those that keep the fire in her soul alight, and never those that would strive to keep her contained in an effort to keep her safe.

Rumor Mill

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The Queens and Kits

LITTER: Antkit, Cricketkit, Gardenkit, Mosquitokit, Raccoonkit, Rustlekit
FATHER: Ratstar

ANTKIT / freckle - GidgetGal
A reddish-brown longhaired she-cat with brown splotches on her face and oceanic blue-green eyes. The "runt" of her litter, despite receiving as much love and attention as possible from her parents, Ratstar and Poppymask, she never grew much larger than the size a young apprentice. Instead of being down and out about it, she occasionally uses her petite stature to play pranks of her friends and clanmates by scaring them, before taking advantage of her inherent kit-like cuteness to escape consequences scot-free. Antfreckle doesn't misuse this power of hers, however; generally she's a pretty hard-worker who enjoys getting her paws dirty, meaning you can almost always find her in the Garden, digging up weeds and keeping everything neat and tidy except her own muddy pelt.

CRICKETKIT / chirp - complacentdevil
A sleek, longhaired black tom with bright green eyes. In the sunlight his fur shifts to a dark mahogany color. He’s easily distracted, especially by falling leaves, and can’t stop himself from chasing them.

GARDENKIT / shower - _Frog_toast_
Some are heroes some are villains but sometimes you need a lovable teddy bear. Gardenkit is a long haired golden-brown tabby tom with green eyes. He’s the largest kit in the litter not in height but in girth, as this boy is quite the eater. He especially likes to eat flowers but don’t let Poppymask find out! His big size and love for flowers gives im a happy yet clumsy personality. Hes a big teddy bear and always someone you can go to for help. He loves making other cats flower crowns and has grown to be very good at it. His one goal is to make everyone happy even if that means his own demise.

MOSQUITOKIT / song - Atomheart
A small thing with surprisingly long limbs, she would perhaps be bigger if she could ever bulk up. Her short coat is a golden taupe color slashed and spotted with black tabby marks. Her eyes are a pale yellow that fades into a rping green around her pupils. Her large ears contrast a black button nose on a rather angular face. Mosquitosong’s black tipped tail is constantly twitching, to the point sometimes she will stand on it to keep it still. Of course that is hardly noticeable when you consider the fact that she is nearly always humming some sort of song. She simply hates the silence, it leaves too much space to dwell on things best forgotten. Like the time she snuck out of camp and was attacked by a fox. Her one brother was rendered partially deaf while she received a wound on her leg. That wound led to a severe infection that left her with seizures and nerve damage. Of course that will never slow her down, nothing will.

RACCOONKIT / roar - Jadie
A brown mackerel tabby tom with a white spot on his chest and juniper green eyes. Raccoonroar has an unusually bushy, bottlebrush tail with black tabby stripes, same as the pest animal he is named after. Like his father, Ratstar, Raccoonroar is genuinely good-natured, but, like his mother, Poppymask, he isn’t above telling a white lie to get his way. While he is helpful and friendly, he also has a lazy streak, further enabled by the fact that he's got a good default excuse. Raccoonroar sustained a serious head injury when he was a kit. As a result, he now has a partial hearing loss. It’s hardly noticeable one-on-one but he really struggles to make out conversation in crowds. So, when someone accosts him for neglecting a chore, he’ll say something like “So sorry, I must have not heard it '' and somehow keeps getting away with it. There is just something about Raccoonroar that makes him incredibly likeable and impossible to stay angry with him for long.

RUSTLEKIT / weed - racer
A fluffy cream-colored tom with golden brown tabby points around bondi-blue eyes. He was born with half a tail but the fur on it never stopped growing, so it drags on the ground if not styled. He’s very fashionable, and insists upon those around him being the same. He isn't afraid to strut right up to another cat and offer to give them a good grooming, hairstyle, or make over. Like most SummerClan cats, he loves flower crowns and incorporating them into his unique hair designs. He can be a bit pushy, even rude, when it comes to apperances.

LITTER: Emberkit, Gracefulkit, Ghostkit, Lostkit, Markedkit, Riverkit, Spiritedkit
FATHER: Condorstrike

EMBERKIT / storm - ComplacentDevil
Youthful, comely, yet with a pretty coat all hues of ginger and chocolate, with pretty hazel eyes to match. The daughter of Condorstrike and Thunderstorm, shes a spitting image of her distant relative Emberstar. She's everything her father was before tragedy seemed to crawl into his life. Friendly and caring, a hard worker. She does her best to be the best warrior she can be for her clan, to which she devotes her life. Shes trustworthy for others and always supplies advice or help when is needed of her. She'd never let a clanmate go without, even if it means making sacrifices against her own better interest.

GHOSTKIT / fire - woof
A seemingly dirty, dusty orange coat wraps itself around Ghostfire's stout, compact body, and their dark amber eyes are always fixated into a glare. Despite this, they aren't unkind, simply not good at navigating social situations and understanding when they should extract themself from an interaction. Nocturnal, they tend to be most active at night, earning them an early reputation of being creepy and weird among their more 'normal' clanmates, and their unpredictable mood swings deter most potential friends, but Ghostfire truly, whole-heartedly loves SummerClan and their family and is particularly interested in their family history.

LOSTKIT / daughter - shadow
I'M THE VILLAIN OF MY OWN STORY + I am the god and the devil around you. I am the heaven and the hell you crave. I am the queens and the kings that you bow to. I am the name written on your grave. Magic is an otherworldly gift, beautiful and horrible, weaving with white and silver glimmer, winding with black smoke and whispers. Dark or white, all magic is suspended in the same source, forced outward either as a trickle or a storm. Whether it glows like freshly fallen snow on a sunny day or absorbs the sun in its shadow, once upon a time, all its existence was formed as a core deep within. Belief is what brought it into being. Belief powered by thought. From the beginning, the thoughts of others weighed heavily upon him. One of a crawling legacy of a scarred beauty and a shining beast, he served as the incarnation of the dichotomy of good and evil from the moment he was given a physical form in this world. Grey, they called him. Doesn't know right from wrong, good from bad, others would hiss. What is right and what is wrong? Who sets such terms? Who aligns definitions for them? Who draws the line? Perhaps once, he would have answered with a name of any number of those he looked up to. Now, he needs none. I am the sun that you bask and you feed on. I am the moon that you howl to. I am the daydream bringing faith and conviction. I am the nightmare you've been crawling through. His backstory isn't a riddle in need of solving to unlock the mystery of his being. His childhood was one of simplicity and care, a close-knit family of love and light, gentility and prosperity. Where did it all go wrong? By the time he realized he was on the path, he couldn't look back and change route. Choosing not to make a decision is making a decision about not choosing one. Perhaps, in the end, he was always meant to be where he is, no matter where he started as a child, no matter what differing paths and branches he took. So watch as I set fire to everything, watch as I burn down everything, anything. Watch as I destroy you. Watch as I turn into your goddess. Watch as your goddess turns into me. Accepting the role of royalty and legend readily, as though born in flames and made to exacerbate them, he is a complex character designed to destroy in order to create. Cynical, defying laws and moral standards, yet bright, loving, and fiercely protective, he works with the utmost of good intentions, though not always successful in his actions translating such intentions across the board. A realist, he is brutally honest with his opinion, at times being hurtful whether he intends it or not, and showing little to no remorse for actions that could be construed as 'bad' by others. In the end, morals and right or wrong are set in place by others. Thus, morals are always changing. For he, morals are deeply personal. He will always be a villain to those who exist in conflict with him. To those who understand, he will be an ever faithful ally. In the end, he is an avenger for those who do not have voices. I am the righteous, the touched and holy. I am the voodoo that you want to believe. I am the angels that hold and surround you. I am the demon you're afraid to need. I am the temple that will bless and feed you. I'm the religion keeping you in chains. I am the cure that you pray will find you. I'm the disease running through your veins.

MARKEDKIT / sparrow - biyuu
Agouti brown tabby with green eyes. Markedsparrow has an impressive temper and can be set off by the slightest of provocations. She is easily frustrated and tends to gravitate towards people who have tempers like hers. Markedsparrow is fidgety and impatient, hates waiting, and struggles to keep herself entertained around camp. She is the daughter of Thunderstorm and Condorstrike.

SPIRITEDKIT / dawn - lavellan
Spiriteddawn is a cool male. He is bi. He is exceptionally epic. He has wanted to make his family proud. Brown tabby with black paws and hazel eyes.

Kits without mothers

She is the last of the litter, the youngest of the late Featherstorm and the sole survivor of the whitecough that took the rest of her siblings. Cranekit is small in size, light but solid grey in color with the eyes of dying grass. She's a determined little thing and stubborn as can be, as expected of someone who survived their bout with whitecough at such a young age. While Featherstorm, her mother, and her two litter mates, Stormkit and Falconkit, died from the illness, she survived, and for that, the little she-cat thinks she's destined for greatness. Specifically as the next medicine cat of the clan. Oh, how wrong she is. Cranekit thinks that just because one survives an illness like whitecough as kit, that they must be destined to hold the position of medicine cat. But she never will. Her belief in StarClan may be strong, her determination strong, but she is not fit for the role and thus will never be chosen. Now if only the grey she-cat would accept that. Cranekit is bitter, jealous, and resentful that another was chosen for the role she believes belongs to her. Don't they see how nice she is? How caring and kind? They see her, just not the her she wants them too. The clan doesn't see her as caring and kind, sweet and nice and perfect for the role. No, they see the true Cranekit who is jealous, bitter, determined, fakes her niceness, competitive by nature, and sarcastic. While she may love her family, her clan, and the ocean in their territory, Cranekit is not a candidate to ever be a medicine cat and she refuses to accept that fact.

Rumor Mill

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The Elders

DUSTFEATHER - whitemuzzle
Hello, I'm Dustfeather. Friends sometimes call me Dusty but my opponents call me dangerous. Battling is in my blood, it comes second nature to me. It's no wonder because I come from a long line of strong leaders. Bonefang is my father, his parents were Hawkstar and Ravenstar. And Windstorm, Graystar's son, was Hawkstar's father. Quite a linage, right? But I'm not one to brag. About my immediate family, my mother, Grayflower, died in a battle when I was an apprentice and I have one litter mate, my sister Gentlebreeze. I'm in my element when I'm fighting, the adrenaline rush, the surge of power I feel, it's all just so intoxicating. I feel so alive when fighting and I'll do just about anything to keep my clan and clanmates safe. My warrior name "feather" was given to me in honor of Hawkstar, whose warrior name was Hawkfeather. I was blessed with a smooth gray tabby coat with a white bib and I also have four white feet. My eyes are sharp and are light green in color. According to legend, Graystar was a gray tabby with white feet. Coincidence? I don't think so. But all I know is that I've caught a few she cats looking my way, if you know what I mean. Maybe I'll choose one to be my mate when I'm ready to settle down.

GENTLEBREEZE - whitemuzzle
Hello, I'm Gentlebreeze. As you can see, I'm a gray tabby with gray-green eyes and one white front paw. There's also a white spot the size of a walnut on my chest. I come from a long line of gray tabbies dating back to Graystar, a former SummerClan leader. My grandfather is Hawkfeather, who was once a leader before he had an accident with a rock slide. I only tell you about my heritage to let you know I'm a loyal SummerClan cat through and through. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my clan and my clanmates. Although I'm his sister, I'm quite different from Dustfeather who can tend to be a bit brash and boisterous. I like to think of myself as friendly but also quiet and serene. There isn't too much that will rile me. I will fight other cats only when absolutely necessary. I have two kits, Graythorn and Pantherpaw. Their father, Darkfang, died in a battle defending SummerClan from some rogues. Well, I don't want to keep you any longer. Maybe we can get together later and you can tell me a bit about yourself.

It doesn't seem particularly fitting for a dusty ginger tabby with hazel eyes to be named Icesplash, but there's a good reason for that. His original name was Seasparkleflash, and despite being somewhat young for an elder, he's seen more than enough in his life to make up for it. Born in Waterclan, he watched as his father Emberstar and sister Glowwormcreep succumbed to a deadly illness, and ultimately the destruction of his birth home, as Waterclan became nothing but a faded memory. Loyal to a fault, he left everything he knew to follow his mother Thunderstorm to Summerclan. It wasn't home, but for the most part, it was enough. On one fateful Leafbare patrol, however, he found himself as a spectator once again as two warriors fell beneath the ice of the lake; a near-unavoidable death sentence for even the strongest of swimmers, but Icesplash refused to play a witness any longer. He dove in after them, rescuing the one warrior he could reach, as he and the she-cat barely escaped with their lives. That didn't mean there wasn't a price to pay, though. Due to frostbite, his back right foot is basically useless aside from giving him sharp chronic pain, forcing him to retire early. At his personal request, the leader renamed him Icesplash, to immortalize the heroic actions that led to him giving up his warrior duties. Now in the Elder's Den, he maintains a relatively optimistic attitude in spite of everything, happy to help the clan in the ways he still can. While he can't move around that well on land anymore, Icesplash is as elegant as ever in the water, and spends the summers giving swimming lessons to apprentices and young warriors.

Rumor Mill

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