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WELCOME, WANDERER. In a land of mystery, our
clans live between the worlds of an an enchanted forest,
and the mountains celebrating the seasons of life. In our world,
the border between the known and the unknown are ever changing.
Will you be a part of our world?
Based on the Warrior Cat series by Erin Hunter, we are a place to roleplay,
enter contests, and make and talk with friends. Our site is a culmination of ideas from all of our users, going back to 2008! Check out our Clans and Groups, which will give you wide range of different roleplaying experiences. Choose a Clan, create your cat, and jump into Warrior Cat Clans 2.


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Did you know that trees in a forest can talk to each other through a fungi network?

The Forest Clans

The enchanted forest is full of mystery and wonder, but with every garden of eden comes the serpent. A land of mystical things and magic, it's said that the forest can give cats power beyond their imagination, and yet, it feeds into their darker selves. Light lives within darkness, and darkness lives within light. The cats in this forest name themselves after the celestial bodies that govern the physical and mystical world, but be careful, the brightest lights can cast the longest shadows.

The Mountain Clans

The mountains see all four seasons. They see the process of life in all of its cycles. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. The four clans that live there are the more traditional clans, yet their landscapes have forced them to adjust. From the snowy peaks of WinterClan, to the warm seas of SummerClan, their unique qualities evolve from their landscapes. In the cycle of life and death, of solstices and equinoxes, the cats of the mountains have witnessed all seasons of life, and strive forward nonetheless.

Revolutionary Groups

Those who do not fit into the mix stand as revolutionaries of their own right. They live by their own rules and march to their own drum. SwiftClan, the pacifists, focus on their family-oriented lifestyle, while the Renegade Regime operate militaristically, in their structured manner underground. Primal Instinct, however, is a free-for-all, where only the fittest will survive. They listen to no one and live by their singular truths. Be wary of them, my friend, for it takes a certain something to survive out in the wild, and survivors are often the most unpredictable.


DayClan cats are the most playful out of any clan. Even the adults still play games and are often found lounging around. This is due to easy hunting and borders rarely needing to be patrolled. There's also a huge feeling of responsibility and care that every DayClan cat feels towards their clan mates. This makes it easy for the clan to function as every cat naturally knows to hunt when they see the prey pile low, no one needs to be told to help out.


DayClan’s territory is nicknamed StarClan on earth for it’s wide open land, plentiful prey, and gorgeous scenery. Many kittypets, ex clan cats, and other outsiders are attracted to the clans beauty like a flower is drawn to water.

Religion and Culture

StarClan until the heavens demanded that they follow only the warrior code and not help out their non believer allies. Since then, DayClan has continued their ways, but StarClan has turned their backs on them.

DayClan cats will traditionally wear feathers behind their ears or knotted in their tails, each feather represents a personality trait. When a DayClan kit is born their parents give them a feather to represent a trait that they hope their kit has. When a kit becomes an apprentice they take the feather off of the first bird they successfully hunt. Legend has it that this is the trait you are destined to have.

Alliances & Enemies

Currently none


Home of the nocturnal cats, these fierce warriors thrive in darkness - coming out only at twilight and night time hours, becoming one with the shadows. Nightclan cats are dangerous, sneaky, clever, and fierce with quick, agile movements. They have advanced battling techniques and it would be unfortunate to meet them on the battlefield. Despite their malicious demeanor and frightening appearance, they are incredibly loyal to their clan and their families - willing to dive into an attack to defend them no matter who or what is threatening. Think you have what it takes to become one of us? We seriously doubt that but you can try.

NightClan’s loyalty is first and foremost to NightClan. However, their leader has softened the limits on outsiders forming alliances with the clan of the night, as well as opened NightClan for outsiders to join. Provided they join the family in the Blood Brother Ceremony. Though most NightClan cats are of dark coloration to best blend in with the shadows of the night. All fur colors are accepted, as well as eye colors.


NightClans's territory is a thick pine forest with many prominent water features dotted across their landscape. Nightclan's camp is nestled in the hidden caves within a cenote that was revealed when an earthquake tore apart a sink hole and was found by Nightclan’s medicine cat, Turbulentsea, when he accidentally fell in. At the bottom of the cenote, a large crystal clear pool can be found sparkling like a million stars were perfectly placed upon the surface. Along the side, there is a narrow winding path that leads down the cenote and into the main cavern that is naturally decorated with beautiful crystals, low hanging mosses, and breathtaking stalactites. The main cavern is the biggest area with tall ceilings, dense flora floors, and tunnels that branch out into a maze-like system that only the Nightclan cats can navigate. Some tunnels open up into smaller caverns while others lead to hidden escapes. In the the main cavern, a large crystal rests in the center where the leader stands to announce a clan meeting. Against the back wall of the main cavern, an isolated stone with a soft indention can be found surrounded by a cluster of crystals. This is the leader's throne where the leader may sit and eat their prey or oversee their clan carry out duties. The dens are smaller, yet spacious, caves that were carved out from centuries of water erosion and are found along the main cavern walls.

Religion and Culture

In theory, NightClan is a traditional group that follows StarClan and the warrior code. However, the leader, Kier, and many other staff members of the group do not follow StarClan.

NightClan cats are mostly nocturnal, meaning they are mostly awake at night.

->Outsiders can only join NightClan by going through the blood brother ceremony(essentially being adopting into an existing NightClan family with a blood oath)

->Apprentices train together in pairs under a single mentor, to encourage a friendly rivalry

->The Loyal Guard is a special group of the most elite warriors of Nightclan and the leader's most trusted. These special forces protect the leader even at the cost of their life and guard the prisoners. The Loyal Guard is also responsible for training apprentice pairs, as only elite members of the clan are trusted with the responsibility. They are highly trained and hand chosen by the leader, themselves. Cats chosen are almost always selected because of their status as Top of Class.

Alliances & Enemies

Current enemy is Primal Instinct.


SunClan are the guardians of the lands deemed sacred by the Great Protector and their deity, the Sun God. They bask in his warmth, and give thanks for the blessings and life he bestowed upon them. Other clans see them as sanctimonious, arrogant, and vain, but SunClan cats think they are just envious of their power and strength. They believe they are the ones Chosen by the Sun to walk alongside him, leaving weaker clans to walk in their shadow. They are a close-knit, pious, and rather secretive group. However, not all hope is lost, shade-walker. Those seeking enlightenment may attempt the dangerous path of SunClan initiation. Those that pass area allowed to join SunClan with all of the perks of a cat born in the clan, but those that fail are killed.


Most of SunClan's territory is made up of a dry and arid desert, with stunning views of the ever present sun hovering up above. Much of the terrain is made up of sandstone or sand, though there are patches of greenery around water sources and the eastern side of their territory. This has cause SunClan to adapt to eating prey most other clans wouldn't consider such as snakes, lizards, jackrabbits, and more. In the upper north east corner of their territory lies a volcano, that has only errupted once in recent history.

Religion and Culture

All SunClan cats are deeply religious. They worship their God. the sun. Their beliefs are often deeply intertwined with pride in their clan and every aspect of their daily life, leading other clans to see them as arrogant and even haughty. Sunclan cats firmly believe they are the chosen by the Sun God as defenders of his sacred lands and traditions. These prayers, ceremonies and rituals are invariably long, drawn out affair that are taken very seriously. During which cats must remain solemn, calm, and respectful of SunClan's customs, or they will be removed from the ceremony springs. As such SunClan are very protective over their lands and way of life, with no tolerance for trespassers.

Death, for SunClan, is a bit different than death for the other clans. In total, there are three afterlives for SunClan cats. The Isle of the Chosen, StarClan, and the Dark Forest. Upon death, a cat who has followed SunClan's ways is given the choice of entering either the Isle of the Chosen, or StarClan. This does not necessarily mean that the cat was good, only that they were obedient to the Sun God and worshiped him accordingly. The Isle of the Chosen is a bright, warm paradise, where those who have died believing in the Sun God can relax. StarClan, for SunClan cats, is different from the watchful ancestors they once were. The Sun God uses those SunClan cats residing in StarClan's realm to relay messages, deliver prophecies, give lives, and any such other duties he believes relevant to aid SunClan or use in his war against the Moon. The choice doesn't necessarily matter, as a cat can travel between the Isle and StarClan as often as they wish, though the Sun God prefers hard workers. Cats who are cursed or act out against SunClan in life are generally banished to the Dark Forest.

->SunClan is currently going through a change!

Alliances & Enemies

Currently none


MoonClan cats live under the safety of the moon and rarely venture out into daylight without a purpose. They feel at home with the thick canopy above them, that even on sunny days makes the atmosphere dark. They are generally distrustful of outsiders, and would rather chose no evil if two bad options are presented to them.


MoonClan's territory is a temperate rainforest. The canopy above is thick, and the ground below often saturated with water. Their territory is relatively low lying as well, so, especially during the summer months, their land becomes more swampy. Due to their territory's abundance of water, they also include some fish in their diet, and often have a sustainable supply of food even in the coldest of times.

Religion and Culture

MoonClan worships the Moon Goddess, Selene. They reject the Sun God and his teachings, but acknowledge the need for the Sun God's existence. They follow a unique form of the warrior code within their Clan, but have agreed to follow the general code as well.

- They worship the Moon Goddess, Selene.

- They isolate themselves from all other clans and groups

- A select few classes hold all the power

Alliances & Enemies

Enemies - elementals
Alliances - Nightclan


We believe that the strength of a Clan is not measured in the use of it's teeth and claws, though the warriors of spring will not shy away from a battle that must be fought. No, instead virtue and honor is demonstrated in their kindness to strangers, their benevolence to the less fortunate, and their level headedness in the face of those who have less of a stronghold on their emotions and actions. A philosophical group of cats, you might say. Violence only creates more violence. Two wrongs don't make a right. Treat others the way you would wish to be treated. Don't judge a book by it's cover. These are all proverbs the felines of SpringClan live by. Everything is forever in bloom, and both water and prey can always be found without much difficulty.


A vast, mystical land with endless secrets and many attractive sights. Located in the north-eastern area of the Mountain Clans territory is a unique place, filled with countless cherry blossoms, beautiful flower fields, and plentiful waterfalls. It is not easy to forget time spent in SpringClan, as the territory alone is beautiful enough to forever stick in memory, as are the residents that reside there.

Religion and Culture

SpringClan follows the warrior code and believes in StarClan.

->Warriors will soon have different specialties

->The Trusted - These cats are the ones that the Leader often seeks council with. They are the best of the best of SpringClan, and trusted with responsibilities outside the normal warrior.

->One of the more traditional clans on WCC2 for those feeling nostalgic for the original series

Alliances & Enemies

Currently none


Hi there! I see you've taken an interest in SummerClan, but honestly, who wouldn't? We're the clan of warmth and beauty, obviously: shining as bold and bright as the summer day, and as soft and elegant as the cool night. But our greatest strength is in our pride and our free-spiritedness. We hold high-standards for not only ourselves, but also our home; we give back to the land just as much as we take from it, and are rewarded with the most absolutely beautiful territory in the mountains! You won't find much in the way of action here; we're a fairly laid-back and lackadaisical bunch completely uninterested in the nonsense arguments and petty disagreements of other clans. Of course, that doesn't mean that you can push us around though. While we prefer a peaceful and diplomatic route for resolving problems, underestimate us and you'll find yourself on the receiving end of a force as overwhelming as the ocean waves. While we're far more welcoming to outsiders than most clans, loyalty is still totally key. Prove to us that you have a pure and true heart, and you'll find a big, happy family by your side.


SummerClan has a lush, diverse territory. The camp itself is pocketed away in the middle of the Deep Lands, which is densely wooded and surrounded by a small river, but it opens up to fields and moors that stretch from camp all the way to SpringClan's border to their north. Here, there is a large lake that is colloquially called the Northern Sea, which blocks off most of the border beyond a small strip. Traveling further west you'll find yourself in the Wildflower Meadows, which constitutes the bulk of the territory, and the westernmost side of the field meets the border shared with FallClan. Their eastern border runs along a Thunderpath running vertically through the territory, ending at the sandy shores of the Southern Sea: SummerClan's main attraction.

Their weather is not always as forgiving as their land, however. They find respite from the hot, humid summers and short, bitter winters in their much milder spring and fall seasons, but the rapidly changing climate stirs up vicious storms. When the weather is nice though, there are plenty of perfect days to enjoy a day at the beach or a walk through one of their many gardens.

Religion and Culture

SummerClan is rooted in its tradition, honoring the ancestors that came before them and the code that has binded them together over time. They are, mostly, all StarClan worshippers, though because there is a large amount of cats who have come in from the Twolegplace, it's not uncommon for there to be atheists, agnostics, or even cats that believe Sunstar is the truest God of all.

• The Coast Guard: Among SummerClan's finest, these cats were chosen by Sunstar and work in teams of two, each serving a unique purpose as either instructors, treasure hunters, or adventurers.

• Garden Keepers: are responsible for maintaining the famous beauty of SummerClan's territory. And with such a reputation to uphold, they take their duty very seriously.

- SummerClan is famous for their gorgeous and elegant flower crowns, which are the clan's accessory of choice.

• Due to their proximity to Twolegplace, the frequent presence of Two-legs on the beach, and the fact that many cats that call SummerClan home are former kittypets, SummerClan cats aren't as afraid of humans as others are.

• Situated right off the coast of the Southern Sea, one of SummerClan's hidden treasures is Watermouth: A place to commune with the ancestors without leaving the territory. It can be difficult to get to, but when the tides recede, it's easily accessible.

Alliances & Enemies

Enemy is currently NightClan.


A crisp, cool breeze lifts the fur along your spine. You pull yourself through the territory and shudder. Whether it be from the cool bite of the air, or the waveringly tall trees - you don't quite know. What you do know is that the land is almost Ethereal. Gold, amber, pale yellow; and even the brightly lit blue sky glows with life. Wisps of clouds, as if placed there with soft and gentle strokes, make your head reel with wonder. FallClan is just that. For underlying the crisp, and harsh cold, there is a soft and gentle nature. As stubborn as tree's planted into the ground; or, even, as fleetingly graceful and eloquent as a tree drifting towards the earth below. They are roots, intertwined and tangled in a deeply rooted soil. All of the cats may not share the same blood. Some of them, even strongly encouraged, don't even have an ounce of pure Warrior blood in them. But what is most important, and valued among this increasingly enchanting Clan, is the strong sense of family values that pulse deep beneath their very core.


FallClan cats live on the south-western side of the mountain range. Due to their location, and high altitude, the clan tends to get moderate chills year round. The cats there are used to the moderate temperatures and are adaptable to almost any climate. FallClan's mountain sides are riddled with hidden caves, which are filled with all sorts of colorful and rare gems, admired by those brave enough to venture far enough inside. There are many wondrous sights to see throughout the territory, from the Scenic Outlook to the Firefly Meadow.

Religion and Culture

While some in the clan are atheist or follow long lost cultures, the majority of FallClan believe in StarClan and follows the warrior code. FallClan prides itself in being one of the few clans who are close to their ancestors. During the Day of the Dead festival, it is even said that StarClan descends to offer words of comfort and compassion to those they were close with while alive, although a vow of silence has been set in place, making it so no FallClan cat who participates in it can share this knowledge with those outside their home.

->Nursery aids and Aurulents are unique rp positions

->The Pilon: Pilon, or soul stone, is a blessed stone collected from the Great Waterfall in FallClan. StarClan will guide the new medicine cat apprentice towards their destined Pilon. However, an untrained cat will be sucked into the Pilon and pulled into StarClan. It is there that the current medicine cat will bless their apprentice's stone with a bit of their soul, and StarClan will follow suit. Afterwards, the apprentice will then have control over their Pilon, allowing them to touch the stone freely without being teleported to StarClan. Other cats must not touch a medicine cat's Pilon, as they cannot return from StarClan once teleported. From then on, the medicine cats may use their Pilons to contact StarClan immediately rather than having to make the trek all the way to Moon Creek. But beware - a Plon can act as a bridge between worlds for so long. After too much time has elapsed, the bond will snap, leaving the medicine cat's soul in StarClan forever. When that happens - a medicine cat's death - their Pilon will turn black regardless of what color it was and lose all its power. It is then up to the apprentice, now medicine cat, to return the Pilon to Moon Creek where it dissolves and releases all the souls within.

-> Many unique and fun traditions and festivals that take place throughout the year.

Alliances & Enemies

Currently none


Hidden away in a winter wonderland, deep within the tunnels in the mountain, rests a group of cats who are happy to be secluded in their own little world. The cats who call this mountain oasis home are the wayward souls of WinterClan. And they are not to be trifled with. WinterClan cats are built on tradition, engrossed in their religion, and honed in the matters of honor. They embrace the blizzards, rejoice in the colors of the northern lights, and worship under the stars. Believing that blood runs thick than ice, these cats are loyal to their own and their own only. Step between or upon the bonds of a WinterClan cat and be prepared for the avalanche that shall follow. The sophisticated, headstrong cats of WinterClan live not by the warrior code, but by the Code of the Northern Lights based upon their belief in their beloved god, the Northern God of Light, Lord Borealis. WinterClan cats are a different breed of cat and to believe yourself worthy of joining their ranks is a brave thought. Do not think for a moment that you will be welcome in this clan. WinterClan shall take you prisoner before accepting you as one of their own. So are you willing to risk it all to live in this icy tundra?


High in the mountain, lives a clan is known for their cruelty, cold, and fierce lifestyles. Traditions and snow are more common here than practically anywhere else. The majority of the land is covered in snow, even in summer. But there are areas of greenery even in this winter wonderland. Pine, junipers, and oak trees decorate areas of the land. Two waterfalls separate the harsh parts from the more calm levels of the territory. The Jagged Falls represent the harsh and deadly cold with jagged ice and frozen lands, while the Running Falls show the way to spring and soften the appearance of the land. But they are nice areas even in the coldest of areas of WinterClan. There are sapphire hot springs and lover's peak, even burial grounds to pay one's respects at found within the frozen tundra of the land. WinterClan is much more than snow and ice and frozen wastelands. There's wonder here too.

Religion and Culture

WinterClan is home to many traditions and religious aspects. A few aspects are the arranged marriages and the social caste system that help to govern the cats within the clan. The pureblooded are valued more than those of mixed blood, thus the birth of the arranged marriages. While the castes were enforced due to blood status and standing in the clan. The higher one's rank, the more benefits they receive. Festivals are held four times a year and crystals are used in healing and other matters including as a sign of one's rank in the clan. We worship the God of the Northern Lights who goes by many titles but is known as Lord Borealis.

Lord Borealis is the god of our hopes, lives, and the light of our world. He's seen each night in the Northern Lights that surround the mountain, expressed in their beautiful colors and captured in the crystals of our home. We wear crystals as a way to honor him for they are a symbol of his presence, and because he has blessed them as well as a means of healing. Lord Borealis is our god of light and life, for without light what is life? You can't live in the dark forever and for that, we look to our dear God for guidance. He sends omens and prophecies to the Witch or Warlock. It is through them that much is deciphered but many religious actions are performed by the Knight of the Stars in the Lord's honor. To the Sovereign, he sends messages of guidance and wisdom as he sees fit. In death, we join him in the northern lights, becoming one with him in the end and acting as his messengers when called upon. But what more is there to our god? Much is still a mystery, and he has revealed very little to us so far, but there is a feeling that he will show us something soon.

->The sovereign, the heir, the witch, the pupils, and the knights are all unique rp ranks in WinterClan.

->WinterClan has a religion found nowhere else on the site

->Crystals play an important role within WinterClan culture

-> WinterClan is home to a caste social system and arranged marriages

Alliances & Enemies

Currently none

Renegade Regime

Living in a cold, night hospitable wasteland would chill even the warmest of hearts, and the Regime is no exception to this. Three-fourths of the year, the territory is covered in thick levels of snow, with temperatures even bundled up twolegs couldn’t stand for long, and little to no prey to be found. For the Regiment, shadows, darkness, and frigid nights are a safe haven, their cold land echoing the same cool stoicism they portray to outsiders. Militant and disciplined, they behave as a well oiled machine, achieving survival even in the frozen and rocky wilds through strict regimens and such fine tuned teamwork one might even think that one cat could read the mind of their fellow soldier.

Being as barren as the surface and tunnels can be, the Regime is no place for the faint of heart. Relaxation in any season besides greenleaf is disparaged, and quick paws or quick minds are a necessity if you wish to have your share of prey each day. Those who do not pull their weight don’t last long here, and cats who dare to challenge the status quo are quickly broken down or find themselves facing the frigid wasteland entirely alone.


Renegade Regime lives in a complex system of underground tunnels, only rarely traveling to the surface. They have recently split after fires and an explosion in their tunnels beneath DayClan. Half have moved back to the frozen wasteland, the remaining cats, along with Commander Shule, have settled beside Primal Instinct.

Religion and Culture

The cats of the Regime follow the Blind Protector. In life, his name was Tarak, a blind tom who created the Renegade Regime, sister to Abana, the creator and worshiped ancestor of Avalon Everlasting. He doesn’t make appearances often, and when he does, it’s usually to the Chaman or Commander, the former of which he gives the ability to see and speak with the dead.

In the Regime, there’s hardly such a thing as a break. Workaholics are the norm, and especially among the Scouts, relaxing is considered laziness, and looked down upon. The harder a cat works, the better they’re seen among their peers, though once you get to Auxiliaries, this mentality tends to flip somewhat. As the lowest on the totem pole, with no way to climb the ranks beyond their station in life, these cats tend to value their individuality and creativity more than their work ethic, and they’re more likely to do the bare minimum to earn their meals, taking the time to properly rest, relax, and pursue enjoyable things, and are far less likely to burn out than cats in other ranks as a result, though they pay for this ability with the overall disappointment directed at them by their fellow groupmates.

->Wide variety of unique ranks, and religion

->A very militaristic group

Alliances & Enemies

Currently none

Primal Instinct

Congratulations, you have made it thus far and survived some of the most brutal things the world has to offer. It isn't easy living on your own, so why not join the big dogs? We look out for one another us Primal Instinct cats, but we won't take any weaklings or cats that'll slow us down. You have to prove you can be on of us. How so? Here we do what we have to in order to survive. May it be stealing, manipulation, threats, and yes even murder. We are seen as cold, cruel, and even evil individuals but they don't see what we see. Where we are, only the fittest survive. You know what they say about a survivor; don't trust them, you don't know what they did to stay alive.


Primal Instinct dwells in the dark forests nestled in mountains. They say the forests hold the dark spirits of cats long gone. Whether it's true or not is something you'll have to figure out yourself. The light barely ever permeates the canopy, but the cats here are used to it. They're used to surviving in any situation.

Primal Instinct resides within the mansion surrounded by the dark forest. All around us are magical if not mostly dangerous spots such as our temple ruin, abandoned town square, tunnels within the mountains, the marshlands, the city and the pond with dangerous bridge. Some other note worth finds within the territory would be the enchanted great oak tree, beach, and old photo booth.

Religion and Culture

The League has never held a religion on their own, for they believe in only their own power. However, cultures and legends have leaked into the beliefs of the cats who live in the forest now. Many are considered folklore, tall tales to tell misbehaving younglings, but who knows? Perhaps there's a truth to these tales. In the dark reaches of the forest, there are some that speak of a god with three heads, who gives life and death and occasionally, rebirth.

-> Primal Instinct has unique positions such as proxies and assassins, each responsible for certain things, whether they are ceremonies or the wishes of the voice in their ear.

-> Primal Instinct has its own distinct lore gathered from its many experiences. They also have unique naming systems unlike any other on the site.

-> Primal Instinct has their own distinct festivals following ancient traditions and cultures.

Alliances & Enemies

Enemy is currently NightClan.


SwiftClan is a semi-nomadic clan that moves between camps each season. They were originally made up mostly of survivors from the Survival Clans, but over time their membership has expanded to include cats from all over, and even outside the forest. Once having no borders, they now reside in more permanent territory where the old Survival Clans once lived.


SwiftClan’s camps are found at the northern and southern embankments of the river running through SurvivalClan territory, north of the forest clans. The northern camp is a cliff face with a sandy embankment next to a creek at the base where clan meetings are held. There are many dens built into the face that have been naturally carved by the flow of water. When the creek overflows in the warmer months the clan moves to their southern camp, an old rabbit warren, hidden mostly underground with a large mossy clearing in the middle that serves as their gathering place. Well guarded by plush brambles the cats can live through green-leaf and leaf-fall quietly without any predator intervention.

Religion and Culture

Since their relocation, Swiftclan has become followers of StarClan, and more specifically their SurvivalClan ancestors. Cats of SwiftClan are encouraged to follow StarClan with the understanding that many have different backgrounds, so there is no punishment if they refuse to follow. As they are officially believers of StarClan, SwiftClan attends gatherings with all clans and also attends gatherings with the nearby MountainClans.

While no longer hosting different sects of warriors, Swiftclan is well known by other clans to be peaceful barterers by trade. Some cats, while no longer living the nomadic lifestyle, still have trading posts and make deals with other clans. As long as they dont cause trouble they are free to mingle with outside clans. Also, we have Swiftscout. She's kinda cool.

Alliances & Enemies

Currently none

Loners, Rogues, Kittypets

Clans are not the be all, end all of cats in this world. Many live in no clan at all, wandering freely or residing with twolegs, and have a variety of attitudes.


Loners are those who are rarely violent.They are nomads, generally solitary creatures, however, whether alone or in groups, they’re a wealth of information and will trade with anyone... for the right price.


Kittypets, the spoiled pets of twolegs. Tucked in their nests, they live in bliss, few venturing beyond their yards into the lands beyond. Twolegs at times even have multiple cats at once, called households. Just watch out for the cutter.


Rogues are highly aggressive. They want what they want, and will fight to get it. Some even form gangs in the cities, using their combined force to achieve goals. These fierce groups often terrorize others, clan or LKR alike.

Learn more about our clans here!

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