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SwiftClan is semi-nomadic and change camps every season, rarely settling in the same place twice, though they do keep near the other clans so they can trade with them.

After the destruction of his old clan, their founder decided it was folly to stay in one place and never experience other lifestyles. They do not set down borders but hunt close to camp and avoid invading the borders of the other clans. Moving around keeps any natural distasters from having as strong of an impact on them as the other clans, though it comes with its own costs. Communication especially is a large issue for the clan because their cats wander so far in search of food, so whenever SwiftClan settles they build rock cairns to guide the path to their camp and signal emergencies. SwiftClan prefers to settle near water sources when possible, mostly for convient access, but also because their cats tend to have an affinity for fishing and swimming.

During the winter they often return to a small section of the old WaterClan territory. The rivers are no longer obstructed, and the silverpath (train tracks) nearby tends to keep away any curious clan cats. SwiftClan doesn't mind the trains, and the familiar territory is a welcome reminder of a lost home.


SwiftClan is strongly family-oriented and has close bonds between cats. Their lifestyle cannot support a large group, so it tends to attract tight-knit families. The clan was created with this in mind - it was named for the founder's father and the family he represented (and serves as a memory of the families that died of a fatal cough alongside him). SwiftClan was founded only recently, after the destruction of the leader's old clan and his exile from his second home. The founder journeyed to the FallClan but did not find them suitable, and accidentally attracted a new clan to live with him. They are fiercely indepedent cats when it comes to the other clans, however: though they rely on them for occasional trade, SwiftClan cats are also keenly aware of their few numbers and vulnerability. They are friendly to roamers, but groups intimidate them.

Due to the clans nomadic nature, each cat has few possessions to their name. They forage for what they need in the moment and rarely carry anything from camp to camp. The few possessions that cats do have are extremely precious to them. Relics from their old homes are very common.

Communcation is difficult for this clan, but it is essential in the case of emergencies. The first leader of the clan had suffered greviously in the past when he failed to respond promptly to an emergency, and he will not let it happen again. When the clan moves to a new territory the scouts establish rock cairns in prominent locations on the hills and any vantage point they can find. Two scouts are responsible for staying with the cairns at any time. They look for any sign of danger, and when any is found, one cat is sent to alert the other cairns while the other marks the signal. Brightly colored plants and dyed are spread across the surface of the rocks to signal what emergency has occured - orange for a predator or injured cat, blue for a food, red for fire, green for earthquakes - and when the emergency is resolved, wet moss is used to clean the stones. Warriors are asked to keep the cairns in sight or check in often to ensure they are not missing any important signals. This system tends to break down in the rain, on dark nights, or at long distances.

SwiftClan follows the warrior code and believes in StarClan.


SwiftClan has a mostly traditional clan ranking system. There are only a few key differences.

Because the clan tends to move about often, the medicine cats do not keep extensive herb stores. Instead, they only keep on hand the herbs they use often (such as cobwebs) and any herbs they are currently using to treat a member of the clan. Medicine cats spend more time learning the location of herbs in the neighboring area, so they can be fetched in times of emergencies, and testing the properties of new plants. Each medicine cat is trained how to carefully check the healing properties of new plants but they prefer to consult with neighboring medicine cats before sampling anything. Medicine cats try to have a strong relationship with the healers of the other clans and groups when possible: they've been known to ask other medicine cats for herbs to treat certain injuries and in return will leave the other clan all of the herbs stores they've gathered when it comes time to move to a new camp. Unlike more traditional clans, Swiftclan Medicine Cats are not forbidden from taking mates if they should choose to. Having kits is generally discouraged, however, with the sole exception of adoption.

These are traditional clan warriors with the exception they are taught self-defense and tricks on escaping and evading predators instead of military fighting. The clan's lifestyle cannot support large numbers of warriors so they are often at a numbers disadvantage compared to the other clans and cannot win a war. They prepare for fighting predators instead.

SwiftClan's scouts are typically peaceful, diplomatic cats. They have a variety of jobs within the clan instead of the traditional hunting role. When the clan moves to a new camp, a group of scouts is send ahead to check the land and take note of good camp locations, how well the prey runs, and the location of predators. They are trained to be observant and keen trackers for this purpose. Once the clan is settled, they serve as an emergency alert system (see traditions section). The scouts were established in part to provide a job to cats with crippling injuries that prevent them from being effective warriors: it doesn't take speed or agility to signal the clan or survey an area, but they are an essential part of clan life.

As SwiftClan takes in cats of various backgrounds, a few clashes here and there are inevitable. SwiftClan’s counsellor(s) are in charge of mediating disagreements and disputes between Clan members while remaining impartial themselves. Typically, this could include sitting both parties down to talk about the issue, or giving a cat advice on how to confront the problem themselves. Counsellors can also act as a go-between for older and newer members, and may occasionally act as a guide to new members, helping them adjust to life in SwiftClan. However, cats who go to the counsellor for every little issue, or grow too dependent on them as a new member, may face judgement from other SwiftClan members. Occasionally, counsellors may travel to other Clans to act as an ambassador for SwiftClan.


SwiftClan's current camp is located at the centre of an abandoned Twoleg amusement park. Once a bustling, lively attraction for Twolegs in the city, the park has since become overgrown with nature and wildlife, providing a secure camp with bountiful prey for those who reside in it. Though the rides may be inoperable, the spirit of joy remains—yet if one treads deeper, delves deeper into the history of the park, one may sense something terribly wrong with the ground they stand on. Perhaps a darker secret lurks in the remnants of the park, just waiting for someone particularly unlucky to discover it...

The Great Den
The majority of adult cats sleep in this den. Its massive size can fit many. Kits and apprentices often play on the tracks that run through the den, much to the annoyance of some of the adults; in retaliation, some warriors started a rumour that the den comes alive at night to swallow whole those who annoy it during the day, making some of the more gullible kits keep their distance.
Apprentice Den
Apprentices have covered shelter and lots of room to sleep here. On sunny days, the stone animals warm and cats can enjoy a pleasantly warmed place to nap.
Nursery & Medicine Cat Den
Nestled in the trees lie two striped dens. One belongs to the nursery, while the other is the medicine den. Their proximity ensures firstly that the medicine cats can easily reach the queens and kits and secondly that in an emergency, warriors will not have to round them all up. However, the closeness of the two dens means that Firetooth and Fawnpaw are often kept awake at night by the sound of screaming children.
Round Dens
These dens are for cats who are not comfortable sleeping in the main group or for cats who don’t want to wake up others as they leave early or return late from their duties. They are also options for elders who do not wish to be disturbed by noisy kits or busy clanmates. The ship behind the dens is used as a gathering place, where Clan staff make announcements on the top deck as the rest of the members gather in the hull.
The Cat Tongue
This giant bridge runs through the mouth of the Great Den, hence its nickname “Cat Tongue”. The area inside of it offers an enclosed space for the clan to spend time together. Apprentices can test their bravery climbing along it. It is also a popular location for dates, although sometimes the night is ruined by an apprentice slipping and falling right into the middle of a couple's romantic dinner.
The Bridge
The bridge connects the area the camp is in to the rest of the territory. The location is great for catching fish!

The rest of SwiftClan's territory mostly consists of the forest area around the park, as well as some other attractions scattered around further from the main hub. The terrain is largely flat, giving the scouts a large field of view over the territory.Though SwiftClan's camp is a large, open area, most of the hunting is done in the forest just outside.

Moss Forest
After crossing the stone bridge lies the Moss Forest. The soil is rich and moss grows readily on stones. Cats must be attentive in the forest because twolegs are known to roam. The proximity to P.I. territory is also a cause for alarm.
River Mouth
Where the river meets the sea lie the floating vessels and the piers. Cats are encouraged to maintain constant vigilance in this part of the territory to avoid run-ins with the twolegs. However, it seems to be quiet enough at night and during leafbare…
The House of Horror
Few cats dare to enter this large den, what with the groaning of the wood, the banging of the windows, and the flickering of the lights at night...The occasional teenage Twoleg gang hanging out inside may also be what drives cats away. In surprisingly good condition compared to the rest of the park, it may hold a deep treasure within. Or maybe just some cigarette butts and empty beer bottles.
The Hall of Mirrors
Many may enter the Hall of Mirrors, but few manage to leave...within five minutes. The Hall of Mirrors offers a shortcut across a part of SwiftClan territory that would otherwise take five minutes to walk through, but if you get lost in the maze, it may not be worth taking the shortcut after all.
The Hanging Chairs
Aside from being another popular location for a romantic date night, the hanging chairs are also where disputes between cats are typically settled. Both parties are settled in a chair each while a third party, typically a counselor, attempts to resolve the issue from the ground. The logic is that two cats far enough apart can't attack each other, but some particularly irate Clanmates may still find a way. Queens have also been known to stick one of their misbehaving kits in a hanging chair as a time-out.
The High Wheel
A ferris wheel, rendered inoperable by time and lack of Twoleg maintenance. Though it may no longer spin, brave climbers can use the ride to look across the entire territory, which the scouts use to their advantage to survey a wide area.

A short-furred, dark ginger and white tom with inquisitive amber eyes. Originating from a harsh, lawless settlement founded in a faraway desert, Cradlegrave grew up to become one of his village’s enforcers; eventually his wanderlust got the best of him, and he left the settlement to try his hand at bounty hunting. His talent at tracking and his single-minded determination were great assets to him in his career, and eventually his name became synonymous with death across the land. But all dreams have to end sometime—when Cradlegrave returned to his settlement one day to visit his family, he found them under attack by Twolegs. Despite his attempt to drive the Twolegs away, he and his entire settlement were wiped out and taken away in their monsters. After travelling for quite some time, Cradlegrave was able to escape the Twoleg’s grasp, yet he had travelled so far that returning to his homeland ever again would likely be impossible. Resigning himself to life in the forest, he joined up with SwiftClan, being drawn to their nomadic nature. Cradlegrave is discomfortingly quiet yet wears his heart on his sleeve, having lived so long on his own that the idea of a Clan looking out for its members has not come naturally to him. However, SwiftClan’s close-knit nature and small ranks mean that he is slowly getting more used to the idea. He doesn’t bother sugarcoating his words, but rarely aims to be unkind. The time he spent working alone as a bounty hunter has resulted in his social skills atrophying, and he struggles with small talk and friendly conversation. It also gave him a healthy dose of paranoia, and even though he’s a hundred miles from the desert he made his name in, he’s still half-expecting one of his many enemies to chop off his head in the dead of night. He harbours a hatred for Twolegs due to the destruction of his home, and will prioritise taking action against them over his Clan duties if the opportunity arises. As a newcomer to the forest, Cradlegrave is still adjusting to his new life—he especially has trouble to adjust to the colder climate, and sometimes struggles with Clan concepts like kittypets and the warrior code. Since settling in SwiftClan, Cradlegrave has found himself somewhat disillusioned with his former life of violence and paranoia, and now attempts to de-escalate situations he may previously have escalated.
An impending tom with a quiet demeanor, everything imagined about this cat seems to be the contrary. He shows little emotion, his face a blank slate, with a tongue that shares few words. He came to his clan in the middle of the night, slipping in with no fuss or fury, simply following the steps of those around him, doing as the do when they do, providing his keep as the rest. His past he keeps quiet, and when sharing only speaks of his life time while with his newfound clanmates. His faded yellow eyes betray little either, well guarded against those who would use it against him. He keeps to himself while attending his dues, quiet as always, only noticeable by his large stature and pretty silver coat, slivered through by a grey the colour of stone, his large paws white as snow, all well kept by his immaculate grooming. He proves to be quite the hunter despite his heavy steps, and is an avid fisher when the sources are available. These seem to be the only activities he doesnt mind sharing the work over, and is happy to have the company of another cat during any of his outings, even if he doesnt vocalize it.
A ginger tom with a white jaw and paws, and yellow-green eyes. Put bluntly, he has an antagonistic relationship with authority - and often he is that authority. Shoulders broad and square with hard and focused eyes, he has the chiseled look of a cat in charge, but the defiant spark of a rebel against his own importance.

As a kit he dreamt to be of his father's mold - a fierce and dedicated worker for his clan, that would sacrifice it all for the safety of any individual faced with injustice - and with it came a sense of destiny and greater importance. But before he could even reach his apprentice ceremony, everything changed: their leader announced to the clan that he had been chosen to be the newest Medicine a mere four moons old, cutting him off entirely from his clan and family in a single moment. He had to watch as his mother mourned for a son forced to grow up far too quickly. His siblings, who didn't understand what made their brother more special than them, grew to resent and hate him. And he began to resent and hate those around him in turn, as while his clan pitied him from afar, they did nothing to help him.

When both Earthclan and his father were washed away to nothing, so was the identity and life purpose forced on him since kithood; none of the other clans would accept him as a healer, and yet he could neither hunt nor fight. In his grief and madness, he lashed out against Starclan and fled into the wilderness, and happened to come across another a cat who was facing similar demons, and joined a clan made up of outcasts just like him. And so Firetooth became the first Medicine Cat of the newly-formed Swiftclan. He has accomplished many things since then; from rebuilding his broken family, to acts of impressive healing, and most importantly earning a reputation as a fierce defender of Queens and their kits. He is a warmonger when it comes to any transgressions against them, and would not hesitate to invoke a battle between the clans if anyone dare mess with the members of his or any clan that cannot defend themselves.

With a sharp, fiery tongue and a sarcastic, gruff attitude, many would be surprised to learn that he's actually mellowed out since his youth; no longer the short-tempered and bitter young tom he used to be. That isn't to say he's particularly friendly either; he isn't the type of cat that can be confided in - he won't share what he's told, but he'll flat-out admit it's a dumb concern to have or a harebrained secret to keep. He strongly believes in loyalty to both clan and family, and his faith has yet to be called into question. Though he'd never admit it, it's obvious that he cares deeply for the youngest members of the clan, spending a good portion of his free time entertaining those in the Nursery. Born to Breezestep and Creekghost, Firetooth thrives when he is standing up for a cause he believes in. He is everywhere he is needed, fierce and unchanged, determined to set things right. When his blood is on fire, he is alive.
A pretty taupe she-cat with frosty blue eyes. Her fur is fluffy and soft as satin with a lacey white dappling along her back. Fawnflight is very delicate, thin as a rail with long-legs and a narrow face, some would say a strong wind could knock her over and to some extent, it’s true. Born with an incurable heart condition, Fawnflight has always been of frail health. Whenever her heart begins to beat quickly, it isn’t able to keep up with the demand of her body causing her to have fainting spells. Afraid that one day her heart will just stop completely, steps have been taken to keep her as calm as possible. As a young kit she was very spoiled by the adults of the Clan, giving into her every whim to keep her from becoming too upset. She was treated as a proper princess, but much to her disappointment that also meant being excluded from the games that other kits would play. Fawnflight grew into a rather well-mannered adult although sometimes she still gets frustrated if other cats don’t give in to her requests. That being said, most cats regard her as very sweet. Since Fawnflight can’t serve as a proper Warrior, she spends her days preparing meals for her clanmates, keeping their nests clean and pristine and caring for her siblings who suffer different but equally debilitating health conditions.
A tortoiseshell she-cat who appears a lot smaller than she actually is. Her pelt is mainly black with pale cream and ginger stripes mottled throughout. Her eyes are green, like new spring growth and a little darker at the center. While she is pretty, she doesn’t stand out. Soft spoken, Blacksky never raises her voice or offers up an argumentative opinion. While crowds do make her nervous she has no problem socializing with smaller groups. She just genuinely likes to believe that there is good in everyone, even if they don’t always show it. Blacksky was found wandering the SwiftClan territory, barely old enough to be an apprentice. She had escaped from a hoarding situation and barely managed to survive on her own. Taken in by the nomadic clan, she adapted to her new life. Blacksky may not be the best fighter or hunter, but she is small and swift. Here she fits in just fine even if she is a bit jumpy at times.
Roleplayed by ComplacentDevil

A fluffy black and white tom with deep amber eyes. He lurks in the shadows and watches from a distance. If you catch him staring, he won’t look away. If you ask him a question, he’ll walk off without a word. Those that barely know him call him mysterious, but he’s far from it. Cloakedpanda does everything he can to come off as a dark, brooding male and no one understands why. Even when he’s alone, he’ll play the part as if someone’s watching, but he often makes mistakes and his true personality shows through. In reality, he’s buzzing with childish energy and a pun is always on the tip of his tongue. He does take his job as a scout quite seriously though.
Roleplayed by Flurryofstars

Grey and silver tabby tom with wispy grey eyes and a determination to face any dangers, fears, and problems head on. Having been a traveler all of his life this tom has seen and experienced quite a bit in his lifetime but now craves the desire to be included in a family...maybe even deep friendships as well as a soulmate. Who knows what life will bring him though, all that Intrepidsoul knows is to follow where the wind blows, take what you get in life, and work with what you got. You will be fine and you will survive.
Roleplayed by Ashestoashes

A dark russet tom with yellow eyes that reflect sadness on his parent's death. This poor baby had a completely happy, normal family until some two-legs swiped them up and decided to use them for experiments. Last he had heard, they had met a cleaver and then a microwave. Lobsterdeath had just wanted a happy home, but now he wanders around with Swiftclan, lost and unhappy. He has nightmares in the night about cleavers. Despite his sad life, this tom has a hopeful spirit buried deep behind the crippling depression. He is super dedicated to Swiftclan because they took him in and saved him from the cleaver.
Roleplayed by simplylight

A dark brown tom with green eyes. Son of Dawnhistory, grandson of Foxbane/Vixenkismet & Deal. Calculated and withdrawn, he’s more likely to observe than to act, and has a tumultuous relationship with his family at best. Rather than interact with them, he’s a more solitary cat, hoping to not get caught up in the drama of the family as a whole, though often he can’t seem to even manage that.
Roleplayed by ashestoashes

What is love? Love is a fragile thing, sickly really. So easily broken, yet cherished by so many. We're always seeking out love but not everyone fights for it as they should. Lovearrow is a beautiful white she-cat that radiates the essence of love but is just as easily broken as love is. Her crystal clear green eyes shine when she sees her clanmates in love and happy, but breaks when there is heartbreak and sorrow. This she-cat is a consent person in the medicine cat's den with a heart condition she developed just after becoming an apprentice; she believes that it is effected by the amount of love in the clan, but that's not true. Far too easily this she-cat falls in love and one day, that shall be her down fall. Obsessed with the idea of love she seeks it from every Tom she comes across, no matter who they are or if they’re taken. She believes that she deserves love far more than anyone else causing her to be arrogant and self-centered. Lovearrow wishes to be a mother above anything else because the love of a kit is so pure and innocent that it fills her with joy to see it. Her obsession of love has led her to become easily attached to any tom she meets, believing them to be the one in her life. Then when her heart’s broken, she blames the pain as apart of her heart condition and flees to the medicine cat’s den. Lovearrow loves easily, but let’s go with far more difficulty.
Roleplayed by Pao

A shaggy ginger tabby tom with vivid blue-green eyes. Born in Waterclan, Oceanscent was the son of Chimerahunt and Rainsweptwish; two parents that, although being very respected warriors, didn't put much effort into raising him, nor did they particularly care about each other. While each of his siblings dealt with the lack of attention in their own way, Oceanscent was determined to get his father to notice him. Buring away all of his sadness, the young tom pushed himself to become the happiest, most enthusiastic warrior he could possibly be, hoping to earn his attention. Even when times got rough; even when he lost his brother Reedstalk and sister Scarysiren to sickness, he tried to keep putting on a positive attitude, despite how much their deaths haunted him. But no matter how hard he tried, Chimerahunt never seemed to acknowledge him as his son, even when he became the leader of Waterclan as Chimerastar. Nothing was ever enough. When the flood that destroyed Waterclan finally swept him away, Oceanscent awoke on Winterclan territory and was subsequently taken prisoner, left for the longest time unaware of the fate of his father, clan, or his remaining sister Coralreef. However, his time in Winterclan's prison actually changed him for the better. No longer under Chimerastar's disapproving gaze, Oceanscent was finally able to open up to the cats around him, and discover that he had far more worth than his father’s approval. Cheerful, optimistic, and a bit goofy at times, his bright smile lights up a room wherever he goes; a stark contrast to many of the serious personalities on the mountain that he spent a great deal of time around, but nonetheless it was appreciated by his fellow prisoners. Having been released from the prison, he has chosen the nomadic lifestyle. Oceanscent just cannot commit himself to another clan just yet, even after all this time. He never thought he would have to find a new home and is still looking for the perfect one. He is able to be serious when the situation calls for it as well, placing the good of his new home over anyone's opinion of him. From now on, when he smiles, it's genuine.
Roleplayed by Atomheart

An orange she-cat with green eyes. Has a heart condition. Stubborn, sarcastic, and fiercely protective over those closest to her. There is nothing she can't do, no matter what anyone tells her, occasionally to disastrous results to her health by over extending herself.
Roleplayed by Honeystorm

She's a wild thing with little care about what others think about her. Her personality is red-hot and her tongue like cinnamon. Scorchsoot has never been the most lady-like of cats. She is loud, speaks her mind freely, and often finds herself in troublesome situations. She's fierce and fast, tearing through those that stand in her way with a snarky smirk and haughty tone. Unfortunately, this gets her in trouble A LOT, especially after moving to Summerclan and then leaving it for Swiftclan and her family. Despite her strong attitude, she is softer with her family and would always stick up for them. This feisty feline has an unruly coat of bracken-tabby fur and a pair of flaming amber eyes that match her personality.
Roleplayed by simplylight

Once upon a time, the beautiful, gentle daughter of a clan leader fell in love with a handsome, devilish rogue. Sliprabbit is the result of that union, a daughter left with neither parent when her mother died in kitting, leaving her to be raised by her aunts and uncles. She is a lovely fluffy silver tabby she-cat with a feather-like tail and the softest of clover-green eyes. Between her and her siblings Skiprose, Scorchsoot, and Shatteredshine, she's the one with the most striking resemblance to their mother Swangrace, and she knows it. Despite this, Sliprabbit doesn't try to be anything other than herself, hoping to build a reputation outside of her mother and absent father, Deadstrike. She is kind, playful, and energetic; with Sliprabbit always trying to see the good in others, which can get her into trouble sometimes. It's incredibly easy for her to get carried away, acting more like a kit than a responsible Scout. However Sliprabbit has a genuinely has a good heart and is completely devoted to her friends and family. From Waterclan's destruction and her subsequent move to Summerclan as an apprentice, to now a member of her uncle's newly-formed Swiftclan, Sliprabbit is dutifully loyal to both her clan and her family. Though on land she comes off as a bit of a klutz, her true beauty comes out in the water, where she swims as gracefully as any princess.
Roleplayed by GidgetGal

What came first: SwiftClan's scouts or Swiftscout?
Roleplayed by Woof

A black tom with one silver eye and one gold eye. Got bored of being a bored loner, and joined up in the new SwiftClan. Whoo.
Roleplayed by Honeystorm

Ophelia had never seen an otter, a badger, or most animals outside of her twolegs' nest. But then she'd joined SwiftClan as a young pregnant she-cat in search of a home. While there she saw a badger and heard stories of otters, and thus she named her new kits after such creatures. She wanted them to be as extraordinary as the creatures she'd seen and to fit in with their new home. Thus Otterfish and Badgerbee were born. As the darker of the two kits and the one more like their father, Badgerbee became a large tom with a strong build. His paws have wondered many parts of the land with his clan since kithood and have helped to keep him on his toes. New possibilities are everywhere and all have piqued his curiosity. With his sibling in tow, the two have wondered off many a times to explore the nearby land. Badgerbee has so much more than his mother ever did, and for that he is grateful, but he also wonders about where they came from and where their father could be. With the size and strength of a badger and the curiosity of a bee, maybe he'll meet him one day.
Roleplayed by Pao

“Life and death are like light and shadow. They’re both always there. But people don’t like thinking about death, so subconsciously, they always look away from it.” – Yato, Noragami Vivid, ice blue. His eyes are the reflections of a past shrouded in ice. You can almost see through the cracks, but it is hazy. To melt it would be a task only meant for the dedicated, and he is a tough character to be dedicated to. Shrouded in mystery, yet dependable in a strange way, Calamityshrine is an enigma. When strangers meet this pitch black, wiry tom, they leave feeling confused and uncomfortable. He leaves you feeling like you will never know him completely. However, he also leaves you feeling protected. Calamityshrine, despite his name, longs for good. He craves it like a kit to apprenticeship. He was born from chaos, meant for chaos, and only knew chaos for many moons of his life. His claws are tainted with the blood of families of cats who didn't even know his name. He would do anything for recognition when he was younger. Any job was another job to get his name out in the world. Now, his focus has shifted. He discovered through his wayward path that the desire to be someone good outweighs the desire to destroy. What if he could use his skill in war for justice? That is what led him to Waterclan in the first place. He joined Riverwolf's band of rogues, thinking that they meant to save Waterclan. His viewpoint changed when he saw the state of the clan. It was then that he became bent on protecting Waterclan. Sounds noble, huh? Well, that depends on who you talk to. Calamityshrine's life and soul is marked with the battle between selflessness and selfishness. His desires to be known and recognized for good selfishly fuel him. However, he would always put his clanmate's lives before his own. Many doubt that side of him for good reason. Calamityshrine has the tendency to be obnoxious and needy. Jealousy reveals it's pitiful grin when someone he thought loved him finds someone else. His needy nature makes him attach himself to others easily. When relationships end, he simply pouts and grows distant. He sometimes compares himself to others and doesn't feel he measures up. There are many parts of him that can be considered less than admirable, yet the clan reluctantly trusts him. He has never waivered from them before and doesn't plan on it in the future. Oh, also, he has the tendency to takes things that aren't his and can be a hoarder at times so watch your prey and trinkets. I will edit this bio to sound cooler eventually oops.
Roleplayed by simplylight

Chimerastar's brother. A shaggy ebony tom intense amber eyes. Has a barking voice, and serious demeanor, though he is overprotective of his family. He Joined SwiftClan soon after his brother left on his little 'adventure' and has stuck around ever since. Of course, Chim probably just finds his presence annoying.
Roleplayed by Honeystorm

As fickle as a summer breeze, Desertkit is known for one thing. His incredibly vivd imagination. Desertkit loves to lay around and wonder about the world's great mysterious such as why cats don't have wings, or if cats could learn how to breathe water like a fish. The probelm is he sometimes has difficulty understanding the difference between his fantisies and reality. When he comes up with a theory, he isn't afraid to put it to the test. For example as a kit he would constantly spend time underwater, believing that if he just spent enough time practicing that he could one day figure out how to breathe underwater. It ened in him almost drowning several times, not the it ever stopped him. he can be a bit spacey, talking to others a lot but not really listening to what others say to him. Some cats even joke that he doesn't hear them because of the odd way that his gray ears fold over on themselves.
Roleplayed by Racer

Blue Maine Coon- Light shade of blue with a silver tint and piecing green eyes. She is a spunky, curious cat that causes mischief at times. Although she can sometimes become very skittish and reserved due to a bit of trauma she endured when she was younger. 16 moons old. She can some times also be a little over protective of young kits that she meets and spends time with.Dreamshade was the youngest having been born into a Rogue family she learned to defend herself and hunt at an earlier age than those who were born into a clan. It also helped that her three older siblings were all toms. She had discovered early on that she had a knack for climbing and really enjoyed being high up above the ground. One morning their world was turned upside down when they were all still sleeping in their nests inside a large hollowed out tree. There was a twoleg house that had been built not too far from where they slept and one night while they slept a few young twolegs were out roaming around and spotted them sleeping in the hollowed out tree trunk. The young twolegs quietly left running back to their house to tell their parents what they had discovered. The twoleg parents worked for an animal rescue facility and happened to have spare animal carriers just in case they ever needed them. They all grabbed a cage and the young twolegs lead the way back to the hollowed out tree. Once there the twoleg family devised a plan to get the cats into the cages as safely as possible. Dreamshade and her family were so exhausted from the day's events that they didn’t hear a thing at first. The towlegs set their plan into motion only it didn't go exactly as planned The commotion that occurred from this could have very well woke the dead. Long story short Dreamshade was the only one that managed to escape and this was only because the young twoleg that was chasing her tripped over a large tree root sticking up from the ground and Dreamshade managed to scurry up a tree and jump into a few trees over and there was enough leaves on the branches to hide her as she perched as quietly as possible.Not knowing at the time that she was the only one to escape the two leg's grasp.
Roleplayed by Tigerclover

When one thinks of the earth, dirt and stone, they don't tend to think of light, of playfulness and cheer. Yet the earth is the very foundation beneath one's feet when they dance, with a voice who's song carries across canyons, warmth and energy spilling out from the very depths of the bedrock. It is that image of the earth that she wishes to echo in her own life. A light gray tabby and cerulean eyes, she is an echo of life itself; ambitious, competitive, energetic. Echo has spent her life striving to be the ideal warrior, perfect down to the T! In her laughter and joy of life she strives to be great, to own the title of the greatest fighter, and will even brag that she already is. But that greatness was delayed. Originally born in the lost clan of Earthclan, Echo's two brothers were promoted early, while she was left behind in the nursery. The jealousy and bitterness of the blatant favoritism festered in her, and drove her to work even harder to earn her place in the clan, ignoring her family entirely. However her former ambitions were washed away after her father died in the floodwaters that wiped out the Survival Clans, and afterwards she only stayed long enough to ensure her mother and siblings were safe in Sunclan. Since then she has lived the life of a loner, but her dream has become something far different; Echo wants to become a cat her father would have been proud of, who helps others and carries the joy of the earth in everything she does. Now she strives to find her family and make amends with them... maybe with luck she can finally live the life she truly deserves.
Roleplayed by AshestoAshes

A fluffy black she-cat with evening blue eyes. Basically just joined to spite Chimerastar. She's the one who stole his eye once upon a time.
Roleplayed by Honeystorm

If you refer to her by her full name, chances are, she'll knock you across the ear. Fireflyfrenzy feels so ... stuffy. She'd prefer if you just called her Frenzy, or Fren, or literally anything else. She keeps her full name only as a marker of her memories of the past. Frenzy is a creamy colored cat, her thick fur only marred by the occassional darker tabby patch across her face and tail. Her eyes are the color of a storm, deep and grey, danger lurking just below the surface. Frenzy is relatively unstable, where her moods shift from euphoria to deep depression with little reason. When cats reference this, she simply says she is here for a good time not a long time. When considering that she's never stayed in a group she's lived in for more than a few moons, perhaps that's more true than it seems to be on the surface.
Roleplayed by Ian

A red-brown tom with his father's green eyes. Son to Foxstar and Dragonguard, and with a vast family to either side that includes half a dozen leaders, Forsworn joined the majority of his siblings in SunClan after his grandfather Lightningswift died, and most of his family chose to move to SummerClan, seeking a new life with his mother’s family and his littermates, except for Saltpile, who stayed in WaterClan. He is a quiet tom, loyal to SunClan, but internally battling with adjusting to the new clan, and being a touch on the manipulative side, something he can clearly attribute to his mother, which was easy to realize after he met her. All the same, he does have a sense of humor, easily retorting with teasing sarcasm, hiding his insecurities behind a mask of confidence that he doesn’t really feel. Sibling to Slaughterfish, Saltpile, Steepfall, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn.
Roleplayed by AtomHeart

A black tom with green eyes, as his name suggests, the color of zucchini. He even carries lighter yellow flecks in them. Immortalzucchini is an... interesting cat, to say the least. He has extremely boring, long stories that no one cares about, but he'll continue to tell them anyways because he craves the attention-- negative or positive. He's also extremely flamboyant, poorly flirting with any tom he finds attractive. Genuinely, he's just as strange an awkward as his name, which checks out. Immortalzucchini chose the name upon joining the clan, his original name was Zuke, and he lived life as a rouge.
Roleplayed by seeker

A cream tabby tomcat with clover green eyes. Born to Wildrain when she was a loner, the ghost Vulcan convinced he and his siblings Jaggedpuddle, Mellownight, Scarygust, and Rarepetal to join the newly formed SwiftClan.
Roleplayed by Cleaver

The story goes that once upon a time two brothers lived, royals by blood. King of the land, the older brother ruled peacefully and all loved him. He gave power to his younger brother as a guard of the land, but that soon became not enough for the power-hungry little brother. The younger brother killed the other to gain the older one's crown, and tricked the people into following him for some time. He was then later defeated by his nephew and the crown was returned to the rightful heir while the evil brother was banished for his crimes. Evil through and through. Well, Mistberry isn't like that. Or is he? Dark silver tabby fur can be seen defending his siblings are arguing for them at every turn. He's learned to use his words and actions to manipulate those around him in order to get what he needs in order to protect and watch over his siblings. But those blue-green eyes have become corrupt as they've seen how words and actions can lead to his own goals. While growing up, he took it upon himself to look after and protect his brother and sisters, go so far as to defend them from their own parents. His cunning ways, artfully spoken words, and swift actions led to triumphs in their favor. While it all started off due to his nurturing nature, it soon becomes much more than that. Mistberry realized that he could have and do whatever he wanted by manipulating others. It's just like the story. The younger brother sought more power after getting just a taste of it. But to what lengths will Mistberry go to in order to keep his power? What excuses will he use to justify his actions?
Roleplayed by Pao

A pretty blue/gray diluted calico with sparkling blue eyes. Despite her name,, Moonlitsavage is always smiling and giggly and laughing about something and very energetic. She gets so excited that her voice gives out and she speaks so quiet they're practically whispering, sometimes even though you see their mouth moving you swear there's no sound coming out at all. She can get along with almost anyone, but is deeply afraid of committing to anything or having any form of attachments whatsoever, as soon as they start to feel attached to anything or care about anything. She has to immediately reject it or belittle it, or something to prove to themselves and others that it's not really That Important.
Roleplayed by Racer

He's a wild card of a cat with intense green eyes and fluffy black fur that doesn't seem to lie down but sticks out like he stuck his paw on an electric wire. Sometimes it takes a random rogue to spice things up, right? Odanna comes off as harsh, full of himself, blunt, and menacing but those who really know him say he is full of secret kindness and loyalty that is only shown to those he trusts. It's unknown if this is true or not and he definitely doesn't make it a point to open up and let everyone see his true colors. He can often be described as intense and tends to fixate on situations and puzzle through them, often taking so much time that the situation fixes itself on it's own. It's not easy to tell what he is thinking or feeling at any given time, even though he speaks as if there is nothing he could be hiding. Odanna's past is about as mysterious as his emotions. It would take a mighty force of love or action to get him to spill anything. Honestly, he's fine with coming up with a different story each time someone asks. It's not like he has much to hide compared to others. He honestly doesn't open up easily or feel like it's anyone's business.
Roleplayed by simplylight

A sparky young tom with an unusual color pattern - despite being a tom, he has diluted calico furs. The coloration is faint, barely colored, matched by a set of faint green eyes. Pastelchaos is smaller in build, but that doesn't mean he can be ignored. Loud to a point of being annoying, and completely unfiltered in ways that can be in poor social taste, the tom is exactly what one might expect for his name. Ready to do just about anything no matter how off-the-wall at the drop of the hat, it's hard to tell exactly what you might get out of him. He's easily bored, an emotion that he deeply despises. To combat that, he's always got his paws into something. He's genuinely a kind cat, despite his chaotic nature, and occasionally, he has a strike of wisdom.
Roleplayed by ian

A pale ginger & white tom with blue eyes. A notorious Clan-hopper, having been a member of FallClan, leader of SpringClan, loner, leader of Absum Lux, member of DayClan, and now SwiftClan. His gentle, optimistic personality has been worn down over the moons, replaced by a more biting, cynical tom. After the presumed death of his mate Fuzzyheart, Peachblush decided to take a work-cation in SwiftClan to clear his mind and gain a fresh perspective on life in the forest, however unlikely that is to actually happen.
Roleplayed by Biyuu

A lone soul who finds himself straddled with a life that he values more than his own. A short chocolate coat clings to his sharp, bare shoulders, with shades of darker brown stretching over his angular frame like tendrils. His life has taught him to be hard and direct, but a gentleness can be glimpsed in his blue eyes if he lets you look hard enough. Due to past events, he's lost trust in most cats, but the burden of raising his sister Sunny has grown too large to bear alone.
Roleplayed by bauble

Rushingriver is a golden tabby she cat with white around her muzzle, along with a white belly and paws. She is extremely compassionate and a bit of a bleeding heart, tending to go above and beyond to help another. Once her green eyes have picked out some cat in trouble she can't turn away and leave without doing something to help them. She has been hanging around WaterClan territory seeking endlessly for her family who got washed away in the flood, and hasn't been able to leave despite herself. She joined SwiftClan when her son Speedhawk discovered the wandering band of cats and she was happy to be part of the fledgeling clan, still looking for any who are lost and are in need of being found.
Roleplayed by Jetstar

They told her if you make a face, it might stay that way, and she’s proof of their tale. Shatteredshine’s eyes and muzzle are decorated with laughter lines where her lips pulled back and her eyes crinkled in a laugh, where her brow arched with a challenge gleaming in her sea green eyes. The fur framing her face tilts downward under the weight of invisible water that once clung to it and her whiskers are wild, bristling points sticking out in every direction. Her dark brown tabby fur often goes uncared for day after day, but quick dips of her tall frame into the river keep her looking presentable. In many ways, Shatteredshine looks like the father she never met, carrying on his broad shoulders, height, pattern, and messy outline. She has his levity too, though she earned that on her own. Shatteredshine grew up in troubled times, born while a devastating cough ravaged her home clan, then apprenticed while the clan struggled to transition between three leaders. The clan’s struggles gave her heart and determination, and she was inspired by the hope and hard work of the cats around her. Shatteredshine is optimistic about her clan and has great faith both in her neighbors and in the stars above, and this optimism allows her to remain smiling and confident in the face of politics and danger, and to share a laugh without worry or stress. She is not naïve and she understands there are large threats facing them, but she believes they can make it through if they all stick together--- because she has seen strength in her clan when they are a united family, and she fears alone they would not be so successful. She knows she is strongest when she is with her siblings, Sliprabbit, Scorchsoot, and Skiprose, and likes to spend time with them when she can. She was born to Swangrace and Deadstrike, leaving her heir to a long line of leaders: Graystar, Hawkstar, Ravenstar, Phoenixstar, Emberstar, Chimerastar, and perhaps one day, Shatteredstar.
Roleplayed by Cleaver

With the moon comes peace and, with peace, comes balance. Silverstreak is the epitome of calm. Very rarely, he will lose his temper. He believes that patience is a virtue one should strive to achieve. He's respectful to anyone and everyone he surrounds himself with, no matter the age. His bright emerald eyes are calm, but very observant of what goes on around him. Although he may not speak his mind often, he is very aware. Inheriting most of his physical traits from his father, an Ocicat, Silverstreak is a slender, silver tom with black spots that run along his spine and splatter across his body.
Roleplayed by Pluto

Speedhawk is a quick-footed brown tabby tom. He's a cheerful and friendly cat like his mother, Rushingriver. Also immensely curious and eagerly looking about as he's only known the small little section of world his mother has sequestered for them. He is driven for justice and to do good in the world. His green eyes shine with light and joy in the world. He is driven to make himself tougher so he can better care and protect his family and friends. His siblings are Fastfire, Swiftriver, and Quickstep.
Roleplayed by Jetstar

A short-furred black tuxedo she-cat with blue eyes. She strongly resembles her father, Ghostcrown, save to those bizarre eyes of hers, glacial blue with a shift to a periwinkle at the center. She has an intense stare that most struggle to maintain, a show of dominance she is used to winning. Born with a strong intuition, Spiritice comes across as impulsive even though every action she takes is very calculated. Many cats have realized that she’s good at thinking on her feet and look to her to make judgement calls in times of stress. Spiritice loves that feeling of power. It gets to her head sometimes, especially since she excels at her Warrior duties, a bright and shining star even in a massive Clan like SunClan, back when she lived there, anyway. It’s not a stretch to call her egotistical. Spiritice has been known to brag about her accomplishments, and she always puts herself first when it comes to taking the best sunning spot, the freshest prey, etc. Yet, she’s oddly endearing, almost a social butterfly, when she’s rude it’s the sassy kind of rude that makes you want to stick around to see what she does next.
Roleplayed by Jadie

Tense, edgy, jaded; he's the type of cat that others see coming and walk the other way. Harsh features hewn from asphalt toughened beneath a relentless sun, his muzzle follows the sharp angle of a crow's beak and his eyes are roughly cut emeralds. Secluded and on guard, his roguish atmosphere keeps others at bay, and those that come close are often scared off by his fierce and concentrated rage, bitter nature, and cynical thoughts. He's the cat that others describe as hard and many suspect has something deeper going on, but don't want to find out, afraid the darkness within him will consume them. Some get close, though; a unique grouping of other outcasts for other reasons that recognize he is a protector. This charcoal black tom may be distant from them, sneering and cynical and sarcastic and biting, but he would defend this new family to the very last breath. While Steepfall projects a disinterested and cold persona, and indeed has a core of rock and ice, he is not completely stone. Son of Dragonguard and Foxbane, don't mess with him and you won't face his claws, befriend him and they'll be yours for the rest of his short life.
Roleplayed by Jadie

An orange tabby she-cat with light blue eyes, along with splashes of white along her muzzle, chest and paws. Sunflower is a loner turned Swiftclan cat. She's relatively new to the clan, joining after they settled into the abandoned amusement park. She'd been using some of the structures as shelter when it rained before all the other cats came in. But if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Sunflower is a strange cat, to say the least. She randomly laughs and often you can't tell what's going on in her brain. Almost that, lights on, no one's home kind of effect? Also a bit unhinged, missing a few claws, and has a kink in her tail. No one really knows her history, and she would not be the first to tell you.
Roleplayed by Seeker

She grew up fighting for every meal, sharing scraps with her siblings and her mother, preparing to leave her territory at any moment to find another. She had no possessions of her own, not even a nest she could claim was hers alone: in the nursery, she shared with the other kits, and SwiftClan's ragged excuse of an apprentice den left her sharing with everyone else around, even returning home some nights to find some other apprentice was already occupying the nest she'd made. It was a spare and difficult life, but she couldn't mind too much; as frustrated as she was, she didn't know any other life. If she could claim anything as her own, it was the unique experience of growing up in a struggling clan with a mother that loved her fiercer than anyone since. But everything changed for Swiftriver when she joined the apprentice exchange: she traded her familiar surroundings for an unknown land with strange cats and only her brother, Speedhawk, at her side. Cast aside by FallClan to wait until she could return home, her life may have been miserable if she hadn't kindled an unlikely friendship. Her first friend in the clan introduced her to her first crush, who gifted Swiftriver her first possession: a red rose crown. Every night, she slept with it in her nest, and one day at a time it started to change her mind. Swiftriver is adept at most warrior skills and she can hold her own in a conversation, but she doesn't have the easy charisma she reluctantly admires in other cats. Her experience in FallClan didn't end when she returned home, and it has forced her to reckon with the upsetting fact that her life in SwiftClan simply does not compare to the fantasies of her mind. Despite priding herself on being a practical cat, she can't help wondering what else might be out there. Swiftriver was born to Rushingriver and an unknown tom, and shortly after joined the clan with her siblings Speedhawk, Fastfire, and Quickstep.
Roleplayed by Cleaver

Not many cats would take much notice of her at first glance; silky pitch-black fur, with a single white paw to stand out against it, and icy pale blue eyes. She's unusually small, not much larger than an average apprentice, but that isn't what sets her apart from the others. The truth is this tiny she-cat used to be just a gasp away from death's doorstep. Her mother Phoenixriver, known as Phoenixstar of Waterclan at the time, had an extremely difficult and painful pregnancy, leading her to lose four of her lives during the kitting; two of which were given up to save the lives of her newborn daughters. Born premature, both sisters were forced to live their lives with their own burdens to bear...defects. Tinybreath's name in particular many would call ironic, if not scarily accurate. She has a lung condition, one that prevents her from exerting herself in any way without having to stop and rest after only a few moments. When she was an apprentice, it was impossible for her to practice any fighting moves or chase after prey, leaving her unable to defend her clan or provide for it. Tinybreath felt completely useless, believed her life would never amount to anything, and at times wished that she had never been born at all. But when she was a warrior, her eyes were opened when a horrible accident occurred. A clanmate who had everything Tinybreath had ever wanted: a loving family, a loyal mate, gorgeous kits...had unexpectedly died. How was that even possible? How could someone so perfect, with so much to live for, die while she was still alive? It was at that moment that Tinybreath realized the truth of her world; life was hard for everyone. No one had it easy, and everyone suffered through their own problems silently, while she had spent years wallowing in her own self-pity. From that moment on, she was a different cat. She works hard every day to help her clan as best as she can, refusing to just give up and die just because she’s different. Tinybreath also managed to reconnect with her family, reconciling with them just in time before her father Lightningswift and older sister Swangrace were lost to the plague. Even after Waterclan's destruction and the exodus to her ancestral home of Summerclan, she stands loyally by her brother Chimerastar's side, holding onto hope for their future in spite of the challenges they may face.
Roleplayed by GidgetGal

"People think we're evil? Do I look evil to you?" Stalwart to the point of fault at times and gruff in nature, there is a thin wall between those pale eyes and whatever they desire. She's beastly and holds a presence of independence and pride well. Imagine a sunny field of daisies so delicate and beautiful they could make any cold heart sing, and in the middle there is a boldly off-putting pile of nettle just waiting to catch your paw? That's your picture of Tuskblood. Her name is Tuskblood for several reasons. First, her strikingly monstrous appearance. While she has a way of carrying her self that gives her a raw, rugged kind of beauty, there is no escaping that underbite. Two ivory, pointed teeth stick out from her lower jaw, and her muzzle is a bit flattened to make way for them. Her build is that of a smaller lion. Thick bands of muscles run down a big-boned frame, giving no doubt of her power. Long, dense ebony fur covers those muscles, adding to her size. On her strong-jawed face are two pale green eyes that almost appear to be judging at all times. No doubt, she is fearsome-looking. Many believe that she harbors a number of secrets about past battles and murders. She does not reveal whether those rumors are true or not... However, despite her rough nature, Tuskblood has a chaotic good soul. She is fierce in battle, yet compassionate to the point of sacrificing herself for her clanmates. She is not scared to voice her opinion and make known her desires, and she is fairly stubborn, but she is always considering what is best for the clan. Her desire is to create a prosperous, thriving army of cats who do not fear anything except for the bond of their hearts to be broken. Is she awfully prideful? Not necessarily. More like, she knows that her personality and appearance is abrasive enough to usually get her way. That being said, she does value alliances with the right people. They have to fit the mold she desires. Now, on to her past. Tuskblood found Summerclan when she was about the age of an apprentice. Some members traveled through her stronghold's territory while on a quest. At that time, there had been a ruinous battle between her little tribe and the neighboring tribe. What those Summerclan members stumbled on was a scene of grief. And there, in the rubble, was this young cat. She was now orphaned and horror-stricken. The group adopted her as their own and gave her a new purpose. She managed to meld together the religion and code of the strongholds to that of the warrior code. While she still has a connection to her ancestors and their beliefs, Tuskblood has always embraced other religions and clan life in general. Honestly, they are not that different.
Roleplayed by simplylight

APPLEPAW! crunch 🎪
A small kind of ... crusty calico she-cat whose ears are just ... slightly too big for the rest of her head. Her left eye is perpetually squinting, and no one has quite ever figured out what causes that. Kind of scrawny, and definitely the runt of her litter, the feline is relatively unassuming. Despite this, when she has a goal in mind, she is completely relentless until she achieves success. Like her siblings, Limeburst, Kiwikiss, Plumgaze and Melonspring, Applecrunch was adopted by Peachblush and brought to SwiftClan, where she was raised primarily by the tom, but secondarily by other SwiftClan cats, as Peachblush thought that dragging a bunch of youngins around all the way across the forest was impractical at best.
Roleplayed by ian
MENTOR: Oceanscent [Atomheart]

A skinny black tom with sunken-in green eyes and matted fur. Buckwheatvortex refuses to live in SwiftClan's camp, no matter where they settle, opting instead to live in the middle of giant mazes of his own creation made out of anything he can get his grubby little meathooks on. The only way to get in touch with him is to reach the center of the maze, which are without fail heavily booby-trapped. Sometimes he may also kidnap cats and force them to escape the maze, but he only does that if he doesn't like you, so don't worry too much about it.
Roleplayed by biyuu
MENTOR: Tinybreath [GidgetGal]

FAWNPAW! whisper 🎪
A fawn and white tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Fawn is a rough yet beautiful rascal full of mirth and mischief. She prefers to be messy and dirty to having a sleek well kept coat, and hates it when she has to look exceptionally nice for any situation. She is always ready to play and the more rough-and-tumble the game, the better. Fawn is a born prankster she likes to play tricks on her sisters, especially Iridescentshine. Fawnwhisper also has a softer side to her that really manifests when it comes to playing and looking after kits.
Roleplayed by biyuu
MENTOR: Silverstreak [pluto]

An energetic tom has a white and pale ginger coat and pale blue eyes. He most closely resembles Fuzzypeach and as a kit had no idea he wasn't Fuzzypeach's kit. Since learning the truth he has continued father-son relationship with Fuzzypeach but often feels depressed at the thought of his birth parents abandonment.
Roleplayed by ian
MENTOR: Scorchsoot [Simplylight]

FROSTYPAW! willow 🎪
The adopted daughter of Fuzzypeach, and sibling to Frizzyfox and Feistylightning, "you're welcome biyuu" - Gidget. The most quiet of the three, thankful to Fuzzypeach but often embarrassed by him. She will talk about him behind his back as a way to distance herself from him, desperate to have her own reputation free of his. Despite that, she does care for the tom and will bring him the occasional gift - she even knows Fuzzypeach likes fish the most. Her pelt is short and white, and she has one green and one blue eye.
Roleplayed by biyuu
MENTOR: Rushingriver [Jetclaw]

GRUMPYPAW! sparrow
A thin and long-legged silver lynx-point tom with bright blue eyes. His pelt is an eggshell white, his stripes breaking up the coloration like cracks in the casing, further accented with his trademark frown. Grumpysparrow was born with a sour attitude. In fact, he came into the world hissing and spitting, and continued to do so to every new cat he met until about half-way through his apprenticeship. At first the Clan believed it was because he was suffering some sort of painful health condition like his siblings but, no, it was just his nature; however, it did not take long for their suspicions to become reality. Shortly after becoming a Warrior, he was diagnosed with Entropion eyes. This condition causes his eyelids to curl slightly inwards, meaning that his eyes are constantly scraped by his eyelashes. It began as mildly irritating, but over time it caused eye ulcers to develop that cannot heal due to the constant stimulation of his eyelashes. His vision began to gradually fade until he was totally blind, which, for the record, brought no relief from the pain. Grumpysparrow tends to lash out at others, especially if they ask him how he is doing. He feels very alone in the world and is bitter toward the Sun God for allowing him to suffer as much as he does. His one solace are his birds, which meet him at the same spot at the same time every day, which he feeds a special mixture of seeds. The Clan knows better than to hunt his dear “pets,” starvation favorable to being on this tom’s bad side.
Roleplayed by Cleaver
MENTOR: Heavypetal [complacentdevil]

JETPAW! stream 🎪
Jetstream has honey brown eyes and creamsicle orange fur with the same auburn classic tabby stripes as his father, Bloodystar, although they are a few shades lighter, as if watered down. In most all of his other features, however, he takes after his mother, Jetfire’s, WinterClan blood, with his tufted ears and long, luxurious fur. Tall and angular, but well-muscled and proportionally built, Jetstream has a presence befitting of the royalty in his blood. There’s a certain air of sophistication in his posture and tone or voice, it draws you right in as someone you think you can trust; however, he has also inherited the darkness that haunts the leadership in his bloodlines. Arrogant and brash, Jetstream tends to act first and ask questions later, often making reckless assumptions and putting others in danger unintentionally. This tom has a fire in his heart that he doesn’t understand and can’t control. If he isn’t careful, it will someday consume him...
Roleplayed by Jadie
MENTOR: Sliprabbit [Gidgetgal]

LIMEPAW! burst 🎪
Abandoned, yet found with his siblings, Limeburst seems to be the odd one out. While all others bear ginger markings, the white and dusty brown tabby tom bears no such distinction. Yet he bears their common upbeat demeanor, the glint of joy ever present in his bright green eyes. He has a tendency to follow reckless abandons, always going with the flow, be it chasing butterflies with the kits or chasing intruders from the borders. While he gives everything his all without seeming to think, he finds himself more often than not being the one to be hurt in the end, weak by a fault, although its never diminished his spirits as a warrior.
Roleplayed by complacentdevil
MENTOR: ? ? ? ]

MARROWPAW! mantis 🎪 No beating around the bush, Marrowmantis is quite the strange feline, even by Swiftclan standards. She's oddly small in stature and completely hairless to boot, with wrinkled grey skin almost the color of shale and completely oversized ears compared to her tiny head. No cat in Swiftclan has ever heard the sound of her voice, and many don't believe she even has a voice at all. Most cats tend to read her emotions at any given moment through her sickly, pale-green eyes and general body language. Her posture is even more concerning, as she always appears to be hunched over in an awkward, uncomfortable position, though if it bothers her at all, she's never shown it. Despite her strange appearance and lack of a voice, Marrowmantis seems to be a gentle soul; somewhat meek around new faces, but always willing to help a clanmate out with whatever they ask of her. Due to her lack of fur to protect from the sun's harsh rays, you'll likely find her in the shade of the trees, where she spends her free time hunting; stalking and ambushing her prey with quiet precision.
Roleplayed by GidgetGal
MENTOR: Fireflyfrenzy [ian]

MELONPAW! spring 🎪
A white and brown tabby tom with ginger markings and large green eyes. Melonspring charges ahead in life with all the subtlety of a brick to the face, barreling through life without so much as a please or thank you. He is well-meaning but brutally candid, and always believes himself to be in the right. Melonspring has significant disdain for certain social customs and will not hesitate to air out his grievances with them, but hypocritically becomes enrages when other people don't follow his own self-imposed social customs that they may not even be aware of. Melonspring will often say or do things entirely to provoke other people, and counts this as one of his main hobbies.
Roleplayed by biyuu
MENTOR: Cloakedpanda [Flurryofstars]

Just before the sun begins to peek out from behind the mountains, there is a magic moment when a soft blush of orange bleeds into the light blue sky and slivers of yellow slither their way through the clouds. While the sun hasn’t begun to shine in all its glory, it’s colors fill the sky to announce its imminent arrival. It is this moment that comes to mind when gazing upon Mountainspirit’s coat. The subtle oranges, yellows, and creams of his tabby coat blending together seamlessly to create a wondrous canvas. His blue-gray eyes the color of the early morning sky before giving way to the colors of the sun. His name was inspired both by this moment, and someone very important in his mother’s life, Mountainsound - the elderly healer whom saved Jetfire’s life. He was raised in Swiftclan by Jetfire and his step-dad Firetooth, though if you ask him Firetooth is his only father. He has vague notions of who is biological father is, but doesn't seem to care to learn more than that he was an abusive tom. His attitude clearly comes from Firetooth as well; full of sass and sarcasm. More than willing to voice his opinion, there is very little he doesn’t have a comment on. Mountainspirit always seems to be looking for the next big adventure. It kills him to sit still, he wilts into a puddle of boredom after five minutes of nothing. With a boisterous energy as big as a mountain. Just like the sunrise, when the sky's awake, he's awake, and ready to make the most out of his day.
Roleplayed by GidgetGal
MENTOR: Rustyheart [Honeystorm]

NOIRPAW! night 🎪
A brown tabby tom with amber eyes.
Roleplayed by Shadow✩
MENTOR: Intrepidsoul [Ashestoashes]

PLUMPAW! gaze 🎪
Small and petite, one might expect Plumgaze to be docile or forthcoming with others. It is with regret that cats quickly learn this not to be the case. She is stubborn, resilient, speaks her mind, and unyielding to the desires of others. She knows what she wants and when she wants it, Diligent to her clan, her friends, her family, and herself. This orange and grey calico with white points was born to be a warrior. She can be too stubborn and is often known to be vengeful in her actions. She has a desire to give what she gets 10-fold. Do, give her a mouse. Don’t, snatch it away.
Roleplayed by uniqcrim
MENTOR: Mistberry [Pao]

Secretmove is an absolute gem of a cat. Sky blue eyes on an narrow, angular face, ears a little too big for his head but darling nonetheless, with downy-soft silver tabby fur and a bottlebrush tail, all he has to do is cock his head to made the average she-cat blush and boy does he know it. Secretmove knows how to sweet talk and make every girl feel special. Despite his coy nature, he avoids flings, instead devoting his time to building relationships the traditional way. Those lucky enough to become an object of his affection can attest to his devotion and his potential to be the perfect mate one day. Oh, Secretmove is very confident and sure of himself, that is, until moments when his body betrays him. Plagued from one health condition after another from birth, Secretmove has a long scar descending from his chest to his tummy from where he was cut out of his mother. Perhaps due to the wound, he later developed an umbilical hernia, although it resolved by the time he became an apprentice. Today his biggest concern - both health-wise and social-wise - are his seizures. Secretmove suffers from epilepsy and is ashamed of it, trying to hide his condition from others, seeing them as his greatest flaw, a chink in his otherwise perfect armor.
Roleplayed by racer
MENTOR: Cradlegrave [biyuu]

A Lilac point she-cat with pale blue eyes. Sweet, silly, and sympathetic. She is always ready to lend an ear to friend in need and gives them the best advice she can, but she usually gives more good advice than not. Silvermist has a delightfully eccentric way of seeing everything. Very much a free spirit, she often listens to her heart more than her head. That's why she's rather silly for some reasons. She's an easygoing feeling who is eager to please and makes friends easily. Her sense of loyalty is unmatched and it often rubs off on others. Silvermist's guilty pleasure is listening to rumors and gossip and going for the occasional swim. Her parents are Beastrefrain and Indigopastels.
Roleplayed by Cleaver
MENTOR: Dreamshade [Tigerclover]

Looking at Sparrowkiss, you would never know that there was anything wrong with her. She is tall and lean, her sleek metallic taupe pelt a real eye-catcher when standing under the sun’s rays. Her body is thin and curvy, her facial features delicate and girly, a true exotic beauty. Shining brighter than her pelt is her personality: Sparrowkiss is an outgoing spitfire of a cat who tends to make true friends easily due to her honest nature and no-nonsense attitude. Of course, that same quality of hers pushes some away in a shallow Clan like SunClan, but she doesn’t care, Sparrowkiss is true to herself first and everyone else second. That being said, she is guilty of overdoing pretty much every task she sets her mind to, ignorant of her own limits, limits which are more clearly set for her than other cats. Sparrowkiss suffers from a condition called hypoglycemia. This means that her body is unable to control its own blood sugar. To treat her condition, she needs to eat often but, due to her go-getter personality, she frequently forgets to do just that. Those close to Sparrowkiss often need to remind her to eat and take care of her
Roleplayed by NovaAmaro
MENTOR: Spiritlake [Jadie]

TRANQUILPAW! ray :circus_tent:
The land was a covered in newly fallen snow, but the sunset painted the horizon in the kind of hues that bring warmth and peace to one’s soul. Subtle blushing oranges stretching outwards and casting honeyed hues onto the landscape below. Tranquilray’s coat is reminiscent of this sunset on winter evening.
Roleplayed by stardance
MENTOR: ? ? ?

VIOLETPAW! winds 🎪
A long furred lilac she-cat with black tabby stripes and blue-gray eyes. When all is said and done, Violetwinds is sly, grouchy, vindictive, and narcissistic, but has a good heart. She tends to use sugary phrases such as "darling" and "dear" in a condescending manner to others. She is said to be the fastest scout in SwiftClan, but her title gets to her head, as she is determined to keep her title and would go to great lengths to achieve this. Not only does she feel she is the best in speed, but the best scout overall and berates anyone who thinks otherwise. She is incredibly strong-willed and outspoken, much like Dandelionfleece, which causes her and her sister to fight a lot. Despite all her negative traits Violetwinds is a good cat at heart and would ultimately (albeit, begrudgingly) do anything for any of her sisters.
Roleplayed by Shadow✩
MENTOR: Blacksky [complacentdevil]

Born a kittypet, raised as such, and believing she'd live her life that way, Ophelia never imagined she'd become one of the forest cats. But she also never imagined being pregnant. This mostly white she-cat with brown patches covering her ears and part of her back was supposed to have been fixed, but the surgery was messed up and moons later she found herself carrying kits. Kits she knew her twolegs didn't want, they'd made that clear when they got her fixed. Escaping the first chance she could, she came across a new home and a new way of life. Since then, Ophelia has called SwiftClan her home and has happily become one of their own. She's been grateful to them for taking her in and teaching her their ways. Kind, anxious, little Ophelia, a beauty in a sea of forest dwellers and yet her heart knows no end to its love. She's fallen in love before, but never with life. Here in the forest, a member of the clan she now calls family, this blue eyed she-cat has found true joy and means to spread it and teach it as best she can. Ophelia may never have dreamed she'd one day live in the forest, but she's happy for the mistake of that surgery moons ago as it pushed her to leave her life of a kittypet behind and begin anew.
Roleplayed by Pao
Permanent Queen

Once vibrant and full of life, Jetfire is merely a shell of the she-cat she once was. Her sky blue eyes no longer holding that glimmer of mischief she had been so known for. Jetfire grew up well off, some may even say spoiled. As the daughter of SunClan's High Priestess and a Janus, she had everything she could have ever wanted. She always worked hard, wanting to become a great warrior more than anything else, and to make a name for herself seeking out knowledge where ever she could find it. The problem began when both she and her sister fell for the same tom and became pregnant. While Sorrowfularia took her sister Silverfringe to be their mate, Jetfire was left disgraced and ashamed. She confided her fears to Bloodyrondo, and they decided that her kits would grow up knowing him to be their father. Soon after, everything changed... Her mother was stripped of power but none other than Bloodyrondo, and upon becoming leader her declared Jetfire to be his mate and married her. Bit by bit, he began stripping away everything that made up who she was. Driving her try and commit suicide. She only just barly managed to survive, but the damage had been done. Her kits would suffer from health issues for the rest of their lives and the one tom who had helped her through it all had been accused of murder. Even now that Ghostcrown has managed to free her physically from Bloodystar, the emotions scars he caused her run deep. Only time will tell if the wounds will heal. and the tip of her tail is jet black. Jet has long legs, once a little to long for small body but now making her look graceful and delicate. Her high cheek bones give her an air of refinement, and maturity well beyond her young years.Her fur is a grey tabby, the tip of her tail jet black.
Roleplayed by Racer
Kits: Grumpypaw, Fawnpaw, Secretpaw, Sparrowpaw, Jetkit, Mountainkit, Tranquilkit

Fluffy munchkin she-cat with a white base coat with a mix of light brown, her tail tip being a bit darker and fluffy. She has two black splotches underneath both eyes. She has light grayish blue eyes.
Father: Desertwind
Roleplayed by Tigerclover

DINGOKIT! stare 🎪
Dingostare is known for living in the moment. Not caring for consequences or the future, they like to make thr now fun an comfortable. However, fun and comfortable usually equals chaos for this cat. Brutal nursery tales, faking the deaths of cats, or anything that might make their life fun. If they think it'll be fun that is pay enough for them and they will do just about anything. They have no dreams - both literally and figuratively. The closes thing to a dream they have is wishing for fun and chaos. This light brown cats smile can be a little unnerving when paired with an intense yellow stare and it is difficult to tell what they are thinking. They usually don't even know and can easily flip flop their decision depending on what seems more interesting or more fun at the moment. Dingostare knows they are not some God or invincible, however, and does know how to do damage control and keep to the shadows to avoid too much attention or too much trouble. Mostly.
Roleplayed by uniqcrim

The hope of a new day. The last fragment of her older brother's innocence, embodying something he believes is worth fighting for. She is a cream-colored she-cat with brilliant emerald eyes. Kind, loving, and gentle. Named Sunny by Rover due to her undying positive attitude.
Roleplayed by seeker

TORNADOKIT! reaper 🎪
A slightly insane looking tomcat with consistently messy grey fur and horrid yellow eyes that look straight through your soul. Most likely a sociopath, Tornadoreaper struggles to empathize and has little moral compass. Obsessed with storms and likes to follow the particularly bad ones so he can reap the benefits of the destruction (i.e. weakened prey, stealing valuables from injured cats). He is the son of Raggedpaw of Springclan, though he doesn't know that.
Roleplayed by seeker

A dusty orange tom with ashen eyes. Really annoying ghost. Father of Phoenixstar, and grandfather to cats like Rustyheart, Tinybreath, and Thunderstorm. He literally followed his Chimerastar to SwiftClan, just because he loves pissing off his grandson.
Roleplayed by Honeystorm