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A crisp, cool breeze lifts the fur along your spine. You pull yourself through the territory and shudder. Whether it be from the cool bite of the air, or the waveringly tall trees - you don't quite know. What you do know is that the land is almost Ethereal. Gold, amber, pale yellow; and even the brightly lit blue sky glows with life. Wisps of clouds, as if placed there with soft and gentle strokes, make your head reel with wonder. FallClan is just that. For underlying the crisp, and harsh cold, there is a soft and gentle nature. As stubborn as tree's planted into the ground; or, even, as fleetingly graceful and eloquent as a tree drifting towards the earth below. They are roots, intertwined and tangled in a deeply rooted soil. All of the cats may not share the same blood. Some of them, even strongly encouraged, don't even have an ounce of pure Warrior blood in them. But what is most important, and valued among this increasingly enchanting Clan, is the strong sense of family values that pulse deep beneath their very core.


Apprenticename / Mentorname

Batpaw ~ Acorncharm

Beetlepaw ~ Acorncharm

Calamitypaw ~ Velvetdecay

Chestnutpaw ~ Jayjack

Cinnamonpaw ~ Brokenear

Dewpaw ~ Whitewolf

Goldenpaw ~ Whitewolf

Harvestpaw ~ Meltingcolors

Hollowpaw ~ Shina

Mangopaw ~ Plumgaze

Maplepaw ~ Greyhunt

Rosepaw ~ Chaicrisp

Snakepaw ~ Swansneer

Sorrelpaw ~ Ivoryatrament

Spaghetti ~ Poisonrush



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Hystericstar and Jayjack are out of camp, but disaster strikes. Aries takes this chance to turn others against the leader. How will this turn out?

Everyone is out to get you. No matter who they are, or what they say, they will always go out of their way to destroy you. They will bring you down, even if it's at the cost of their own sanity. So, why not have a little fun with it? Beat them at their own game before they have a chance to ruin you. Experiments are always a fun way to see where true loyalties lie. Hystericplague is a cat who only believes in his own abilities, whether it's with causing havoc or in his own little experiments. The world will have no use of someone who can't survive, who can't fight their own battles. To an outside perspective, no one would believe this frail tom is capable of anything. How could he, when he can't even cure his own cough that has been plaguing him since he was born? What are his experiments good for if he can't even help himself? Let them doubt him. It will only make it more fun when he destroys them. Though he may be small, just one look at his hairless, seemingly disproportionate body is enough to unnerve even the most fearless of warriors. His golden eyes always seem to twinkle with some eerie knowledge, as if gods themselves have told him their secrets.
“It’s better to die than to live in the knowledge that you’ve done something that needs forgiveness.” At first glance and impression many think this burly long-furred white tom might be mute, but really he’s just a cat of few words. Choosing to act more with action than words, Whitewolf is a well trained machine in fighting, hunting, and anything requiring physicality. There’s a coldness evident in his golden eyes, but no one has dug deep enough to know where it comes from. Given up by his mother at a very young age, he was adopted and raised by a tom who took him under his wing and treated him as his own. While Whitewolf was always grateful for that, he couldn't quite get over the resentment in his heart for his mother after she abandoned him. It may appear that he doesn't feel things, but it is quite the opposite. He hides it well, but it's doubtful that there is anyone who is as loyal to his clan and those that are dear to him. When he loves he will do anything and everything for the one that holds his heart, despite appearing cold on the surface. Whitewolf is a protector, and this has earned him respect from the cats around him, and most if not all would trust him with their life.
Grey and white fluff and a bright pink nose make up the characteristics of this little poprock. She's wily and sneaky, yet somehow got chosen for such an important role. Now how did that happen? Spiralpaw believes it was her own charm that seduced sweet Hystericstar and Chestnutheart to accept her. With just a little bat of her bright blues, how could anyone say no? This ball of candy fluff is known for her high voice, passion for her job, and sneaky ways. She tries so hard to be a good Medicine Cat Apprentice, but she can't help wanting to grab a few berries here and there and maybe some sweet honey. Spiralpaw has always struggled with that sweet tooth. She also loves the idea of someone dying from poisoning. I mean, how amazing would that be to watch? But, alas, she is a healer so she must resist.
Do you believe in magick? Faestep is a mysterious she-cat that is drawn more to nature than anything else. Since birth she has traveled many lands, trekking alongside her family to unknown destinations. They were a sort of troupe she had been born into, one that traveled and shared their spirituality with those who sought it. When Faestep was around 4 moons old, she was separated from her family by Twolegs and taken to their nest. Her draw to the outside world was strong, and it helped her escape from her captors. The family she held close, however, was lost to her. Despite this tragedy, her strong willpower pushed her onwards - determined to continue her family's work of bringing enlightenment to those that are lost.


The Aurulent are an elite group of warriors within Fallclan. The Aurulent translates loosely to "The Golden", a proper term for cats that are praised so highly. It is a grand honor to be chosen as an Aurulent as they serve as a sort of council to the leader and deputy and are the first cats into combat or sent to protect the clan. They are given the most dangerous, terrifying missions and although rare, would be the first to kill if it came down to it. The Aurulent are considered next in line for deputy, although not all are suited for the position. Once a warrior becomes and Aurulent they are thrown a party and the clan hosts and Aurulent parade.


The Aurulent no longer exist.


The Aurulent no longer exist.


The Aurulent no longer exist.




roleplayed by simplylight
Tortoiseshell with golden eyes. Previously, he had lived his life as a warrior, but due to an infection in his left eye resulting in partial blindness, he had to switch to being a nursery aid. This was the biggest insult he could have been handed, for he took great pride in his skills, but he plays it off as not being a big deal so as to not worry his friends. Despite that, he is otherwise a quite somber character, serious but earnest in everything he does. He is a hard cat to read, as he has problems displaying his emotions, but those who he cares about knows it without a doubt. It's in the little things he does, the many ways that he shows his worry, and he has quite a lot of that to go around. He is quick to judge, and slow to trust. Secretly, he is a giant scaredy-cat, so he limits his time around Ghostlyflicker, which leads others to believe he has a dislike of the other tom. Because of being a male tortoiseshell, he is incapable of having his own kits.


Roleplayed by lavellan
Not everyone shows their true selves. They are puzzles; complex and confusing, with many different pieces that somehow all fit together to form a whole. Maybe some have a missing piece or two, but the gap is still a part of it. Not every piece is shown, and some are more difficult to find. Digging deep is required to see the completed puzzle, but even then, it may only just be a smaller fragment of a whole. However, some puzzles are more simple, and their full beauty can be seen by anyone. So, what type of puzzle would Pumpkinspice be? With her beautiful orange and white tabby pelt, or her orange eyes, it’s no question as to how she got her name. As friendly as she is energetic, with a stomach to match. There seems to be no end to her appetite, nor a limit to what she will eat. Although she is typically found munching on rocks, it may be a surprise to find that Pumpkinspice does have a favorite flavor: spicy. This neverending quest for food has gotten her into plenty of trouble; be it bee stings or scoldings, she’s been through plenty. Somehow, her stomach is strong enough to handle anything that she eats. Despite always seeming to get herself into trouble, Pumpkinspice is always cheerful. Her getting angry would be just as rare as hearing the words ‘I’m full’ from her. Whether she always looks on the bright side of things when the going gets rough, or she’s just not smart enough to be anything else, no one knows for sure. If each cat is their own puzzle, then Pumpkinspice doesn’t have many pieces.


Roleplayed by simplylight
As his name suggests, Firewood is a blazing spirit. As a young cat, he could hardly sit still and found himself starting more problems than solving him. Growing up, he matured and learned this thing called patience. He is slower to burn everything down, but became a useful tool for getting things going, earning him his name. Firewood was adopted along with his siblings by Calamitystar so he had a bit of a wacky childhood. He favors his adopted “uncle” in personality a lot of the time. More to come as he is developed.


Roleplayed by kuno
A diplomatic cat who handles social situations with grace and ease. She is also modest and enthusiastic. Thinks of the feelings of others before her own. Cultivates friendships easily, and makes an effort to include others in social groups. However, she is very sensitive, and is overly sensitive towards others' perception of her and her feelings.


Roleplayed by lavellan
Occasionally known as The Mistress of the Hunt, Greyhunt's specialties lay in tracking prey. She is a keen hunter with blue eyes that can spot any small details, which makes tracking come so naturally that others would call it a sixth sense. This silver tabby knows exactly what needs to be done to get what she wants, and with her greedy nature, not much of what she acquires will leave her place. She has a way with words that one might think her to be posh, which is quite a contrast to her twin, Ravendagger. eve is too lazy to write a proper bio, so more will be added at a later time.


Roleplayed by Captain Ginger Beard
Tinkerer. Posh. Stressed. Worldly and well traveled. Far-sighted. Mate to Greyhunt. Playful rivalry with Strongjaw. White tom with blue eyes.


Roleplayed by Captain Ginger Beard
Brute. Not the brightest. Quick to anger. Selfish. Best friends with Shorthalt. Childhood friend of Trickfoot. Playful rivalry with Whitestone. Doesn’t get along well with Ravendagger. Large grey tom with yellow eyes.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Loves to sing. Is a scoundrel. Loves harmless fun. Best friends with Strongjaw. Has a crush on Trickfoot. Small smokey grey tom with brown eyes.


Roleplayed by Simplylight
She is a petite ember tabby she-cat with light amber eyes. Her right eye has a little splash of darker amber like a splash of chai tea. She's airy, almost fairy-like in personality. Her favorite thing is to climb the tallest trees and look down upon the world. To her, it's exilirating being taller than everyone else. More to come as she is developed.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Turkeyleg is your average-looking cat with a not-so-average personality. Long brown tabby fur covers his whole stout body from nose to tail-tip and dark amber eyes adorn his triangular face. He is a pawful and a half to deal with because he is ALWAYS getting into stuff. This cat is a legit mess. He always finds himself wandering over the border or bumping into all the important cats and acting a fool. However, no one can doubt his loyalty to Fallclan. He's almost loyal to a fault considering how much trouble he gets into. More to come as he is developed.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Creamy white and brown tabby fur cover his short, stocky frame from nose to tail-tip. He has light chestnut eyes and a dark plumy brown tail. Mythbreaker is calculative and almost cynical in personality a majority of the time. He is not quick to trust or give away any emotions beneath the surface. No one can reach him unless they somehow manage to get close, which is much like trying to reach the inside of a boulder. He’s cold and emotionless on the exterior, but the interior struggles with the feeling of inferiority and loneliness. Again, he conceals that dark part of himself well with a mask of indifference. More to come as he is developed.


Roleplayed by lavellan
Time heals all wounds, or so the saying goes. With fractured dreams and happiness that you can never quite grasp, time almost seems to be the enemy. Always waiting for things to get better, but afraid of what the future might hold for you, is this any way to live? Sometimes you don't have a choice. The world moves on around you, never waiting for you to catch up, not caring if it leaves you in the dust. Why would it care about something so insignificant? A small acorn is nothing to a large tree, after all. This is the view that Acorncharm had for a significant portion of her life, never feeling like she was quite enough for anything. Being abandoned by her mother broke this small grey and ginger tabby, leaving just a shattered mess in her place. It was hard for her to hide it, when she would cry at any slight inconvenience or harsh word, and there were many of those once her crybaby tendencies were known to the world. Always made fun of, always struggling to make friends. Perhaps that was the real reason she turned to collecting, as it was the only way she could cope. It was always the same things, cycling with the seasons. In winter, twigs. Spring, any blossoms and fallen flowers she could get her paws on. During the hot summer days, it's always bugs and rocks, and the occasional shells whenever she could find them, and those were always special. Then, in the fall, it was acorns and dead leaves. Items as odd as she, as it were. These were her little happiness, until she figured out how to make it into a paradise of her own. Even an acorn is important to a tree, for how else would its legacy carry on. And so Acorncharm grew bark over her skin, distancing herself from things that made her unhappy. It wasn't time that healed her wounds. No, it was her that picked up the broken shards and arranged them to her liking, and one look into her yellow-green eyes will tell you just how she did it.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Silence causes vulnerable feelings to emerge from the darkness. Learning to control those thoughts and emotions takes many years of solitude and practice before one is a master. Hushedmask has always considered himself a master at hiding everything considering he spent most of his young life hidden away in dark caves. He was an unlucky cat from birth because of the misfortune of being a product of an affair in a prominent family of kittypets. The twolegs had used his mother for breeding but when she fell in love with an outsider without a pedigree, Hushedmask was born. With blue-grey and white patched fur and striking golden eyes, the affair was obvious from the start. He was the only kitten that survived the birth and the twolegs threw him in some strange black bag and tossed him in the trash while he was still breathing. His mother managed to sneak out and free him but not before letting her bitterness of being caught scar the young kitten. In her rage, she called him a number of insults but the one that has always stuck with him was "monster." She found him another kittypet mother who was kind and loving from the beginning. She named him and took good care of him, but he heard the whispers from the other kittypets. The moment he could eat on his own, Hushedmask ran off to keep her out of harms way. It was then that he began hiding out in the darkness of abandoned tunnels. It wasn't until he was found by a PI member that he truly found a group that he could somewhat belong with. Other "monsters" lived there and in some strange way took care of each other. That was until the monsters turned against him. Really only one, the leader of them all, Funk E'tan. Hushedmask had started over. He had a mate, a family, and a good life in PI. It only took one cat to destroy that for him. After being threatened, beaten, and cast out with the promise of harm to his family if he didn't leave, he ran away to Fallclan. If he hadn't escaped that day, he would definitely not be alive. A part of him will always blame himself for running and not standing his ground. He was a coward for fleeing, but what price would his family had paid if he rebelled? He knew he was no match against Funk. So, this brought Shina, now Hushedmask, to a clan so removed from PI that they would hardly cross paths again, Fallclan.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Nicknamed "Subi" by most that know him, Subaru is a neat cat to befriend. He was a former rogue born from two former Regime cats running around with a band of characters that he probably shouldn't have been with (like many young rogues do) before being adopted into Moonclan. His jobs of the past were often deadly and harsh, but he rarely talks about it so many aren't aware of his skills. In fact, several underestimate him due to his lanky frame and white and black patched coat. Two common misconceptions are that he is weak and stands out like a sore thumb. However, when you've had the life this rugged tom had, you learn real quick how to fight dirty and hide a bright pelt. While a menacing foe to face in battle, Subaru is actually quite a gentle soul. He prefers using a voice instead of claws any day. He's quick-witted, often snarky, but generally friendly? Sort of? It isn't always clear if he's making fun of you because he doesn't like you or because he does. His dry humor is used as a mask for his less desirable emotions like anger or nervousness. Subaru can also be a tricky cat to learn because he is never in one place for too long and doesn't get close to anyone. Some say he's emotionless and too indifferent, but he prefers it that way. Grief is a lot easier to manage if you never grew close enough to the source to feel it. At least, that is what he attempts to convince himself. Often times, he ends up thrown into friend groups anyways.


Roleplayed by achromatic
If someone only listens with their ears, can they truly hear? Is it possible to listen without using your ears? The answer has always been yes to Silverspectre. It isn't that he can't speak. He just prefers to speak inside his head, where words flow out as easily as the river. He easily has conversations with everything, the clouds, the trees, the birds...unfortunately, his physical being is a dam that stops the flood, a box that keeps his spirit locked in a prison of fur and skin. The small, lithe tom, timid and constantly shrinking back, only resembles his parents and siblings in appearance. He's nothing like his parents, Frozenstar or Crookedarrow, except for the fact that he's the spitting image of his mother, all silver spotted fur and bright golden eyes. Born in a litter of two, his brother stole his voice and ran for the heavens as soon as they were born, and now he wears this skin and title for the both of them. He's quite the observer–intelligent, quiet, inquisitive–noticing even the littlest things about people, like the way his siblings had an empty look in their eyes, or the way his mother stopped addressing the clan when he was born. It was for that reason he left WinterClan after his mother's passing, finding a home somewhere that didn't know his name. Silverspectre is a ghost. If you only listen with your ears, if you don't look closely at where you go and who you interact with, you'll never find him.


Roleplayed by Uniqcrim
An orange and white she-cat with beautiful blue eyes. Restless isn’t enough to describe Meltingcolors. She always has to be on the move, doing something, finding something new. She has dreams of adventure, and always wonders what life is like in other clans. No matter how much she has tried to leave, she’s always found herself returning. She grew up listening to stories from clanmates born elsewhere, hearing their tales of glory - many of which were vastly exaggerated, but Meltingcolors never cared. She was smart, but hearing such faulty stories gave her a weird view of the world. With a sharp tongue and little patience, some might find her difficult to get along with, but she’s definitely passionate. It’s hard to get her to do anything that she doesn’t want to do, but somehow remains a good worker. Despite her attitude, she rarely ever complains about things, preferring to keep a positive outlook.


Roleplayed by uniqcrim
A once curious and outgoing tomcat has slowly become more quiet, more reserved. His laughs were bountiful and his joy endless. Early on in life he showed one representation of the Raven, that of good luck. Until he lost his other half. His brother who meant the world to him and he was rarely seen apart from. Slowly, that omen of good fortune turned to that of misfortune and deception. He retreated into the stony walls put up around himself. Misfortune seemed to follow in his footsteps and he became known for being a deceptive know-it-all. A collector of secrets and not one with good intention. Others would do well to tread carefully, lest they give the silver bengal a reason to watch closely.


Roleplayed by uniqcrim
For a clan cat, Milkybee can be rather unconventional. She lives in her own little world and is known to collect various odds and ends. She has a stash outside camp with beautiful trinkets, well guarded and hidden from those who would steal them, but is also very generous with them as well. She is known to give rocks and crystals to her friends and family, always telling them to keep it near their nest or important places for protection. She dreams of peace and love and is always in search of knowledge. Milkybee is known for her unfunny jokes and she tends to laugh at inappropriate times. It’s no surprise that this oddity of a she-cat has a tendency to be on the outside of groups but she doesn't mind. Others simply do not understand her or see things the way she sees them. Milkybee is a brown and white tabby she-cat with green eyes, she is often seen wearing a crystal or two around her neck which is crudely fashioned with some old string she found but it gets the job done.


Roleplayed by Stark Raving Mad
A small, medium furred, white, she-cat with pale gold-amber eyes. Sweet as can be Ivoryatrament is often taken advantage of for how kind she can be, and often lets more things slide than she should. Her seemingly endless patience though however does have a limit. Though she doesn't like to fight and often avoids confrontation at all costs she has a tongue sharper than her claws. She chooses to fight all her battles with passive aggression and does so with a smirk or a knowing smile. A natural inclination to pettiness and all around spite Ivory usually has to restrain herself from reacting in the moment and instead, taking the time to think of a more logical response. Stubborn, or foolish? Maybe it's a bit of both. Ivoryatrament doesn't like to ask for help if she can get the job done herself, and will jump through some pretty high hoops just to make that happen. She would do anything and everything to help others given at the expense of herself. The kind of cat that tells you something was "No problem at all." When in fact it was very much a problem. Despite her take charge attitude and borderline control freak tendencies she doesn't like to do things for others that they could easily do for themselves. Easily annoyed, she has become a master of hiding her annoyance unless pushed too far. When she loves someone you know it, and will generally go out of her way to nice things for those she's close to. However, she struggles when it comes to outwardly showing affection.


Roleplayed by vexingode
The cold wind rustling the crimson leaves from trees. The sent of wet soil and rain filling the forest. Resting in a old withered tree sits a large grey she-cat, with long thick fur and unwavering amber eyes. Her cool demeaner and confident aura calms your nerves. So peaceful and calm. Velvetdecay is a calm and gentle cat, with a love for birds and climbing trees. The brisk wind of fall complimenting her flowing coat, and the slumbering plants matching her attentive eyes. Velvetdecay was always calm and level headed, despite losing her mother at a young age and being raised by the rest of her clan. Always lingering in the background, watching, keeping to herself, but not anymore. With a desire to be more than a fly on the wall she has stepped up to take more infinitive. Having always slinked in the background of the clan, hidden in the shadows, where will this decision take her? What will she do?


Roleplayed by kuno
A lithe silver tabby she-cat with blue green eyes.


Roleplayed by Fearful
Moons before Brokenear's kitting, his mother and father lived in FallClan, loving each other as the undergrowth loved the sun. Once Brokenear's mother was expecting kits, his father disappeared - his body found with perfect teeth marks, left by a skilled killer, as if he was hunted by prey. Once Brokenear's litter was born, he had felt the emotions coming off of his mother before he even understood what they meant. The leafbare chill had broken the nursery's thick bracken lining and eventually killed his littermates, as well as his mother just after Brokenear was able to eat fresh-kill. 'Perfect timing' he has always said. With his mottled brown and red medium-haired pelt, he was always able to stay clear from the others if he wanted to. Nearly everyone in the clan knew of his sad upbringing, so it was easy for him to stay away and never explain. As a warrior, Brokenear made friends as any other cat would. He felt the need to be the best warrior in the clan, as any other warrior would. Although occasionally he is caught his in his own thoughts and covered in the remaining cobwebs of his dreams, he is a loyal FallClan warrior.


Roleplayed by Cleaver
Fierce, honest, inspiring - he could be the envy of many warriors. He knows his own limitations and more importantly his strengths, and he is forward with his mistakes. When Jayjack makes an error, he owns up to it: he doesn't make excuses, he doesn't assign blame, he apologizes and moves on. Some cats accuse him of being arrogant, but arrogance is unearned, and every inch of his confident demeanor is supported by fact. Like all of the best warriors, he is often confronted with cruel speech about his nature: cats that claim he is too rude, too harsh, too condescending. Jayjack is a teacher, he spreads his knowledge when due, and just as he owns his mistakes he asks everyone else to do so. Excuses fire him up and anger him, lies and deceit even more so. He is a forward cat and he demands others expose their true selves as well, not hide behind a mask. His bluntness may be interpreted as rude by the offended, but it isn't his job to guard their soft hearts, he does what he must. In his heart Jayjack wants the best for his clan, and he will do what it takes to defend them. If that means exposing corruption, arguing with the feeble, defending the meek, or scolding apprentices, so be it.


Roleplayed by pLuto
Poisonrush is a soft dark tom with dark amber eyes with a serious personality to match, his body toned from many vigorous training sessions Since he was a young kit, he was conditioned with the expectation that he would become the best warrior in the clan. In order to achieve what his parents wanted, he sacrificed things such as having decent social skills. His training didn't have time for that: he was meant to be the perfect warrior that the clan needed. But, once he became a warrior and his parents became less involved, he began to pursue building relationships with his fellow clan mates.


Roleplayed by kuno
A small and elegant she-cat with a mostly white pelt that is splattered with black mostly around her face. There is black perfectly framing her face and eyes, and right in the center of her nose and muzzle is black as well. Pale blue eyes like crystals complete her beautiful and delicate appearance. Personality wise she is very laid back and quiet, unless she is provoked or comes into contact with someone she knows well. She opens up in those situations and fluently uses sarcasm and doesn’t take things too seriously. She’s easy to get along with and befriend, as long as you remain on her good side.


Roleplayed by vexing_ode
A loner, a sneak, a trickster if you will. Ravendagger is a cunning but introverted cat, good with pranks, and sticking to the shadows. twin brother to greyhunt. he is a grey tabby tom with grumpy blue eyes. Ravendagger is indifferent to much but not to his mate. he finds joy lounging and napping in the shadows. When he was young he and his sister where raised by their mother. One day though they where left to be raised by their father, who looked down on them and made their lives hard. when they where finally able to leave, the went back to where their mother raised them, only to find it destroyed.


Roleplayed by vexing_ode
A nervous, little thing. the orange tabby she-cat lives life with the weight of the world on her shoulders. When she was young she was raised in a tribe far from here, her mother left on a great mission called the Aramenté, to earn the leader position, but her mother never came home. Following in her mothers footsteps Airtempest had set out on the journey herself as soon as she was of age. falling in love she abandoned the path.


Roleplayed by Enderwoxxu
Wants to be stronger. She's compassionate and Motherly. Childhood friends with Strongjaw and best friends with Airtempest and Greyhunt. She's a small white she-cat with blue eyes.


Roleplayed by Dot
fluffy ginger and white tabby she-cat with golden colored eyes. Her parents must have thought their daughter would have grown up with a sweet, gentle and kind personality that would match the adorable sound of her name. But Honeybear is anything, but her name's sake. She has the sour attitude of a green apple. If she doesn't get her beauty rest, she will wake up on the wrong side of the warrior's den. She is overly picky with her food. If a bird has too many feathers, or a fish smells "off" to her. She will refuse to eat and will go out of her way to go hunt something herself.




Roleplayed by bauble
Probing, yet coquettish radiant blue eyes encased in the silk-like wrappings of her form. A radiant smile, graceful flirtatious manner, yet independent and largely detached. Slightly cruel without barbed words, slightly domineering without raising a paw. But above all, an analytical mind reaching for depths unseen to the naked eye.


Roleplayed by Cleaver
A little tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes, she and her siblings Luckycrow, Snakecuddle, and Littlespider were found by Chaicrisp and Jayjack while they were patrolling. The pair became their unofficial parents: Jayjack insisted he was a mentor, not their father, but certainly acted like one; he also insisted that Chaicrisp was not co-parenting with him and shouldn't be trusted with kittens, but she was around all the same, looking after them with adoring eyes. Sorrelbloom grew to love both of her parents. Though she chose the path of a nursery aid instead of a warrior, raising up the youngsters in her clan, it doesn't mean she isn't tough! She knows the importance of influencing young minds to serve their clan and likes to show them a good future. She can be tough, strictly nudging the little soldiers into line, and truthfully she's harsher on the kittens when they're young than any other time. She's soft and affectionate with older cats, but kits need someone to push them and drive them forward with spite.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Skinny white tom with a long tail and bright green eyes. He's the charming sort but has a tendency to whine sometimes and elicit sympathy from others with a pitiful bat of his big eyes. Snakecuddle isn't the rough and tumble kind of cat but more of a sit on the sidelines and let others do his work. He will step up for those he loves, though, even if he doesn't necessarily want to.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Beetlemask has an incredibly straight-forward manner than leads most cats to believe she’s one of the most honest they’ve ever met; she’s direct but never cruel, finding a gentle way to deliver bad news. What most cats don’t recognize is that she achieves this through a series of white lies, delicate mistruths to ease bad feelings. She’s manipulative, but does it matter when she only uses her power for good?


Roleplayed by simplylight
She is a beautiful golden brown she-cat with a darker mantle across her shoulders and spine and crisp amber eyes like fallen leaves. Maplebreeze is the sisterly kind of cat and tends to show her love with sarcastic and witty remarks. She is kind and warm like the sun, but also burning hot in ferocity when it comes to protecting the weak.


Roleplayed by Stark Raving Mad
An orange and brown tabby she-cat with vibrant yellow eyes. No matter how old she gets, she always seems to act like a child. She has a never ending supply of energy, and uses it to cheer others up. She enjoys the effect that her cheerfulness has on others and is rather perceptive to the emotions of others. Though she acts like this, she can still be mature, especially around those younger than her.


Roleplayed by childe
Born a bright star in an otherwise dark time, her father just having passed due to an infected wound and her mother wasting away in her grief and fear towards the future. Her whole kithood she would be told that it was her birth that brought light to her mothers world once more. Her bright pelt and eyes a sign to her mother that there was light in even the darkest times. Perhaps this is what led to the arrogant tilt to her jaw and flinty light to her stare. For as much as her mother toted her birth as a sign of good fortune Goldenpeony grew to be a dark rain cloud in others. A tongue sharp enough to to cut and used skillfully enough to leave the wounds festering. Her desire to heal others is born more for her own desire to be indispensable than a true nurturing nature. Young as she is she knows what she wants and where she wants to be in the future. She shuns others signs of good will with suspicion born of a deeper paranoid nature and is often hunting for deeper meanings that are truly rarely there. Overconfident to a fault at times she is assured she can handle anything and everything life might bring her all on her own. This often leaves her on thin ice, though she has yet to truly fall into something she can't salvage.


Roleplayed by simplylight
A cheery cat who brings sunshine to cloudy days. He is also friendly and supportive, but has a distinct lack of self-control when it comes to doing what he wants. However, he is flaky, and he can't be counted on to do what he is supposed to do.


Roleplayed by simplylight
The stable one of the litter and the oldest. Spaghetti is down to earth. Has a comforting nature and befriend everyone and everything. Most feel comfortable around him and tend to spill their secrets to him. He is also a precious cinnamon roll. If he sees an injured baby animal whether it’s predator or prey he would be the first to jump in and save it. Nursing it back to health so it has a chance at life. He has very big dreams but lacks the motivation to carry out those dreams. He is also a hopeless romantic and showers those who he is romantically involved in with cute adorable dates. Like a simple walk through the territory or sharing a simple meal together. Sadly he tends to get friend zoned.


Roleplayed by kuno
"If I'm to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all." This small calico and white cat knows there is always a fine line between good and evil, right and wrong, and how to act. Roseshade prefers not to get involved if she is forced to make a choice on what is the best option, unless the moral right is obvious to her. It's hard to get her worked up, and her dark green gaze always seems to hold an air of calm and patience. At times she can be rather chatty and easily excited, other times she can hold a casual and relaxed conversations for hours if you'd let her. In the end she's an all around good cat that strives to do the best that she can.


Roleplayed by faeish
A colorblind black and white tom with round amber eyes. Not a completely moral-less cat, however he does have a habit of taking things that aren’t necessarily his. Hollowcry is a skilled liar and at times has been labeled manipulative. Though these things are true, Hollowcry likes to think he does have a soft spot, and certainly wouldn’t go out of his way to really hurt some cat. Na air of seriousness tends to follow this cat, only seeming to be disturbed by his sweet tooth, and his irrational fear of bugs. Note this: don’t expect free favors from Hollowcry!


Roleplayed by faeish
A curious looking calico she-cat with warm yellow eyes. Her name comes from her mother, Pumpkinspice’s, beloved best friend, whom had passed shortly before her pregnancy. Chestnutfreckle has a thirst for knowledge, oftentimes asking too many questions. She has a love for plants, explicitly herbs, and strives to discover the use of them all. Perhaps she has a dream of some day becoming Medicine Cat, and putting her pool of knowledge to use.


Roleplayed by lavellan
Is there anything more beautiful than a field of flowers? The lovely smell of lavender on a particularly stressful evening, or the rather silly sight of a bumblebee nearly falling into the funnel of a tulip. Even the bright and cheery sunflower, everything about flowers is just so wonderful. There’s a lot more to flowers than meets the eye, and Calamitylight loves every bit of it. From the meanings of each flower, to just their natural beauty, there’s nothing more that he would love more than just spending time with flowers. Unlike his sister, Chestnutfreckle, he doesn’t care about any uses they may have. While she cares deeply about herbs and learning their medicinal properties, all Calamitylight loves is their wonderful smell and beauty. Perhaps this was a love inherited from his father, Batflower, who was well-known for his passion for nature. Now, Calamitylight has turned this passion into his own. With his black pelt, he also holds a similar appearance to his father, though not nearly as much as Batwiggle does. It’s his eyes that really sets them apart. His yellow-orange eyes, a different shade than the soft honey of Batflower, or the enchanting yellow of Batwiggle. There’s also differences in their fur, however. Unlike his father, Calamitylight’s pelt is a full black, instead of a smoky ash color. He’s a rather small cat, and any muscle that he holds is hidden in his short but fluffy fur. There is a cut in his right ear, shaped almost as if a bite had been taken out of it. As such, it’s a running joke that his mother, Pumpkinspice, had taken a chunk out when he was a very young kit. Of course, it’s probably not true, but since it has always been there, no one can exactly say it’s wrong. Despite the fact that each of his siblings were named after someone important to either Batflower or Pumpkinspice that were no longer in this world, he was the only one whose namesake was still alive. Calamityshrine, his adoptive grandpa and his namesake. It only stands to reason that someone named after an oddball like Cal would also be a bit of an oddity himself.


Roleplayed by kuno
Named after Pumpkinspice's birth father, Harvest, and her brother, Harvestkit. A brown tabby tom with orange eyes. He has a kind and motherly nature, just like his father, Batflower. He tries to be family to those who don’t have one, and especially loves his own. He takes the loss of loved ones extremely hard, but tries to hide his pain so that he doesn’t bring others down with him.


Roleplayed by simplylight
Named after Batflower. A black tom with yellow eyes. With how similar he looks to his father, it was obvious that he would be given the name Batkit. He seems to have inherited Pumpkinspice’s boundless happiness. He can be quite absentminded, and often bumps into things, but it’s next to impossible to make him upset. He always looks at the bright side of things, and will find the good in everyone, even when there is none.


Roleplayed by vexing_ode

Mate|| Ravendagger

Kits|| expecting


Roleplayed by user

Mate|| none

Kits|| expecting




Roleplayed by Stark Raving Mad
A white and black tom with vibrant yellow eyes. Ghost would rather be heard not seen, or even seen not heard. He prefers to keep to himself, spending a lot of time in the forest by himself. Friends don't come easy to him, and truth be told he doesn't really know how to be around others let alone talk to him. Most would think his existence is a lonely one but, he's happy this way. All the time he's spent alone in the forest has make him an exceptional tracker and hunter. He's even managed to teach himself about the local fauna. Through trial, error and seer dumb luck some how he has managed not to get himself killed from eating unknown plants and berries.

Littermates || Wickedkit, Pumpkinkit, Ghostkit, Potionkit


Roleplayed by faeish
A small mostly black she-cat with splotches of ginger on her face, back and paws. Lapislazuli has striking deep blue eyes that seem to probe your soul. She has a bit of a somber personality and spends a lot of time reflecting on things. Though she can be a bit of a pessimist, Lapislazuli has a huge heart and finds herself mimicking the emotions of those around her.

Littermates || Rosekit, Aquakit, Onyxkit


Roleplayed by kuno
Gildedcrown is not just that, but as a kit he also had a rogue name as well. His birth name was Macsen, but decided upon joining Fallclan at 5 moons old to take a more traditional name to fit in with those around him. His mother had abandoned him, along with his brother and sister, though his relationship with his siblings isn't the best, either. Their father is unknown to them, a clan cat, but of which they do not know, just that he was killed. The small Siamese tom tends to keep to himself, sheltering his heart from those around him due to the treatment of his family. His brother tends to bully him, while doting on their sister, and with the abandonment and death of his parents it's no surprise he keeps himself locked away. He also has an uncle, Puzzlemaker, in Moonclan, but the relationship isn't really there, either. Crystalline blue eyes, while beautiful, seem to droop with sadness, and the fur leading to his nose seems to have permanent tear tracks to confirm his past pain to those around him.

Littermates || Fortunekit (Sabellius), Aurouskit (Praxis)


Roleplayed by Darkness
Icecreek, a she-cat who is very adaptable to her surroundings even as a young 3 moon old kit. She adapted to not having her Father and Mother around when they suddenly disappeared. She found herself wobbling into FallClan's territory at the Firefly Meadow, where she was found by a hunting patrol and brought back to camp. Now she is adapting to life in the Clan. She is a rather soft-spoken cat, who never seems to raise her voice even if she is angry. She is also very playful, but knows when to be serious. She is not an ambious cat and she lives life by the Warrior Code and follows the ways of her Clan. She only hopes to one day form a family of her own and live her life to the fullest. If she is called to do something great, then she will heed that call. No one really knows what she is capable of doing and neither does she. But as time goes on, maybe they will discover what she is capable of doing or becoming. Will she remain the same or will she show a different side to her? She was born on January 1st, 2022, to two unknown rogue cats who disappeared when she was three Moons old, never to be seen again. Icecreek is a short-furred white she cat with Dark Blue eyes.

Littermates || None


Roleplayed by Enderwoxxu
Haykit was born outside the clans, her parents abandon her and her siblings to try the clans take care of her but unfortunately her siblings past away. Haykit is a diluated calico she-cat with amber eyes her origins are unknown but she's gentle and kind but sometimes can be playful and clumsy making some troubles, she loves to stay around with friends but can get nervous with outsiders or highers ranks.

Littermates || None


Roleplayed by Storm
Chimerafox's life started with a Mother who gave birth to her alone, on February 1st, 2022. A single kit. No Father, that was known or at least around. Some speculate that the cat who was her father, had died in a rock-slide, but no one knows for sure. The truth is she is pure Clan, 100% FallClan Born. Her Father was a black and white faced tom who was a great warrior. He provided for his Clan and died for it, trying to fight off a fox. Her Mother was an orange and black faced tortoiseshell who soon after her daughter's birth, died from Black-cough and blood-loss. Left with no parents or siblings, she was raised by the Clan's nursery aides and Queens. Chimerafox was given the prefix Chimera; due to her half orange and half black face; as well as her left eye being amber and her right eye being blue. Later on she would be given the suffix Fox due to becoming a very cunning, stealthy and strategic huntress and fighter. From the time she could talk; she gave you her opinions; even if you didn't ask for them; she will jump in and give her two cents about whatever topic is spoken. Chimerafox currently is a kit and is looking forward to her apprenticeship. She will learn to work hard; make decisions and strive to become the best warrior she can become. Her ultimate goal is to become Leader of FallClan and to Mother kits for her Clan. She is loyal to her Clan; StarClan and the Warrior Code. She upholds it to the utmost and when she is in doubt about it; she thinks it though, and decides on what to do about it. If it's against the code; she won't do it. If it's border line; She won't do, unless it helps the Clan or won't cause the Clan harm. Chimerafox wants to start a family of her own someday; to further the FallClan Blood-line. She see's it as an opportunity and honor to raise kits; the next generation of warriors. Chimerafox just hopes that the mate she chooses, will be around as well and that she lives through kitting. She knows that if she can't have kits of her own; she wants to adopt and raise kits; even if they aren't Clan-born. She has a heart of gold; for the less fortunate; because she was one at one time herself.

Littermates || None


Roleplayed by simplylight
"Her dirty paws and furry coat / She ran down the forest slopes / The forest of talking trees / They used to sing about the birds and the bees / The bees had declared a war / The sky wasn't big enough for them all / The birds they got help from below / From dirty paws and the creatures of snow." As daunting as the sound of cracking bones, yet alluring as the maiden of grace should be, this feline has the personality of a mother of wild beasts. Her fearsome devotion to serving her clan mixed with the rebellious nature of her unquiet-ed spirit make for a terrific combination. Bonemaiden is a creature of habit, yet a free spirit. She is overall a queenly catastrophe. With a tall, skinny frame and eyes like gun-metal, she isn't one you would expect to be a fighter. Yet, she has the power to control, manipulate, and puncture with both her sword of tongue and sharp, tendril-like claws. Charcoal and ivory make up a tuxedo coat that covers her deceptive figure. This beautiful conundrum has a talent for creating tension because she isn't afraid to voice her opinion. She is a strong supporter of her own form of justice and will fight tooth and claw for what she believes is right. Her abrasive personality leads her to clash with some, especially her half-brother Copperstain. Bonemaiden was named after Bonestar and Rosemaiden. Her siblings are Suncrown, Tumbletundra, Illusionhaze, Tangledtruth, Mistfalls, and Shiningsoul and her half-siblings are Copperstain, Velvetdusk, Spindlebrook, Tourmalinesky, Silverlace, and Sagesymphony. "And for a while things were cold / They were scared down in their holes / The forest that once was green / Was colored black by those killing machines / But she and her furry friends / Took down the queen bee and her men / And that's how the story goes / The story of those beast with those four dirty paws." Lyrics: "Dirty Paws" - Of Monsters and Men.


Roleplayed by lavellan
Softcloud is, without a doubt, the sweetest and kindest cat that anyone has ever met. Her soft blue eyes are always full of unwavering love, but anyone could tell that this light orange tabby is the happiest when looking at her mate. Midnightocean is her one true love, her soulmate, or so she likes to tell others. She is completely and utterly in love with him, which embarrasses others - especially kits. Softcloud is often found in the nursery; despite her old age, she has always had a soft spot for kits and spends as much time as she can playing with them. She’s the type of cat that would adopt any parentless kit that she comes in contact with, if no one would stop her. It’s why she was so eager to take in her only kit’s children. Although she loves her daughter, Dancingspirit, she had always yearned for a second litter of kits. Unfortunately, it seemed that whatever had caused her to lose the other kits in her only litter had also caused her to become infertile. A true curse for one so motherly in nature. Softcloud is not only soft in personality, but in words as well. Incredibly quiet, she seems to only ever speak in a whisper, causing others to have a hard time hearing her. It’s especially troublesome for her hard-of-hearing mate. As he loses his hearing, Softcloud also seems to be losing her vision. She mixes up kits that don’t even look similar, but most just seem to think that it’s a running joke instead of an actual problem. Because of her nature, Softcloud has earned herself the nickname of ‘Granny’ from nearly everyone.


Roleplayed by uniqcrim
A large black tom with blue eyes. Where he was once fast and nimble he is now slow and painful as he suffers from arthritis. Where he was once one of the best listeners, now he struggles to hear even loud sounds. Despite his age and condition, Midnightocean feels like a young tom at heart still and is still deeply in love with his mate, Softcloud, even after all of these years. His past times are enjoying the first few rays of the morning sun and telling exaggerated stories of his youth to the young members of the clan. He is commonly called Pops and is often grumpy on stormy days, the day before a storm he always starts to get extra painful even though no one believes him.


Roleplayed by faeish
Sleek heather gray she-cat with blue eyes. A very calm cat with levelheaded tempers. Tends to be quite curious, and is known to be a good friend and comforting in times of stress.

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