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Hidden away in a winter wonderland, deep within the tunnels in the mountain, rests a group of cats who are happy to be secluded in their own little world. The cats who call this mountain oasis home are the wayward souls of WinterClan. And they are not to be trifled with. WinterClan cats are built on tradition, engrossed in their religion, and honed in the matters of honor. They embrace the blizzards, rejoice the colors of the northern lights, and worship under the stars. Believing that blood runs thick than ice, these cats are loyal to their own and their own only. Step between or upon the bonds of a WinterClan cat and be prepared for the avalanche that shall follow. The sophisticated, headstrong cats of WinterClan live not by the warrior code, but by the Code of the Northern Lights based upon their belief in their beloved god, the Northern God of Light, Lord Borealis. WinterClan cats are a different breed of cat and to believe yourself worthy of joining their ranks is a brave thought. Do not think for a moment that you will be welcome in this clan. WinterClan shall take you prisoner before accepting you as one of their own. So are you willing to resisk it all to live in this icy tundra?
the realm
WinterClan is home to a territory with a motto of survival of the fittest. The moutain here is not forgiving and the cats who call it home even less so. Ice, winds, storms, blizzards, religion, purity, class, and so much more make up the life of the cats here and for that reason alone, cats are weary of each step they take. It's like walking on ice, some spots are thinner than others, so be careful where you step. It's survval of the fittest around here, it's the only way to survive in the clan. The cats here have even turned on their own if need be, so no one is safe in the long run. Bloodlines, purity, caste; they're basically royalty symbols in this clan. The more WinterClan blood in your system the better, the more chances you have in life. Things like the better mentors, the better chances at a mate, and the better overall life all just becuase of your status in the clan. Your class helps too if your blood status is low, so work on your clan status. Don't get to low in class or status, or cause trouble or you'll find yourself doing a stunt in the prison cell with the tresspassers and other troublemakers of the clan.
god of light
Lord Borealis is the god of our hopes, lives, and light of our world. He's seen each night in the Northern Lights that surround the moutain, expressed in their beautiful colors and captured in the crystals of our home. We wear crystals as a way to honor him and becuase he has blessed them as well. (See more about crystals on another tab.) Lord Borealis is our god of light and life, for without light what is life? You can't live in the dark forever and for that we look to our dear god for guidance. He sends omens and prophecies Witch or Warlock. It is through them that much is deciphered but many religious actions are performed by the Knight of the Stars in the Lord's honor. To the Sovereign, he sends message of guidance and wisdom as he sees fit. In death we join him in the northern lights, becoming one with him in the end and acting as his messengers when called upon. But what more is there to our god? Much is still a mystery, and he has revealed very little to us so far, but there is a feeling that he will show us something soon.

Code Of The Northern Lights
1.) Honor thy parents, Ancients, and Keepers of Faith (the Blessed)
2.) Feed the young and nursing before oneself, for they are the life of the clan and are the key to the next generation.
3.) Your home is sacred. Protect it and fight for it with all you have. Even if this means your life must be lost, for the whole is greater than the one.
4.) Kill only what is needed to feed the clan. Send thanks to the Northern God for your success and skills.
5.) Keep to our borders, the Mountain and God of Light prove for us here. there is no reason to leave the protection of His grace and the strength of the Mountain.
6.) Take prisoner those who trespass, betray, dishonor, and steal from the clan. Only with the blessing of the God of Light through the Sovereign may they be taken as full members of the clan.
7.) Lost kits who seek a home, may find life within the clan’s borders. No abandoned, lost, or sickly kit may be left for dead. All shall be welcomed into the warmth of WinterClan, blessed be by the Northern God.
8.) Do not forget those who have passed before you. They once provided for the clan and deserve respect. Respect and honor them as you do the God of Light.
9.) Do not murder outside of defense. The Northern God has blessed us with life and we must cherish it wisely, even if the cat is from another clan. Murder only in defense, not freely or without thought.
10.) To leave the clan is to forsake your faith, family, and future. Choose wisely where you shall stand in the eyes of the God of Light and your ancestors.
WinterClan values bloodlines and blood status above almost anything. The more pure your bloodline the better your chances in life. You get the better mentors, training, arranged marriages, and more just becuase of your higher blood status. So what's your status? Is your blood mixed? Are you born in WInterClan but one of mixed blood? Well, you still have a chance, try and marry someone of higher status than yourself and hopefuly that will boost your children's chances. For warning though, you best act quickly for parents of purebloods tend to arrange marriages for their kits a week or so after their born to better their chances in life. The most wellknown and popular bloodlines in WinterClan right now are in relations to Cloudywinter, Smokesignal, and Wintrystar.
There are three different types of crystals in WinterClan: ranking, healing, and for burials. They are valued so highly due to their relation to the God of Light as represenatives of the northern lights with their multitudes of colors and appearances. In burials, they are used as a guiding source to those who have recently passed. In healing, they are an element to coduct better care and to offer spiritual healing. And finally, for ranks, it is a show of one's position in the clan and as a source to hold the Lord close to your heart.
Ranking: Worn on a necklace made of the user's choice of material but most commonly of vines or winter flowers or another form of cord. Dead members are buried with their final crystal of rank.
Scenic - Sovereign
Tourmaline - Heir
Rainbow/Amphibole - Witch/Warlock
Hematoid - Pupil
Smokey - Knight of the Guard
Rutilated - Knight of the Wise
Labradorite - Knight of the Stars
Chalcedony - Warriors
Milky - Apprentices
Clear - Kits
Carnelian - Ancients (are also allowed to carry their previous crystal of rank if they held a high rank such as knight or one of the other blessed)
No crystal - Prisoners
Rose - Symbol of Marriage

Healing: The crystals and gems are used for healing by WinterClan's Witch/Warlock or Pupil. They are rested around, on, or near the cat in question, are used in place of or along with herbs in most cases. This is due to the fact that herbs are difficult to come across in WinterClan, and these crystals are much easier to come across and are a gift from their God of Life. The Witch/Warlock or Pupil sometimes uses herbs, but they have to be traded for from other groups due to the harsh and cold climate of WinterClan's territory making herbs hard to find.
Angelite - general healing/well being, booster, used in most healing as a median or booster to the other crystals
Amethyst - aids the nervous system, relieves headaches, and treats insomnia, infection
Agate - mental health stabilizer, used in meditations and mental illnesses
Amber - found around the nursery and nursing queens and acts as a booster for milk production, used with broken bones as well
Blood stone - removes toxins and poisons from the bond
Jasper - strength, nightmares,
Lepidolite - stress, emotional, used in mediation
Fluorite - inflammation and pain reducer
Howlite - calming effect, used in meditations
Garnet - stimulates the metabolism, used in individuals who have no appetite or may have been starving. Used with digestion
Jade - pain reliever, mostly for joints
Lapis Lazuli - lung issues, such as asthma or difficulties breathing, vomiting
Hematite - cleansing of the blood and/or infection, and heart issues. May be worn by one who has chronic heart issues

Burials:In WinterClan crystals also play an important role in burials. When a cat passes away, their crystals are placed around their grave stone, as a memorial to those who have passed on. In addition, these crystals are also buried with the deceased to help ease their passing to the afterlife.
Black Onyx - to repel negative energy
Moonstone - safe travels to the northern lights
Citrine - promote positivity in death
Selenite - purification, enlightenment
We have four festivals a year as a means of religious and customs celebrations. There is one each season to celebrate something in relation to religion or customs involved in WinterClan. Life is tough on the moutain, and so even the little things must be celebrated to keep up moral. SO at each festival we have a conest, these contests, if you perform well, will help you gain status in the clan.

New Year's Day - The start of the year is the beggining of something new. Who knows what will come in the rest of the year and so prayers, hopes, and dreams are expressed and celebrated on thsi day. We look forward to what will come and celebrate what we just left. So shout out your dreams, scream your goals, and call out to the heavens what you want to do this your. It's a new year and thus a chance to become a new you.

Festival of New Beginnings - Here is the spring equinox, the first day of true spring and when the weather lightens up a little on the harsh mountain. So on this day we celebrate our youngest of the clan, the youths and the students. They are the bases of our future and so they are our beginning. It is through them that we will succeed in the future and so we must charish them now.

Day of Entrapped Light - Our Lord Borealis is in need of celebration and thus we set aside the brightest day of the year. On the summer solstice, the brightest day of the year, we take the time to celebrate all that he has given us and all he will give us in the end. He is our Lord and our greatest strength and for that, we celebrate him. It is a day of dancing, of joy, of light spreading across the land. It seems on the nighst of the summer solstice, that the northern lights are the closest to the moutains that they'll ever be, close enough to touch.

Festival of the Stars - This is our final festival of the year and it is to honor the dead, those who have passed before us. Family, friends, clanmates, all have seen an end before us and thus we wish to remember them. Remembrance and celebration of their life are the kinds of things that happen on this day. The burial guards are decorated and the true celebratioins start after dark when teh northern lights can be seen clearly. We mark this day on the night of All Hallow's Eve and set it aside to pay our respects. The day time is for prayers and the cleaning of the burial grounds, but at night it's a party of remembrance.
alliances & enemies

DayClan - for many reasons, mostly becuase of the blind dating event which has led to the current battles against them.
RR - due to their alliance and involvement in teh recent battle against WinterClan with DayClan.
SunClan - we dispis the Sun God as he has only ever shown to bring destruction and dispair. He nearly destroyed whole clans and created cats such as Pandora and Bluejay.
guards and training
June Guards: Cloudweaver, Brindlemist, Rowanstrike, Corpseflower, Dealfinder, Crimsonrose, Furorstrom, Phantompaw, Gardeniapaw, & Dreampaw

Mentor & Students
Flickeringflames & Anxiouspaw
Wolftundra & Blackpaw
Stormsurge & Chivalrouspaw
Banberry & Cottonpaw
Arduousjourney & Crownedpaw
Smokesignal & Deathpaw
Blackthornfate & Dreampaw
Nikkohydrangea & Gardeniapaw
Cloudweaver & Harepaw
Dealfinder & Limepaw
Snowflurry & Kodiakpaw
Vividrapture & Phantompaw
Dappledglacier & Pomegranatepaw
Talonstrike & Reapingpaw
Morningfrost & Shadowpaw
Harlow & Skeletalpaw
Crimsonrose & Speckledpaw
Rowanstrike & Subtlepaw
Polarblast & Swiftpaw
Robinring & Tangledpaw
Articsong & Thunderpaw
Wintrystar & Tundrapaw
Gingersnap & Warmpaw
the plot
the shrine
The history of our Blessed are honored here
the saga
Information on the last plot is found here
Out of Character
We currently do not have a Pupil and one will be choosing at a later time. Points are also a volunteery thing now. They change your social class and promote you within the clan. Also the diamond to the left of this box are actually tabs, click on them and check them out!
Within the Kingdom
Icyhaven, Pineflurry, Bluepaw, and others have passed away; some from the battle against DayClan and Regrade Regime and others from different things. Sweetcrema has gone missing since the battle and Roseshade is cursed to suffer a tradgey each moon until she betters herself. Following the battle against DayClan and RR, Wintrystar has taken Shule as prisoner and allowed the others to escape.
PLAYED BY PAO A winter storm blows through. Snowflakes dancing in the harsh winds, beautiful is their dance, breathtaking is their appearance. Howling winds, voices lost, hidden truths forever forgotten. The land dusted in browns and greys, covered in a white coat of snow. A storm no one wishes to trespass upon, to even attempt to brave through, but lying at its heart a peaceful oasis resides. Wintryoasis is this storm. She sweeps through the land with an iron claw, head held high and unfazed by those around her. She hears no words, no rumors or lies. Merely the truth that is lost to the winds of the storm. Enchanting mint eyes are the only ones that see straight through to the center of the storm, the only ones that know of the heart that lays in the middle of it all. An oasis no one has yet to see, protected by the harsh outer storm. Wintryoasis is a secretive cat. She keeps things close, sharing very little of her life. Many only see the harsh storm, not looking for the oasis at the center. Never daring to breach the storm least they become lost and destroyed. The center is the goal, but most don't even know it's there. The hot springs that lay in the oasis, the loving warmth of the sun's rays that shine upon it, never seen by another. It is kept safe and hidden by the storm, where none dare tread.
7 / 7
Deathpaw, Gardeniapaw, Pomegranatepaw, Reapingpaw & Skeletalpaw
Played by user bio goes here.
kit & kit
Played by Racer Her pelt is an expanse of burnished copper that shines so brightly in the sunlight that as a kit her parents would tell her she was born kissed by the sun. Even in the shadows her fur picks up on the faintest hint of light and reflects it back with a stunning iridescent shimmer. Roseshade has dramatic black bengal rosettes that only accent her glamorous sleek, but long-furred, coat. Her celadon eyes are dangerous but alluring. Roseshade is princess-level beautiful like the rest of her family but she doesn’t live up to the image. A true tomboy, she is always jumping into a stream, roughhousing with unwilling apprentices or shoving her way through narrow tunnels. That being said, much like a rose in the garden, she demands to be the center of attention. This cashmere bengal she-cat expects you to hang on her every word, compliment her, do what she says, the whole nine yards. And if you don’t? She’ll make your life miserable in the most creative of ways. Roseshade displays a shocking lack of empathy and has sadistic tendencies which means she can be positively ruthless if pushed too far. She’s not necessarily an evil cat but she’s definitely not one of the good ones.
2 / 2
The Honored
This could be you!
Or you...
Or you c;
The Fragments
Tryouts to be held for Knight of the Guard position. Stay tuned.
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Agonywail + played by stardance
KNIGHT OF THE WISE + Kvalun is a longhair charcoal Bengal with amber eyes. His mother left him at the WinterClan border as a kitten. His first language was not English. Kvalun never felt that his speaking was up to par, so he was a relatively quiet cat. He was relatively distant, until his time as an apprentice in WinterClan. A cat promised him greatness if he took beatings to numb pain. He believed him, and took uncountable beatings for the sake of getting stronger. He thought it worked, but time will tell if he can hold up the fragile castle he built for himself. He is still quiet, but not the gentle cat he used to be. He had become more opinionated, and mimics the stubbornness and righteousness of any WinterClan pureblood. He took the name Agonywail to blend into the Clan more, and to further present himself as a pureblood, even if he is anything but one. His speaking betrays this more than anything else with an Arabic-like accent. He pronounces his vowels deeper than all of the WinterClan-native cats, and when stressed he holds them for longer as well. He could never nail down WinterClan's r, so he rolls his r's like in his native tongue.
Mate + Crimsonrose | Kits + None | Caste + name | Points +
name + played by faith
KNIGHT OF THE STARS + stars bio here.
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KNIGHT OF THE GUARDS + guard bio goes here.
Mate + n/a | Kits + NAME | Caste + name | Points +
ARCTICSONG + played by faith Some people are just born happy, some people are just born murderers. Arcticsong was both. She's frequently called the clans little ball of sunshine. She's happy go lucky, usually never caught without a smile on her face and frequently spreads her happiness to others. She never forgets a birthday, she always remembers everyone's favorite things and things that they don't like. She's usually very thin because she only eats mice and only brown mice, but most consider her very giving, not realizing that it's out of habit and less so out of manners. She's a strange soul. But for someone happy she suffers. Anyone who burdens her day by telling her she did something wrong, telling her something upsetting. It can ruin her entire day and there's no getting her out of her depressed mood. When she makes a mistake she'll repeatedly strike her paw against her face. And if you touch her she'll lash out at you. No one is allowed to touch her, it doesn't matter who you are, even the priestess. It's a primal deep feeling inside of her that makes her fight back, something she has absolutely no control over. She will however touch you. She has no recognition that her need for personal space should be applied to others. She's often feeling cats fur, or lifting their paws up. She truly has no empathy, only sympathy. She can only feel what she herself understands and because of this her views are very skewed. Murder isn't wrong if the person is bad. But her definition of bad is based on what she's told. She's very slow. If she's a year old, she's still a 4 moon old kit. If she's an elder her mind still hasn't caught up with her age. Developmentally in her mind she's slow and as such she can easily be manipulated. She has traces of peachy fairy dust dancing across her pelt like wind in snow tracing brief markings across her back and tail. Her ears and paws are also adorned with her peach colored markings against her creamy vanilla fur. Caste + name MATE + Wolfconstellation Arduousjourney + played by racer Just because one was born to be great, doesn't mean they will achieve greatness. Acting as the eldest brother of his four siblings, Arduousjourney has always been the responsible one. He cares greatly about each of his siblings, pushing them to be the best that they can be. He strives to be a good example to his family, and the youth of the clan. He is strong, kind, and always seems to know just what words to say in difficult situations to help heal other cat's hearts. However, Arduousjourney is not without his faults. He can be nosey and intrusive when those around him are hurting, trying so hard to be there for others that is sometimes pushes away those that he is trying to help. When his sister passed away, he was the first of the brothers to step up and take responsibility for his niece and nephews, and provide them stability. He treats them like they were his own children, while working on trying to help them form a relationship with their father. Caste + name Mate + Northernlights Asterblossom + played by neverstarstar There is something that happens to you when you are born second class, grow up second class, and will always be second class. That is how Asterblossom was brought into this world. Second-rate. An after-thought. The dark grey kitten has known this since shortly after her birth. WinterClan, for all it's faults, has always been honest about the position in which she is. And still she has always stayed. Through kithood and training, through a warrior ceremony and beyond, she has stayed. Perhaps, after all this time, Asterblossom believes she truly is second rate. And why shouldn't she? Her skill, the swiftness of her and the intelligence in her dark green eyes, will never be as good as the first class warriors. It used to make her bitter but she quickly retired to a place of acceptance. Still, she works everyday as though her station in life could change. As though she could one day be worth more. Asterblossom lives her days quietly, unassuming, living and breathing for a clan that looks down on her solely for her parentage. Sometimes, she thinks, it's enough to make any cat want to run. Run and run and never return. And, yet, she stays. Always stays. Caste + name Mate + Aurorashine + played by neverstarstar Born into a family of soldiers, this cat grew up wonderfully self-confident and independent. Her siblings all bear scars of their childhood being raised by Stormsurge, but Aurorashine considers herself well adjusted. She doesn't need the attention and praise of her mother. Doesn't need to maintain relationships with her siblings. Doesn't need to fall asleep at night thinking she'd been the best soldier in WinterClan. No, Aurorashine prefers to live outside of the shadows of her mother and family, instead spending time by herself doing things she likes to do. Her blue eyes sparkle with the intelligence and stories that comes with conversing with many different cats in many different clans. Aurorashine is constantly meeting new cats, making friends. The light cream and brown tabby is easy to like and often finds that she need not be afraid of others cats. No one wants to hurt her. Caste + name Mate + Baneberry + played by neverstarstar Light grey and silver tabby with a particularly round head and pale green eyes. Brought to the clan by Ravensara with his four siblings, Baneberry spent the first moons of his life a loner. He doesn't remember his mother, but he remembers that she promised to come back and never did. Then Ravensara found them just outside of what would end up being his home. Baneberry loves Ravensara for taking them in, he really does. But the rest of WinterClan? It's nothing but a stepping stone for him. He sees it as a way to gain power. Before you get the wrong idea, you should know that Baneberry isn't evil or bloodthirsty, he simply believes that he should be a leader. That he was born for the role. Maybe not leader of WinterClan, but of some clan. One day. And what will he do to cement power? Now that's the moral gray area for him. He doesn't think there's a line he wouldn't cross for it. To be Banestar. Caste + name Mate + Blackthornfate + played by strawberrycupid There's nothing left in this world for her, so why is she even still here? Her name, gone. The rest of her family, dead. Her impact on the world disappeared like a ripple in a lake. It was large at the time, but now is nothing more than a vague memory. Where she came from, where she went and why she is back, she'll never tell. Even for one old enough to be an elder's mother, she still has secrets behind that wry smile. They're forever locked away. You can barely get close to her, she bounces around groups and will even play the enemy to get people off her back. Blackthornfate only appears to care for herself but is also one that can't be chained down. She must have dug a hundred ways out of the prison, found a thousand or more hiding spots on the mountain. Just to get away, just to play the jester one last time. Her coat is long, greyed out from age, or even just the snow. Though she's not as big as the other Winterclan purebreds. Her eyes are the only thing that even hints at her past, a dark brown. A sable like color. But ask her no questions, and she tells no lies. Cause otherwise, she'll be lying a lot. Caste + name Mate + Smokesignal Blazingbluejay + played by faith Where most wish for a girl who’s as blissful as a summery day, Bluejay is the storm that makes you want to dance in the rain. A paradox of everything a good girl should be, she has the bright eyed, blushing, breathless baby-doll look that every darling DayClan she-cat has, but with her comes a touch of sin. She has wild blood running through her veins, after all she is the product of the Sun God who granted Glowstar and Darkcomplex a single kit due to the leader being infertile. However she grew to have violent tendencies that went beyond what a kit was typically capable of. She was locked up inside of a two-leg mansion called Keepers Mansion. For moons she resented DayClan and her family for locking away until her half sister found her, it was kismet. The two fueled one anothers hatred until one day her sister Pandora freed her. Together the two went on a rampage destroying SunClan and DayClan together in a blaze of fire and corruption. The two were eventually stopped, Bluejay left to live her life as a rogue and Pandora remained in SunClan. Until the Sun God spoke to her and her sister again, giving them the power to put DayClan on their knees. Once more Bluejay tried to cripple DayClan, but was ultimately stopped by her mother Glowstar. This time Bluejay was permitted to stay, but found clan life to be unwelcoming after trying to destroy their clan twice. She felt like an outcast in her own home, resenting the Sun God and everyone in her life until she met Snakefang, a WinterClan warrior during a blind date. She fell in love with him and agreed to move into WinterClan, but instead was locked up for being a creation of the Sun God, a demon. Bluejay longs to be free, to be with her kits and mate, but for now her freedom is once more stripped from her. Revenge is close to Bluejays heart and her desire to corrupt what is rightfully hers is always around every dark corner. Her fur is as silvery as moonlit shadows seeps down her body like an inky substance, slick and shiny. Pearly white blooms out thick and spiky from her neck and chest fur like a fur cape made of gardenias shimmering cold greys and specks of green. Starry prints dance across her eyes like a painted mask of celestial constellations. Her tail is a cloud of wild blond curls. Her right eye has two eyeballs, one an intense amber and the other is such a pale green it nearly appears white. Her left eye is golden as though sunlight is burning behind the eye. Caste + name | Points + Caste + name Mate + Snakefang Brindlemist + played by jadie A dappling of honey cream peek through waves of long, frosty silver fur, like a storm cloud promising sunny skies. A pair of celadon green eyes, warm and friendly, invite conversation and make you feel like the most important cat in the world. Brindlemist is small in size, stunningly beautiful and extremely polite. A natural leader, Brindlemist has always had a level-head as well as a knack for drawing out the best qualities of those around her. She is considerate, does not mind repeating herself and demonstrates an uncanny level of patience. The whole nine yards. She seems too good to be true, like a princess from a fairy tale, which actually isn’t too off base. Unbeknownst to her, she is SunClan royalty, her father Bloodyrondo, the Priest Promised, and mother Satinlights, a former Janus and daughter of Littlestar, the High Priestess. Her mother fled to SwiftClan and shortly thereafter gave birth; however, when Brindlemist was not quite two moons old, SunClan attacked. It was the spirit of her great-grandfather and former leader of WinterClan, Goldenstar, who guided her and her sister, Roseshade, away from danger and their ancestral home. She loves her adoptive mother, Fervidsummer, as well as the snowy mountain that has become her new home and is generally well liked among her clanmates, although some consider her too soft-hearted. She is considered pureblood WinterClan due to the Witch's divination. Caste + name Mate + Garsparkling Cardinalglow + played by racer Cream medium hair w/yellow eyes. Seasplash's mate. He is also of pure WinterClan blood, though does not put much thought into that. Is a tad gruff, not great at dealing with his emotions. Yet he adores his wife and can be seen following her around like a doting puppy. Is a strong warrior who always volunteers to help out and is more than willing to fight to the death for his clan. Caste + name Mate + Seasplash Chasingdestiny + played by shadow A black bengal tom with darker stripes and mesmerizing blue eyes that are reminiscent of a galaxy. Biological son of Blackthornfate and Deal, but raised as the son of Smokesignal, he is the closest with his sister, as they are both outcasts, even in their own litter. While he often daydreams and gets caught up in the philosophy of the moon, stars, and just what that big black void is past the blue of sky, there’s also a mischievous, cunning, adventurous quality to him that comes out at the most random of times. Brother of Sablewitch, Dreamtheory, Jestermask, Thunderdoze, Haremoon, and Bluereflection. Caste + name Mate + Cloudweaver + played by biyuu Cloudweaver is a white-furred tom with pale brown markings and narrow blue eyes. Known as a troublemaker in his youth, Cloudweaver has more-or-less toned down his antics upon reaching adulthood, but that doesn't mean he's grown to possess the emotional maturity of one. Sociable but cruel, Cloudweaver is driven by the pathological need to always Make The Joke, no matter how inappropriate the situation may be. He has very little filter, and his need to make light of serious situations can irritate and alienate his Clanmates. His allergy to work and responsibility tend to isolate him from his Clanmates even further. Cloudweaver has no shortage of insecurities hidden under all his bravado, but feels uncomfortable with addressing them directly. Caste + name Mate + Cloudywinter + played by pao Cloudywinter loves WinterClan. The cold air stealing her, the snow surrounding her pelt, the ice under her paws. It's a wonderland. A dream come true, one she never has to wake up from. She could never imagine living anywhere else. This silver-grey torbie is perpetually in a good mood and often found daydreaming in a patch of sunlight as weather permits. Friendly and good-natured, Cloudywinter is like a breath of fresh air in the frigid tundra, although she does not trust very easily, and for good reason. Cloudywinter is a distant relative of Goldenstar, a leader of WinterClan whose family was massacred years ago. By some miracle or mistake, her great grandmother Winterholly was spared, which is the only reason she and her siblings - Dappledglacier and Silverfury - exist at all. To this day no cats in WinterClan know of their relation to the former leader and the siblings plan to keep it that way. A distant cousin to Littlestar, the leader of SunClan who escaped the massacre, Cloudywinter does not understand how the expatriate could thrive anywhere other than her ancestral home. Pureblooded WinterClan cats belonged in WinterClan and nowhere else. This is an ideal she'd been taught by her parents since she was very young. Purebloods are stronger and more loyal than all the rest. The ideal warrior, and she was one of them. If only she could get rid of the outsiders that are polluting the Clan’s blood.... Cloudywinter believes if they stay, it will only lead to chaos, just as it did all those moons ago following Goldenstar'sreign. To please her leader, this green eyed she-cat has accepted outsiders, but she'll never mate with one or respect one more than a true blood clanmate. Pure in thought and ideals - at least she believes she is - Cloudywinter wants the best for the Clan and all those within it that belong there. Caste + name Mate + Flickeringflames Corpseflower + played by pao Fear. It consumes me. Shadows stalk me. Eyes are constantly watching me. My name is Corpseflower, and I'm scared of my own shadow. I hear the voices, the whispers of those around me and those not there. I see the gazes of those who stare, who watch me. I feel their presence with me everywhere I go, and yet I can't shake them Paranoid is what they call me, I just think I'm sensible. I mean, who just finds a litter of kits out in the territory and claims they'll be safe in WinterClan. Shouldn't that raise some alarms in you? It did for me, and I've been waiting ever since for the claws to fall. Clearly, someone was watching us, waiting to strike. Why wouldn't they? How couldn't they? Our mother promised she'd be back and then another cat showed up. Ravensara found us so easily, so quickly. My fears have crippled me. My anxieties have crippled me. If not for my sheer determination to survive, I'd be dead multiple times over. Failure can't be a possibility, I refuse to die until I find out who or what is after us. I trust no one, very few shall ever get close to me before I push them away. This brown tabby is paranoid, anxious and an overall mess. Her eyes are dark amber, nearly honey brown in color, and constantly darting all over the place. She hears voices that aren't there, and ones that are there. Every day, her fur is standing on end, roughed in fear. Time and again, she's groomed herself so much that she's balded in spots from her anxiety. Isnomic and unable to stay asleep, she wonders the area in search of answers. Constantly asking why, but no one replies to her inquiries. She questions the world she's grown to know, wondering about her life before and why she ended up here. Fearing there's an alternative meaning to her life that she won't like, to why she was brought here to be raised as a WinterClan cat instead of staying with her mother. Caste + name Mate + Dealfinder Crimsonrose + played by jetclaw Once a high ranked cat in WinterClan, she abandoned WinterClan to travel and seek to improve her strength. A fighter to the core. After having a litter of kits she foolishly returned thinking her service meant something. While in reality her actual service held little weight in comparison to the feelings of betrayal at her 'desertion'. This she cat is normally a mighty warrior, but coming to WinterClan after having just kitted in DayClan she was weakened and easily taken to be imprisoned. Where she now remains in the place she once guarded for making the mistake of returning to WinterClan. She should've known better than to show up woefully unprepared for a fight. Crimsonrose is a large scarred ginger she cat with amber eyes. Caste + name Mate + Agonywail Dappledglacier + played by racer She's fierce and cold. A true ice princess. Her family has been in WinterClan for generations. They've survived trail after trail, wars and leaders of all kinds. She's a purist though. One who values pure blood life and will only mate with another pure blooded WinterClan cat. Like her brother, she was raised on the stories of the past. Of how great WinterClan was before it began allowing in outsiders. She vows to make WinterClan great again by only having pure blooded kits of her own raised to be tough and strong like her ancestors. She like visiting the old WinterClan graveyard, a place where many of her ancestors have been laid to rest. She will often clean their grave stones and leaver offerings, still clinging to the much older belief that spirits not at rest will come back to haunt the living as White Cats. Like a lot of her more traditional ancestors, she believes that her biggest contribution to the clan would be to start a family of her own, and to be a supportive mate. However, she isn't willing to budge on her high standards for her future mate, often being overly critical of potential partners. She knows that she deserves the best, and will accept nothing else. Sister to Silverfury and Cloudywinter. Caste + name Mate + Emberbrand Dealfinder + played by honeystorm A black and white tom with forest green eyes. Identical to his father Deal. Son of Deal and Ravenleap, though he believes Foxbane/Vixenkismet to be his mother. Far too much like his father, and yet far too stubborn to admit it. Will probably have flings and be a terrible parent, oops. Caste + name Mate + Corpseflower Dirtydivinity + played by racer Dirtydivinity is a gorgeous she-cat with blushing gray fur and lunar silvery rune striped markings glimmering like she flew through the moon. If more WinterClan cats saw her gorgeous markings they would believe she was blessed by the Moon Goddess. But because of who her mother is they believe the markings are a trick in an attempt to fool WinterClan into thinking she is good. Because of this WinterClan forces Dirtydivinity to roll in dirt, mud, anywhere she can find it to cover up her lunar colored markings. Snakefang was one of the first and few cats to ever tell her she was beautiful inside and out. She learned to lean heavily on Snakefang for support and even into adulthood relies on him significantly for emotional support. As a kit Dirtydivinity didn’t know how beautiful she was, instead believing that she was hideous. It was only through a particularly bad winter when the snow took away the dirt that she realized her true beauty. However she hides her beauty with dirt in fear that if she did reveal the markings that the higher ups of WinterClan would be furious and lock her away like her mother. Her fur is like a waterfall of the night sky, dark, yet inviting. Silhouettes of icy white cut through the dark fur like moonlight drizzling into the cold night air. The lunar colors melt into rune like patterns along her pelt that almost seem to glow. She has an envious hourglass shaped body and babydoll golden eyes like her mother Caste + name Mate + Emberbrand + played by cleaver He looks so charming with his dark fur, with a few flashes of red buried in the depths of his thick coat. This risk-taker can't say no to any other cat and is willing to do almost anything for the fun of it. His dark coat made it difficult for him to blend in with WinterClan land, but it was his family's curse and he must continue to bear it. First appearances are deceiving with Emberbrand: he's a clever cat but very emotionally aware of himself and others, but he doesn't put it to any good use. His charm goes toward stealing the ideas of other cats and convincing them to do his bidding instead of taking the time to stop being lazy and do the work himself. He wants to be the center of attention and is incredibly vain. Highly annoying, but of a prestigious bloodline - some cats argue that he's the brother of a former deputy, Hazethroat, and the grandson of a shard. Usually, those rumors can be traced back to Emberbrand himself, so it's a bit of a mystery as to the truth of his origin. Caste + name Mate + Dappledglacier Fervidsummer + played by pao The heat of summer is warm, humid, burning. Fervidsummer is summer born in cat's body. She's fierce and kind, harsh and bright. Her temper is mellow and cam bt her spirit is fierce in its enthusiasm. Firey orange fur stands out in the winter tundra she calls home, the fire spirit in winter as some call her. The cats of the clan know her as a calm, gentle spirit. But angered and she'd a fire burning the forest down. Usually, she's a gentle burn, a soft warmth filling you with love and kindness. Fervidsummer holds her family closest and values their happiness above everything. Closest to her brother Frigidspring out of her litter, she goes out of her way to make sure life is easy for him, especially after he was diagnosed as bipolar. Many see him in a different light since the diagnosis, but not her. No, she's only cared even more deeply for him, becoming even closer with him than before. Practically the mother of the litter, she tends to her three siblings' every need. But who wouldn't want to be wrapped up in her warm embrace? Her kindness embraces you, her warm engulfs you, her spirit inspires you. She is summer in the middle of a winter blizzard. Caste + name Mate + Talonstrike Flickeringflames + played by nova Flickeringflames is everything a she-cat shouldn’t be. This dark chestnut warrior has a loud mouth and will say anything that comes to her mind, unlike her more reserved brother Talonstrike. She can be ambitious at times, when her brother doesn’t hold her back, which only adds to her stubbornness which is constantly shining in her hazel green eyes. Once Flickeringflames has a goal in her mind, she won’t let anyone stop her. If they do, she won’t stop complaining about it for days until a new venture grabs her attention. Thankfully, this she-cat can be a bit forgetful so chances are she won’t even remember what she was being so stubborn about. Appearances do not matter much to her. Though her coat isn’t matted, it can be very dirty and dusty until her brother practically drags her away for a quick grooming session. She definitely knows how to have fun, but doesn’t quite know when to set limits on herself. Caste + name Mate + Cloudywinter Furorstorm + played by nova Like an oncoming storm, nothing can stop this tom cat. Furorstorm is not an ambitious cat. He just has wild ideas that he loves to chase after, no matter how crazy they may seem. This brown and white tabby cat just cannot sit still, much to the annoyance of his clanmates. His erratic behavior is mirrored by his unkempt pelt. Most of the time it looks as if the poor tom was struck by lightning, or was caught in a blizzard with how his fur sticks out at odd angles. But with a long grooming session it is almost always put back into place… that is before Furorstorm begins to chase after his ideas again. He can often be caught day dreaming, a warm smile pulling at his face before he’s brought back to reality. Most cats would say that Furorstorm has the attention span of a flea, but he’s surprisingly quite attentive. He claims that just because his mind wanders it does not mean he’s not paying attention. Furorstorm likes to pick up on the little things, putting things together like a puzzle that needs to be solved. If he’s not doing that, then the tabby tom is observing the sky in preparation for the next blizzard. Furorstorm often has to be dragged into the safety of the nearest den during these temperamental storms. If not then you can find him sitting in the middle of the camp, being pushed and shoved by the high winds, as he yowls excitedly into the wind. Some would call him fierce, brave, or down right stupid for sitting out in the middle of the storm. His only response is a wide grin and a sparkle in his sea green eyes as he plans for the next blizzard. But for all his wild, erratic tendencies, there is one thing that Furorstorm cannot stand. Spiders. The large tom will squeal like an injured kit, cowering behind his nearest clanmate as he whimpers and breaks down into tears just begging for someone to kill the horrid beast before it kills them all. Caste + name Betrothed + Skeletalpaw Garsparkling + played by cleaver A small and willowy pale yellow-and-gray tabby with close-set orange eyes, tufted ears, and a long muzzle. Outlandish and crude, Garsparkling has a special sense of humor that his serious clanmates often don't approve of. They see his jokes as disrespectful and rude and believe he is simply lazy. These cats incite his anger, and he's quick to jump to threats and start a fight, though he very rarely wins any combat challenge. He's prone to being over-affectionate with cats he's close to, which is anyone that can tolerate him for an extended period of him and will confess to them his great desire to ruthlessly destroy their enemies. He can be cruel and yet he is also very forgiving of any cat who slights him as if his embarrassing defeat meant nothing to him. Caste + name Mate + Brindlemist Gingersnap + played by Faith BOIS! That’s her answer to any question, Gingersnap is a big believer in love at first sight, true loves kiss, and every romantic cliche imaginable including kissing frogs much to everyone's disgust. She loves fairytales and often is confused why the world isn’t like the stories she hears, but she doesn’t let that bother her one bit. She’s very inspired by princesses and always tries to come off well mannered, righteous, and kind. Because of this she’s quick to over compliment her clan mates, but can gush over people a bit too much to the point that they may think she’s flirting… And possibly is. Gingersnap’s always looking for her true love and can become quite possessive. When she becomes over stressed by things her nice side can easily warp, but she often rants, screams and overall throws a tantrum when she’s certain no one else is around. Gingersnap is a strawberry blond Siamese with aquamarine colored eyes. Caste + name Mate + Harlow + played by cleaver Thick dark gray fur lays in scattered curls that cling together into stiff locks when it clumps together from the snow. His fur is as haphazardly disorganized as he is; he has never been on time in his life, never knew where he was meant to be, or what he should be doing. He left Absum Lux when he was young with his brother, a thrill seeker following adventure, eager and hopeful he'd find his destiny waiting before him. Was he meant to be a great hunter, or a fearless warrior? Would stealth be his forte, or scouting? Already he knew he was not a born leader, but Harlow didn't mind, he knew he had some hidden skills to uncover. As the moon passed by he joined WinterClan and was delighted by the foreign world, the quiet of the trees and the secrets in the wind and the cool air rifling through his fur, even the melting flakes of snow his fur blends so poorly with. The cats were cold, but he was used to that, and the chill of their hearts did not discourage him. His brother Jester found a mate and settled down, and Harlow found himself falling for her for just a bit... though he knew better, he couldn't help himself, and did his best to stay away. No other she-cats were ever interested in him, he was too scattered and too childish and too average, and he was desperate. It was a stroke of fate that killed his niece, an unfortunate incident, but it did the impossible. Her death brought him closer to Frozendreams than ever, and as she fought with Jester, she fell for him as well. They were in love, starting a family, and he had everything, and then Jester had to ruin it, and as blood ran from his paws Harlow found himself lost, the love of his life dead, his brother fled, and he disowned his kits, pretended they had never belonged to him. What else could he do? He was left to watch them grow up, his heart twisted and bitter, and tried to forget. He never could. His niece Wintrystar is the leader of WinterClan and he fears the day she learns what he has done. Caste + name Mate + Heavenlyarctic + played by strawberrycupid She was supposed to be the catch of Winterclan. Pure blooded Winterclan, with white luxurious fur with misty traces of silver cascading through her fur like the snow wisping around mountain terrain. When the wind settles, it piles up at her feet and nose. Her eyes are hazel blue like watery cold sunsets and her voice is as delicate as ice. At first glance, she's almost too perfect. She’s elegant in the way she talks, princess perfect in the way she walks too. She is kind and benevolent, always wanting to help others and the clan. She never returns back to camp empty-pawed, there’s always a piece of prey held with pride in her glittery toothed jaws. Seemingly perfect, with the few toms around clamoring over her, it's like she was torn right out of a fairytale. But there's never been a perfect cat, even if Heavenlyarctic tries to be. She suffers from PTSD after watching her parents, Dottymask and Silverfury, beat her other siblings into submission for not being perfect. She also never got away from it herself, bullied by her sisters, Rosemaryblight and Fluffyleopard, for her passive nature and complete lack of a spine. She cries at the sight of anyone fighting, and goes into panic attacks if forced to fight someone else. Both in physical fights and confrontations. Heavenlyarctic has a hard time standing up for herself and others, and while she tries to stop a fight, she rarely does. Her will is rather soft, and she isn't accustomed to violence, which is only magnified by her fear of blood. Anytime she falls short of perfection, panic grips her of what it could mean for her being less than what her parents expected of her. Because of her fear of violence, Heavenlyarctic often says that she will be a permanent queen, not a warrior despite her hunting skills. Staying in the nursery may stave some of the expectations her parents have for her, but there's no chance she'd be rid of them entirely. Caste + name Mate + Lioncub Howlingnight + played by faith His whole life there have been pages missing from his story. He could feel it the moment he breathed, there was a mother that should have warmed his cold fur and a somber reality for why he suffered at the claws of his captors daily. He was nameless, worthless, his world was nothing more than waves of pain and gushes of red. He grew up close to his sisters and seeking out the cracks in the wall where he could see a world outside of his horror story. On a long enough timeline anything can become normal, pain was as common as a sneeze or a cough. Out of nowhere, but a natural part of life. Over time his skin hardened in more ways than taking a beating, but accepting the humiliation and learning to not let it control him. Life presented him a choice one day that in the furthest reaches of Alvah Faris’s memory he could recall being a particularly dark night when in reality he knew it was his imagination playing tricks on him. One day his freedom was in his grasp, he could leave, but with his new freedom he had to leave behind his sister. For a long time he thought of himself as loyal, taking beatings on his sisters behalf when he could, but in the moment he realized he never had the option to be selfish. He never had anything to lose before because he had been given nothing. For most of his life he looked at the outside world through a crack in the wall and when he left the only place he ever knew he found it was on a deeper level. There was wind hot in his fur, the grass itched his paws, and there was prey alive for the hunting. For Alvah the world was like walking into a painting, unreal and imaginative, where the rules he could feel in his blood was different. He was found by Wanderingwright who brought him back to DayClan, a land like nothing he was capable of understanding. Growing up he learned he lacked the nature of virtue, loyalty, and altruism. He was a different species, a new kind of player in the forest. As he grew older he felt like a demonic creature among celestial beings. Undeserving of their love and incapable of understanding their tranquil lifestyle. All this changed when he met Wintrystar of WinterClan, he fell in love with her calm nature and domineering spirit. He left DayClan behind and joined WinterClan to be with her. Alvah Faris is a gun metal black tom with silver gliding down his hackles like a pair of wings. Caste + name Mate + Wintrystar Lioncub + played by faith Named after his father he always tries to live up to his name, but often confuses respect with fear. He’s quick to be hard on others and to Lioncub respect isn’t optional, it’s mandatory around him. Despite his attitude he’s keen on organizing, scheduling, and is very enthusiastic about work, change, and providing the best for his clan. Like his father he takes his work very seriously, but has his mother's energetic personality. He cares deeply about every cat in the clan including prisoners, feeling that they all provide a value to the clan as a whole, but he takes special pride that he was born on top of it all. Caste + name Mate + Heavenlyartic Mangledmind + played by nova Mangledmind grew with hope in his heart, he knew he had demon blood in his veins, but held hope that if WinterClan still let him live and breathe that he must be worthy. Mangledkit grew up very prideful, trying to not let anyone shame him too much, but would back down out of fear. He managed to live on the cusp of fear, but still maintain a happy life as a kit. Mangledpaw growing up was very attached to Snakefang and because of this Snakefang tried his best to shelter Mangledmind from the abuse of WinterClan. However Mangledpaw’s visits to see his mother in prison haunted him, he was afraid to wind up imprisoned like she was. He tried his best to be a great apprentice, but wasn’t afraid to speak up if someone was bullying his family. Soon enough the clan was beginning to trust him a bit more for his good behavior while still keeping his pride, however this didn’t sit well with everyone. One particular night Mangledpaw went out looking for scraps to eat. To this day he doesn’t know whether he was pushed, a change of the winds, or maybe he lost balance, but one way or another he fell down a ravine. A thin jutted rock caught into his skin stopping him from his death midway down. He cried for help, missing for an entire day before someone found him. However when WinterClan found him they did nothing to help, calling it a lost cause. His family tried to save him, but he was too deep into the cliff, there was no way for anyone to save him. Mangledpaw was stuck though, his skin growing weaker everyday. One night he decided he needed to face his death at the bottom rather than die slowly on this jutted rock his skin was hooked into. He squirmed and rocked back and forth, the pain excruciating, but eventually he managed to fall. He lied at the bottom of the cold rock floor, his legs twisted, broken, living in pain. The mice at the bottom ate pieces of him alive, parts of his ears leaving pieces of his ears with chewed up holes. The cold turned his tail black. Dying was slow, but healing was even slower. When his siblings discovered he fell they raced down only to find him alive. WinterClan did not want to waste their medicine on a demon so instead they amputated half his tail, gave his family splints to put on him themselves and left it at that. His family worked to heal him, but without any proper aid they could only do so much. His legs are still twisted up and the healing process took moons. His mind was mangled. He would laugh unexpectedly, scratch himself, babble on about strange things, cry in his sleep. His mind is more like a switch, he can turn himself back to sane, but if he did he would be tormented by the crippling trauma. He turns on the sane switch in his mind for very few people but his parents are one of the few he’ll talk to. It hurts him less to lose all pride in his insanity than remember what happened to him. Mangledmind has dark black, extremely spiky fur that juts out at extreme, dramatic angles. He has murky yellow reptilian eyes like his father. Caste + name Mate + Morningfrost + played by tigerfrost It funny how your heart is strong enough to love one moment, can be shattered like ice the next. Morningfrost was a devoted a loving mate to Eveninglight, channeling every ounce of himself into their relationship. He was happy, feeling whole and completed when he was with his soul mate, until tragedy struck. While out on a date, his mate slipped into the river and was killed. Now he finds it difficult to even look at his kits that he once wanted and prayed for. Caste + name Mate + Nightfreeze + played by pao The night is calm, cool, colorful. It's hypnotizing and beautiful. Nightfreeze is so much like the night. Her fur is fluffy and pitch black, he eyes blue as icicles. She is truly a WinterClan cat. But she is not a claimed WinterClan cat. Nightfreeze was disowned by her father when she was dropped off in the clan as a kit by her mother. Her litter, and many others, were the result of the blind dating event between WinterClan and DayClan. Her mother didn't want her, and neither did her father. But she was accepted into WinterClan, as were her siblings and they've been there ever since. While her family may disown her and not claim her, the clan does as they do all kits that show up on WinterClan territory. Nightfreeze has learned to be thick-skinned and cold. But her heart gleams with longing and desire. She wants something to fill that void of what having a true family would have done. That void that was created by being disowned and pushed aside as a kit. It is this longing that has driven her to seek cat after cat, lover after lover, and never feel satisfied with what she finds. Caste + name Mate + Snowflurry Nikkohydrangea + played by faith He’s the little nobody no one knew about until the day he tried to off himself. Then everybody suddenly knew him. People claimed that they were his best friend, that they blamed themselves for seeing the signs that were never there, but they claimed were. He was visited by absolute strangers reminding him about the most mundane stories of how they once shared prey or were on a patrol together one time. He was somebody when he woke up from the brink of death the way he thought he wanted to be. Now everyone looks at him, everyone pretends to be his friend, he’s the most pitiful pitied guy in the whole clan. He remembers when he would wish everyday to be liked, for people to notice him and now that it was he realized it was his hell. He steals herbs from his mom's medicine cat den to dull himself away from this plane of existence and onto the next, at least for a while. Blue grey cosmos fur as midnight blue as a sky on a bright moon night basks against his disheveled form. He looks as though he would be very handsome if he groomed back his scruffy fur and didn’t hunch over so much. He has a curtain of long fur in front of his dauntless robin egg blue eyes that seem permanently fixed to a mischievous demeanor. Dark glittery black claws rake anxiously across the already grey hairless slivers across his legs that he’s already picked clean of fur. His tone is playfully sarcastic often pointing out people’s flaws and calling people mouse brain mimicking his moms trait. He often wishes he was like his sociopathic mother, but no matter how hard he tries to act like he doesn’t care about anything and could laze around while chaos is at the door he’s not. He cares greater because he’s suffered, he smiles because he’s wasted too much time crying and he’s stronger because he has no choice, but to be. Caste + name Mate + Shadowbard Polarblast + played by pao Glaring yellow orbs, dark grey-brown fur with streaks of white, make up a tom worthy of the title Polarblast. He's a storm of his mother's making, a fierce soldier that follows orders to a T. This tom was raised more as a warrior than as child, born to a mother that never imagined herself having kits but when she did, she turned them into her perfect soldiers. Or as perfect as they could be with flaws at every corner. Where his siblings continued to disappoint their mother time after time, Polarblast succussed in being her personal suck-up. Quick to report on his siblings to their mother, or even other kits not related to him to theirs, he became known as a tattle-tale to all the cats in the clan. Because of the teasing and lack of friends that followed his excessive reporting of his siblings and other kits, Polarblast became cold and distant. He had no friends and told everyone he didn't care that he didn't as long as he was the best. This mamma's boy has always been her perfect soldier and to many a grumpy brat that seemed like he had a pinecone stuck up his butt. It's pretty bad when your own siblings don't like you too much. Caste + name Mate + Quiveringcoward + played by pluto Quiveringcoward, originally named Nobodykit, was much more outspoken about being treated lowly because of his blood. He was the first of his siblings to start talking back to adults and outright defying orders. However WinterClan grew tired of his behavior and put him in his place by temporarily banishing him from WinterClan. They sent him out into the cold when he was just five moons old. He gained frostbite and became lost in the wild. By the end of the week he was numb, starving, and being picked apart by crows. WinterClan rescued him from the crows, but made sure the wounds would scar as a reminder of the lesson he learned. WinterClan wanted him to cower before him and now he didn’t have much of a choice. After the frostbite he’s always quivering, unable to control the trembling sensation he feels and the shiver that enters his voice sporadically. WinterClan renamed him Quivering that day, but in some respects he likes the name, because at least he wasn’t a nobody any longer. Snakefang was by Quiveringcoward’s side through his entire recovery process and will help him with day to day tasks where his trembling prevents him from doing what he needs to. Snakefang is much more nurturing to Quiveringcoward due to his inability to function normally, but at times Quiveringcoward can feel embarrassed by the attention. Quiveringcoward is outspoken, but not as rebellious as he was as a kit. However many view him as cowardly due to his quivering body and voice. He has a snowy white underbelly, under tail and legs. The top layer of his fur is grey with splotches of varying shades of grey appearing in almost a snow leopard like pattern. He has lightning bright green reptilian eyes like his father. Caste + name Mate + Roaringmouse + played by racer Roaringmouse was born into the world of blood and chaos. When her mother passed away due to complications during kitting, Roaringmouse had been left inside suffocating. If not for the swift action of her grandmother Littlerstar, Roaringmouse would have perished right alongside her mother and unborn brother. You would think that would have been enough of a rough start, but upon finding his mate dead and tore open, her father went insane with rage. He attacked Littlestar and his sister Satinlights, landing himself imprisoned. Luckily she and her brother Earthquake were taken in by Sanguinerose, a SunClan queen. While they know Lionpride is their father they don't know the whole story. Due to her rough start to life, Roaringmouse has several lasting effects from her time without oxygen. She is small and tiny, with several health issues that plague her throughout her kithood. As an apprentice she was lead to WinterClan after running away, by her grandfather Goldenstar only to be imprisoned. She was beaten into submission, every time she brought up the Sun God she was severely punished. She still doesn't believe in the WinterClan Gods, but she now knows the words to keep herself out of trouble. Fortunatly the harsh treatment never seemed to take away her spirit, she is lively and outgoing. Curious about things that others overlook, always asking the questions that don't even cross the minds of others. She is kind and caring, refusing to participate in WinterClan's cruelty even when it causes trouble for herself. Caste + name Betrothed + Harepaw Robinring + played by cleaver Incredibly precise and always in control, this keen tomcat doesn't take a step that he hasn't already considered from several different angles. He only feels safe and confident when he has a grasp on the events swirling around him and is constantly making subtle rearrangements to suit his purposes. His patience is unyielding, his mask unbreakable, and everyone else sees only what he allows them to peek at. It's no secret that Robinring must always be the smartest cat in the room, but more hidden is the ice in his eyes and the efficiency of his bitter swift retribution. An undersized multicolor tom with pale blue eyes. Caste + name Mate + Roseshade Rosemaryblight + played by Jadie Rosemaryblight has a silky white pelt with a grey tabby face and tail. Her feet are speckled in silver looking as though mist is seeping out from the pads of her paws. Her eyes are dark gray, almost black, especially in the night, and most cats, even her parents, find them unnerving. Growing up alongside the demon litter, Rosemaryblight was always fascinated by the supernatural side of things. She is frequently asking for stories about the Life God and Death Goddess, always eager to learn and do more for the divine that WinterClan worships. However her fascination in her adopted older siblings eventually twisted into an obsession. Rosemaryblight enjoys experimenting with the demon litter’s weaknesses in order to find “the cure” as she calls it. Raised as a proper pureblood elite, Rosemaryblight realizes she has many perks in having demonic siblings and will frequently treat them as servants, even training them to obey her. Sometimes she will make false promises to get her way and is very convincing: Those midnight eyes of hers that reveal nothing. Rosemaryblight doesn’t look at anyone who’s below a half blooded WinterClan as even a member of this clan let alone as an actual person. Caste + name Mate + Rottenfang + played by faith Rottenfang is a lot like his father Snakefang, he has a sly attitude, but is capable of being playful, while also being reserved as any WinterClan can be. If it wasn’t for his mother's blood he would be leading a perfectly normal WinterClan life. Rottenfang has a sarcastic attitude that gains him plenty of beatings, but finds each one worth it if it means he hasn’t lost who he is like the rest of his siblings have. He knows who he can rebel against without getting seriously injured and who he needs to behave around. He has a great relationship with both his parents and usually tries to make friends with other WinterClan cats so they can have his back if he gets into trouble. He also uses his connections to visit his mother in prison more. Rottenfang might have a lot of bruises and scars, but he knows WinterClan’s system the best and can usually get away with anything he puts his mind to. Because of this he suffers less than his siblings, but is always trying to find ways to support them. He also knows how to escape WinterClan if he really wants to, but typically tries to put up with the abuse so he can take care of his family. Rottenfang lives to lead two lives, one as the omega of WinterClan and the other as a respectable clan cat with a family in a peaceful clan that WinterClan can never know about. WinterClan cats have a little more respect for him, however he was still given the warrior name Rottenfang as an insult to his father’s name, Snakefang. He gets along best with Snakefang, finding him to be one of the few people in the clan he can genuinely trust and rely on. He has grey fur with black patterns along the right side of his face, legs, and tail that move across his pelt like dark lightning striking a tabby pattern. The left side of his face is white as well as his chin, chest, and underbelly. He has dull amber reptilian eyes and long fangs like Caste + name Mate + Rowanstrike + played by pao Rowan was born to a litter of seven, not the oldest, but one that lived. Their mother struggled to feed them, care for them, and keep their litter alive. Only Birch and he managed to make it to adulthood, proving that the life of a rogue is anything but kind. The two have relied on one another their whole lives, realizing early on that they could only count on each other to keep them alive. While the two brothers faced many challenges, one of the most difficult things was living as apart of the rogue group they were born into and under the cruel claws of their leader. This multicolored brown tom with a white underbelly learned early in life to be calculating and wise. It was the only way he knew how to survive in the harsh lifestyle of a rogue and to keep Birch and him alive in each challenge they faced. As two of the largest cats in their group, the rogue leader began to push more responsibilities on them, some painstaking and others too horrid to speak. Both brothers decided enough was enough and planned their great escape with their mother, but before the plan could be executed, their mother was murdered on the discovery of their plans. With that, the two left and embraced a more nomadic lifestyle. They lived on their wits and learned how to survive with only each other to count on for survival. With his intelligence and precise calculations, Rowan made it possible for the two brothers to survive life within their rogue group and to escape that harsh life, but never counted on being taken prisoner or forced into clan life. Now they must figure out how escape WinterClan, or call it home. For moons, Rowan thought of every plan to get them out, to return to the lifestyle they knew so well and to escape this new way of life that was foreign to the two of them. But it was with Birch's influence that they chose to become apart of the clan and take on warrior names. Now known as Birchatlon and Rowanstrike, the two toms must learn how to navigate life as clan cats and leave behind all life of a rouge. Rowanstrike is calculating, calm, and wise, but put him in a new and foreign situation like clan life and he becomes lost and scared. In these times, he relies on his brother, Birchtalon, to bring him comfort and lead him to better understand their new life. While he may be the brains of their operation, Rowanstrike counts on Birchtalon's joy and happiness to be their heart in all matters. Hazel, yellow eyes search out plans, calculate risks, and roam for exit routes, but its the heart of joy and love that keeps him grounded. Maybe in WinterClan, Rowanstrike can become less guarded, and more open with the cats around him just like he is with his best friend and brother Birchtalon. Caste + name Mate + Seasplash + played by Atomheart A sweet thing with a fluffy coat and a sunny disposition. This pure blooded WinterClan cat has a long coat in pure white with seal points so dark they appear black. Faint chocolate colors coat her shoulders and the tops of her legs where the seal points stop. She has her fathers pale blue eyes that look almost like ice. Seasplash was raised alongside her two brothers, Icedragon and Dizzyspell. Her parents Smokesignal and Cloudshimmer loved their children even if they were older parents who were rather inexperienced. Of course that never made her feel bad even if her father often got in trouble as he led the kits on adventures. She grew up as her father’s daughter, loving a good prank and general mischief. She grew up surrounded by fun, not a care in the world. It was only a short time after becoming a warrior that she met her future mate, Cardinalglow. They adore each other and her mate supports her in whatever she does. The two of them have four sons, Windsweptsoul, Vividrapture, Devinefevor, and Pyrrhicwisdom. Unfortunately her dear mother passed not long after her children became apprenticed. Then she decided to step up and fill in the role her mother left in an effort to keep the family together. Of course she did not really need to, the family is already close with an unbreakable bond. Yet it was probably mostly for her that she stepped up and decided to grow up. Caste + name Mate + Cardinalglow Sinfulatrocity + played by Jadie Sinfulatrocity is an extraordinarily large she-cat with long black fur and a silvery white mane covered in a gorgeous array of white rune patterns. She’s an eerily beautiful she-cat but isn’t well taken care of; her dark pelt is lusterless, her ribs are sticking out, her mismatched yellow gold and orange amber eyes are dull and lifeless. When Sinfulatrocity was young she heard stories about DayClan, SunClan and Renegade Regime and loved to imagine all the places she’d explore when she grew up. As an apprentice she was able to visit some of them, even managed to fall in love, but, just when her dreams seemed within her reach, she was caught and drug back “home” to WinterClan. Sinfulatrocity realized that happiness might be real but it’s not something she’s ever meant to experience. She’s a demon... and demons don’t get to have happy endings. Instead of enriching her own life, Sinfulatrocity now focuses on making those who have hurt her feel just as miserable as she does. She isn’t an evil cat but whatever good was there died along with her dreams. Caste + name Mate + Shadowbard + played by racer Perhaps it is the story tellers and the song writers that one should fear. No matter how mighty the leader or brave a warrior, it is how their deeds are portrayed that determine how they are remembered. A skillful bard can weave tales to their liking, turning villains into heros and heros into villains. A story spun can destroy you in the eyes of your community, it shows you up as ridiculous, lame, pathetic, worthless, in the eyes of your clan, in the eyes of your family, in the eyes of your kits, in the eyes of yourself. Even many moons after your passing, cats will be laughing about how mouse-brained you had been. Luckily, Shadowkit is only begining to learn his craft of telling stories through song. Singing is his escape from reality, his stories a way to express his true emotions and figure out what course of action he should take. He and his siblings had been raised by SunClan, only able to see their mother when it was time for them to feed. As hard as Rubyflame(their mother) tried, it was difficult to get through to the kits who were being brain washed by the members of SunClan. He became more and more resentful towards his parents, believing that they never cared for him or siblings. Caste + name Mate + Nikkohydrange Smokesignal + played by Atomheart A proud, broad tom with a thick coat and gleaming eyes. Almost mountainous in appearance with a thick ruff of fur around his neck and chest. His undercoat is a pale coffee color with hints of cream. Over that is frosting of seal, darkening in a bar across his shoulders and down his spine. Seal points darken across his extremities. Faint tabby stripes appear on his head, though fade quickly. His eyes are a winterly blue, like glacial ice. His large paws are coated in extra long fur, protecting his toes and acting like snowshoes. His ears are wide and somewhat shorter, adapted to reduce loss of heat. Smokesignal comes from a long line of WinterClan cats, with stories of his family going back to the beginning. He has questions about the validity of that story but doesn’t worry too much about it. He grew up, a young and adventurous tom who did not want to settle down. So Smokesignal spent his youth flirting, wandering, and generally having a good time. That was until he ran into Cloudshimmer, a serious but down to earth warrior who rebuffed his advances. She would not settle for just anyone and demanded respect. They eventually got together and found themselves expecting their first litter of kits. As fate would have only two kits survived the birth to later die of illness before reaching apprenticeship. It took sometime but they eventually had their two sons and one daughter. Dizzyspell, Icedragon, and Seasplash became his pride and joy. When Seasplash found her own mate and had his first grandchildren, four boys, he couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately she passed not long after they became apprentices. Smokesignal was devastated, in a cloud of grief he nearly asked to retire. He did not want to miss any more time away from family by working. Now several moons later he can see clearer and realizes he didn't need to retire, just needed a break from work. Now he still keeps up his warrior duties, but has taken on some habits of the elders. His free time is mostly spent helping around camp and supervising kits when needed or leading a hoard of apprentices around the territory. Smokesignal is a staple of WinterClan and it would not be the same without his stories. Caste + name Mate + Blackthornfate Snakefang + played by pluto Snakefang is a gray tom with horizontal zig-zag stripes that are a darker shade of grey, almost black. He is the owner of a pair of light green eyes and large fangs, resembling that of a striking serpent. Just like the terrain he grew up in, he's a little rough around the edges, but he's not all that bad of a tom. Willing to take on the tasks that others would rather not do, he's not afraid to get his paws dirty. He's not afraid to speak his mind when the situation calls for it, but he usually keeps to himself, but dont let that deceive you. Deep down inside, though, he loves to train, especially for fights. Conflict seems to fascinate him, but not in the twisted way that seems to consume other cats, although he does have moments. He's mostly battle smart, but still able to compete mentally with the best of them. Loyal to his clan, he wants to be the best he can be and a reliable defender of WinterClan. Caste + name Mate + Blazingbluejay Snowbunny + played by faith His eyes are a bolt of green lightning with a coat as white as diamonds. He’s the kind of guy you can sit back and admire the beauty of like an eye catching piece of art. He has a grey splotch at the side of his muzzle like an ugly stain on an otherwise beautiful portrait. Zion wears black charcoal markings around the rims of his eyes to make them appear as bright as starlight. He uses a white paste to attempt to conceal the grey marking across his muzzle. Devious intention dances like fire in his eyes and spreads smooth across his remarkable white toothed smile making any girl melt. He’s daddies little prince without a crown often speaking of what it will be like when he’s commander as if he’s entitled to the throne. He’s a hot head with a sore lip. He conceals his anger with a charming curve of his lip biting back ever foul bitter thing he wants to unleash out from his mouth like a trapped dark spirit. He’s the no apologies, regret nothing kind of a guy. Caste + name Mate + Frostcloud Snowflurry + played by flurryofstars Born near WinterClan’s border, that was where he was deposited when his father abandoned him as a kit. This was never shared with Snowflurry as he was too young to remember it. Instead, after being welcomed into the clan, he was raised by the residing mothers. As he matured, Snowflurry knew he wasn’t part of the litters he grew up with. Ignorance or denial had him believing that he just came to be in the world through independent means alone. If he learned that he did have parents, he wouldn’t resent them. He would just thank them for leading him into WinterClan. He is extremely loyal to the clan and the cats within it. A sense of honor that overrides his basic logic at times keeps him firmly rooted there. His unbreakable faith in WinterClan makes some cats uncomfortable, but he is devout in them; however, he doesn't believe in any religion. Snowflurry is also very socially awkward. He never understood the concept of personal space and his common sense is limited. He has a habit of speaking in a gravelly voice, but it's unclear if it's natural or not. If anyone saw past his flaws, they’d discover a friend that would always have their back. Snowflurry has the appearance of a snowshoe cat with bright blue eyes. His fur is just long enough for him to survive harsh winters while also maintaining a somewhat short-haired look. He blends in well with the snow and is able to move and strike fast, though his strength isn't as impressive. Because he's an "exotic" breed, he is considered uniquely handsome even though his markings don't stand out much against his peers. This doesn't bother him much since his appearance isn't a priority. Although, he can appreciate the attractiveness of others if given the time to get to know them first. Caste + name Mate + Nightfreeze Soullessabomination + played by Stardance Soullessabomination used to be a typical happy, giddy kitten, she never let the weight of her family's hell get the better of her. She was always an optimist, determined to believe in the good in everyone. This all changed when she became an apprentice and was given an abusive mentor. Her guardian Snakefang often disagreed with her mentor's way of training and would try to intervene the best he could. Her mentor’s goal was to crush her spirit, day after day, any optimistic spirit was met by his claws and when his claws couldn’t cut her spirit out he muzzled her mouth shut for hours during training to prevent her from reassuring herself. Soullessabomination wouldn’t be able to recall if there was an exact moment or if it was a slow process of madness, but at some point her mind snapped, detached from her heart. Her eyes glazed over with an empty coldness and she spoke very little. Her mentor repeatedly told her she was soulless abomination that was only good for violence and cruelty. She believed every word of it becoming a cruel and menacing warrior. Soullessabomination has very little emotion and will even turn on her siblings if commanded to. However she is very close to Snakefang, one of the few people she shows any emotion towards. Soullessabomination is WinterClan’s hollowed out puppet, however you can still catch glimpses of her true spirit. Although her spirit is crushed it’s still there waiting for someone to melt her heart and restore her back to the happy girl she used to be who wasn’t afraid to feel. She is very large in size and has silvery and grey tabby fur with a white muzzle and underbelly. Her eyes have a smokey white streak across them giving her a majestic appearance. She has gilded green reptilian eyes and long fangs like her father. Caste + name Mate + Stormsurge + played by neverstarstar A large gray she-cat with amber eyes and a ferocious attitude. She was raised with a tough-love dynamic with her and her mother and has seemed to carry that to any social situation. Tough in battle, tough in conversation. The she-cat has never wanted a family or kits or even friends, she likes the solitude she wraps herself in. But, despite her insistence that she was never going to have kits, she had a litter. Stormsurge won't tell any cat who the father is and seems completely uninterested in him, instead focusing on raising her kits and getting out of the nursery. Stormsurge begrudgingly takes care of her children, usually with a scowl and complaint. She raises them with the same strong paw her mother raised her, promising that they will grow up tough like her. Fighters for WinterClan. Because no matter her antisocial behavior, Stormsurge is completely loyal to her clan and always slightly too eager to unsheathe her claws for the good of WinterClan. It seems that's why she had kits; for more soldiers. Caste + name Mate + Talonstrike + played by nova Talonstrike is quite large for a tom cat. He tends to slouch so that he doesn't hover over the rest of his clanmates. This blue silver tom cat doesn't say much, but when he does speak his voice is like a deep rumble. Because he's so quiet and always sporting what seems like an annoyed countenance, Talonstrike comes off as cold as well as brutish because of his size. His sister, Flickeringflames, tens to take up most of his time as he tends to always be pulling her out of some mess that she's caused. His hazel green eyes are always warm, yet a bit reserved. The large tome is all about following the rules, and knowing how to behave. Caste + name Mate + Fervidsummer Tempesthaven + played by Stardance A pureblood WinterClan born to Pineflurry and Orchardbreeze. He is rather hot headed, and is often told to go stick his head in the snow. He doesn't think things through, rather he tends to use his instincts and act impulsively. He is in tune with his emotions, and also finds himself acting on them. Caste + name Betrothed + Pomegranatepaw Vividrapture + played by pao Seal point medium fur, mostly white with the markings of brown upon his face, tail and paws; blue eyes, like water from the river, and fur so fluffy he practically looks like a cloud. That is the appearance of Vividrapture, but his personality, now that is a whole other thing. Handsome and charming and soft as he appears, most know him as this stutter, awkward, goofy mess. He's quiet and hardly speaks, but when he does, he stumbles over his words trying to say to much or over explain something, which in the end, doesn't make sense at all. It's a curse, especially around she-cats. For then, the poor tom is even worse with his words and a blush always appears on his face. The mere sight of just watching him speak to a she-cat has many cats living in secondhand embarrassment. It awful to watch, and for a cat that wants a family, that sense of love and laughter and happiness, it's amazing how he can't speak to a she-cat to save his life. So with that in mind, it's no wonder he tends to just sit back and observe more than interact with others. Originally it was to save him the embarrassment, and then later it was to try and improve his social skills, now he's just accepted that he enjoys observing. That skill lead to long walks in nature and finding the wonder there. To see how the world interacts, the animals, plants, and creatures of the world. It was fascinating, especially to a cat that fails at that one natural sense of interaction that some many others easily achieve. Vividrapture found his love for family within his own family, and furthered that love when he'd be tasked with watching the kits of the clan as an apprentice. They never judged him for his lack of social skills and enjoyed the stories he'd tell about nature and the world outside of camp. It became his one place where he felt welcome, caring for kits and showing them what awaited them as apprentices and warriors. So while he fears the day of having a mate, due to his awkwardness and shy nature around she-cats, but he longs for the chance of kits and a family like the one he sees in his own and all those around him in WinterClan. Vividrapture is the son of Seasplash and Cardinalglow, brother to Windsweptsoul, Devinefevor, and Pyrrhicwisdom. His uncles are Dizzyspell and Icedragon, and his grandfather is Smokesignal. Caste + name Betrothed + Warmpaw Windsweptsoul + played by Atomheart A rather standard sized tom underneath his thick coat. Windsweptsoul comes from a long line of WinterClan cats and has developed a rather well suited body. His paws are a bit oversized, not just because he is a polydactyl on all four paws. His coat is dense, short on his legs and face to avoid snow build up. His fur is a mix of gradients, white around his chest and slowly fading to a rich brown around his hips. He has dark seal points on his face, legs, and tail. A tiny white snip on his lip fades into an idea of a blaze. That matches his snowshoe marked feet. His eyes are a pretty shade of blue, not unlike the color of a blooming cornflower. His family can trace their lineage back generations nearly to the beginning of WinterClan, his ancestors having seen many changes yet stayed steadfast to their home. Windsweptsoul is just as devoted to his clan, finding nowhere else nearly as perfect for him. He is often surrounded by his family, a boisterous family who is prone to playing pranks on each other. Yet he is more of a thinker than a prankster, often trying to engage in debates with anyone who will talk to him. Windsweptsoul could beat be described as a philosopher, trying to figure why the world works like it does. While he believes in his gods, he is prone to questioning their methods. With the help of his grandfather, Smokesignal, he has learned many of the stories of the clan's early days. Someday Windsweptsoul wants to find a way to preserve all the stories he grew up hearing for future generations. Caste + name Mate + Windyhurricane + played by faith Windyhurricane or Win for short is a storm of fur and loose twigs and leaves. He has cinder grey fur with tosseled tabby markings swirling in obscure angles like the way wind dances imprints into snow. His fur is wild and curled in some patches so he often has small twigs and a leaf or two somewhere in his pelt. He has brown legs with muddy splotches making it look like he constantly has muddy legs, which... Sometimes he does. He's a storm of energy and if you're not careful his fur might swallow you up too! His eyes are a zany electric blue that seemingly stare right through a cat’s anatomy. He is the ideal WinterClan cat, capable of remaining at neutral temperature despite strong winds and is big enough to keep up a good endurance. His parents are Sparrowflight and Mistyrose, ex prisoners of WinterClan. He was an apprentice when his mom and dad were let out of prison and his mother was made medicine cat. He grew up with three siblings, Cherryblossom, Vaportrail, and Icecream. His sister, Icecream sacrificed herself to a deity in order to save the clan, now he's among the last of his litter. When his mom was sick he went off to look for an herb to save her life, but became lost in the icy rogue lands close to his home and through a series of adventures found his way back, but instead of returning home he looked for Stormgazer, the girl that always felt like home when he was with her, which led him to SummerClan. He discovered he had kits in SummerClan and did his best to raise, them, but ultimately had to leave SummerClan due to his long fur and the hot temperatures affecting his health. Caste + name Mate + Sweetcrema Wolfconstellation + played by Jadie Wolfconstellation is small in size with large amounts of fluffy golden fur marred only by a large splotch of blue gray fur across his right eye and jawline. His eyes are a galaxy blue, they look like starlight and are almost dizzying to stare into. He has a very wolfish appearance with the way his feather soft fur spikes out at certain angles of his face. Like his father, Sparrowflight, he has ultimately no shame and like his mother, Mistyrose, he’s willing to kill to get to where he wants to be. He often has to be told to imagine a conscience as he doesn’t seem to possess one of his own. It isn’t that he doesn’t care about certain things just that every emotion he feels is very watered down. It takes a special person to bring him out. Born and raised in SunClan, like many of his peers he had a strong desire to come into power and dreams of being a Janus or even someday a High Priest. When he grew older, though, he got lazy, abandoned those goals and settled on just wanting a normal, quiet life. Of course, that was never really an option. With Bloodystar’s takeover he found himself married, kidnapped and then clanless. With nowhere left to go, he chose WinterClan, his parent’s former home. Perhaps this is the place he was meant to be; WinterClan raises up purebloods such as himself… and nurtures his darker desires. At least his mate, Arcticsong, tempers him well and keeps him out of trouble for the most part. Caste + name Mate + Arcticsong Wolfspeak + played by Bauble It’s said that the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. But what if the opposite is true? What does a lone wolf do when he finds himself packless? The slings of misfortune have rendered this tom chilly and distant: he’s a cat of few words, who prefers to fade into the riffraff of clan life rather than draw attention to himself. His stoic demeanor offers no clue into what he’s seen, but the memory of his losses are ghosts that dance behind his eyes. The ghosts count seven: the father who taught him honor and responsibility, the mother who taught him loyalty and compassion. Three brothers who taught him strength and determination, and two sisters who taught him faith and mercy. Like his parents, his pelt is a long grey-brown, with black hair on his back, and lighter tones on his underbelly. He likes to think he inherited his big black paws from his brothers and sad blue eyes from his sisters. When their blood painted the snow, his heart was forever locked in a cage of ice. But the blood of his heritage still thrums through his veins today, chanting one mantra: serve the pack. That pack is Winterclan now. Caste + name Mate + Wolftundra + played by pao WinterClan is cold and harsh, only the strong survive it. Wolftundra is one of the strong; in mind, spirit, and body. Born in WinterClan as a pure-blooded warrior, Wolftundra values the ideal of purebloods being stronger and more suited for the life in the mountains. His family told him time and again how strength lies within one's blood. That it is the blood that determines your worth, your value. The dirty white in color, rough, raged appearance and a wild element to Wolftundra embodies the perfect cruel WinterClan tom. He's a wolf in appearance and heart. Cold, cruel, and cunning. Anger fills his heart and yellow eyes. His temper is as wild as a blizzard in the middle of summer; unpredictable and fierce. It has made him a force of nature, a wild card, and yet a predictable warrior. His cards are held close, his values closer, and his opinion for all to know. Wintrystar is one that has heard his opinion many a times, and not always in the most cubical of ways. The two have come to blows in the past, not long after Wintrystar was nominated to lead the clan but before she was acknowledged as the leader of the clan. The battle left with Wintrystar victorious and Wolftundra with a newfound respect for the she-cat. It is this respect that has lead to him being able to bring himself to follow their leader, especially since she's only half WinterClan. Bloodlines are important to home but he respects Wintrystar enough to follow her lead. It helps that Wintrystar is also pushing for more of a pure-blooded WinterClan; the perfect and ideal world. While he respects Wintrystar, he does not respect any others with mixed blood and has made that known many a times. His views are that WinterClan is only strong with pure blood, outsiders should be outlawed. A wolf that desires family ties and loyalty alone. Blood is life, blood is strength. Caste + name Mate +
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Anxiouspaw [heart] + played by ComplacentDevil An anomaly to say the least, when her mother and father brought this small kit back to camp with them after her mother ran off and lost half her siblings while kitting in a blizzard, everyone from the start was convinced Anxiousheart would be just like her. With short fur, mostly a brown tabby with snow white coating her belly, and bright hazel eyes shes constantly out of her element, the cold driving her to shiver and have sniffles. For this she was seen as weaker, her clan members write her off, thinking her just another kit from her family that would end up dead. Still she persevered, growing into a warrior worth her weight, quick on her fit and with a sharp tongue to match. She finds life in Winterclan fairly difficult, but having her siblings makes it somewhat easier, as she can always find solace in sharing tongues with them, even if she hasn't found herself very close to either of her parents. Caste + name Mentor + Flickeringflames Blackpaw [frost] + played by flurryofstars With a pelt of long charcoal fur and eyes a liquid gold, Blackfrost is a near clone of his mother--a fact he’s reluctant to admit. After watching his “dad” struggle with Nightfreeze’s string of affairs and continuous acts of disloyalty, the already hateful tom grew to resent her as well as every cat on his mom’s side of the family. Only his siblings were given a special place in his heart, though his love for them was far from unconditional. Except for maybe Specklednight, for whom he especially cared for and sometimes became overprotective of. Family and clan loyalty is his greatest value and anyone who disrespects that is little more than dirt in his eyes, and he’s not afraid to say so. Even on a good day, Blackfrost is prone to hate everyone he meets as he’s easily annoyed and anti-social. That isn’t to say that he doesn’t care for his peers though. If push came to shove, he’d probably jump in front of a fatal blow if it meant saving someone else. He’s also just as likely to deliver a fatal blow against those to betray or get in his way, and he’s got the bite to back it up. Blackfrost was born with a natural talent for combat and after spending much of his free time training, he’s developed into one of the best fighters in the clan. While his hunting is just above average, his impressive speed, strength, and mental capabilities make him worthy of the line of suitors eager to claim him as their mate. His cool composure and good looks only add to the appeal. The rest of his personality, however, makes him almost impossible to approach. Quiet unless necessary, cocky, easily jealous, and snarky, he’s not exactly ideal friend material, but his intentions are good. With most of his time focused on self-improvement, Blackfrost hopes to one day become strong enough to lead the clan away from its self-destructive path and into something more accepting and peaceful. Caste + name Mentor + Wolftundra Chivalrouspaw [fleece] + played by woof The spirit of the storm, WinterClan's harsh blizzards and everlasting gales have spun themselves into the form of thick, pearly white fur and pale, almost colorless blue eyes. He looks far more forbidding than he actually is, standing taller than most and with squared shoulders, but he speaks with a shockingly quiet voice, more demure and withdrawn than the average WinterClan cat. He was the most affected by his mother's death and tends to be more careful than the rest of his litter, taking on the role of their guardian even if it means he's the bad guy. His own emotions have been quashed deep beneath the ice in his blood where they're preserved in his frozen heart, but it's only a matter of time before the ice shatters. Caste + name Mentor + Stormsurge Cottonpaw [tail] + played by simplylight Cottontail is colored exactly like half-melted snow: Mostly snowy white with gray dappling peaking through here and there. The gray is peppered strongest on his face, legs and back, serving as a perfect camouflage for WinterClan’s mountain home. However, his tail remains a pure and uninterrupted white. This tom also has a distinctive gray nose and yellow eyes that shift to jade green at the center. Like most cats in his family, Cottontail is large and handsome, a perfect example of a WinterClan cat, an image he intends to keep up. He is more concerned with his appearance than most and often spends time looking at his own reflection, taking in his best and worst features. Both sides are important to him. Cottontail wants to be admired and intimidating at the same time, so he can’t be too soft or too harsh, but somewhere in-between. Finding this balance comes easy to him as he is very in tune with other cats’ moods as well as a perceptive listener. In fact, he often uses other cats’ hopes and dreams to manipulate them into doing his bidding without them even realizing it. Thus, Cottontail finds himself constantly building alliances with other cats, the main goal being to boost his status, but he also likes the company, he’s the social type, after all. Caste + name Mentor + Baneberry Crownedpaw [eagle] + played by ashestoashes The eldest of the litter, he is the peacemaker of his brothers, though can at times also cause some mischief in order to better his brothers' moods. After being named the 'spirit of guidance' by their mother, Northernlights, he has taken on the responsibility of being the voice of reason for his brothers. He would sacrifice all he has and all he is to ensure the safety of his brothers. Caste + name Mentor + Arduousjourney Deathpaw [reign] + played by Cleaver Wintrystar’s little prince, he knows how to play the part; gracious smiles, cool distance, polite laughter, they’re all weapons in his arsenal. There’s an art to creating a mystery, to charming his clan with his bad boy appearance without giving away the game, and he’s skilled in the role. Deathreign isn’t a perfect actor, however, and the closer you get to him, the more facade falls. He can’t keep a secret and talks under pressure, and once he starts, he can’t stop. Beneath that serious expression Deathreign is... a bit awkward, and his family will never let him forget it. He shredded moss balls as a kit, purely on accident, but he’s had a reputation ever since then and his siblings see him as an outcast, a joke. It doesn’t help that he isn’t nearly as cool as he pretends. Sure, he’ll jump off a high cliff without a second thought to prove he’s fearless, but he’d rather be improving his list of the different types of snow. He’d rather be working on his collection of crystal fragments, or playing a little game, or studying the religions of the other clans. Deathreign keeps his introverted pursuits to himself, but he can get so lost in them it interferes in his relationships, especially when he misses date night. How is he supposed to focus on other cats when there’s a snake or scorpion to try and trap? He doesn’t mind lying here and there to cover up what he’s actually been doing, and sometimes it makes him look more like a bad boy, but honestly it just makes cats trust him even less than they already do. Deathreign doesn’t care. Everyone else can suck it up and deal with it. When it comes to his love life, well, Deathreign keeps things complicated: he was engaged to Subtletouch when they were apprentices, but gay and closeted, he wasn’t about to fall for her. Instead, he pushed her away, embracing the bad boy persona as an excuse to go on a single date with her sister Limelight. Suffice to say the date went poorly, but he successfully created a new obstacle in his marriage, and that’s fine by him. Deathreign takes after his father Howlingnight with smoky grey trails through his long ebony coat and piercing yellow eyes. His siblings are Gardeniagore, Pomegranatedecay, Reapingnight, and Skeletalrose. Caste + name Mentor + Smokesignal | Betrothed + Subtlepaw Dreampaw [theory] + played by flurryofstars A dark sable tom with lighter flecks of brown in his pelt and sharp green eyes. His fur, while long, stays close to his lanky body and gives him a skinnier appearance than most of his clanmates. Despite this, Dreamtheory has no problem staying warm nor does he care if he stands out in a crowd. What he does care about are his relationships and overall wellbeing. His family means a lot to him but he’s quite independent and doesn’t allow any differing of opinions to hold him back. WinterClan, with all of its strict rules and blood favoritism, isn’t the ideal fit for a cat like Dreamtheory, who’d much rather relax and stall any important life commitments and responsibilities. The idea of settling down with a she-cat especially stresses him out, but as far as he’s concerned, a forced marriage is like a make-believe affair. It’s not actually real and therefore, doesn’t count. Even with Dreamtheory’s desired “pure” bloodline, no one really respects his worth. More often than not, he’s laying back in a pile of snow, watching the clouds as they float by and only returning to camp when it’s dark enough to avoid too many questions. Occasionally, when he’s forced to patrol or hunt, he does so with very little motivation and energy. In fact, the only time he seems to give anything his best effort is when he’s the one to volunteer himself for a job. Such a rare occasion only happens for the sake of a friend or relative, but when it does occur, Dreamtheory’s true skills overshadow his lazy lifestyle. While he’s not the best fighter or hunter in the clan, he knows how to maximize his abilities with the mind of a strategist. Because of this, Dreamtheory serves well in leadership and advisory roles, when he’s in the mood for it that is. Caste + name Mentor + Blackthornfate Gardeniapaw [gore] + played by faith Gardeniakit is a muddled white grey she-cat with sky blue eyes. She's a good girl who follows the rules, but has never been taught manners to have any. Her rude nature is often perplexing as she can come off snippy one moment, but compassionate the next. She is the daughter of Wintrystar and Howlingnight making her the princess of WinterClan. Caste + name Mentor + Nikkohydrangea | Betrothed + Tangledpaw Harepaw [moon] + played by Atomheart A cat of contradictions, everything that seems true is false and everything that is false is true. He was born to Blackthornfate and Deal, though his mother never mentioned who his father was and he was raised by another tom. Smokesignal was matched up with his mother and when she had kit he never questioned it and simply stepped up to adopt them as his own. Overall it was a nice situation, one that ended up with him being raised as a full blooded WinterClan cat despite only having half blood. He is a lanky tom with sleek blue fur and faint grey tabby stripes on his face and legs. His underbelly is lighter, along with his white muzzle and two toned fluffy tail. His eyes are a pale green, nearly silver. Large tufts of fur stick off his ears and match the plume-like appearance of his tail. Haremoon seemed relatively normal at first. Though as he grew up it became clear there was something wrong with him. He always seemed to be talking to himself or arguing with no one. Yet as he is an efficient warrior who does his duties, no one bothers him too much. Yet the occasional cat will avoid him, finding his ravings a bit too much. Haremoon can be jumpy at times, often seeing things out of the corner of his eyes. The blue tom seems so normal yet he has episodes where he is clearly disturbed. Caste + name Mentor + Cloudweaver | Betrothed + Roaringmouse Limepaw [light] + played by cleaver The party doesn't start til she walks in. Limelight is always the last one on the scene: anticipation builds in the air until its so electric her fluffy fur starts to rise. A mystery is woven around Limelight, one of her own creations: every sweet story she tells is accompanied by a little wink or a knowing smile like there's more behind the scenes and she simply cannot wait to share the secret as soon as she's able. Despite her protests that she is truly just a simple lady with simple desires, everyone knows she has something to hide, and that's the delight of the game. Limelight loves to be the center of attention, and her stories and dramatic entrances are only the beginning. She can call attention onto herself in an instant, thrilling about her wonderful day or fretting over any tiny detail that doesn’t go her away. Any inconvenience is worth sharing, every concern must be brought to everyone's full attention, because did that ratty-looking former rogue really have the audacity to step on HER tail? Limelight might want to be the center of attention, but she really only has eyes for other pure-blooded cats. The weak and dirty cats are worthy of interaction only at a distance, maybe the handsome ones earn themselves a few flirtatious remarks, but that's as far as she'll take them. She likes to parade about her newest toy, any young prodigy that catches her eyes, but she doesn't truly care about them. She will tear down anyone who gets in her way, and everyone knows it. In the future, Limelight wouldn't mind having her own collection of kits to raise - though she would treat them more as status symbols than living, breathing creatures - but only if they have the purest blood and most gorgeous pelts. They must be worthy of her love. Limelight is a long-haired pure-blooded WinterClan she-cat, her coat a rich tapestry with a myriad of light grey hues that dark over her legs and mingle with orange. Her black-and-white mask reaches past amber eyes to her pure snow-toned chest. She was born to Emberbrand and Dappleglacier, two arranged mates with a lineage reaching back to Goldenstar. Her siblings are Cottontail (her dearest brother), Warmglow (the weak blemish of her line she could do without), Phantommist (her improperly-behaved brother), and Subtletouch (her confident, like-minded sister). Caste + name Mentor + Dealfinder Kodiakpaw [track] + played by ComplacentDevil Forever the little brother. Loved by his mother and his clan alike, Kodiaktrack has never found it difficult to fit in. He shares the sparkle from his mother's eyes in his deep pools of honey, and her affinity for the wilderness of their wintry home. Growing up was easy without a need to take responsibility, able to brush out of trouble from his status or with the help of his siblings, though their relationship can't always be defined as perfect. More often than not he finds himself in a silent treatment stalemate with Eostrixcrest, though Crownedeagle mediates most of their tussles, both verbal and physical. His depth for love is reflected in his figure, with a sizeable stature, coated in long, smoky black fur, always groomed to perfection, a larger copy of his mother, his first love, to which her and his family and his home he could never falter loyalty to. Caste + name Mentor + Snowflurry Phantompaw [mist] + played by racer An entertainer, he is always making rude or demeaning jokes, to try and make other cats laugh. He enjoys being the center of attention, much to the dismay of his sister Limelight as they compete to be noticed by both their parent and the other members of WinterClan. He wants to make his family proud,andlive up to his title as a pure blooded WinterClan cat. He is greatly offended by even the smallest of criticisms and corrections, Phantommist will never admit he is wrong. Will stand up for any member of his family, simply because they share blood, even Warmglow. He wants to get married for love, but constantly laments that nobody will have him, so he’ll settle for an arranged marriage so that he can continue the family legacy. However, he is unknowingly infertile. As a warrior he will always blame the she-cat for his own fertility issues, and demand a new match after they fail to get pregnant. He is squeamish, hates blood and gore, including childbirth. Named for the gray patches of fur on his pelt, and his ghostly blue gaze Caste + name Mentor + Vividrapture Pomegranatepaw [decay] + played by pao Pomegranate. A fruit filled with many seeds, a link to one of the oldest tales, a message to all who sees it. Long ago a young wood nymph wandered into the Underworld. She decided she liked it there and took a bite of forbidden fruit, sealing her fate in her new role. She became a queen, a feared ruler, and a beauty to look upon. Her name was Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, and the Goddess of Spring. Many tell her tale in a different light. Of a naïve child who was swept away by the God of the Underworld and trapped there by force. But truly, her story is told wrong. She was never trapped by force, never taken without reason. No, she choose to stay, to find a new meaning to life than that of a simple wood nymph that would be forgotten in time. Before this story, the one with two versions, she was forgotten already, nameless, and merely another nymph that wondered the world. She wanted more, desired power, and took what she desired. Her lover, her faithful husband, the ruler of the Underworld, did nothing to stop her. He merely allowed her to do as she pleased and gave her what she desired with no hesitation, for who would choose the Underworld when they have the whole of the world above at their finger tips? She did. And when he asked her why she chose here, to live with him and his darkness, her words surprised all. Persephone was not naïve, or merely sweet, kind, and caring. No, she was filled with desire, want, longing, determination, and spirit. She saw a crown, a future, something that awaited her far more desirable than growing flowers. "For who would choose flowers over a crown? Who would chose a life to be forgotten when I can be the Queen of all?" There is another like her, one who has captured the spirit of the Queen of the Underworld and holds tightly to it. Pomegranatedecay grew up as the daughter of the Sovereign and her lover, surrounded by siblings, clanmates, and all she could ever want. Her life was bliss, sweet and everything a cat could want for. But still she wants more. She wants power. Her soul is like that of Persephone's, in longing for her own crown to wear. Her darkness lies in wait, patiently waiting for the time in which to take what is hers and never let go. Pomegranatedecay, dark grey and white cat, embodies darkness, was raised in it. Her mother was the Cold Winter Sovereign, a ruler who started war for kits and chaos. She grew up during a battle, a war started for the sake of blood, kits, and power. But she never cared. She believed her mother righteous and will have that idea to her dying breath. Pomegranatedecay understands power, the desire and control it holds on one. But knows, that what one must show is the outer shell, a cover to hide the darkness within. It is like the pomegranate fruit, a blood red shell, hides the many seeds of desire within. It is a covering of darkness, a mask of ideals and dreams, a shell for the soul that refuses to decay in the realm of the Underworld. Caste + name Mentor + Dappledglacier | Betrothed + Tempesthaven Reapingpaw [night] + played by Jadie Reapingnight is somewhat small in size with a thick and unruly charcoal gray pelt. His fur has a unique auburn undertone: In the night he blends in as effortlessly as a shadow, but in direct sunlight he shines mahogany. He also has a few dusty ginger patches, mostly around his face, which accent his intense mustard yellow eyes. Sure, Reapingnight is quite the handsome cat… but he doesn’t look very WinterClan. His ears aren’t tufted, his fur isn’t that long, he’s dwarfed by the giant pure-bloods, the list goes on. As the son of Wintrystar and Howlingnight, Reapingnight is expected to be the perfect WinterClan Warrior, and that’s his dream. He wants to be revered as one of the Clan’s most powerful, respected cats and maybe even follow in his mother’s footsteps as a future Sovereign. But he’s been plagued with self-doubt: He doesn’t look the part, so how in the world will he ever act it? He would never pose that question to himself, of course. He deals with his insecurities by repressing and then imposing them on everyone else. Assertive and arrogant, Reapingnight paints himself the rightful prince of WinterClan, the cat you should listen to and follow without question. He will build you up or tear you down, whatever works best of him, no blow too low. Believe it or not he does have a sensitive side; however, this side also nurtures his weaknesses, so he buries it in favor of the distinguished future he has convinced himself is waiting for him. Caste + name Mentor + Talonstrike Shadowpaw [crawl] + played by ComplacentDevil The weird one, of the kits that survived the fateful night that Corpseflower and Dealfinder kitted, their son turned out to be a cat of bizarre mentality. He's barely seen, his black pelt covering him as he hides in the shadows, seen only by his amber eyes, whispering to himself, although he'd swear he was talking to someone else, someone who had just left. His mother's son at heart, awkward to say the least, quiet and polite, always lost in his own world. He doesnt do well in fights, instead he relies on his siblings or other clanmate's guidance to go about his life. He wanders through it himself blindly, and can be met doing mostly nothing in particular on any given day. Hes better kept in the dens, where he can't accidentally injure himself or cause his family any further trouble. Caste + name Mentor + Morningfrost Skeletalpaw [rose] + played by Honeystorm “In her heart there's a hole. There's a black mark on her soul.” Insanity incarnate, the bringer of madness, the shadow at the end of your nest that makes your heart pound until you go under and nightmares plague what little restless sleep they manage to find. She’s a demon wearing wings stolen from an angel, a pure white princess with a soul darker than the night. And she really is prettiest when she’s committing atrocities. Uninghed at the best of times, downright deranged at the worst, Skeletalrose lives her life gliding along on the good graces of her mother, and Wintrystar’s downright unwillingness to acknowledge most of her children as anything but pure. And yet, whether the WinterClan leader acknowledges it or not, she’s got Eeries on her paws. No matter how much her mother refuses to see the darkness, the heartless royal is here to stay, and she’s perfectly happy to tear everyone and everything down at her leisure. “In her hands is my heart. And she won't let go till it's scarred.” She never did get to be the master of her own fate, her love chosen for her at such a young age, her own perfect little plaything disguised as a fiance. If her mother wanted to play the game of arranging her children to cats at such young ages, well, Skeletalrose believes it’s her own mothers’ fault if such cats happen to… go insane. Loyalty isn’t really a concern of hers, and love is a fickle thing at best, an emotion she’s not entirely certain she can feel. So instead, she just treats it like a toy, seeing how fast she can break anyone who shows even the vaguest amount of interest, whether friendly or romantic, wanting to see their souls shatter behind their eyes, turn them into blithering messes who can’t tell reality from the fiction they’ve been fed by the pretty princess with a poison tongue. “Tried to breathe but I can't. ‘Cause the air she feeds me is damned.” Bodies in her wake, perfect paws pristine and spotless against the white snow. The aura around her seems to teem with restlessness, as if the souls of those lost to her antics still follow her around, dragging down those who spend too much time in her presence down into the pit of insanity. No cat who spends too much time with Skeletalrose can maintain their sanity for very long. Or their life. As the moons go on, and the cats become mere shells of their former selves, and then they just up and disappear. Rumor has it Wintrystar’s daughter herself offs them when she gets bored. But of course, that must all just be idle gossip. At least, Skeletalrose is happy for them to believe it’s just rumor, though she does little to nothing to actually dissuade anyone from spreading such things. The more infamous she becomes, the more attracted to her, they can’t help it. They’re all like moths to the flame, unable to resist a mysterious, deadly sort of beauty that promises them only the worst kinds of trouble. Some come to her to fix her, some to woo her, and some to control her, but whatever their purpose, she’s happy to twist their fragile little minds and shatter the egos they hold so dear. Make them living ghosts, echoes of nightmares, spreading the whisper of insanity wherever they might go. “She got blood cold as ice. And a heart made of stone.” Frostbitten blood from WinterClan’s land, her heart as dead as the rocks that litter the territory and lurk beneath the snow. With icy eyes that darken towards the centers, the frozen edges creeping into the lake-like cores of her gaze, endless and cold as can be. “She got horns like a devil pointed at me, and there's nowhere to run from the fire she breathe.” An angel on the outside, and a demon within. Skeletalrose. (Song lyrics from “Horns” by Bryce Fox) Caste + name Mentor + Harlow | Betrothed + Furorstorm Speckledpaw [night] + played by Nova Being the only girl in a litter of boys is never easy. But Specklednight pulls it off flawlessly. This fluffy tuxedo has her brothers wrapped around her little paw, and boy does she know it. Specklednight likes to consider herself the more astute of her siblings, but even she has her little air headed moments. But at the end of the day, she’s the one that comes up with all of their hair-schemed ideas. Specklednight loves her family, but sometimes she just can’t handle how dysfunctional they are. She doesn’t say anything about her mother’s affairs, no matter how they may rub her the wrong way. She never questioned it as a kit, but as she grew she started to realize that something wasn’t right. Though her and her other brothers looked close enough to her mother, Swiftfreeze didn’t look anything like their parents. That was when she realized the truth. Now she’s made it her mission to find her real father, determined to drag her brothers with her no matter what. But she’s loyal to Winterclan, and wouldn’t give up the snow for anything. Caste + name Mentor + Crimsonrose Subtlepaw [touch] + played by nova Subtlety is always the best way to go, and this she-cat knows how to live up to her name. Subtletouch was named for the subtle patches of color in her smooth, fluffy coat. Subtle hints of brown, mingling with subtle hints of black to create a beautiful tortoiseshell pattern. But that’s not the only subtle thing about her. This Winterclan she-cat has an amazing talent for insulting others in such a subtle way that they almost never realize that they’re being insulted. They should be grateful, however. She only saves her best insults for those that she believes are worthy of them. Her twisted way of being a little flirt. Subtletouch, is careful with her flirtatious ways, though. The warrior is terrified of Winterclan’s system of arranged marriages. The only reason she agreed to it as an apprentice is because she knows that it is her duty to her clan and her family. Though, hopefully, the gods take pity on her poor betrothed. Just because she has to agree to the arranged marriage, doesn’t mean she has to make it easy for all parties involved. So much for letting romance blossom and bloom, though, what was she expecting in the frozen tundra she called home. But, as she always has been, she is the perfect obedient daughter to her parents. Sometimes. The tortoiseshell she-cat will find he subtlest ways of rebelling against them. Perhaps when told to groom her pelt she may just forget to untangle a little mat because it was in a place she couldn’t reach. If asked about it, she’ll usually answer with another question which almost always comes off condescending. As if she couldn’t believe that stupidity of the question itself. However, all the self-confidence and proud is just an outward shield. On the inside, Subtletouch can be quite insecure. Especially when it comes to forming relationships with those outside of her family circle. Her mind is always plagued with doubts on whether her clanmates really like her, or whether she can really be a benefit to Winterclan. But she would never dare reveal this to just anyone. Besides, it’s just not her style. Caste + name Mentor + Rowanstrike | Betrothed + Deathpaw Swiftpaw [freeze] + played by ashestoashes He is the son of Chimeramask of SummerClan and Nightfreeze (although at this time he does not know that Snowflurry isn't his father.) Having fluffy white and orange fur with green eyes you would think he would realize this but the thought doesn't occur in his mind that he isn't related to his Winterclan father. To be fair this tom is a rather absentminded and forgetful fellow but means well! Happy go lucky, kind, and a bit of a class clown most cats are surprised he is a Winterclan with the attitude he has. The only thing that would indicate that he is a Winterclan cat is his love of the cold and snow. The tom however has been gifted with being light footed which is a surprise for such a big cat as well as being quick. He is well aware that he has his talent which makes him quiet a foe in battle...not that he really wants to battle but will if it is needed. Caste + name Mentor + Polarblast Tangledpaw [light] + played by ashestoashes Okay so those brown and white four legged creatures that wonder around the lower parts of WinterClan? Yeah, they're called deer and poor Tangledlight is terrified of them, has been since he was a student and ran right into one that snorted in his face. Really, they're kind of creepy with how they just stare into your soul, not moving, not blinking. Just staring at you. Nope, he can't do it. Won't mess with them. This shaggy brown maine coon tom looks wild by nature and is full of energy to match it, well unless he's near a deer in which he freezes up and can't seem to move. Yellow orbs find mischief and fun everywhere he goes. Tangledlight is a devoted tom and finds comfort in their religion, even daring to visit the Burial Grounds to pay his respects even though that's common deer area. Caste + name Mentor + Robinring | Betrothed + Gardeniapaw Thunderpaw [doze] + played by cleaver Born to Deal and Blackthornfate, he was raised by Smokesignal and sees him as his father figure. Thunderdoze had great aspirations as a kitten; he thought maybe he would be a strong warrior, even a knight or the deputy, though he wasn't so sure about being a leader. He wanted to look after his family but responsibility made him a little nervous. As he grew older, however, the young apprentice started to slack off. He oversleeps, mainly by accident, and misses out on early morning patrols. Cats can't fathom how such a promising young cat ended up lazy, and he doesn't quite fit in because of it. He keeps to himself, shy and reserved these days, and within his comfort zone. But Thunderdoze still has courage. He pushes himself to contribute to his clan even when it makes him uncomfortable and can speak his mind. He'll face down great monsters to protect his family and won't complain once that they're tearing him apart. He doesn't try to be brave to show off, he just feels a tingling in his paws that urges him to step in. This nervous thrill through his paws has become a constant feeling that drives him to where he needs to go, even when he doesn't entirely understand it. The tremor leads him on and he trusts in it quite blindly, despite every step taking him further from his childhood goals. A fluffy grey-and-white tom with a white diamond upon his forehead. Caste + name Mentor + Arcticsong Tundrapaw [mask] + played by ian A larger tom with a brown-black mask and mantle coloration that is only interrupted by bright white. Pale green eyes are the central focus of his face, and they always are intently locked on something, although it isn't always clear what. The son of SummerClan's Chimeramask and WinterClan's Nightfreeze and sibling to Swiftfreeze, Blackfrost and Specklednight, Tundramask is a quiet tom who doesn't tend to talk to others that he doesn't trust. This leaves him with few friends, as even though he tries to see the best in others, he can be hard to get to open up. He finds it hard to see flaws in those he loves. Despite his desire to see the good in all cats, he has a penchant for finding them in compromising positions. This leaves him prone to cognative dissonance, where he overlooks the bad to his own fault. Caste + name Mentor + Wintrystar Warmpaw [glow] + played by ComplacentDevil The outcast, Warmglow just doesn't seem to fit in. He doesn't have the right temperament, coat colour, even his gait is uneven. He always seems to be the last one picked from the group. Yet even with all of these set backs, you couldn't meet a cat with more love for life. A large tom, throughout his adolescence he was always bullied for his size, his limp, and his bright red pelt, to the point of even trying to discolour it just to fit in better with his peers. Though his heart shone through into warriorhood, never finding a fault in those around him, always there to offer a paw in times of need, as he forgave his peers and those that had called him an outcast. His good nature glows in his sunset eyes, and he keeps a smile on his face, even in uncomfortable situations. He challenges himself daily, proving that he belongs, even though it no longer matters to him. Caste + name Mentor + Gingersnap | Betrothed + Vividrapture
Cloudywinter & Flickeringflames' Litter
Seasplash & Cardinalglow's Litter
Timberkit [wolf] + played by tigerclover the protector. Looks up to his older brothers and loves to follow them around. A large cream/red tom with blue eyes. Caste + name
Dappledglacier & Emberbrand's Litter
Cottonkit [tail] + played by Jadie Cottontail is colored exactly like half-melted snow: Mostly snowy white with gray dappling peaking through here and there. The gray is peppered strongest on his face, legs and back, serving as a perfect camouflage for WinterClan’s mountain home. However, his tail remains a pure and uninterrupted white. This tom also has a distinctive gray nose and yellow eyes that shift to jade green at the center. Like most cats in his family, Cottontail is large and handsome, a perfect example of a WinterClan cat, an image he intends to keep up. He is more concerned with his appearance than most and often spends time looking at his own reflection, taking in his best and worst features. Both sides are important to him. Cottontail wants to be admired and intimidating at the same time, so he can’t be too soft or too harsh, but somewhere in-between. Finding this balance comes easy to him as he is very in tune with other cats’ moods as well as a perceptive listener. In fact, he often uses other cats’ hopes and dreams to manipulate them into doing his bidding without them even realizing it. Thus, Cottontail finds himself constantly building alliances with other cats, the main goal being to boost his status, but he also likes the company, he’s the social type, after all. Caste + name
Blackthornfate & Smokesignal's Litter
Jesterkit [mask] + played by Honeystorm A light grey spotted tabby tom with a white neck, black ear tips and yellow eyes. Son of Blackthorn and Deal. At a first glance, he looks the sort that would kill you first, ask questions later. He's exceptionally small, with a voice more akin to a young she-kit's than anything else, making him come across as innocent at a first glance. This leads to situations wherein cats assume he is a lost kitten, only to end up backtracking once they get a good look at him, and/or a bunch of claws in their pelt. Caste + name
Dottymask & Silverfury's Litter
Goslingkit [heart] + played by Jadie A fluffy silver tabby she-cat with white chest, neck fur, underbelly and legs. Her eyes are a piercing shade of blue, vibrant as the sky and seemingly just as limitless. Goslingkit is a beautiful example of a pureblood WinterClan cat although, unlike her family, she doesn’t take quite so much pride in it. Yes, she is proud to have such noble blood, but she doesn’t think that means those who don’t have it are inferior to her. Rogue, loner, half-Clan or demon, she approaches every new cat in her life under the assumption that they want the best for her because that’s exactly what she wants for them. Goslingkit knows to be cautious, but she’ll believe any reasonable lie without a second thought, leading her to be easily manipulated and tricked. However, not all cats have picked up on her weakness, as her friendliness and trust also translates to blind loyalty. If her parents tell her to jump, she’ll jump, and even as a kit she is showing promise when it comes to hunting, fighting and surviving in general. It’s led little Goslingkit to be a favorite of the litter from a very early age, but it’s only a matter of time before her thoughtless devotion stabs her in the back. Caste + name
Motherless Kits
Fabledkit [night] + played by Tigerclover brothers with Tangledlight, devoted, mysterious, no-nonsense, full main coon. Fablednight takes no pleasure in hanging out at the Burial Grounds with his brother solely because he can't stand seeing the other tom freeze at the sight of a deer. This dark brown main coon has no time for nonsense, not even his own brother's. He's devoted to their religion, even going so far as to promoted to any cat he runs into and will not take no for an answer when it comes to hearing him out. But overall, most don't know much about this tom. He's a mystery topped with cunning, sharp yellow eyes and a handsome appearance. Caste + name Pebblekit [cloud] + played by Tigerclover modest, encouraging, snide. She was lucky to be born with long fur, especially to survive in the cold winter of her home. Snide comments, harsh tossed words, they're her way of encouraging those around her. Not really the best way to go about it, but not that she cares. Some times it works though, especially when it comes to battle training. Other times it helps her in the middle of the of battle to get into her opponent's head. But most surprising of all, is that she's modest cat who finds pride in her home, even if she has some NightClan blood in her veins. She's a WinterClan cat through and through. Caste + name Spottykit [memories] + played by simplylight Spotty is a cloud of white curls, a glistening beauty. Her dazzling white fur illuminates sleek and slippery, like ice. Spotted with silver and grey spots sprinkled throughout her fur like snow fall, an arctic beauty crafted with WinterClan pureblood perfection. Despite her knockout looks and proud pureblood heritage Spotty doesn’t have things easy. Her parents were both murdered during a WinterClan battle leaving her and her siblings orphaned, at least until a phantom in the night stole three of her siblings leaving only herself and her brother. Her brother was asleep at the time, but Spotty was awake, every adult wanted to know what happened to them, but her memory was spotty. She grew up with adults comforting her, explaining that no one expected her to remember, that she was only a kit. That might have been true, but to Spotty her siblings expected her to remember, they believed in her to find them even if the adults didn’t. Unfortunately for Spotty that isn’t close to where her problems end. Spotty, being as clumsy as she is slipped on ice when she was a kit causing various neurological issues including collapsing into sleep randomly or other times being unable to fall asleep for days. But the worst part of the injury is that her ability to retain memories seems to be fading more everyday. By the time she’s an adult her memory slowly fades over the course of three days until restarting completely. Because of this Spotty keeps everything she knows written down in symbols that she taught herself before her memory had gotten worse. Because of this she often forgets people she met a few days ago, doesn’t remember certain aspects about them or forgets that certain loved ones have died, however she has a near perfect memory of everything before she became a warrior. Caste + name Whisperedkit + played by Atomheart Whine was the first traitor of the family, or maybe the first traitor was his brother. Whine was born into an upper class WinterClan family, one revered for their pureblood status, but it wasn’t a perfect family. His parents also had children who were adopted, children that weren’t treated equally to the blood children. Instead their adopted children were abused and beaten, and resentment grew. Soon enough when the children had grown they turned on their parents. In the battle Whine’s parents lost their lives, but one child wasn’t satisfied, their older adopted brother Rottenfang. Rottenfang stole all of his siblings that he could, vanishing into the night. But unlike how Dottymask raised him, he was kind except for one tradition. Rottenfang changed Whine and her siblings' names to Wailing, Whimpering, and Whining, a term of brotherly endearment really. Whine felt a close brotherly affection towards his older brother Rottenfang for as long as he could remember, the two brothers were inseparable. Whine grew up listening to Rottenfang tell stories of Wolf and Pup, two brothers who looked out for one another no matter the obstacles. He was fascinated by his brother's will and as such grew up close to his sister, Ling. The two were able to share in their personal vendetta against their birth parents for what they did to Rottenfang. So when Rottenfang jumped to accuse Whimp of being a traitor, maybe he had less of a hard time following through with believing it than it would have been if it was Ling. Whine still loved Whimp though, but he trusted his brother more so when Whimp was labeled a traitor he didn’t hesitate to drag her into the murky swamp, tying her down into the water. He cried every night for her for being a traitor, missing the way things were… Hating himself for leaving her to die. But soon enough his sister Ling went missing, Rottenfang didn’t seem concerned and a part of him knew that she too had become a traitor, one that Rottenfang had personally taken care of. Soon he began to whine to Rottenfang, wanting to know where Ling was, if he was next, he dared him to snap at him too… And he did. Rottenfang in a moment of rage turned fast on Whine, tearing open his throat to shut up the whining, but unlike with his sisters there was a deep immediate regret. Whine blacked out into what he was certain was death, but awoke to Rottenfang gently placing him down, his throat bandaged. Whine couldn’t speak any longer, only whine as his brother explained that he just needed to lie there and wait for a patrol who would take him in. A clan that would give him a happier life than what his brother could give. But after everything Whine wanted his brother. From that day forward he got his demon name, Whiningwhelp, a name he immediately lived up to, following his brother around like the stupid loyal puppy he knew he was. Hoping someday that maybe he could do better than whine, to heal his throat and find his voice again. Whine is a pure white cat with blue eyes and a wide mouth like a wolf. Caste + name
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Brokensight + played by pao Life did not start out great for this tom. Born to Silentsnow on a stormy winter night, Brokensight and his sister Sacredbreath nearly died their very first night. Silentsnow passed halfway through birthing Sacredbreath, leading to Brokensight being born after she'd died. The medicine cat at the time had a race against time in order to save the kit's life. Pulling him from his mother's womb, the poor little tom arrived into the world with a broken paw. It would be moons before he'd be able to even walk on the paw, let alone dream of becoming a warrior. But dream the orphan did. He and his sister were not quiet about their desires to become strong WinterClan warriors, but alas, fate would intervene once again. The two siblings became apprentices just before the battle against Primal Instinct and participated in the battle once it came upon the clan. They proved their skills and their worth during the battle, both eligible to receive their warrior names following the end of the war. Brokensight would not receive his name for moons following the battle. He was stuck down in the last of the fight, blinded by an attacker from Primal Instinct. The grey and cream tom lost one eye that day and was partially blinded in the other. His dreams of being a full-fledge warrior were killed that day. But he was honorable in his discharge to the elders den and moved on in life with pride. His sight may be mostly gone, but the tom is still able to function around camp just fine. Once upon a time, his eyes were a beautiful green color, but now the one remaining eye is dull and resembling more to a blue-green coloring. Brokensight vows that if the camp was ever attacked, he'd defend it and all of his clan mates with his life; sight or no sight, it wouldn't matter to him. WinterClan is his home and he will defend it with his all. Caste + name Mate +
Amberbird + played by pao Birds are free to explore the sky, to make their way through life as they please, and to shine as bright as any color of the rainbow. Amberbird is the exact opposite. He is sheltered, protected, and restricted. Part of it is his fault, the other his eldest sister’s. Amberbird was always shy and quiet as a kit, the smallest of his litter, and the last to do anything. He’d always preferred to sit back and allow everyone else to do things first. Landbound and unwilling to leave the nest to try to fly on his own. The first to cry, to hide, and to run to Seablossom for help. He always hated bothering his sister; she was stressed enough with being the newly appointed deputy, eldest sister and surrogate mother to two litters, and grieving for their father. She handled it poorly, but as well as anyone could expect of her. Amberbird’s litter was given to her only a few short weeks after their father’s death, a cat they would only know by name and through stories. He felt like a burden on his sister. Even at such a young age, he understood the stress he was giving her just for existing and tried to stay out of the way as much as possible or apologize when he was around even if he hadn’t done anything. Somedays, it seems like “sorry” is all he knows how to say, was probably his first word too. Sorry for being born, sorry for being a bother, sorry for breaking this or that, sorry. Amberbird can’t help apologizing or his stutter or his clumsy nature. It’s just who he is. A bird with broken wings, confined to the ground by his own choice. He fears the sky, the possibilities before him, and far too sensitive to even think of trying to leave the nest. Even as a warrior, he goes running to Seablososm any time something goes wrong with tears in his sharp, amber gold eyes and a cry on his lips. Amberbird is passive and won’t fight if he can help it; not even among his siblings or verbally against anyone. It led to Ivorypaw—his sister who is now known as Ivorycrown—pushing him around a lot when they were younger. She’d hated his litter, hated Seablossom at the time too. He didn’t understand why. Amberbird was always too scared to ask, still is but things changed when he was an apprentice. Ivorycrown had protected him from another cat bullying him, then turned around and informed him that only she was allowed to pick on him. But she’d been nicer from then out, not as rude and hateful. Amberbird was her brother, shy nervous, stuttering mess but hers and she wasn’t sharing! He didn’t feel so hated anymore and could find himself running to her just as often as he did Seablossom in times of trouble, though Ivorycrown wouldn’t always comfort him if he was crying. His own litter struggles to handle the fragile bird. Some of them get aggravated with his submissive nature, but he can’t help it and always ends up apologizing when it happens much to their frustration. Most birds take to the sky first chance they get, yet here he stays bound to the ground and unwilling to leave. The dark, storm grey tom is close with his siblings; always stuck to one of their sides since they were kits, whether they want him to be or not least they have to listen to him apologize or cry. Amberbird especially holds onto Seablossom like a mother figure, stuck to her side and unwilling to leave. It frustrates everyone, but the she-cat has never had the heart to tell the little bird to fly off. Freedom is not something he seeks, no Amberbird is perfectly fine with being landbound and never exploring beyond his home. Crime + Held prisoner to teach healing to Roseshade and Sweetcrema Bloodyhearts + played by Jadie Crimson streams of blood red tabby stripes circle this tom’s pelt from nose to tail tip, bright and vibrant as if freshly spilled from a mortal wound. An especially wide vein adorns his shoulders and mid-back, twisting and swirling, ripples in a growing pool. Bloodyhearts’s cold celadon eyes stand out against their vibrant backdrop, accented by the red body paint he still applies to their outer corners. It’s the only custom he’s managed to cling to from his former life in SunClan. Even though he was not Clan-born, Bloodyhearts always believed himself favored by the Sun God, a belief cemented in his heart when he was selected as Priest Promised. The Sun God was everything to him, his guide, his father figure, his reason for living and now, after devoting his life to his cause, he finds himself cursed and exiled from his deity’s holy lands. Bloodyhearts is now widely known as a monster and it’s perhaps his biggest insecurity as, on one hand, he truly believes everything he did was guided by the divine but, on the other, he’s starting to realize that maybe he misinterpreted… something? He still has all his confidence and bravado but it’s more empty, shallow, even, compared to what he once was. There’s no light in his eyes, no passion in his heart, he’s just existing on a single shred of hope that someday, somehow, he will regain his place at the Sun God’s side… because what else is there for him if not the approval of the divine? Crime + Outsider, tresspassing Frigidpaw [spring] + played by pao A meadow of orange flowers, spots covered in white snow. It's the signs of an early spring even when the world is still frigid cold. Hope and life, death and despair. One moment it can change from a freezing chill in the air to a warm breeze. Frigidspring is no different. No one had any idea he'd become this way when he was born. Bipolar, just like early spring. In a snap of frost he is cold and harsh, but the majority of the time, he's a warm sunny day. His eyes are like that of the setting sun reflected in an icicle, dark and glossy with emotion. Just like that icicle, all it would take was one wrong move to melt or breakaway from all he knows. Frigidspring is not a stable cat. This poor tom was left for dead, or at least that's what he'd always been told. His parents unknown and his bloodline a mystery. Life was easy. As a kit he'd been taken in by WinterClan, claimed as one of their own and his past no problem. His siblings and he had been raised as clanborn kits as all other adopted or found litters were. None of them the wiser as to where they could have come from, just that a tom found them while out for a walk. But there was more to the story. The tom who'd found him had been none other than the ex-Absum Lux member Harlow. He'd been conveniently out for a stroll when he'd come across Frozenstorms, his sister-in-law, being murdered by her mate, Jester. Then on his way back, after a patrol had dealt with the now deceased form of Frozenstorms, he found a litter of newborn kits. No one had thought anything of the finding, or even gave it a second thought that some of the kits had a similar orange coloring as Jester and Harlow had. They should have. Frigidspring, Fevridsummer, Enchantedwinter, and Enternalfall are the children of an affair, but only three living cats know as they were there on that fateful day. Frozenstorms was dead, but she'd also just become a mother for the second time. Those four kits found were hers. Harlow and Frozenstorms children, the children of an affair caught red-pawed. Crime + Murder Rodent » Scrawnymouse + played by faith A thin, almost bony tom with bright sepia bengal markings and pretty spring blue eyes. Whether it’s the common cold, allergies, or simply feeling a little down in the dumps, Wishbone’s health is generally poor all year around, and his various illnesses generally keep him confined indoors, helping with various odd jobs around camp. He viewed himself as one of the less useful warriors of the DayClan, especially compared to his siblings, and his self-esteem had suffered as a result. He tends to be a little self-defeating at times, and on the rare occasions where he’s perfectly healthy, will often believe he’s still sick in some way as to not get his hopes up. This self pitying side of him didn't help when he met Wolftundra in the heat of battle. He was scared up along his back, flank, and face when he tried to protect DayClan camp. After learning that the WinterClan tom had helped his clan steal his cousins kits he snuck into WinterClan in the dead of night only to be caught. As a cruel punishment he was given to Wolftundra who treats him more as a pet than a person. He's often made to do work, is frequently humiliated, especially being given the pet name, Rodent. However he does have an oddly close relationship with Wolftundra. Crime + Attempted kidnapping of WinterClan kits Senescence + played by honeystorm What does being the Sovereign's mother in law, and the littermate of a former WinterClan leader get you? Spared from execution, apparently, and little else. Glowstar's daughter, Howlingnight's adoptive mother and biological grandmother, evidently Senescence likes spending time in the clan's prison, as she willingly let herself be taken to it for the second time now, following DayClan and the Regime attacking WinterClan. Scars cover short russet fur, the pale marks interlaced with spiderweb black stripes, stark memories written onto her body of a time long past. One particularly long clawmark runs through her left eye, rendering it blind and a violet shade that contrasts with her good eye that peers at the world in boredom from a haint blue lens. Despite who she is viewed to be, and her position in the clan, nothing seems to faze her all that much, even the coldest of the WinterClan nights, as if she's survived as bad if not worse already. Caste + name Mate + Innocentia Crime + War Criminal (Willingly surrendered following the battle between WiC, RR, and DC) Shule Eerie + played by honeystorm Stoic nature, crystalline pale blue eyes, and four white paws to accent an otherwise sleek and muscular black pelt. The Commander of the Regime, distant aunt in law to Wintrystar via both cats' marriage to the Eerie line. There is little love lost between them, of course. But despite her status as Prisoner, she's calm, collected, and cold as the lands that surround her, refusing to let WinterClan break her spirit. Caste + name Mate + Sean Eerie Crime + War Criminal (Led attack against WinterClan with RR & DC)
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