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This is SunClan.
Those who reside in this territory,
deemed sacred by their Great Protector and
deity the Sun, are creatures who bask in his warmth. It’s members are sanctimonious, arrogant, and vain, touting themselves as ones Chosen by the Sun while looking down upon outsiders who are thought to be beneath them. A close-knit, pious, and rather secretive group, trespassers will find themselves killed or chased away on sight, though SunClan cats can often be found trespassing on other territories and instigating fights simply for the sake of it.

Rped by Racer
Answering only to the Sun God, the High Priestess is given the divine right to rule over all members of SunClan. Her authority is absolute and she is involved in all aspects of SunClan’s life from holding religious services and healing the sick and wounded to leading military forces into battle. Above all else, the High Priestess’s primary focus is keeping the Clan healthy, strong and close to their deity.
Born of ice and forged in fire, Littlestar is the result of two conflicting worlds. As the first and only surviving child of Goldenstar and his deputy Hazethroat, Littlestar was born into a strict world of courtesy and WinterClan traditions. She was raised to be the picture perfect princess, always expected to portray a pure and submissive facade to the rest of the clan. She obeyed her parent's commands without question, believing they knew better than she. Spending her time listening to the stories of old, and being prepared to one day take her father’s place on the throne of WinterClan. She was the only kit of her litter to make it through her mother’s rough kitting, born small and sickly. Her small delicate frame is covered in a soft layer of stone grey fur with wisps of frost and shadowed stripes wrapping around her limbs. Her gentle golden eyes, a reminder of her pure WinterClan lineage, and her father that inspired fear in so many. Daddy’s little snow princess has grown up and transformed into something her parents wouldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams though she remains royalty. Littlestar now leads SunClan as their one of the most powerful clans in the known world as their High Priestess. She has overcome all the odds against her, rising up like a phoenix from the ashes of pain and destruction. She leads SunClan with fiery passion, destroying all those that stand in the way of her clan or threaten her family with fire and blood. However, unlike her predecessor she doesn’t seek out violence and chaos, only resorting to such means when other options have failed. She always puts the needs of her family and clan above her own.
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Chosen by the Sun God from the ranks of the Janus, this cat is the future High Priestess of SunClan. She eats, sleep and studies at the High Priestess’s side, eventually taking on some of her mentor's duties, such as scheduling patrols and healing simple ailments. She also works alongside the Soothsayer Promised in monitoring the progress of the Rays. Upon promotion to this position, the Promised is given her warrior name regardless of her age at promotion.
Heavenly cinder grey fur peters through her dark storm cloud fur. Her wavy locks twist and turn like an untamed rose briar. She has a voluptuous form that is engulfed in hurricane greys, dark as night blacks and a light grey skies hue, interrupted only by four snowy white paws. Soaringlight is a black beauty with dragon blue enchanting eyes. She is decisive and alarmingly confident, always one to take the lead; however, she shows no tolerance for weakness, especially in regards to herself. Fiercely independent, Soaringlight would rather fail than ask for help. So, when her elemental ability to communicate with animals developed, she kept it to herself and suffered greatly. Unable to justify consuming a life that has the same hopes and dreams as she does, she refused to eat or hunt for many days. Then, one morning, she quietly left camp, cornered a mouse, listened to it plead for its life, snapped its neck and ate it. A part of her died that day, too, but she came back stronger than ever before, believing she conquered what was her greatest weakness: Compassion. Don’t tell her, but she did not quite succeed. She may leave you behind to prove a point but she’ll stay up all night watching and waiting just to make sure you get home safe. Soaringlight actually has a huge heart, she just has a strange way of showing it; the harsher she is on you, the more she cares for you.
Zodiac Sign - Eye

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The Soothsayer serves as the authority on identifying and interpreting omens as well as anything supernatural, even superseding the High Priestess and Priestess Promised. She conducts several sacred rituals and oversees the training of the Janus in all the ways of the Clan from to traditions. General members of SunClan often go to the Soothsayer in search of history insight on various aspects of their lives. The Soothsayer resides in the Janus camp.
Paintedcanyon is a gorgeous dark ginger colored tom with layers of gold and bronze and flecks of brown. Paintedcanyon like his mother is deaf in his left ear, but because of this has hawk eye like vision in his left eye to compensate. Oftentimes he squints with his left eye and is able to detect any number of dangers or even notice prey quicker than the average warrior. Paintedcanyon often struggles in SunClan due to his long WinterClan fur and sometimes has to sit out during newleaf and greenleaf or else he shows signs of heat stroke. Despite this many cats fall in love with his beautiful and unique sunset fur. Paintedcanyon often feels lazy and down on himself when he has to stay inside the den, but is quick to be useful to his clan the moment leaffall and leafbare approaches. Paintedcanyon is very loyal to SunClan cats, but isn’t as loyal to the SunClan code as most of his peers are, not that he disrespects it either. But his clanmates are always closer to his heart than his religious beliefs.

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Chosen by the Sun God from the ranks of the Janus, this cat is the future Soothsayer of SunClan. He eats, sleep and studies at the Soothsayer’s side, eventually taking on some of his mentor's duties, such as counselling his clanmates and interpreting omens. He also works alongside the Priestess Promised in monitoring the progress of the Rays. Upon promotion to this position, the Promised is given his warrior name regardless of his age at promotion. The Soothsayer Promised resides in the Janus camp.
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The Janus’s day to day life is shrouded in mystery. These six cats devote their lives to recording and memorizing the history of the clan and are avid seekers of knowledge. They are taught by the Soothsayer in all of SunClan's ways in preparation for the possibility of someday being chosen as a Promised. In addition to their studies, the Janus tend to the Burial Grounds and herb production, as well as various special projects given to them by the upper echelon. In times of war, the Janus are often called upon as commanders and strategists. The Janus reside in the Janus camp.
Roleplayed by Jetclaw
After the disappearance of the soothsayer, Hazelcascade the cat he loved Skipstep began to delve into prayer. Desperate for an explanation for why she was suddenly gone. He hoped by praying harder and giving over to the ways of the sun the answer would present itself to him. Gone is the tom who was laid back, replaced by a cat fanatically searching for an answer. This Balinese tom has a golden tan colored pelt, and white paws. His grey blue gaze now pierced those around him, trying to pick the world around him apart. All while the line blurs between attraction and obsession.
Zodiac Sign - Wind

Roleplayed by Honeystorm
Pure white cloaks their frame, and from them, peers mismatched blue and green eyes. A lone voice rises into the air, slow and low, rich and melodic, in the sort with an indescribable allure. There one day and gone like the wind the next, without a single tear to shed for those left behind. Sorrowfularia is certainly a bit more... subdued than their brothers. At least on their face. They're not nearly so arrogant as Bloodyrondo, nor well, ambitious like Moonlitnocturne. They've not thrown themself into SunClan like Innocentlament, nor are they quite so hot and cold as Ruinedportrait. Sorrowfularia is steadfast and critical, with little tie to anyone at all. They move on the whims of the breeze only they can hear, and no one can stop them. They're not quite so easy to read, but they seem to draw others to themself like moths to a flame, then again, perhaps that's the pale fur. After all, he's a rare commodity in their purity of color. Not one trace of color beyond their eyes.
Zodiac Sign - Rose


Her habit of always moving around or fidgeting as a kit earned her the name of Dancing. Back then, all she concerned herself with was constantly playing alongside her siblings and never resting. Now, her dance has become elegant and precise. Every movement she makes is well-thought out and every effort is made to ensure her physical appearance and reputation stay dutifully intact. Apart from her service to the Sun God, her self-image is of the utmost importance. Dancinglight believes in the Sun God with all of her heart, and will never disregard her religion or the code, no matter the circumstance. Her values have had their consequences though. Making friendships has always been difficult for her and every day, she grows more distant from her family. She feels torn with the fact that she doesn’t carry true SunClan blood in her veins, and so creates a gap between the few siblings that reside in SunClan and her mother. However, she still deeply cares for all of her family and hopes to one day, accept them fully. Her short fur is a pale ginger with faint markings a shade darker. She has a white underbelly and toes, a fluffy tail with longer fur than the rest of her coat, and bright amber eyes.
Zodiac Sign - Wind

Roleplayed by stardance ~~~ Wind Zodiac Sign
Cold. Intense. Powerful. Mysterious. Haunting. These all describe Nightfury, a true force of hatred and power. He has a cold outlook on almost all of his life, viewing it all as worthless yet valuable. His actions would create an effect ripple that would affect that short term, but what about the long term? He feels as if he is a creature of the dark , born in the dark, so he’s not active by choice in the day. Instead, he spends time roaming the night on a killing spree if all goes well, hence the fury at the end of his name. Since his youth, he has learned how to hone this animal inside of him. Not how to fix it, but take advantage of it. However, his anger is another story. His fuse is short lived and dramatic, spectacular and terrifying, and something to be feared. He has no problem attacking anyone and everyone if he feels the need, though this is one thing he tries to refrain himself from doing, or he used to. He no longer has any issues with harming or killing someone, no matter the age. To him, a kitten and an adult cat become one of the same if he or she has information he wants. If he wants the information, he will be sure to get his paws on it at all costs. Pain is temporary, but the power gained can be absolute. In such cases, the end justifies the means. Though surprising, such a cruel creature is capable of loving someone, and he has. She was to-die-for, or have someone else die for. Nonetheless, he has felt love, and the power it wields on beings like and unlike himself. Such a force drove him from his home in Absum Lux. The tom was caught returning from over the boundary after meeting with his mate, and was promptly exiled by the Heda. Having lost one of the things he held dear, he refocused himself on the other: his mate, Silver of Multiplesouls. She is his anchor, so to speak. Without her in MoonClan, he would have joined the League and become a purely apathetic killer. After her disappearance, the Lunar Guard himself left and wandered. He has returned, but refuses to speak beyond simple hisses, laughs, and one to two word answers to questions. He has deep ocean blue eyes that pierce the soul, much to his pleasure. His fur is pitch black in color. Nothing else, just darkness. So,what happens when darkness rises? Do you cower or do you face it? Or, do you let it engulf you, enthrall you, and become you? If your answer is the former, you are not alone.There is someone here to accompany you for the short while you are still breathing. Fueled by demon blood coursing through his veins, those dark urges still lurk within the deep recesses of his mind, but they stay there. Most of the time. When the darkness does break through, it is not a sight you want to see.

Roleplayed by Ashestoashes ~~~ Eye Zodiac Sign
With white fur and gray patches all along her body with eyes as blue as the ocean this she cat is one resilient feline. She was dropped by in Sunclan territory as a small kit with no family around, but perhaps this was just where she was meant to be...her destiny. Lilypool has a strong personality with strong opinions but has great bravery, likes to help solve problems, and being relied on. Her one down side is that she likes to do things her own way, which tends to get her in trouble even though it could ultimately solve the issue at hand. There are instances where Lilypool seems to have moments of deja vu but just shrugs them off without another thought.

Roleplayed by AtomHeart ~~~ Rabbit Zodiac Sign
Born in a time of great strife, Paledream was from a taboo relationship. Her mother Bleedingheart was a full blood SunClan cat who’s parents had left the clan. Her father, Spiderbranch, was a DayClan tom who had been paired up with another DayClan she-cat for who he had no feelings. Neither parent had planned the relationship or even expected to have children from it. Yet Paledream and her two siblings were nothing if not loved. She was raised primarily by her mother who taught her all about the Sun God, but additionally told her of the many other religions in forgien clans. She got to visit her father along the border as a kit. Eventually when she and her siblings were promoted to apprentices they were given the choice, by their mother, to either stay with her or join their father. Paledream chose to stay in her home, though she still likes to visit the border with DayClan and see her family who live in that clan. She is a smaller she-cat with a sandy tan coat crossed with broken black stripes. Her round eyes are a deep gold, just between her mother’s fiery amber and her father’s bold yellow.

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The Senate
Rather than retiring upon reaching old age, cats of SunClan become members of the Senate. These esteemed cats are not required to hunt or fight, though they may if they're capable and willing. Instead, they serve primarily as advisors to the High Priestess, not only offering their valued opinions on official matters, but also representing the younger members of the Clan, their needs, wants, and the like. The Senate also oversees the training of Initiates by assigning duties and educating them on the inner workings of their future home.

Senators wear mostly white body paint, but are allowed to used yellow, orange, and red paint as accent colors.
Roleplayed by Faith ~~~ Appleblossoms Zodiac Sign
I wear my scars like diamonds, hold the universe on my shoulders like a pair of wings, and laugh at the world like it’s some kind of game. A mess of gorgeous and chaos; I’m a stunning beauty of gold forged out of starfire with stripes funneling down my coat like brooks of red. My emerald eyes are like the sun, they’ll leave wounds if you look at them too long. I’m a half breed of Goddess and Hell descent from Renegade and Primal. I guarded each new nemesis as though they were the devil and I were their cerberus on a chain. I reaped lives for the anarchy and set fires to tyrannies. Chaos became my true lover, together we unleashed six deadly sins onto the world and never before had we seen fires that looked so beautiful. But every new Devil with a gesture of their claw removed my darling sins until there were four. Their loyal cerberus could no longer reap for a master that took my sins away as though they were plagues to the world. Some could say DayClan was heaven on Earth when I found it, but for me it was like finding a dragon. Everyone hears that there are nice people in this world, that there are places more beautiful than a sunrise, but until I saw DayClan those were just stories. DayClan was a living fairytale that I swore to protect. I am a reaper, my claws are my scythes, I can kill like autumn kills summer. With the softest kiss.

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Wind Zodiac Sign
Rorke is a massive Maine Coon tom with largely white fur, though his legs and face are intricately patterned with glimmering gold. Muscles ripple beneath his pelt, making even simple harmless motions appear meanacing. His amber-brown eyes that would usually sparkle with warmth, hold nothing but blazing fury. He bears a striking resemblance to the Sun God form that he takes most often, in fact the sun god created this form based upong Rorke's appearance. Rorke is an old soul, who lived when lions still roamed freely upon the lands. He was one of the first cats to bring together SunClan, and to teach others of SunClan's religion.

Just as rays are an extension of the Sun, the Rays are an extension of SunClan. Warriors that choose to become Rays are allowed to travel to and live in other groups in order to recruit new members for SunClan, spread the word of the Sun God and, of course, spy. Warriors can only become Rays with the blessing of the High Priestess and the Soothsayer and have an additional set of rules that they must observe in order to continue to live outside of SunClan territory. Once chosen, the Rays report and answer to each of the Promiseds.

Rays wear the paint colors appropriate for their age
1. Rays’ loyalty must always remain to SunClan. When summoned, Rays must return to SunClan immediately. However, Rays are allowed and, in fact, encouraged to take positions in other groups.
2.When residing outside of SunClan, Rays must wear body paint and use their SunClan names.
3,Rays must lead morning and evening prayers for all who are willing to attend. They must speak highly of SunClan and answer questions to the best of their ability, but are forbidden to reveal any SunClan secrets, traditions, ceremonies, etc.
4,Kits born to Rays serving outside of SunClan may remain where they were born until they are apprentice age; however, apprentices must be returned to SunClan for their Warrior training.
5.The upper echelon may revoke a Ray’s title at any time for any reason. Upon demotion, the Ray must return to SunClan and resume Warrior duties.
Roleplayed by Stardance ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
A snow bengal with green eyes. She is a bit of a spitfire. Words flow from her mouth like water from a waterfall, never ending and untamed. She has no filter, so whatever comes to mind, she says. Her relationship with her deity comes from her fiery words. She admires him and despises him at the same time. She'll insult him whenever she gets the chance, but defends him when any outsider question's the deity. Her stubbornness is second to none. Raystrike only gives in arguments when the truth hits her in the face. Given to her father by her mother at a few moons old and then her father, Ghostcrown, being exiled at the end of her kithood taught her the importance independence. During the Fire Nation's war with SunClan, she was poisoned. The effects of it knocked her out for most of the battle, which led to her getting left behind. She barely survived, and ended up getting captured by Frostfire and renamed Soot. She became a NightClan prisoner and Frostfire's servant as a result. Maybe one day she will see the sun again... and that day came when her brother Crow came and rescued her after five moons in prison. But the time there came at a cost: her lungs are permanently damaged, and she will have breathing issues for the rest of her life. Now she lives in SummerClan as SunClan's ray, still serving her god from a place where she can live.
Ray to SummerClan

Roleplayed by NovaAmaro ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
Tall, dark, handsome, and above all extremely volatile. Scorchedwhisker has learned to walk with a chip on his shoulder thanks to the folly of his parents. A love affair between a Moonclan she-cat and a Sunclan tom is the start of Scorchedwhisker's story. The affair of his parents was quickly punished by the gods moments after his birth. His mother had given birth to a littler of four, only two survived and his mother had nearly died bringing them into the world. Scorchedwhisker never felt that he belonged on Moonclan. They watched him warily, whispering amongst themselves about his muddled bloodline. As a kit, and as a young apprentice, their words had been like daggers to his heart. His mother had dried his tears whenever he spoke with her. She would promise that they would see him for what he truly was. A loyal cat, that would do anything for his clan. Scorchedwhisker had vowed to live up to the image his mother had of him. But the whispers never ceased. He and his sister had grown close, keeping each other safe from the claws of their clanmates. In the end, he could no longer stand it. Shortly after becoming a warrior, Scorchedwhisker left Moonclan. His sister had tried to stop him, but he was not swayed. The siamese tom thought that maybe things would be different for him in Sunclan. He was wrong. His father hadn’t the slightest idea that Scorchedwhisker was alive, and had claimed a new mate. One that hated him instantly once she and the rest of the clan found out about him. The hopeful tom though that things would be better for him with his father’s clan. Instead things were worse. Stripped of his name and given the position of initiate, Scorchedwhisker quickly learned to walk with his claws unsheathed as he walked through the fire to prove himself a loyal Sunclan cat. Once he was renamed after proving himself in the initiation process, Scorchedwhisker had put a stone wall around his heart. Not wanted in Sunclan, not wanted in Moonclan, Scorchedwhisker goes through the motions of his life. He accepted a long time ago that he would never belong anywhere, but he refuses to show the cats of Moonclan and Sunclan that they were right about him. This tan tomcat is always on guard. Always listening to the whispers around the camp. His deep blue eyes hold nothing but anger and hostility as he keeps himself far from trivial clan attachments. The only one that seemed to be an exception to his is his half-sister, Blissfulstorm. This tomcat will do what he must, always rising above and beyond as he continues to prove to himself that he's unfortunate situation does not define the loyal warrior he is. The one his mother always knew he could be. Scorchedwhisker speaks with a sharp tongue, lashing out at any that dare to even look at him the wrong way. When crossing paths with this tom cat, sometimes it is best to just walk the other way.
Ray To SummerClan

Roleplayed by NovaAmaro ~~~ Apple Blossoms Zodiac Sign
She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s a spacey mess. This gray tabby she-cat has a nasty habit of spacing out, and that usually gets her into a bit of trouble. Whenever she’s called out on it, Blissfulstorm just laughs it off as she attempts to apologize. Her orange eyes are always bright and joyful, they never seem to hold any sort of sadness. No matter what the situation is this tabby will always try to find the silver lining. Optimism is her strongest quality, but it can quickly become her most annoying. There’s hardly a mean bone in her body… it’s surprising how she even became a warrior to begin with! Blissfulstorm claims that she would have never become the warrior she is without the help of her half-brother, Scorchedwhisker. Ever since she could remember she had always been close to the siamese tom. She never understood why her mother and siblings never liked him. He had always been nice to her, and even helped her learn how to focus more. No matter what anyone said, or even what her big brother said, she always went out of her way to hang out with him and play. But there’s always a calm before any storm, and it would be wise not to try and push Blissfulstorm into a bad mood. This she-cat has the same temper as her half-brother when she is pushed to her limits. Her patience can only go so far, and she she snaps she won’t hesitate to unsheathe her claws on a fellow clan mate.
Ray to NightClan

Roleplayed by racer ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
Tangledcurls is the epitome of a mess, a cute mess, but a mess nonetheless. Tangledcurl’s got his name from his bright orange curls that are almost impossible to keep from tangling. Add that to his sweet pale yellow eyes that look a little to big for his face, and it is hard to tell him no. Tangledcurls is very clumsy but, very sweet and has a good heart. He means well, but gets himself into trouble more often than not unintentionally.
Ray to NightClan

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
It didn't take long for her mother to realize that something was different about her daughter. While all her other siblings opened their eyes, she took longer. When her lids finally lifted, it revealed the crystalized blue orbs underneath. She had been born blind. The rumors spread, as each of her siblings were also revealed to have some sort of issue. Some said the the Sun God had cursed this litter for their father's crimes. Others took pity on the small kits, who had yet done no crime. In either case, Unseenlights was treated differently. Mother's hid their kits when she came around, and the long-haired black she-cat began to fall into a deep depression. It didn't help that her mentor was physically and mentally abusive, but despite this her kind heart shined through. As a young warrior she met Duskslayer on a blind date, and the rest is history. He became her everything, her reason for continuing on in this world helping her to find her own happiness.
Ray to Renegade Regime
Eastpaw ????
Roleplayed by Honeystrom ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
a gray tom
Ray to Renegade Regime

Roleplayed by racer ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
Southpaw is daddy’s little girl, she adores her father even when he gives her a little bit of touch love. She loves stories about princes and princess, and is rather sheltered about the harsh realities of the world.Southpaw can be a little bit prissy, but she had a huge heart full of love to give.
Ray to Tenegade Regime

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Memories Zodiac Sign
Despite being the oldest member of SunClan's little host club(made up of his many, many sons), Honeysplash is often perceived as the youngest due to his small size and kit-like facial features. His petite frame is covered in a layer of soft golden honey colored fur with cream swirls, and his eyes glimmering eyes are the color of honey. He is about the height of a young apprentice, and shows no signs of growing any larger. Although he often appears dimwitted, Honeyspalsh is actually highly intelligent and clever. He is able to see right through deceptions. Honeysplash is what most cats call a 'ray of sunshine', always upbeat and positive. Despite his generally positive nature, he angers easily when awakened from slumber. Most of the members of his Clan believe that he has a split personality (i.e. Dark/Nice HoneyHe often serves as mentor to the younger members of the club, eager to help them discover who they are. However, he does not believe in babying people. He is adoring of his stuffed bunny, whiskers, as it was given to him by his mother before she passed away.Honeysplash used to be obsessed with having more kits to bring into SunClan, but has settled down some thanks to his daughter Pollendrone and having to raise his most recent litter of kits himself.
Zodiac Sign - Memories
Ray to SwiftClan

Lastingpaw hope
Roleplayed by racer ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
Lastinghope is the son of Lionpride and Pollendrone. He is a very excitable cat, who loves to play and explore. He is always wanting to learn about how others work, and other clan’s cultures fascinate him even though he stays true to the Sun God. Lastinghope has long white fur, with brown patches and bright blue eyes.
Ray to SpringClan

Warriors are cats who have completed six moons of apprenticeship or initiation and are regarded as full members of the Clan, typically no younger than twelve moons of age. They spent their days much the same as Warriors in any other group: Hunting, patrolling, maintaining camp and, when circumstances demand it, fighting.

Warriors wear mostly Yellow body paint with orange & red as accent colors
WOLVERINE - January Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by Racer ~~ Wolverine Zodiac Sign
Lionpride, when you see him there is little doubt as to why he was named such. His long gray coat forming a magnificent mane around his neck, golden gaze, and powerful muscles a clear resemblance of the lions spoke of in legends. He towers over most cats, staring down at them with a gaze eerily similar to that of his grandfather, Goldenstar. Yet those that spend any time with him, soon realize that Lionpride is a gentle giant. He hates the thought of harming others, often times refusing to fight back even when it hurts him. However, though he is not willing to fight for himself, he will fight for those he cares most about and to speak up about injustices. He is quick to use his words to defend the weak, not afraid to stand up for what is right. Lionpride has been through a lot of traumatic events in his life. His first mate died before his eyes while giving birth, having to be cut open to save the kits inside. His second mate was an arranged marriage, though the two of them later fell in love and had 8 biological children with 4 adopted children. He almost died in a fire, only for his second mate and only daughter to disappear. He did his best to hold things together in her absence, and raise their kits to the best of his ability. Recently Pollendrone and Sweetpaw have reappeared, but it raises more questions than answers. Will they be able to rekindle their romance? Or have the flames of passion dissipated.

Roleplayed by Phantom ~~ Wolverine Zodiac Sign
"You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice." A mixture of her parents, she is a tortie point, covered in a vast amount of white with shades of black, pale brown and cream swirling together on her tail, legs and head along with a pale brown patch on her back and a singular streak of brighter ginger on the bridge of her nose. She does not share her fathers eye color, having earth toned brown eyes instead of blue. Pollendrones only physical flaw is a long scar that run across her cheek below her right eye. No cat knows what cards they will be dealt in life and Pollendron was no exception, known for her sunny and positive disposition growing up she never had any issues befriending most.. but things changed as her life as a warrior continued on. She tried her best to hold onto that old part of herself and she managed just fine for some time, nothing seemed abele to break her. Forced into a marriage, imprisoned, beaten and starved she held true to who she was and things even began to look bright once again despite the darkness that remained all around. What had begun as a loveless relationship with Lionpride blossomed, an agreement to do what was needed shifting into something neither expected. It wasn't a fairytale story though, complications appeared at every turn and in the mix of this new and shaky love a new bond began to form into much more with her dear friend Schorchedwhisker, but with kits on the way there was little room for much else. The hardships and difficulty did not stop there though, and Pollendrone soon lost her mother, Swelteringeclipse, sending her into a downward spiral, already teetering on the edge just awaiting for that final nudge to send her over.. A nudge that would not take long to come. So close to kitting and with the loss of her mother so fresh, the news that Lionpride had been lost was all it took to change this young she-cat at last. Of course the tom had lived and the news of that was good but for Pollendrone it had come far too late. She was not the same, and after a long and difficult kitting where she had nearly given up she stopped fighting and closed herself off from everyone, even refusing to be the amazing other she was meant to be. The lovable and stubborn she-cat had fallen into a deep depression and unwilling to allow her friends or family to help continued to drift further into solitude until one day she made the decision to leave, so without telling anyone she vanished, leaving behind everyone on she had ever cared including all but one of her newly born children.. Taken with her was her only daughter, Sweetkit. Pollendrone has since returned to her home with her daughter, after many moons of being away. She knows that life will never be as it once was but hopes in time things will at least become as normal as possible.

RABBIT - February Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by Shadow ~~~ Rabbit Zodiac Sign
Born with fur as dark as the night sky, her birth was considered a bad omen. While all her siblings had fur of bright white, she stood out for her strange coloration. Her parents couldn't help but treat her differently than her siblings, assuming that she had somehow been cursed. Once she was weaned, her family gave her away to SunClan after her siblings began to die one after another of a mysterious illness. Her parents assumed the worst of her, so she had vowed to always see the good in others. She works hard to be a good warrior, reaching out to others that have been deemed as outcasts to try show them that they are not alone.

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Rabbit Zodiac Sign
A charismatic good-natured warrior, who is known for his characteristic booming laughter that always echoes across the battlefield. He loves the thrill of a good fight, often challenging other warriors to unexpected wrestling matches whether they wish to participate or not. He strongly believes that keeping your skills honed is important, after all you never know when you might need them to defend those you care about. When Crownedstag fights, he is like a cannonball. Bowling over everyone in his path, paying no attention to the damage he sustains until after the battle. Crownedstag is a ladies man, often getting into trouble with his mate for his flirtatious and impulsive attitude, however he is completely loyal to Bleedingheart and would never dream of taking his flirtations any farther than mere words. He just likes to make others smile,

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Rabbit Zodiac Sign
An ebony tomcat with amber eyes. Adopted by Foxbane, but was forced to be given a rogue name, therefore preventing him from ever being considered a full member. Part of Silhouette, a rogue gang that pledged itself to Foxbane and SunClan as a whole. To return to the gang soon.

Roleplayed by NovaAmaro ~~~ Rabbit Zodiac Sign
Handsome. Beautiful. Mysterious. He can hear the whispers as he walks by. He does his best not to listen though. He never found opinions on his appearance important. In his mind, there was far more to be concerned about. Silverdragon walks about with an air of dignity, as if he were royalty incarnate. His turquoise eyes rarely reveal what he is feeling, giving him an air of mystery. Upon every greeting he’ll dip his head in respect, and talk in a voice that all but commands respect. He can be soft-spoken one moment, and then commanding in the next. To some he seems as though he is a natural born leader, but not overly ambitious. He is one to follow the laws of his clan and hold them above all else. Sometimes he will even hold them above what his heart wants. To him, loyalty to ones clan means everything. Even if he is of a differing opinion, Silverdragon’s dutiful nature compels him to follow the orders bestowed upon him. This dark, smoky gray tom hates focusing on multiple things at once. Instead he would rather work on one issue at a time, sorting through them by level of importance. His determination to succeed pushes him forward, allowing him to excel at anything he puts his mind too. Nothing can stop this elegant tom once he sets his mind to something. Dutiful, determined, he holds all the qualities of a loyal warrior and will do what is expected of him.

EARTH - March Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by Lore
A large, long furred, silver tabby with brown eyes. Earthquake is the kind of cat whose presence draws the attention of others whether he wants it to or not. It’s mainly due to his large stature that others can’t help but stare at him. With a serious demeanor and no-nonsense attitude most would assume he has the makings of a natural born leader but, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Earthquake takes his role as a big brother very seriously, and acts almost like a second father to his sister Mousesqueak. He is a protector to those who need it but, that’s as far as his authority extends. He has no burning need for power and no real ambitions aside from keeping his sister and his clan safe. Due to his serious nature he can come across as withdrawn and even cold to those who don’t know him well, especially she-cats and he doesn’t usually care enough to correct him.

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Earth Zodiac Sign
Bio tba. A handsome dark-gray pointed tom with thick fur, black markings along his face, and pale cream lines running alongside them. Youngest son of Valleystep and Deal.

Roleplayed by NovaAmaro ~~~ Earth Zodiac Sign
Paintedcanyon is a gorgeous dark ginger colored tom with layers of gold and bronze and flecks of brown. Paintedcanyon like his mother is deaf in his left ear, but because of this has hawk eye like vision in his left eye to compensate. Oftentimes he squints with his left eye and is able to detect any number of dangers or even notice prey quicker than the average warrior. Paintedcanyon often struggles in SunClan due to his long WinterClan fur and sometimes has to sit out during newleaf and greenleaf or else he shows signs of heat stroke. Despite this many cats fall in love with his beautiful and unique sunset fur. Paintedcanyon often feels lazy and down on himself when he has to stay inside the den, but is quick to be useful to his clan the moment leaffall and leafbare approaches. Paintedcanyon is very loyal to SunClan cats, but isn’t as loyal to the SunClan code as most of his peers are, not that he disrespects it either. But his clanmates are always closer to his heart than his religious beliefs.

Roleplayed by Cleaver ~~~ Earth Zodiac Sign
Ruthless cats have been around since the dawn of time, but few have the strength to prolong their brutality. This impulsive tomcat is built like stone: impossibly massive with dense corded muscle, shoulders broad as some tree trunks, thickly stacked and heavy as a boulder, his strength is unmatched by the average cat and he brags about taking down trained fighters in a single blow that split them throat to navel. He may be slow, but his hulking frame absorbs minor damage and any cat that gets close enough to hurt him comes at great risk of personal harm. Once he gets his immensely strong jaws around them, there is no escape. A myriad of scars lace the skin beneath his thick ash-dark pelt, but they're barely visible under the swirling soot and oil fur. A powerful threat to face in any battle, his inner darkness matches his coat, and his past is as cruel as any rogue. He was born in WinterClan, where he murdered his little sister, burned his brother's face, and murdered his father. He was exiled from the clan when they couldn't find proof of his crimes, and he wandered alone with bands of rogues, preying on the land for year after year. Finally, when his brother caught his attention, he returned to the clans and chose to settle in SunClan. Mountain is not an intelligent cat, but he is brutal, and whatever plans he has for his family and his clan, he will not be deterred.

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Earth Zodia Sign
The golden she-cat is like a walking ball of sunlight, but oftentimes cats feel too intimidated to approach her due to her resting face appearing mean. Like the sorbet peony flower her fur is golden with flares of white spreading out among her fur. She is very happy and compassionate, always wanting to help others, but as typical to the family trait she isn’t too involved in SunClan politics and wasn’t particularly raised to care about the Moon Goddess or Sun God. Still she has a great desire to be an amazing hunter for SunClan after hearing stories about WinterClan from her mother where they were starving most of the time. In order for Sorbetpeony to make sure SunClan doesn’t wind up like WinterClan she is always out hunting and is always selflessly ensure that everyone else has eaten before she has. Sorbetpeony has a rare lucky trait to herself, often times good fortune comes straight to her. A mouse when no one else can find one, a grip on the side of a mountain when she’s losing strength to climb. It seems good fortune is always on Sorbetpeony’s side, likely due to the lucky symbolism of the flower she was named after.

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Earth Zodiac Sign
A tiny, pure black she-cat with thick fur, a gold right eye, and copper left eye. Daughter of Valleystep and Deal, twin to Hollygore.

APPLE BLOSSOM - April Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Apple Blossom Zodiac Sign
Russian blue fur with golden freckles across her entire body. She has tufts of bright golden fur and golden strands of fur that look like gold from the sun was drizzled across her pelt like an expensive dessert. She has bright golden eyes like a spooky moon on a cold night. She's the youngest daughter of Mistyrose's first litter, and well, apparently the only one left atm. Will add to once I have a clue what she's like.

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Apple Blossom Zodiac Sign
The Chimera. A silver smoke tabby tom with dusty olive eyes.

ROSE - MAY Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Rose Zodiac Sign
Blushing golden peach belly fur mists into her white neck fur. A hood of black covers her scalp and lingers down into a dark mask over her diamond green gaze and stops at her snout. She has silvery grey fur like morning mist over a lake with a charcoal black chin. When she was born she wasn’t that strong and as she grew older she wasn’t that fast so her mother told her she was going to have to be the bravest. Chickadee has a very pitbull nature, she boldly launches herself forward towards whatever goal she has and never lets go. During a fight if you stab her twenty times you better make sure she’s dead because she’ll keep going even if she has no limbs left. Her endurance is absolutely baffling, as an apprentice she would intentionally hurt herself to learn how to work through the pain. Given that her mom was a medicine cat it was never long till she was back on her paws again. Her boldness is her greatest weakness.

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Rose Zodiac Sign
An orange marble bengal she-cat with yellow eyes. Her brothers are Bloodyrondo(now exiled and known as Bloodycrow) and Moonlitnocturne(deceased), and her sister is Ruinedportrait(now known as Marvelcanvas) and Sorrowfularia. Unlike many of her her other siblings, Innocentlament has thrown herself into life in SunClan. She has devoted herself to her clan, even if she isn't as religious as some might like. She feels a duty to help and support the clan that has cared for them since her birth. She has practically disowned all of her relatives in Primal Instinct, only considering those of her family members in SunClan as her family. She tries her best to look after her siblings, half-siblings, and cousins that have all happened to find their way into SunClan. Unfortunately for her, they don't make it very easy. As Bloodystar ran SunClan into ruin, she did her best to be a supportive sister and keep the rest of the clan as safe as possible, but she could only do so much. In the end all she could do is wonder where he went after he was exiled, after being unable to find a trace of him. Now the rest of the clan give her wary glances, even though without her things would have been much, much, worse.

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Rose Zodiac Sign
A heretic, an unbeliever, one who practices magic, given the power to control those around them. The clan can speculate all they like for the reasoning of his name. Perhaps it had to do with his father, Deal's charm, or possibly, Zendikdominance's lack of faith in StarClan. A very select few, if any, could realize the significance of his name connected to none other than his own mother, Foxstar. A heretic in her own right, to follow in the path of the Place of No Stars rather than the starry clan above said to watch over them, a witch, a magician, with subtle actions and cues that can cast their own spell, ensnaring those around her, bending them to her will. But how could they see this connection, when they can't even realized they've been manipulated in the first place? Zendikdominance brings both the best and the worst of his parents to play while looking little like either of them. Rather than their patterned pelts, his is solid obsidian, thick and glossy that seems to catch the light and shimmer in an unearthly way, his eyes not the green of his parents and littermates, but by some defect or stroke of luck, a unique purple, pale, glimmering lavender at the edges, darkening to an alluring shade of midnight violet at the center, utterly unlike anything in his family, yet only too fitting for the heretical magic doer himself. For that is what he is after all. From his father, he inherited the undeniable charm that only too easily makes one lower their guard, as well as the feeling of time ticking away, of grains of sand falling through the hourglass that is his life, and though conscious of this fact, he doesn't hold the same obsession as the father he never knew. And from his mother, where does he begin? In so many ways, he can be considered his mother's son, from his calm presence to the ability to manipulate those to his bidding as he wishes with nothing but words and gestures. Undeniable in his allure, and seemingly so pleasant and charming, it's easy to fall under his spells, even if one is at first shocked by his complete lack of faith in StarClan. Not to say he doesn't believe in them. His mother's lives are proof they do indeed exist with some sort of power, but really, Zendikdominance finds those ancestors rather useless, offering only vague help when they find it convenient. He prefers the Dark Forest's ways, their whispers of power, unafraid to use others, but all the time still being of more help than StarClan ever has been to him. He walks a dark path, a heretic, a puppet master, and most definitely not a cat who you want as an enemy.

FIRE - June Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
When you are living with balance in your life, you are living with peace and harmony every day. Balance comes in physical forms, emotional forms, and a spiritual form. As one of Littlestar’s sons, Balancedkit has always been acutely aware of how his and his sibling’s behavior could affect his parent’s reputation. As such he always does his best to help his parents with his more unruly siblings. He tries to bring balance to their lives, but often forgets to balance the needs of his family with his own. Balancedkit is of average build, but his long ginger locks cascading around him make him appear far larger. Cream is lightly threaded through his coat, like foam at the bottom of a waterfall. His eyes, like the reflection of the sun on the ocean.

Roleplayed by Cleaver ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
An orange-and-black chimera pelt with one green eye and one split blue, violet, and black, and copper - when he came to SunClan, they told him he'd already joined the clan thrice. This ghost-demon hybrid has three identical brothers, Planeshift, Lorienmanetta, and Fawnpaw, all born to the ghost Vulcan and Lorelei Manina. When they were younger they were inseparable, all causing mischief together, though Carnage Panic was a little slower and sometimes ruined the fun. When they were nearly apprentice age they were split up and he was sent to SpringClan for a few moons, where he learned the meaning of kindness and was promptly reminded of just how different his clan was when he found out they changed camps without ever telling him. With his siblings, he traveled to rescue his brother Romulus Fauna and ended up finding a new life. He just hopes this one ends better.

Roleplayed by Pao ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
SunClan is full of odd cats. Look at it's religion, Foxstar, Bloodystar, just look around. The clan is a mess and a home to many odd cats. Cinderbandit is no exception. Since he was a kit, this grey and white tom has collected all kinds of odd trinkets. A bottlecap, funnily-shaped stones, and even a crow's feather at one point. That's just one of his oddities. Collecting strange items is enough for cats to think he's weird, but he also proves he's not as stupid as he looks, and most of the time, he acts pretty stupid. It's at odd moments that these random spouts of intelligence show through. Times such as to not wonder over a certain rock pile because it's not as stable as it looks or to only step on certain rocks in that pile to make it to safety. Or there's the fact that he's good at riddles and math but can't seem to tell you why the weather happens or not to rush a mouse without scaring it away. But those moments are few and far between, and thus few cats see his true intelligence. It's probably because of how stupid this poor jade green eyed tom acts that his older siblings treat him like a baby. Wistfulsphinx acts like his mother and babies him at every chance she gets. And he doesn't mind, most of the time. When she or Mottledheart team up to baby him, he retaliates with some mischievous pranks and jokes befitting his role as the second youngest in the litter. So to him, that's a win and keeps things fair. And if others face his pranks some days, that's on them for messing with him. Most of the time his pranks and jokes are harmless and played in good fun, but there's been a few times were they're a little cruel and those tend to be moments where he shows off his intelligence. Cinderbandit doesn't hold grudges because he gets his revenge pretty quickly and if he doesn't, then he tends to forget about it. Easily distracted by shining things or random things, his collection of trinkets always seems to be growing. Its so unique that the kits love it when he brings a few things out here and there for them to mess with. In all honesty, you can't really be sure what to expect from Cinderbandit. Stupidity or intelligence, trinkets-galore, pranks and mischief, and much, much more. You just gotta get to know him to decide who he is. The smart cat you see rarely, or this dumb child most see everyday. Is he the odd ball, or just the one who stays out of the spotlight by acting one way and only showing his true colors when needed? Who's to say?

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
A pale cream she-cat with long fur and tall ears. Thin and regal, with pale green eyes flecked in sky blue and fairy light gold.

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
Fervent prayer is motivated by love and deep concern and is offered with enthusiasm, feeling, and faith. This is not a casual listing of requests, but prayer that flows from the heart over a pressing need. It’s also persistent prayer that doesn’t stop asking, seeking, and knocking until God answers. When she was younger Ferventprayer threw herself into the SunClan religion, not allowing even a splinter of doubt into her heart about his existence or power. Naively believing that all of the clan’s can be solved through prayer alone, if only one prays fervently enough. When prayer fails, instead of blaming their god she blames the one saying the prayer even if it herself. Recently her faith in both the Sun God and those around her was shattered, leaving the once confident she-cat a bundle of nerves. Not knowing who she can trust or what she believes in. Ferventprayer has a long coat as white as the snow from her mother’s homeland, patched with sandstone oranges and reds, and blacks like the shadows the sun casts upon the ground.

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
Romulus littermate. Identical to him.

Roleplayed by Woof ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
You'd expect the lightning that struck down her father would strike fear in her heart. Or that her mother's terminal labor would terminate any chance of wild behavior. She ought to pray to the Sun God, StarClan, hell even Zeus for the life not to be taken too soon from this mortal form of hers---yet, with every day, Nebulaknight challenges fear, defies death, and defines life. Whether that makes her reckless or apathetic, well, that's up to the audience, but this daredevil could care less. She's the thrill seeker: Leaping too close to the volcano's mouth, chasing the most destructive storms, letting the predator's jaws get too close to her carotid artery. She's felt too great of loss and pushed through enough sorrow to know that she doesn't want to spend a second of what time she has left regretting the things she's too afraid to do, so she's chosen not to fear anything at all. There's no better place than SunClan for a cat like her. Some find her to be exhilarating, but often the case is that few are willing to get close to someone so careless about her impact on others' lives or the gaping hole her lost presence would create. She doesn't know how to care because caring about that would mean having something to lose and Nebulaknight has nothing to lose, to her siblings' chagrin. Sarcastic and vitriolic, she forcibly removes anyone from her life that would cause her to hesitate, using whatever tools she needs to in order to do so. Mockery, snark, sass, scathing honesty, arrogance, rejection; anything that gets the job done. She's even turned her back on the religion that binds her clan and family together, unwilling to base her decisions on what the deities would want her to do. Though born to SunClan, to Coiledviper and Novaheart, and with plenty of kin in the clan, as far as she's concerned she's a free agent and goes where she pleases when she pleases no matter what anyone thinks about that. Nebulaknight is a pretty, although surly, mask-and-mantle she-cat with green eyes as acidic as they come.

Roleplayed by Jadie ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
A devilishly handsome gray tabby tom with golden brown eyes and charcoal classic tabby stripes. He has an off-white chest and underbelly that seamlessly fades into his somber base coat, giving him the illusion of a storm on the horizon. Perfectstorm takes after his mother, Littlestar, in all but size, as he is one of the larger cats in SunClan. Being the son of the High Priestess and the most experienced Janus, this tom has had high expectations for him from the moment he was born. In fact, he holds himself to an even higher standard than that, trying to become the perfect son, Warrior and chosen one. Perfectstorm always puts his heart into whatever he is doing, but, unfortunately, he is easily misguided. Having always been taught to give his heart to the Sun God, he couldn’t understand why Littlestar would kill him, and quickly bought into Bloodystar’s agenda. These days Perfectstorm even calls the High Priest father and is quick to offer him assistance even if odds are stacked against him. Bloodystar took the “perfect” son and twisted him to better fit his version of SunClan, and a darkness that wasn’t there before has begun to take root in Perfectstorm’s heart.

Roleplayed by Jetclaw ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. It’s what you do when you’re afraid that matters. Fear naturally comes with adversity, it is a signal that you’re standing in front of an opportunity. You can think of the fear as a springboard on which to leap from adversity into a new opportunity. I call it making a courageous leap. Resilience isn’t about being fearless; it’s about acknowledging the fear and taking courageous leaps, rather than getting trapped in paralysis. Faced with unimaginable adversity when she was so young, this white fluffy she cat, carrying the thick coat of her mother Littlestar and the gray blue eyes of her father Skipstep, has been pushed to points beyond what any normal cat could take. But Resilientbloom carries the love of her parents and her siblings and knowing in her heart that they love her is enough to help give her the strength to face the fearsome things ahead.

EYE - July Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by Strawberrycupid ~~~ Eye Zodiac Sign
Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, you forget they're even on your face. Even when reality creeps in your peripheral, it's easy to ignore until those glasses shatter. Anemoneshade never figured they would, and why would they? She's a bombshell through and through. Long and soft fur covers her hourglass figure, a mix of pure white like the flower she was named after and light lilac that pops against it. Coupled with two jewels like tiger's eyes for eyes and she turns heads no matter where she goes. Not that she minds. She exemplifies her Eye zodiac too well. Extroverted and driven in all she does, Anemoneshade doesn't let anything slow or stop her from getting what she wants. There are no tricks or secrecy with her, she makes it clear what she wants and how she thinks of you. She'll get right to the heart of an issue and pulls no punches while doing so. A born leader, it's easy to fall in step behind her. Anemoneshade loves any sort of attention she gets, tending to bask in it or prod them to give her more but never chasing after it. She can be considered a bit too domineering though, pushing the buttons of those around her too hard to where she'll hurt someone. Anemoneshade is also extremely naive, believing the best in everyone and that nothing could go wrong as long as you work on it. Her judge of character is awful and it leads to her getting fooled quite often. At least her dad Ocherflame is always willing to pull her out of trouble and lightly chastise her. But the glasses are starting to crack, it'll only be a matter of time before they break.

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Eye Zodiac Sign
Sickly, weak, not really worth the attention of anyone important. Bravekit, known to the Regime as Damek, bearing the very same name as his father once held. Relatively reclusive, and does not appreciate negative comments towards his health or appearance. Very curious about SunClan.

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Eye Zodiac Sign
Gray and white tabby tom with deep green eyes. Burntphoenix has an estranged relationship with Scorchedwhisker. The tom was led to believe that his kits with Delusionalhaven had all died, but that all changed when Scorchedwhisker arrived in Sunclan. He could do nothing but watch as his son was put through the initiation process, and though he couldn't show it, he felt nothing but pride when he was promoted as a warrior. He wants to be there for his eldest son, but isn’t sure how. He also doesn’t want to be the subject of attention again after his fling with Delusionalhaven and wants to live out the rest of his days in Sunclan with no more scandals. Burntpheoniz absolutely adores all of his children, and kits in general. He loves playing games with them and is very excited to have another litter on the way!!

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Eye Zodiac Sign
When out in the beaming beaming sunlight, Darksonata’s violet hues appear amongst the dark sea of his dark ebony satin soft pelt. It flows around his wolf-like build, giving him an air of dignity and mystery. His body is lanky with a thin stomach and muscular structure. The fur around his cheeks are sharp and angular, softening his face. His chest has a faded patch of white that becomes misconstrued in the his cheeks. He has his mother's bright blue eyes with white constellation markings along his cheeks, almost as if he was blushing stars. Darksonata is a cat of few words, only truly opening up when alone with his sister Soaringlight. Some even believe him to be mute, though that is not is not the case.

HEART - August Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by Phantom ~~~ Heart Zodiac Sign
A large, long-furred torbie tom with olive green eyes and white chest, front paws and underbelly. Flashes of cedarwood red tabby mix 50/50 with bark brown throughout this tom’s pelt, giving him a very rare coloration for his gender, which has unfortunately rendered him infertile. Luckily Cedardrop doesn’t care much for kits and gets sort of flustered around them, not sure how to play or even generally interact with the tiny, flimsy things. That being said, he would die for them, no question. Cedardrop is the selfless type who dreams of dying in battle protecting someone he loves. Ridiculously strong, this tom has always shined bright even among his siblings, and many have high hopes for him someday becoming a Janus based on that merit alone. Compliments, praise, admiration, he loves it all and has a big ego. He pictures himself a hero, someone that’s there in one’s time of need, the Chosen one who will save SunClan from certain destruction someday. As long as everyone supports him, things are great but, if someone rejects his help or criticizes him, he's likely to start a fight or make the situation worse. He’s the one that’s supposed to save the day: Let him live out his destiny.

Roleplayed by Cleaver ~~~ Heart Zodiac Sign
Dragonkit is a little loser. A complete weirdo, he can't even say normal phrases correctly. Nobody bothers to correct him anymore. And when it comes to eating? Better not be any fur or no can do! He'd rather starve. Maybe he'll get used to starving though for the good of the clan. After all, a wher-ior must do what is best for his clanmates. But then things changed when his mother died, and what was the point of this story again? Dragonkit is impatient, and recklessly impulsive. He dives into situations head first, only thinking about his actions when things have already started to go wrong and its far to late to change course. Bio by cookie & Racer.

Roleplayed by Jetclaw ~~~~ Heart Zodiac Sign
Take a page from her father as she resembles more of the balinese coloration with one difference. She has white paws, a golden tan coat, and orange colored stripes on her tail, and orange markings on her muzzle and ears where her father has black markings. She has bright blue eyes. Goldengrace is named after her mother Littlestar's father Goldenstar, and Skipstep's sister Grace. She is a keen helper always happy to offer her assistance and occasionally gets very angry if someone gets between her and what she's working on. She dislikes not pulling her weight and gets huffy if someone helps her without asking, but it's often the only time she gets help. Despite grace being in her name she can be a bit clumsy when she's not focused on what she's doing. And since she likes to pick up more than she can chew often, she winds up putting too much focus on her tasks and not enough into where she places her paws. Unfortunately she doesn't take failure well and often is prone to outburst if she gets called on her mistakes, or if anyone chuckles at a silly stumble.

Roleplayed by Pao ~~~ Heart Zodiac Sign
The daughter of Moutainsound and Ebonygold, Lavenderillusion is a cat of heritage, grace, and status. She's a princess in some cats' eyes, and as a downy black feline with white-gold lace running across their fur and periwinkle eyes, she stands out among the clan. Even more so because she chooses to wear a crown of lavender and catnip. But she's not the princess everyone thinks she is. Lavenderillusion has dulled senses, especially scent. She doesn't hide it, but she also doesn't advertise this fact so only a select few know of this problem. Hiding behind her crown of heavenly scent, she walks around camp in a daze. A dreamer, a cloud watcher, a hippie. It's who she is. Addicted to the potent scent of catnip, high off its heavenly aroma, Lavenderillusion has accepted the life of a hippie, embraced it wholeheartedly. Combined with the flower of her namesake, she's never far from being able to actually smell something, even if it is only the strong scents she can pick up. She loves life. Loves her two favorite herbs more! But freedom, life, and sickly sweet herbs are all she cares about in life. SunClan is a very religious clan and it's so...constricting! She can't stand it. Fighter of the dreamers--when she's not high off of catnip--Lavenderillusion wants all to understand the life of freedom, the life of a hippie.

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Hear Zodiac Sign
Magnoliablush is a high strung young she-cat dedicated to what she wants and how to achieve it. She has a sweet and charming disposition. She takes great pride in her appearance, and cares a lot about her spotless reputation. Most of her coat is as white as sugar, with splotches of beiges, coffee brown, and tangerine. Her eyes as golden as the sunlight reflecting upon the river. She eventually wants to tie the knot with a respectable SunClan tom and start a family of her own. Although she is well-mannered, she has a way of insulting others without coming off as rude. She can be rather controlling, and expects perfection from herself and all those around her. She is easily frustrated when others don’t meet her expectations, taking over whatever task she had left for them to do until she physically just can’t do anything more.

Roleplayed by PLuto ~~~ Heart Zodiac Sign
Swiftfire is a muscular, sleek red-orange tom with spots of white and intense heterochromia eyes (green/blue). Mostly, he is quiet and observant, making it appear that he is a hostile rogue. Despite this,he's an approachable cat, but can have moments of irritability when annoyed and does not hold any bars in sharing what is on his mind. Being a rogue, he has had to fend for himself in the forest, making him a extremely capable fighter and hunter.

Roleplayed by NovaAmaro ~~~ Heart Zodiac Sign
Snakebounce is a small tom, the runt of his litter, who looks very much like the combination of his parents. Medium-length seal gray fur envelopes his demure frame broken up by patches of white on his face, neck, front paws and underbelly. His charcoal stripes are swirled together much like a coiling serpent. Cheeky, but with the tendency to squeak, Snakebounce is both a great joy and a great annoyance. He always has a smile on his face, a spring in his step. This tom lives his life in the moment and can make anything fun, yet it also seems like he never takes anything seriously, shouldering off his work on the cats around him so he can do more frivolous activities like chasing butterflies or seeing how high he can stack stones. Snakebounce acts dumb and many cats think that he is but in truth he’s very intuitive. He is aware that SunClan’s stringent rules have a negative effect on some cats and finds that putting a smile on their faces is the greatest reward that there is. Snakebounce is concerned with being liked and if he can’t win a smile he takes it personally. He is often plagued with self-doubt and worries so much about public approval that he tends to over groom, resulting in the occasional bald patch. He fights his demons with a supportive family at his side. Sunlight is his medicine and you can always count on finding Snakebounce sunning himself at the same time and place when the weather is fair, soaking up his deity’s healing warmth.

Roleplayed by Strawberrycupid ~~~ Heart Zodiac Sign
Happy. Adjective. Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. With a name like Sunnysmiles, it's easy to see how she could be happy. But at the same time, how she isn't. Her pelt is like a ray of sunshine itself, blazing orange with blinding white markings. Golden amber eyes like jewels connect her to the world, to her family. One of the first daughters of Littlestar and Skipstep, she's the peacemaker in her family. While everyone goes off in their own directions, Sunnysmiles sits in the center, trying to draw everyone back together. And she does a good job. She's got an infectious smile, a laugh you could listen to for hours. Everything she says is positive and uplifting, to where a lot of cats come to her for help. Or to just get their ears tickled. Sunnysmiles doesn't mind either way, just happy by helping others. She can barely sit still, always running around and doing something for someone else. It will get to the point where she completely forgets about herself, and while Sunnysmiles says she doesn't mind, it's clear that she will starve herself as long as someone else gets to eat. Any stress or grief she feels is handled by focusing on other's. While the definition of a little ball of sunshine, when faced alone she doesn't know what to say about herself. As her identity involves others, she sticks to crowds and hates being alone. But, when the sun sets, a deep part of her wonders if she'll be left alone.
Roleplayed by Jetclaw ~~~ Heart Zodiac Sign
A reckoning has fallen upon SunClan, and in the aftermath of Bloodyrondo's hostile takeover, a dark shape leaves the night behind to take advantage of the darkness growing within the borders of the sun's land. This large dark brown tabby tom with black stripes and paws along with blazing amber eyes has the muscle that a cat like Bloodyrondo would want to have in his ranks. And a quiet tongue that hides the darkness that lurks within. He hasn't joined SunClan to see it prosper, he wishes to see it destroyed right along with its god. After all their god is dead, and with a falsely crowned King, it's only a matter of time before destruction is imminent. Tenebrousrequiem is just hoping he can be there when everything starts to burn.

Roleplayed by Jadie ~~~ Heart Zodiac Sign
A gorgeous calico she-cat with sunstone eyes. Most of Valleyrose’s coat is as white as sugar with tabby splotches of beige, coffee brown and tangerine. Her fur is soft and medium in length like her father’s with a particularly beautiful, billowy tail. Her identical twin is Magnoliablush and the two of them are almost inseparable, save for when Valleyrose sneaks away to have a fling or two or three. She tells every cat that they are the only one for her and, in the moment, they pretend to believe it. It’s no secret that Valleyrose likes to collect hearts but it’s easy to forgive a she-cat who is just so charming. While she reveals very little about herself, she seems to know a whole lot about the target of her affection and wants to know more. Valleyrose is a social butterfly who laughs at every joke and is quick to give praise. Few would guess that a cat as sociable as her struggles with confidence. She’s a people-pleaser and a follower; if someone else doesn’t take the lead, she doesn’t really know what to do. She hates that about herself. The last thing Valleyrose wants to be is an accessory to someone else but her life is heading that way and she doesn’t know how to stop it.

WIND - September Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Wind Zodiac Sign
A tiny blue-gray ball of floof. There may be a cat in there, but you can't actually be sure.

Roleplayed by Cleaver ~~~ Wind Zodiac Sign
The man, the myth, the legend. They called him a mop, a dirty dish rag, an old rug, washed out velcro; they claimed his eyes were lovely, 90 year old smokers-eye yellow eyes. They joked about using him to sweep the dens. Enough! Is it so surprising his yellow eyes are so dark and wrathful? His fur stands on end out of rage, not because it's impossible to groom! Beneath that indistinguishable mass of gray hair is the glaring face of an unleashed demon. So what if he gets thorns tangled in his matted, disgusting pelt? Thorns are weapons to destroy his enemies when he leans against them! They are percise instruments like his claws, dangerous like his yellowed broken fangs that probably cause a terrible life-threatening infection with a single bite, assuming they don't break off entirely when he bites down. He is Festeringfruit, and he is death incarnate. He is coming for you. He will not let you mock him any longer. It is time.

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Wind Zodiac Sign
Handsomeking has fluffy pale white fur, its patterns comparable to alabaster, with a smokey gray haze at all of the points. Bright, sunny and compassionate, Handsomeking is easily one of Littlecrow and Skipstep’s favorite grandsons. He cares a lot about the welfare of SunClan as a whole, willing to set aside his own happiness and welfare for the overall good. However, he doesn’t care about the intricate Clan politics that surround him, making him an easy target for his more ruthless and ambitious siblings. His sincerity and unwavering love towards Dancingpixie, despite finding out about her true identity, makes her fall for him. Has a thin string that he tangles/detangles between his claws to help him fall asleep, and can’t sleep without it

Roleplayed by NovaAmaro ~~~ Wind Zodiac Sign
Known for his ability to lead cats into battle, Harmoniousdestiny is a general in every sense of the word. This gray tabby tom walks with an air of pride and dignity. He never slouches, and always keeps his long coat clean as befitting a cat of his station. Harmoniousdestiny isn’t very good at expressing how he feels, despite how witty he can be. Often times he will use force in order to get what he wants whenever his wits fail him. Either way, this tom cat will always find a way to get what he wants, by any means necessary. It’s almost rare seeing any sort of soft side from him, and one shouldn’t expect to see one either. The only one who has ever come close to seeing a soft side to this large tom is Dancingpixie. He can be very protective of the she-cat, though you won’t see him admit it so easily. Harmoniousdestiny often refers to her as nothing but a silly girl, but do not assume that this is lack of affection on his part. Harmoniousdestiny will fight until his very last breath to keep her safe. However, this tom can become a strong force like that of a hurricane when needed by his clan. Harmoniousdestiny will do anything he can to secure Sunclan’s destiny, even if it means the eradiatication of their enemies. He doesn’t do this for the appeal of rewards or climbing through the ranks. Harmoniousdestiny does everything he needs to out of love for his clan. He uses this sense of loyalty and duty to inspire those under his command. He is a cat of few words, and rather proves his worth, loyalty, and affection through his actions.

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Wind Zodiac Sign
Like a watercolor painting, Havenroot’s soft snow white pelt is caressed with shades of gray. Each one flowing from one to the next seamlessly blended to create a picture perfect pelt. Her eyes the color of the sky on a clear day, Havenroots was born into a life of luxury. As her mother’s only daughter and with three overprotective brothers, Havenroots had little to worry about growing up. She is a free spirit, doing whatever catches her fancy with little regard for the consequences. She isn’t stupid by any means, but with her family always there to watch over her she has little fear. She is always taking off on little adventures, playing pranks, and getting into mischief. Due to her adventures she has a taste for finer foods, refusing to eat fresh kill that isn’t prepared properly. Her antics are a constant source of frustration for her mother, who just wants what is best for her precious daughter. She wants to find her a stable SunClan tom from a well known family to marry her one day. But everytime she brings up the prospect or introduces her to a suitable candidate she does everything in her power to ruin the match. She is a lot like her father in that respect, unwilling to be tied down to someone she doesn’t care for. What she wants is a chance at true love, a tom who will support her without fail and treat her like an equal.

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Wind Zodiac Sign With fur the color of early morning frost, and the eyes resembling the full moon, Tinymutiny is stunningly beautiful. She is tiny, her face thin and angular, with small dainty paws. However, don't make the mistake of thinking that Tinymutiny is a pushover. The daughter of Foxstar and Riverwolf, Tinymutiny was born during a chaotic time in SunClan's history. While her mother was pregnant with Tinymutiny's litter she was kept captive in Renegade Regimes prison. The captivity had driven Foxstar slowly insane, and by the time the priestess had been rescued it was nearly to late. She gave birth to this litter, and named her as an insult to Littlestar who had failed to rescue Foxstar earlier. She saw Littlebird as a traitor, and decided that the gray she-kit should be called Tinymutiany in mockery of Littlebird taking over SunClan while she had been captured. Foxstar kept Tinymutiny and her siblings isolated from ther rest of the clan, teaching them that the only cats they could trust was their parents. Any cat that dared to interact with them was punished. The leader doted on the kits, spoiling them. They were given their heart's every desire, but they were also harshly disciplined. Foxstar expected perfection from them, giving out harsh punishments for even the smallest of mistakes and then making the kits believe that they deserved it. Tinymutiny grew up wanting nothing more than to please her parents, often going to extremes to get a simple line of praise from them. Just as he litter was made into apprentice, their mother did something unexpected. She stepped down from her position as High Priestess, and retired as a senator. When she did so, she also revealed that she was pregnant with another litter. Tinymutiny and her siblings were pushed aside, there mother ignoring their presence almost entirely. Nothing she did to get her mother's affections worked, good or bad. One such attempt was when she was hunting snakes along the MoonClan border as an apprentice. She spotted a snake across the border, but made a mistake and ended up getting bitten. A young Moonclan apprentice was the one to find her, and the two cats started to form an awkward friendship. It was the first cat Tinymutiny had managed to connect without outside of her immediate family. Even killing to protect Oakshade during the NovaClan war against the shadow era. Oakshade was eventually brought to SunClan by Foxbane and force to initate. However, no matter how hard she tried to push him away and deny her feelings for him, Oakshade would not give up. Eventually she accepted him as her mate and got pregnant with 12 kits Now the couple have their paws with all of their children giving them little time for themselves,

MEMORIES - October Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by PeachesNPanda ~~~ Memories Zodiac Sign
The gorgeous sleek tortiseshell she-cat is widely known to be the diva of the clan. She is extremely vain (perhaps its due to the orange heart shaped spot on her flank) and seems to be more in tune with keeping her orange and black fur smooth and spotless than to take up the duties of a warrior (especially during a rainstorm). With her oval aquamarine eyes and long slender build she can often charm her way out of trouble. But just because she hates to get her paws muddy doesn't mean that she isn't a loyal and fierce warrior. When needed Dappleheart will jump to help (even if it means getting dirty) chase off outsiders or to hunt. Despite the fact that she acts like a diva, there is a warm spot down inside for the kits and apprentices.

DREAMS - November Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by Atomheart ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
A rather ordinary sized cat, Bleedingheart doesn’t stand out much in a crowd. Her deep brown tabby fur seems to have a ginger hue. White covers her undersides in a mask and mantle pattern. The end of her tail fades into a grey with black stripes. Her eyes though are what draws others to her. They are a rich amber that seem to glow when she gets worked up. It is almost as if she was given her eyes by the Sun God himself. Bleedingheart was born to a pair of SunClan deserters who had grown disenchanted with the cult like behaviors of their home. However as Bleedingheart grew up, she longed for her ancestral home. Yet it would not come easily, for when she was grown up and ready to leave, she fell in love and soon found herself expecting. The father however was killed while protecting their den as she kitted inside. The three kits were all stillborn. Bleedingheart blamed herself, for if she had taken a proper SunClan mate her kits would have lived. The brown tabby finally reached SunClan only to find herself stuck at the bottom of the totem pole. Though as anyone would quickly find out, no one can keep Bleedingheart down for long. She has a temper and is steadfast to her beliefs. She is fiercely devoted to her Sun God, perhaps more so than some of her fellow clan members.

Roleplayed by Flurryofstars ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
Most would be envious of a cat that’s an expert in most every skill, but Naturalgift isn’t one to boast about his talents, rather he’s oblivious of them altogether. Because he can get work done without much effort, he assumes everyone else has it just as easy. In his mind, he’s just an average warrior, blending into the crowd and never shining under the spotlight. Despite his naivety, everyone in the clan knows who he is and many respect him for his prowess, appearance, and charisma. He loves to socialize with others, not for attention or manipulative reasons, but out of genuine interest and compassion. He feels it is critical to check in with his peers and ask how they’re doing, and looks forward to doing so every time he rolls out of his nest. Naturalgift also carries a natural charm, and has accidentally found himself several flings and a few resulting kits. His children represent the most important element in his life, and he holds unconditional love for all of them. He places their happiness on a pedestal much greater than his own, and he hopes to find them good matches in order to guarantee their long lasting success in SunClan. Perhaps Naturalgift’s only flaws are his lack of intelligence and awareness. He has predominantly white fur with snowshoe markings and round blue eyes.

WATER - December Zodiac Sign
Roleplayed by Jadie ~~~ Water Zodiac Sign
Discordantmelody's calico fur is short and glossy like raven's wing. An inky black tuxedo dominates a ginger-and-white base allowing flashes of color only on her limbs, underbelly and face. Playful auburn rosettes reveal themselves in her orange patches which marks her as one of Funk E'tan's many daughters. Her brilliant indigo eyes may be a different color than her mother, Foxbane's, but they hold that same unmistakable promise of chaos and calamity. Much like her parents, Discordantmelody is a beauty with a cruel streak. There's really no telling what she is going to do next. A lecture, a fight, an embrace, a compliment, she receives all of them with the same bemused smile and will just as soon give you a kiss on her cheek as she'll rake you with her claws. She can be a bully and often pushes cats into uncomfortable situations to see how they will react. Discordantmelody is fascinated by the weaknesses of others and keeps a record of what makes them tick. Don't be mistaken, though, she's no gossip: What she learns she keeps to herself for future manipulation. Be it blackmailing, playing on insecurities or simply displaying an unshakeable confidence, Discordantmelody has a way of keeping cats in line and obedient to her. She's a natural leader and in fact dreams of ruling someday... just not in a stifling Clan like SunClan. She's in no hurry to leave, though. Being marked for death is such a drag. She is happy to play loyal SunClan cat for now and work on secret projects in her spare time.

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Water Zodiac Sign
Dusty orange ghost man with ash gray eyes. He just came here to keep an eye on his kits and cause trouble. He also hates water.

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Water Zodiac Sign
Her body is long, lithe, with a tall frame and equally as tall ears, muzzle long and features angular like her father, Lastaffair is nothing short of stunning. Her tortoiseshell fur, thick and silky much like her mother's, the orange pale with streaks of a vibrant auburn/ginger shade, black heavy and alluring, lining her eyes and accentuating them, her ears and neck black, giving the illusion of a scarf worn constantly around her neck, eyes angled so as to always appear sultry, deep pine green with flecks of vibrant ivy color and entrancing gold. For all her beauty, it is quite surprising she received little attention as a kit. Her mother was busy attempting to ruin another, not to mention had previous litters, and more to come soon after Lastaffair's own, Foxhour was always preoccupied with something, and Lastkit, being the younger of the litter, always tended to be passed over. Copperthroat was attentive enough, but he rarely visited, having moved to DayClan with his mate. Even then, he always had all her siblings to interact with, not to mention previous litters, and she always felt that he cared more for his mate and kits back in the other clan than her and her littermates. Without much attention, the she-cat, lacking in self-confidence, turned to other ways of garnering attention. She did everything in the book, from being outright rebellious, to reckless, risk-taking, and agressive. Nothing was off the table, and sure, it got her attention, particularly from others as thrill seeking, rebellious, and bad at managing their tempers as she. All this, she did in the hopes of getting a bit more attention. It didn't even stop there, she began to attract the eyes of the toms as her beauty became apparent, along with her feisty attitude, she felt into a pattern of playing with and breaking the hearts of the toms around her, using her looks to reel them in around her, and she can almost always be seen with another tom or two at her beck and call, from just about any clan. Despite her continuing lack of confidence, not only in her abilities or otherwise, which only leads to more of her wild behavior, Lastaffair is quite observant. Where some cats might miss the looks Foxhour gives Deal, or the obvious hatred she has for him, such things seem an open book to the tortoiseshell, her ability to read others all the more making her a vicious heartbreaker, because Lastaffair always knows exactly where to strike, what buttons to press to bring even the strongest, most resilient tom to their knees before her. For she always felt alone and unappreciated, so she forces such termoil of her inner self onto the cats who pine for her, still the save aggressive, reckless, and rebellious she-cat who doesn't know her limit.

Roleplayed by Flurryofstars ~~~~ Water Zodiac Sign
If his water sign got one thing right, it’s his passion for adventure. Tawnyowl loves to explore and he prioritizes the hobby over most things. Mid-patrol he might scurry off if some new “path” catches his eye or even mid-sentence. With a one-track mind, he forgets the risks around him and even seeks it out if that’s what will lead him somewhere he hasn’t gone before. Because of this, borders mean very little to him and he’s been caught trespassing in other clan’s territories on several occasions. When he is able to focus on other tasks, he can be very attentive, laid-back, and genuine. He’s not the type to stress over religion or needless drama. How could he be with so much nature around? Tawnyowl isn’t a sloppy cat, but his fur is normally ruffled from his journeys. His body paint gets rubbed away so often that he hardly puts any on--only a few random lines here and there. Even when the paint holds strong, it’s hard to spot on his brown tabby pelt. Despite his average looks, his attitude generally warms others to him. Though, they don’t have much of a choice with how persistent he can be. One look at his round, kit-like green eyes and everyone caves eventually.

Apprentices are cats who are between six and twelve moons old who are training to learn SunClan’s code and religion. They are expected to listen to all older members of the Clan and focus on learning how to hunt, fight and pray. Apprentices are often given less desirable chores as a sort of right of passage and typically become full members of the Clan - Warriors - at twelve moons old.

SunClan is the only Clan that currently allows apprentices to choose their own mentors. Upon promotion, the new apprentice declares any Warrior of their choosing as their mentor. The Warrior cannot turn down any apprentice; therefore, it is not uncommon for one Warrior to have several apprentices, as there is no maximum limit. Apprentices may change their mentor, but only during monthly ceremonies (as to discourage changing too frequently). Some cats are influenced by their parents to pick specific mentors; others change their mentor every ceremony to be exposed to numerous different teaching styles. Either way, all apprentices must face an evaluation set up by the Janus to test all of their basic skills to make sure that they have received a well-rounded education. Should the apprentice fail any one test, they will be denied their Warrior promotion for that moon and recommended a new mentor to refine the skills they lack. As such, it is not uncommon for SunClan cats to remain apprentices several moons longer than those in other Clans.

Apprentices wear mostly orange body paint with red accent colors

Hauntedpaw ruins
Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
The firstborn, the one who had it all. Marvelstar's pride and joy, and the destined one to take over the Silhouettes. But he had life pulling him in far too many directions. He was supposed to be a SunClan cat, and yet here he was in MoonClan, groomed to take over a group that had promised their paws to the enemy. The tom belonged to the darkness, to the light, to the grayed out walls of the seemingly endless city roads. Requiem does his best to please everyone in his life, being Ryn's ruthless heir, listening to orders and preparing to rule... even against one side of his family for the other. On the other paw, pleasing his mother was never a competition. If the black tom understood nothing else in his life, he would forever be certain that his mother would always love him. His father's an entirely different story. Despite being an heir, Hauntedruins always had the feeling he was never enough for his father. He simply wasn't as ruthless or heartless where it counted. He is strong enough, yes, but far more honorable, albeit impulsive, in contrast to his younger brother Vantanoir, not nearly so cunning and crafty. Despite that, he still cares for his family dearly. Maybe one day he'll be able to balance it all, if he doesn't get broken to pieces in the process.

Vantapaw noir
Roleplayed by Strawberrycupid ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
He was second best. Never quite enough. Maybe he was held back from the get-go. It never felt like he was given the same opportunities his brother was. So Vantanoir accepted his name, and let himself descend into darkness. There's not a hint of anything else in his short pelt. The only things that stand out are his striking dark blue eyes, like pools of the deepest parts of the ocean. It's immediately apparent Vantanoir came from rich blood, the son of Marvelstar and Ryn. His father runs a group called the Silhouettes, and maybe it was his own naivety that made him believe he stood a chance of becoming the successor. Cause what kid doesn't want to follow in their father's footsteps. But that was never really the case since his brother Hauntedruins was set to become the successor from the get-go. Vantanoir couldn't help but be jealous, thrown to the wayside just because Hauntedruins was only a little older than him. So where Vantanoir couldn't win fair and square, he changed routes and became a trickster. It's hard to tell if it's all a game to him or if he's serious, but he takes any opportunity to mess with his brother and try to usurp him. Vantanoir is a schemer, through and through. He always has some trick up his sleeve to get him out of trouble, or he'll lay on this classy charm he has somehow mastered to get out. He does tend to get caught up in his schemes and thinkings, sometimes you can catch him monologuing to himself. Vantanoir isn't the cheeriest guy, it's clear even through the grin. He has a fascination with the dark and the grisly. Underneath it, he is kind and considerate, but he doesn't show it often. Because that's not going to get him to the throne any faster.

Nocturenpaw lights
Roleplayed by Lore
A melanistic bengal with amber eyes. Soft spoken but by no means shy. To everyone else Nocturnelights is a timid, reserved cat who sticks to the status quo without question. He’s the first cat up in the morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to seize the day. What others don’t see is the free spirited insomniac who spends his nights exploring anything and everything nature has to offer. Though he may be a cat of few words he’s the first to dive head first into even the stickiest situations with little to no regard of what the consequences may be. Nocturnelights is a firm believer that his actions speak louder than words and as a result he takes everything others say with a grain of salt. Trust is something he gives freely but is quick to take it away if


Succubuspaw scandal
Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
Super touchy, tends to stare a lot, bold & brash

Roleplayed by Jadie ~~~ Eye Zodiac Sign
Pixieparade is a small little thing, frail with fur that spikes up around the top of her head and down the back of her neck, making her look like she has a mohawk. Her eyes are a bright night light yellow eyes, speckled with silver and gold, and a pretty black pelt that has shades of blonde to russet running through it as though she's a cat made of magic and stardust. She’s a manx cross and as such has a stubby little poof ball for a tail, which she thinks it is very, very cute, and the whole Clan knows this. No one has ever once described her as “modest.” Pixieparade lacks the sense of restraint that most cats have, one minute she’ll be talking about how good she looks, the next she’ll start giving you pointers on the right way to apply body paint since clearly you don’t know how if you’re going to go out looking like that… Nothing is really off limits with this one. Naturally Pixieparade over-the-top personality leads many to consider her annoying, but it doesn’t bother her much, in fact she embraces it. Bullying doesn’t work on someone who enjoys pretty much any interaction, be them good or bad, so, one way or another this high octane she-cat managed to become most everyone’s friend.

Cherrypaw hop
Roleplayed by biyuu ~~~ Apple Blossoms Zodiac Sign
A bright ginger she-cat with darker tabby markings and pale green eyes. Armed with an unfailing bright and sunny disposition, Cherryhop's optimism acts as a form of armor for her. Her entire family died at a young age, and she over-attaches herself to any new cats she meets as a result. She has always lived in SunClan. Even if you've never seen her before. Promise.


Assertivepaw will
Roleplayed by Flurryofstars ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
He might resemble mist hanging over an iced-over lake, light grays mixing between darker shades where it's more dense, white intermixed, and ginger blitzes like the gentle stroke of dawning sunbeams. His eyes are the same sunny warmth, golden and gleaming. The image stops there, however, for despite his pelt painting quite the pretty picture, one of peace and privacy, Assertivewill is anything but. His words are caustic and jabbing, acid-tipped blades; his self-awareness minimal, which might serve to worsen his flaws, as he either doesn't recognize them or doesn't care; and trying to speak to him is harder than talking to a brick wall-- because at least bricks can't talk back. He is not the most desirable company to keep, but he is loyal to an almost disastrous fault. The downside to this is that his loyalties can be very touch-and-go, depending on how they suit him. While he would gladly follow whoever's leading the clan through fire and flood, and would be the first to smother the flames with his own body or drown trying to fight the current if his family was in danger, were something else to come along and alter his admittedly gullible world view, he would no sooner close the doors, shrug his shoulders, and claim the smoldering remains were fallen stars or that the earth was only wet because a bunch of kittens had cried themselves dry. Unapologetically, too. Finding remorse in him is near impossible, yet somehow he ends up with cats on his side, those who follow him noting that his brutally honest personality leaves no room for questions. Assertivewill is who he says he is. And if you don't like it, he won't lose sleep over it. Though, even if he might find himself enjoying another's company, calling them friends and even remembering their name is beneath him. He assigns nicknames to whoever crosses paths with him and, like his mindless observations, these nicknames tell exactly what he thinks about the other cats. Despite his sandpaper tongue and rough edges, perhaps the lap of calm waters may smooth out some of his sharpness.

Purepaw defiance
Roleplayed by NovaAmaro ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
This fluffy tabby is just as quirky as hispersonality. Puredefiance lives for the laughter of others, especially his family. Sometimes this dusty brown tabby will go out of his way to make them laugh. Sometimes he can be a bit chaotic when doing this, and it can backfire in a comical way. Other times he’ll need someone to bail him out. Puredefiance loves playing pranks on his siblings and his clan mates, but it’s all in good fun. He would never do anything to harm them, and his dual colored eyes reflect this as they constantly shine with laughter and happiness. His restless nature is responsible for this, as he just can’t sit still. His clan mates always know when he’s working on a prank. Puredefiance loves humming little melodies to himself whenever he’s hard at work, or thinking up a new prank. Even when he’s hunting, he can be heard humming softly to himself as he stalks through the undergrowth. As charming as Puredefiance can be, he has his own odd little quirks. One of them being that he named all eighteen of his claws. His favorite is called “Mongoose”. If he’s not stopped, Puredefiance will introduce you to all of them, and not in the way that cats would think. This dusty brown tom cat also has a problem eating anything warm. He claims that he bothers his overly sensitive teeth, when in reality, he’s just a picky eater. There is one thing that Puredefiance is self-conscious about is the way he sneezes. It’s so loud that sometimes it scares himself! If this tom feels a sneeze coming on, he will hold his breath and attempt to swallow it. This never ends well for him though. The sneeze always finds a way to escape, leaving Puredefiance laughing sheepishly and looking for a quick exit. Quirky, and chaotic, he is a ball of energy that just wants to make cats laugh.

Strongpaw belief
Roleplayed by Stardance ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
A snow covered mountain peak, smooth gray stone, shadowed valleys, and wisps of fog. Jjust looking at this tom is enough to inspire images of the mountain homes of his ancestors. He towers over most other cats, staring down at them with eyes resembling the full moon. Despite Strongbelief showing a lot of promise as an up and coming warrior, he has earned a reputation amongst his clan-mates for being rather lazy. In particular, due to his habit of always showing up to any and all meetings at least ten minutes after the designated time with some lame excuse that may or may not make any sense. While in fact, he was probably just out hunting for fresh kill because of his refusal to eat any prey that has been allowed to sit and become cold. He has a calm almost bored approach to life, and is slow to anger. Strongbelief takes most things that are thrown at him in stride, laughing it off as if it were nothing more significant than a flea. He likes to take his time, doing things on his own terms when he wants to do them. As an apprentice, his mentor would often get frustrated when Strongbelief would disappear from their training sessions only to find him napping under some roots or high up on a tree branch for his required 20 minute power nap during the day and being unable to awaken him. He sleeps heavily, and no amount of poking or prodding is going to disrupt his slumber.

Sweetpaw victory
Roleplayed by Phantom ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
Like the depths of a lake, Sweetvicory’s pelt is shades of dark grays and blues. Shadows lurking under the surface, moving and shifting as she moves.. But up above, a sunrise, seeking to illuminate the waters surface in rich golds, vibrant oranges, and subtle strokes of yellow. Like the sunrise on the lake, Sweetvictory seeks to bring joy and love into the lives of those around her. Her left eye is an intense amber, like a pool of fire while her right eye is split down the middle, two colors fighting for dominance around her pupil, a cool blue melting into fiery amber. You are far more likely to catch her in the midst of singing a random song, than in a sour mood. Sweetvictory is quick to become attached to anything and anyone that she deems ‘cute’. She keeps the objects and cats close, refusing to give them up until she grows bored and moves onto the next ‘cute’ thing to capture her attention. She is very open and friendly, with little fear of anything. Even going up to complete strangers and rubbing up against them like they are a long lost friend. When she talks she likes to be touching others, much to her brother’s dismay. Sweetvictory is the only daughter of Lionpride and Pollendrone, with the rest of her litter being her over protective brothers ready to interrogate and intimidate anyone unfortunate enough to catch her fancy, especially toms. They constantly worry about her safety and happiness, working together to guide her away from danger to keep her innocent as long as possible. Unlike some of her brothers who have strange senses of taste, she has none at all. Sweetvictory thought at first that it was normal for food to have no flavor but, after hearing others talk about how different tastes were depending on the prey and how delicious something was she learned that it was her who was different. Of course she hadn’t been upset about it though, it meant she could eat whatever she wanted and not have to worry about it being gross.


Butterscothpaw drip
Roleplayed by stardance ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
An absolute sweetheart, Butterscotchdrip believes that all cats are innately good. You could give a kitten a hug or skin it alive and somehow she’ll find a way to twist it into a good thing (although some things are harder than others). All she ever wanted was a relationship with her father, Bloodystar, so she had to train herself to be the ultimate optimist to be able to love him. Really, though, this goes well past optimism, she’s definitely delusional. Butterscotchdrip herself does everything she can to make others happy and that includes avoiding situations that are morally gray. She has a big heart and just wants everyone to get along. Is that too much to ask? In SunClan, yes, absolutely, but if you can convince yourself to believe something - true or not - then that’s the same as reality, at least, if you ask her. She has smooth markings across her face that vary between ginger and white. Her face has a slightly darker ginger patch the almost looked like it was predesigned. Her eyes are a light green.

Peppermintpaw kiss
Roleplayed by Strawberrycupid ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
Not much needs to be said for Peppermintkiss. Like the flavor he was named after, he's overpowering and is best working with the same people. His fur is a rich and dark red, making him look like he's constantly bleeding. But even darker stripes swirl around his sides like the mints you get in the coldest parts of the year. His chest and muzzle are not as stained, white like clean cobwebs not yet used. And like many of his other siblings, his eyes are a pale green like dried herbs. One of the sons of Bloodystar and Anemoneshade, he always knew something was off. His father was very blasé with him and his siblings like he couldn't look them in the eyes. His mother gave them all enough love to be satisfied, but Pepperintkiss could never decide if he wanted his father in his life or not. He gets along well with his siblings, especially Watermelonsugar. Though when he's not with them, you'll generally find him by himself. He's a lone wolf, tending to forge his own path and not really care who else's he messes up on that way. Peppermintkiss doesn't care for what most cats think of him. Most days he can barely be bothered to get out of bed. A persistent raincloud rains on him, and he doesn't know how to shake it. He'll never get close enough to someone for anything more than a quick kiss. At least he figures.

Sunflowerpaw patch
Roleplayed by NovaAmaro ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
One of the youngest in her family. Usually spoiled, revered given the world on a silver platter because they were simply the last to be born into the world. But not Sunflowerpatch. This light ginger tabby tries her best to be humble. She gets uncomfortable being the center of attention, and with a father as infamous as hers, it’s not entirely unreasonable. That is to say that Sunflowerpatch doesn’t love her father, she adores him, even if he at times it felt as though she was nothing more than a burden to him. As a kit she could never understand why so many cats disliked him, but as she grew older it began to make sense. That never changed her love for him, though it did leave her with a heavy heart. Her green eyes, yet another gift from her father, are soft but sad. They never quit match the smile she tries to put on. To her mother and siblings, her pelt is a constant reminder of Bloodystar. The ginger coloration, the darker tabby stripes. The only difference was the stark white coloration that crept up her paws and towards her legs. It’s her biggest insecurity, her flame colored pelt. Sunflowerpatch feels as though she needs to prove herself to everyone. Her clan, her mother, even her father, that she is more than just the daughter of the High Priest. More than an accident, more than a mistake born in Moonclan. She’s constantly pushing herself, running herself ragged. Her determination often lands her in the soothsayer’s den, where she’s forced to rest and hide away from the humiliation of being dragged back to camp because she could no longer feel her legs. One would think that would stop her, but it never does. Sunflowerpatch is fairly independent on her own, but when she’s with her siblings she tends to follow along with them.

Roleplayed by Jadie ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
Watermelonsugar’s fur is a mixture of sugary white and auburn. Within the auburn patches are black spotted tabby markings, perfectly in line and the same size and shape as watermelon seeds, hence his name. This tom’s eyes are a brilliant tropical green and appear oversaturated against their red background. In other words, Watermelonsugar’s markings very dramatic color and flair to match the cat who wears them. Like his parents, Anemoneshade and Bloodystar, he has long fur and dashing good looks, definitely eye candy even in a Clan notorious for beauties. He’s aware of it and flaunts it, spending hours on his body paint, claws, fur, etc. Watermleonsugar loves looking good for the same reason anyone else would; It makes him feel fantastic! He’s not totally conceited, though, he can find beauty in anyone and anything. Watermelonsugar is quick to give compliments and better yet they are honest, always delivered with a warm smile and, if you’re lucky, a kiss on the cheek. Watermelonsugar tries his best to stay above Clan politics but he doesn’t do a very good job of it, he is a gossip through-and-through. After all, friends make secrets and secrets make friends… and Watermelonsugar has a lot of friends.


Burnishedpaw zeal
Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Rabbit Zodiac Sign
A dark brown tabby with yellow eyes, Burnishedpaw tries really hard to be a good warrior, but he always pales in comparison to his sister. He just isn’t a natural like she is, and has to put in a lot of extra effort to get the same results. He loves his sister, but can’t help but feel a little bit jealous of her talent.


Silverpaw lining
Roleplayed by Shadow ~~~ Dreams Zodiac Sign
A silver bengal tom with blue eyes. Son of Dust, an initiate, and brother of Whitebirch and Cloudysky, he is a pluviophile (a lover of rain who finds joy and peace during rainy days) and frequently makes random noises to accompany his thoughts while focused on tasks.


A Queen is a she-cat who is expecting or nursing kittens. She is especially pampered in SunClan and, when a new litter is born, the community showers both the mother and her new kittens with various gifts from fresh-kill to toys and trinkets. After giving birth, a Queen’s general job is to care for and watch her kittens, make sure they don't get into trouble and indoctrinate them into the Sun God’s religion. Queens however are expected to look after the Clan’s kits as a whole and not just her own.
Alios Swiftkill
Roleplayed by Racer
A mysterious she-cat with long black fur and blue eyes. She is a member of the shiloutte, with ambitions to become leader now that she is pregnant and her family has moved to MoonClan.

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Apple Blossom Zodiac Sign
The oldest of her siblings, like her mother she is bold and head strong, when she sets a goal for herself nothing will stop her from obtaining it. Brightdawn can be manipulative, not afraid to play the role of a dumb she-cat in order to get what she wants. Most cats believe her to be a little slow, but the truth is that is what she wants them to believe. She is actually rather intelligent when she wants to be. Brightdawn is always full of energy and excels when it comes to tasks involving speed or agility. It is difficult to slow Brightdawn down, but the recent combination of finding out that she is pregnant and the severe burns she suffered at the ceremony springs has forced her to stay nest bound.

Roleplayed by Honeystorm ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
A blind she-cat who is more than likely dark gray. She's good at medicine and like super old.

Roleplayed by Nova ~~~ Rose Zodiac Sign
Shadeflower had devoted her entire life to abiding and upholding the laws of her clan. They were everything to her, and because she had valued them so highly she often came across as judgmental and snobbish. After her sister had left Sunclan to run off with the kitty pet she had fallen for, Shadeflower had become jaded towards any cat that would dare break their laws. She would look down upon those that would break the laws of Sunclan, or tamper with them in some way, and she would always let them know it. This mottled tortoiseshell was never shy about voicing her opinion, often resorting to curbed works and quick retorts to get her point across. Why should she be? Her loyalty had always lain with her clan and her leaders. But after the death of the Sun God Bloodystar’s coup, her whole idea of what was right changed. Shadeflower had put her loyalty to her clan above all else, staying silent as she watched everything around her change. However, after watching the high priest forcibly marry off the kin of Littlecrow she could no longer stay quiet. She spoke out of turn, speaking out against the false deity that claimed to be their beloved god and of Bloodystar’s decisions. Her words and actions resulted in her demotion. All at once, she had lost her title and her name. No longer a Sunclan warrior she became nothing more than an initiate. A Weed. It was then she realized the Sunclan she loved had changed forever. She would become a warrior again, but Weed was determined to do it on her own terms. She would not bend, she would not break. She would not conform to what the new normal in Sunclan was. Weed would fight for what she knew to be right, and like a weed, she was determined to only grow stronger amongst the flowers. Her resilience paid off. No longer an initiate, Shadeflower was able to reclaim her rightful place alongside her clanmates as a proud Sunclan warrior.

Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Heart Zodiac Sign
Silverfringe was born as the runt of the litter, looking very much like her mother Littlestar in both color and stature. Her very thick white and silver fur, a call back to her WinterClan ancestry. Silverfringe knows how important it is to keep a good image within the clan, only associating with those that are in good standing. She took Sorrowfularia as a mate, a Janus and sibling to Bloodycrow. She really does love them though even when they try to run away from their responsibilities as a person.

Vintagepaw Fragrance
Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
Vintagefragrance was apart of a group of apprentices, who vowed to all get pregnant by the end of the romance festival in order to serve the Sun God by providing kits to SunClan. She succeeded, but during the mate choosing ceremony she ended up tripping and touching noses with Lavanderillusion... a she-cat. At first she was worried, but the two former besties are now mates and raising their first litter of kits together. Despite how ill prepared they might be.

Roleplayed by Nova ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
Cunning, sharp, and graceful, Wistfulsphinx holds the laws of Sunclan to heart and follows them without question. She is what some would consider old-fashioned when it comes to the laws of the forest and the clans. This black and white she-cat knows how to get what she wants through her clever words. She prides herself on her maternal disposition, having assumed the role of mother to her other siblings after the death of her parents, Coiledviper and Novaheart. Wistfulsphinx never had time to truly be young during her apprentice years, and according to some of her siblings she tasks everything far too seriously. Though they often butt heads almost every time they have a conversation, this tuxedo she-cat truly loves her siblings and only wishes for them to succeed in everything that they do. Her biggest fear is losing them the same way that she lost her parents. If that were to ever happen, it would simply kill her. But she never shows it and instead walks around with an air of confidence. Wistfulsphinx is always able to keep her darkest fears and worries hidden away where no one else can see them. Her sharp amber eyes, though sharp and serious, holds a sort of warmth that only a mother can portray.

Kittens are cats less than six moons old who spend their time playing with each other, exploring camp and studying the Sun God religion. SunClan views kits with a SunClan parent to belong to SunClan no matter where they are born and go through great lengths to recover them, so it is not uncommon for kits to be raised without their biological parents. Luckily there is no shortage of Queens among the Sun God’s chosen and kits that come into the Clan without parents end up raised by the community.

Kits mostly red body paint
Delicatekit ephemeral
Roleplayed by uniqcrim ~~~ Apple Blossoms Zodiac Sign
Deliciatephemeral is a slender siamese seal point with blue-green eyes and is most well known for enjoying life's small pleasures. And maybe some large pleasures. Never able to stay still for long, she has a tendency to jump from one to another. From one cat to another. A favorite activity to another. A preference for prey to another, it’s all depending on her mood. She can be rather fickle and difficult to deal with when she suddenly changes her mind. This makes her a great cat to turn to if you need a lot of information. She may change her mind frequently and flit from place to place, but this social butterfly’s love for information is unending. She has a natural curiosity, but this is not always used for good.. Her curiosity is that of chaos and can be morally ambiguous at times. If she believes it is for the greater good, she would be willing to go through a cat or two. The problem being that she defines the “greater good” with her in the center of the world.

Welkinkit ethereal
Roleplayed by Seeker ~~~ Apple Blossoms Zodiac Sign
His name means "the upper sky" or the "vault of heaven". It's easy to see why. Welkinethereal is a gorgeous tom, with an air of being from outside of this realm. His eyes are a deep and sparkling blue, and his fur is cream with soft, cloudy grey points. He is the son of Vintagepaw, raised by both her and her mate, Lavenderillusion. Much like his name, Welkinethereal's head is always in the clouds. He still holds his religion, his clan, his family above all, but he does it with a sense of detachment. He is light on his feet and with his words, and though he is born in the Apple Blossom zodiac, he's not as warm as they tend to be. However, he is still overly protective of his family and he would protect them at all costs. Especially his sisters, who he feels like he must protect at all costs.

Apricitykit dyre
Roleplayed by Racer ~~~ Apple Blossoms Zodisc Sign
means warmth of the sun or basking in the sun in winter; dear, lovely. Female, looks like dad but has mom's eyes.

Asterkit fury
Roleplayed by Nova ~~~ Rose Zodiac Sign
Responsible, a good role model, reliable. To him, these things come with the territory of being the oldest of his siblings. Asterfury puts everything upon his shoulders and tries to be the most responsible one out of his litter. When something needs to be done this black and white tabby will give it his all. If it doesn't work, or it fails in some way then you'll truly see his temper flare. To Asterfury, failure is simply not an option. After all, what would his siblings think if all he did were fail? Despite the kind words of his adoptive mother, Shadeflower, Asterfury just can't get past his own thick-headedness. He must be the best at all times. Asterfury very rarely shares what he's feeling, not unless he can't hold it inside anymore. Instead, he simply bottles everything up and waits until he's alone to let it all out. But with four other siblings, he finds it hard to make time for himself.

Freckledkit ivy
Roleplayed by Ian ~~~ Rose Zodiac Sign
A mostly white calico tom, an unusual combination that others blame for his particular curiosities. His eyes are a hazel hue, lined with deep black outlines. Freckledivy is not the most social cat, and even when he is, it isn't a stretch to say he mumbles. Often only half-understandable, cats really need to focus on his soft, raspy voice to be able to fully comprehend what he's trying to get out. Accompanied by his stutter, it makes sense that he doesn't like to talk much. When he does speak, he often answers questions with more questions, a strange game of riddles that are hard to crack. The smallest of his litter (siblings Asterfury, Iridescentlily, Wickedheather and Wisteriaimp), he is built more for the hunt than the fight, which is unfortunate in that he always feels a little bad taking the killing bite.

Iridescentkit lily
Roleplayed by Seeker ~~~ Rose Zodiac Sign
a beautiful silver lilac tabby with eyes a colorful and expressive blue. Iridescentlily is what one would consider a proper young lady, polite and one to avoid using strong language. She's not fond of getting her paws dirty and avoids fights wherever she can. Whenever someone catches her off guard, or embarrasses her, she tends to sputter and lose her sense of being polite. Iridescentlily enjoys humming and singing, but she gets shy whenever someone catches her in the act. Someday, she'd love to have a family of her own, even as an older kit she was a nurturing figure to the younger kittens. Voted most likely to be a lifelong queen.

Wickedkit heather
Roleplayed by Seeker ~~~ Rose Zodiac Sign
A brown and white tabby she cat with blue and green heterochromia. Wickedheather is a feline that knows no boundaries. Personal space is definitely not a word she knows, always in peoples personal bubbles. She is a feisty tom boy who loves adventure, getting down and dirty, and always ready for a fight. Brawling is her passion so she does not care if she wins or loses. Headstrong once she gets an idea in her mind or makes a decision nothing can sway her otherwise.

Wisteriakit imp
Roleplayed by Uniqcrim ~~~ Rose Zodiac Sign
A white tom with one blue and one amber eye. Wisteriaimp likes to live on the spicy side. If he isn't having a nap, he is probably doing something he was told not to. It's difficult to reign this tom cat in and he is known for rebelling. He enjoys the look on other cats faces when he rebels. Anger, disappointment, resentment - sometimes even horror - all give him that little kick he needs to sleep peacefully every night and day. He hates to be wrong and isl always work to be right, at least in his mind and he'll work to prove it. This makes him good at twisting words and cats into a situation that works for him. He is weak to cats in need however, those who are weak and need protection. He finds it hard to turn his back on them or leave them at the mercy of cats stronger than them.

???'S KITS
Mantiskit leap
Roleplayed by Bauble ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
To understand Mantisleap, you have to look beyond his twisted leg. Doubtless, it’s the first thing you notice when you look at this spirited tom -- before you notice his immaculate coat, white with accents of grey, burnished brown. Or his leaf green eyes, always full of life. Or his ears, large and alert. To see him, to truly see him, you have to look past his leg. You have to see how a smile comes to him at the moment he sees you. How he’s the first to jump to your defense when you’re in trouble, and the first to volunteer when there’s a job to be done. His sister’s probably told you about him -- no doubt she’s tried to convince you he’s the greatest warrior in the forest, or something alike. That only makes him blush. Mantisleap prefers to allow his actions to speak for themselves.

Frogkit splash
Roleplayed by Bauble ~~~ Fire Zodiac Sign
If there’s one thing that Frogsplash loves, it's a good joke. Which isn’t surprising, because she thinks her whole life is a joke. First: the setup — an oddball pair of twins. One with a funny leg, and the other who’s a little funny in the head. She and her brother Mantisleap are nearly identical in every way. They’re both slender cats, white with splotches of grey. Their eyes both shine a bright leaf green. You can count their difference on a paw. Well, no, a leg. His leg. He’s the one with the funny leg. But if you would believe her, she’s the one who was born a little sideways. Second: the tale — where Mantisleap is charming and kind, Frogsplash wears on nerves. While he’s patient and considerate, she’s rowdy and strident. And while he does his duties, she collects trinkets and tells wacky tales. She has a weakness of attention span that’s only surpassed by her strength of opinion, and a quirk in her jade eyes that alludes to a spirit that wields her wild, overbearing energy. Frogsplash knows she’s an ill fit, and her peers have done well enough to remind her of the fact. She’s aware of the inconvenient truth — not a whisper that creeps in the back of her mind, but a shout that emits from her own maw: her brother has the makings of a great warrior, far better than her. Life would be simpler if they weren’t switched up in their mother’s belly — if their flesh, spirit, and matter could separate and recombine into the right union. If she could bear the twisted limb so she could see her brother soar. Life’s funny in that way, right? She’s still waiting for the punchline.

Lone Kits
Initiates are outsiders over the age of twelve moons who are in training to become full members of SunClan. Their training is similar to apprenticeship except, instead of individual Warrior mentors, Initiates are instructed collectively by the Senate.

Upon completion of training, Initiates must pass a test in which the Sun God examines their heart (see “Rituals”). If they pass, they are given a Warrior name and welcomed as full members of the Clan. If they fail, they will be executed by the Janus, which is a risk they will have been informed about from the start.

To Initiate, the cat must be brought before the High Priestess, Soothsayer and Senate to be informed of what is expected of them as well as all risks. Upon accepting the terms, the High Priestess assigns the cat an Initiate (rogue-style) name and their training begins (Note: The High Priestess will choose your Initiate’s name unless you specify ahead of time).
Xaphan fallenlight
Roleplayed by Stardance
A white tom with a blue right eye and a green left eye. He was a part of Toxicity, but left during the formation of Absum Lux. He returned to the area by chance, and he was found SunClan. He is naturally a peaceful tom, but does not hesitate to quiet those who disrupt the peace.

Roleplayed by Bluejay
Lucien was a kittypet for a while, but knew there was more to life than what he saw. He managed to get his collar off and escape to the forest. He wandered for a while before stumbling upon the clan and begging to join them. His fur is silky, a blue-grey color with dark tabby stripes. His eyes are a vibrant amber. He holds a lot of resentment for twolegs and kittypets, determined to prove that he’s fully left that life behind him. He still has a lot to learn, but is determined to prove his worth.

Vulture veiledstory
Roleplayed by Strawberrycupid
Every new invention is gawked at until the next shiny thing comes along, but it's unlikely anything will replace the concept of a wedding. Beautiful scenery, gorgeous grooms and brides, warm wishes from everyone you know. It was the sort of things everyone is dreaming of. But it was like every fantasy had come to life in Veiledstory. He is the perfect cat for Winterclan. Long and thick fur that curls on itself, like a gentle trail of a dress. His fur is mostly snowy white, perfect for a blushing bride, but he also had rich brown tabby veil over part of his back, face, and tail. His eyes are a grassy green, like new shoots that show signs of new life. He looks like pure Winterclan and was able to spin out a couple of memorable names to claim as relatives and it didn't take much else convincing. Veiledstory speaks so calmly and deeply, a lulling sound that can easily bring you into a sense of security. And what's not to love? He's very staunch in the new winterclan code, loyal without even needing to be played, but is also sociable and kind. Veiledstory is always watching out for others, willing to lend a hand or get revenge for you. Whatever your needs are, he will shape himself to them. But some things don't add up. Like how those cats he mentioned look nothing like him, or how you'll feel a chill up your spine and then he appears, or how he seems to just know what is going on all the time. He is quietly watching everyone, but one, in particular, stands out. And he's stubborn enough to spin the webs to get what he wants.

Dust Secretgarden
Roleplayed by Shadow
A pretty brown spotted tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Mother of Silverkit, Whitekit, Cloudykit. Hates Pauses In Conversation. Overly Friendly

Reza zephyrcharm
Roleplayed by Shadow
A snow lynx marbled and spotted mixed bengal tom with dark indigo eyes.

Newman Eclipse???
Roleplayed by Cleaver
A skinny, awkward, bony dark gray tom. He has a handsome face. Green-eyed. He used to stalk Aurorasky until he was captured by Mountain and definitely stopped.

Roleplayed by Moonfrost18
Oren is a handsome tom with a lithe, yet muscular build. His breed is what two-legs would call a Toyger. He has a golden brown coat with thick dark stripes running vertical along his body. He has a splash of white on his muzzle and round green eyes with specks of brown. He is quite a handsome sight to see, but is completely oblivious to his looks. Oren is one word, and that is eager. He is very curious and loves learning new things. He isn’t the wisest of cats, but he makes up for it with his good natured personality and friendly attitude. Oren isn’t what you’d call a typical SunClan cat, but he couldn’t resist the chance to try something new and exciting. He grew up as a kittypet and was loved, but he always felt like he needed more in life. He felt like the forest beckoned to him. He couldn’t stay cooped up in his home any longer. He needed adventure.

A “Crow” is a general term used for a former SunClan cat that has either deserted the Clan or been exiled. There is no greater insult in SunClan than to be called a “crow” (similar to fox-heart or mouse-brain in other groups, but with more religious weight) and those unfortunate cats bear this word in their very names. While SunClan has always had exiles, changing the cat’s suffix to -crow first became popular when Bloodyrondo, by then Bloodystar, changed Littlestar’s name to Littlecrow. Moons later, she returned the favor and exiled him under the name Bloodycrow, and the ill-gotten tradition stuck for all future deserts and exiles.
Some Crows’s are marked for death when, while others are intended to simply be publicly shamed for as long as they dwell in the Clans.
Roleplayed by Jadie
Reason for exile:

SunClan is rich in history, traditions, and rituals that are very different from the main Warriors series. They are very religious, and their belief in the Sun God seeps into almost every aspect of their lives. This clan can be difficult to navigate for new users, who are used to more traditional clans.

So to get started, we reccommend that you start of with an initiate. Initiates are outsiders who come to SunClan seeking to join. They do not know the intricatcies of the clan, and attend lessons to learn about SunClan's ways before facing initation. The reason we recommend starting with an initate, is that you can learn right along side your character. Initiates are bound to make mistakes when it comes to SunClan's culture and customs, and other characters in the clan will step in to help educate them. When you become more comfortable with SunClan's culture, your character can attempt initation and become a full member of the clan.

This guide page is intended to help walk you through what you need to know about SunClan. However, don't be afraid to ask questions. Any of our staff memebers would be happy to help you out. Who knows you may even get your question featured on our guide page.
What are SunClan cats like?
SunClan's members are sanctimonious, arrogant, and vain, touting themselves as ones Chosen by the Sun while looking down upon outsiders who are thought to be beneath them. They see SunClan blood as holy, and those with SunClan blood running through their veins will always be welcomed back into the fold so long as their faith holds true. Those who have holy blood but do no believe in the Sun God may be asked to initiate before being allowed to join, to be given time to allow the Sun God into their hearts.

SunClan is a close-knit, pious, and rather secretive group, trespassers will find themselves killed, or chased away on sight. However SunClan cats can often be found trespassing on other territories and instigating fights simply for the sake of it.

Most SunClan cat's take great pride in their apperance , spending hours crafting their body paint. Learning how to paint the symbols of SunClan is an important skill that every apprentice must master before being allowed to become a warrior.
SunClan Terminology
SunClan has a few terms unique to their clan. Here are a few of them that you might hear while rping with a cat from SunClan. Keep these in mind as you roleplay and feel free to use them!

"May the Sun shine upon you, until our paths cross again"
- A common farewell among clanmates

"Shade Walkers"
- An insult used to describe outsiders or a cat that does not believe in the Sun God

- A blasphemer, or other cat who doesn't worship the Sun.

- A SunClan traitor.
TheSGBefore TheSGAfter in Chania
His story

The Sun God was reincarnated as a sickly kit born to Unseenlights and Duskslayer while they were in Renegade Regime. He was born hairless, and was so weak that his survival was never certain. His parents and other family members worked hard to keep him alive, and slowly but surely he began to grow stronger.

While still a kit, his family decided to travel to SunClan. His father had been asked by Bloodystar to reutrn to SunClan as his Priest Promised,and each of the kits were allowed to choose if they wanted to stay in Renegade Regime or go with their parents to SunClan. All of the siblings, save one, decided to go SunClan. It was here that he began his training as an apprentice, learning the ways of SunClan.
The Sun God
A chaotic and self-righteous being, the Sun, otherwise called the Sun God, is the main deity of SunClan. A neutral deity, the Sun doesn't care whether cats are good or evil, as he himself is neither, so long as they continue to worship him. He watches over and protects SunClan in exchange for worship, and can even be somewhat benevolent when dealing with SunClan, his Chosen cats. Unlike some other worshiped deities, the Sun plays an active part in the lives of the clan, from their traditions to their ceremonies

Due to the Sun God's tyranny, he was killed by Littlestar with the help of the ancients and Selene, so that he could be reborn into a mortal body to better understand what attosities he put his followers through. Currently he is inhabiting the body of Bravepaw.
The Changing Of The Ranks

The Ritual for Promotion to Janus and/or Promised, Lead by the Soothsayer

"Cats of SunClan, the day has come for our Great Protector to choose his new servants. For what we currently lack, he will provide. As you all know, we are in need for (Soothsayer/Priest Promised and/or Janus). Some of our sharpest minds and strongest paws have been chosen to serve the Sun, and have nominated those who they believe to be worthy in their own right for future leadership. Let us not forget, however, that all in the clan are subject to consideration, for it is our mighty ruler who decides all. Janus, please step forward from the crowd with your nominee, so that your hearts and commitment may be judged."
-Cats step forward with their Janus, and the Sun God indicates whom they chose as Janus/Promised-
"We thank the Sun God for blessing us with these cats. May they lead us well and bring honor and glory to Him."
-Warrior names are given to kit/apprentice aged cats/Initiates-
Those to be promoted are indicated by a shaft of light. If a Promised is needed, then both the Janus indicated and their nominee will be promoted, to Promised and Janus respectively. Only the nominee will be promoted if no Promised is needed. When none of the current Janus are chosen and by extension, none of the nominated cats, (as they're always chosen as their pair) a vision of lighting will strike before the chosen cats, leaving soot on their paws, and the eldest cat will be promoted to Promised, if one is being chosen at the time. The remaining cat(s) receive promotion to Janus.
The Young Suns Rising

The Usual Ceremonies to promte kits to apprentices, apprentices to warriors, and warriors to the senate. Lead by the High Priest/Priestess

(To those being promoted) Children of the Sun, the High Priest/Priest Promised desires your presence below the Springrock.
(To the Clan. Kits/Apprentices->Next Rank) It is with great reverence that I, High Priest/Priest Promised ___, stand beneath our Great Protector today and bask in his eternal rays. With his permission and guidance, it is now that I grant our youth their new names. May they serve him well and bring blessings onto his people.
-The new names are given-
(To the newly named warriors) Newly named warriors of SunClan, it is with great pleasure that we now welcome you as full members of the clan.
(To the Clan. Warriors ->Senate) It is with great reverence that I, High Priest(ess) ___, stand beneath our Great Protector today and bask in his eternal rays. With his permission, it is now that I promote our loyal warriors to their place among the Senate, as peacekeepers, guides, and advisors to the clan, the Initiates, and myself.
-Cats are promoted to the Senate-
All sunClan cats are deeply religious. Their beliefs are often deeply intertwined with pride in their clan, leading other clans to see them as arrogant and even haughty.

Sunclan cats firmly believe they are the chosen by the Sun God as defenders of his sacred lands and traditions. These prayers, ceremonies and rituals are invariably long, drawn out affair that are taken very seriously. During which cats must remain solemn, calm, and respectful of SunClan's customs, or they will be remove from the ceremony springs.

At the center of the Burial Grounds, and surrounded by a mysterious red river is the Ceremony Springs, a hot, humid area with a central rock where the clan's Ceremonies are conducted instead of in SunClan's main camp. To get to the Ceremony Springs, you must cross over a fallen tree bridge that spans over the red river. The bridge going to the ceremony springs always has a guard posted there to protect their herbs and to keep the entrance to the Janus Camp secret.
Tying The Knot

The Tying of the Knot Ceremony is SunClan’s version of a marriage. Out of all of the Clans, it is the oldest ceremony of its kind, revived for the first time in generations by Littlestar and Skipstep. This is an optional ceremony. One does not need to perform the Tying of the Knot to be considered mates. However, cats who do go through with this ancient ceremony form a connection to their partner that goes beyond that of regular mates. Married cats can never take a new mate after this ceremony is performed and when one dies, the other dies as well. In exchange, however, the two cats gain a Spiritual Element from the Sun God himself, one that presents differently from couple to couple but generally gives the two cats an emotional connection that can only be described as supernatural.

Ceremonial Objects:
Painted Vine: The couple individually create their own painted vine, often with blooming flowers and herbs attached, days or sometimes moons before the ceremony. It is considered bad luck for the betrothed to see each other’s vines until the actual ceremony.
Sunflower Oil Candle: Unlike the painted vine, the sunflower oil candle is created by the couple working together using a sunflower seed oil mixture. Its sides are decorated in patterns that represent the two families joining as one.
Ceremonial Paint: Both cats wear a formal and intricate paint design with no color restrictions. They spend all morning creating these paint designs with the help of their close ring of friends on opposite sides of the Ceremony Springs. The assistants will wear similar designs on their pelts. Once the designs have been applied, the couple and those assisting are not allowed to leave the den until the ceremony.
Braided Branch: A y-shaped branch that appears to have been braided as it grew then accented with ancient runes along its side that not even the oldest SunClan cat can read. It is used for every Tying of the Knot ceremony and existed long before Littlestar and Skipstep revived the tradition.
Painted Sunflower Seeds: After the ceremony is done, painted sunflower seeds are tossed at the couple, usually by kits and apprentices. These seeds test the couples’ resolve - as they are walking downhill tied together already - as well as symbolize fertility.

This ceremony is performed, fittingly, at the Ceremony Springs, so that the ancestors can watch from the sunflower fields. The entire Clan is in attendance, including Initiates, who typically are not allowed to enter this sacred location. The couple as well as their closest friends and family decorate the springs however they desire, although most decorations heavily incorporate sunflowers, in honor of their joint devotion to the Sun God.

The Soothsayer, who will lead the ceremony, and the Sun God, who gives his blessing, stand on the top of the incline in the bend of the red river. The High Priest/ess and Priest/ess Promised are not part of the ceremony but sit on the atop of the incline as well. The rest of the Clan is seated from the bottom of the hill to the top with a pathway, typically lined with rose petals, splitting the assembled cats in two. The couple enter at separate locations on opposite sides of the camp and meet at the middle pathway at the base of the hill. They intertwine tails before ascending the hill, followed by the cats who assisted in the paint application, who take their seats at the top of the hill as well. Lastly follow at least two kits, usually related to the couple to be wed, who present the painted vines to the Soothsayer.

The Soothsayer introduces the couple to the clan and asks them if it is their wish to bind their souls for all of time. If both cats answer 'I do,' then the ceremony proceeds. The Soothsayer presents the couple with the Braided Branch, each of the cats taking hold of one end in their mouths. The Sun God then moves forward and ignites the end of the branch and the couple work together to light their sunflower oil candle. Once lighted, the Soothsayer asks them to present their vows, which is unique to every couple. For each vow that the couple makes to one another, the Soothsayer wraps their two vines tightly around their front paws to bind them. Typically there are five vows - two individual per cat and the final in unison - but it varies from couple to couple. Once the couple has made their vows, the Soothsayer ties the vines into place, sealing their bond in the eyes of the Sun God, and are given permission to kiss. Kissing is the final step of the ceremony and the action binds their souls together. At first the sensation is akin to burning but it quickly fades into an overwhelming sensation of warmth and comfort.

The Soothsayer and Sun God will usually say a few words to bless the new couple and the pair then descend the incline together with their paws still bound. As they walk down the hill, the clan toss painted sunflower seeds at the couple, chanting their names and wishing them well. Upon reaching the crowd below, the ceremony is completed and the clan feasts to celebrate the new couple. Many couples choose to leave the clan after the feast and go on a “Journey of Harmony,” which is equivalent to a honeymoon. It can be as short as a night or as long as a moon. Many cats take this opportunity to travel and visit places that their duties would otherwise prevent them from going to.

SunClan culture expects couples who go through the Tying of the Knot ceremony to bear kits within the next few moons. Same-sex couples are expected to either adopt a litter or find a surrogate.

The Isle
Since the beginning of time, creatures have worshiped the Sun. And just as long as they have worshiped the Sun, they have warred with the Moon, lost the faithful to sickness, injury, and the ages time and time again.

It is on the Isle that the Sun’s faithful deceased are gathered, forever living under the light of their deity in this bright afterlife. Unlike StarClan, however, these cats are never necessarily good. Obedience and worship are valued by the Sun God above all, and even those with dark hearts can enter if they revered the deity and served him well. And not all cats who arrive at the Isle upon death are from SunClan either. There are those, whether in other clans/groups or among the kittypets and rogues, who have heard of the Sun and worshiped him, often remnants of the original worshipers from long ago. So long as they have followed the Sun faithfully, it matters not where they were born or died. Upon death, cats are greeted by the Sun God himself on a thin strip of land that separates between StarClan and the Isle itself, allowing SunClan cats to choose which afterlife they’d like to enter. Cats who inhabit the Isle have the unique ability to travel between both skies, forever having a paw in two worlds. So long as StarClan is willing to accept them, of course.

The Isle and StarClan themselves serve different purposes for the Chosen. The Isle itself is a place of relaxation and freedom from all duty, whereas StarClan is where the Isle’s inhabitants serve the Sun God, whether that be giving out omens, prophecies, or simply finding out information from the StarClan cats themselves. The high ranks of the Clan, Priests and Soothsayers, are automatically led to StarClan in order to continue their service to the deity who chose them, even in death.
Rules Of The Isle

1. The Sun God is the supreme power of the Isle. Disobedience of orders is prohibited and grounds for banishment to the Dark Forest.
2. Cats may not be reincarnated without the permission of the Sun God. Cats who die in the afterlife war with the Moon are always given the choice to reincarnate as a reward for their sacrifice, or return to the Isle, however. The only cats who may be reincarnated with their full memories of past lives intact from birth are the ancients, and only in times when their presence is needed. Using other methods to obtain reincarnation is grounds for being cursed by the Sun God and exiled to the Dark Forest upon death.
3. Cats from any other afterlife are physically incapable of entering the Isle, with the exception of those who held a medical or equivalent position who are given limited time before banishment. A cat cursed by the Sun God is marked with a sun shape branded somewhere visible on their body, and any who bear this mark will die should they try to enter the Isle.
4. Any cat who dies believing and serving the Sun God may enter the Isle, regardless of clan/group or lack thereof.
5. Any cat, even the cursed, may enter the Isle if they turn from their ways and follow the Sun God. Cats who choose to do this will see their physical forms change into that of the Chosen, and they can be certain the Sun God will be guiding their paws towards the Isle. However, this does not make them safe from danger, especially those from the Dark Forest, as once they have transformed, they can be targeted for reincarnation.
6. No dead cat can visit the living or living cat visit dead except on the Summer Solstice, or on the Sun God’s orders. The only exception to this is the Ancients, who, if reincarnated, may visit the XXX to speak with the other Ancients/Sun God for advice. And of course the Sun God does what he wants.
7. No matter what sort of name or rank a cat has in the afterlife, all are considered equal. The only exception to this rule is when in battle with the Moon, in which cats fall in this order: Sun God, Ancient Leaders, Other Leaders, Deps & MCs, Janus, Everyone else.
Body Paint On The Isle
Just like in life, in death, cats wear body paint to distinguish themselves. However, each have special meanings, assigned or earned by the deceased either in their lifetime, or in death. The symbol they wear tell their stories, though only the cats of the Isle truly understand their meanings.

Fire - Given to those who earned any leadership/ medical or equivalent position in their lifetime, regardless of clan. ( Red - Leader, Orange - Deputy, Blue - MC, Green - MCA )

Sun - An exclusive symbol given only to the ancient leaders of the Sun worshipers. ( Any Color )

Heart - Given to symbolize the manner in which a cat died their final death. Cats who were reincarnated may use multiple relevant colors. ( Black - Battle, Yellow - Injury, Green - Sickness, White - Age, Gray - Assassination, Purple - Kitting/Stillborns )

Butterfly - Given to those who have come to the Sun God either through initiation in life, or by choosing him after death. ( Black & Blue - Initiation, White & Orange - After Death )

Spiral - Given to those who have been reincarnated. ( Dark Brown - Once, Pink - Twice, Indigo - Three+ )

Stars - Given to those who have given lives to leaders. One per life given. ( Any Color )

Twig w/ Leaf - Given to those who have given omens/prophecies from official plots to the living. One leaf per omen/prophecy. ( Brown & Green )
Death, for SunClan, is a bit different than death for the other clans. In total, there are three afterlives for SunClan cats. The Isle of the Chosen, StarClan, and the Dark Forest.

Upon death, a cat who has followed SunClan's ways is given the choice of entering either the Isle of the Chosen, or StarClan. This does not necessarily mean that the cat was good, only that they were obedient to the Sun God and worshiped him accordingly.

The Isle of the Chosen is a bright, warm paradise, where those who have died believing in the Sun God can relax. StarClan, for SunClan cats, is different from the watchful ancestors they once were. The Sun God uses those SunClan cats residing in StarClan's realm to relay messages, deliver prophecies, give lives, and any such other duties he believes relevant to aid SunClan or use in his war against the Moon. The choice doesn't necessarily matter, as a cat can travel between the Isle and StarClan as often as they wish, though the Sun God prefers hard workers.

Cats who are cursed or act out against SunClan in life are generally banished to the Dark Forest.
SunClan's Code

Similar to the warrior code in the original series, SunClan's code is a series of rules that the cats of SunClan live by

I The word of the High Priest is law.

II There is to be no worship of any god, deity or spirit other than the Sun God.

III After the Sun, SunClan comes first. Friendships and relationships with cats outside the clan are looked down upon, but not prohibited, so long as it does not impact a member's loyalty to SunClan.

IV The Clan's religious ceremonies, rituals and festivals are sacred to SunClan. Outsiders, save for Initiates, may not be present during celebrations or rituals, and anything that happens during them are strictly guarded secrets to all non-SunClan cats. Initiates may only participate in ceremonies when it is their turn to face initiation.

V SunClan cats must have warrior-style names. Those who refuse cannot participate in SunClan celebrations or rituals.

VI Kits born to a SunClan cat and an outsider may remain in the clan of their parent's choice until they are old enough to become apprentices, but must be returned to SunClan for training

VII SunClan territory is sacred. All outsiders who do not wish to join must be chased away. If they refuse to leave, they are to be killed. Killing without following this order of proceedings is prohibited. Life even of shadewalkers is considered a gift, and care should be taken to preserve it when possible. Outsiders that wish to initiate should be taken to the High Priest.

VII Until they are given their warrior name, SunClan cats are not considered full members of the Clan (kits, apprentices, initiates). As such, they are not allowed to attend Gatherings, take on a mate, have kits or participate in any Ceremonies in which they are not involved. They must listen to full members regardless of age differences.

IX All "Of Age" outsiders who wish to join SunClan must go through an initiation process similar to that of apprenticeship. Cats younger than 12 moons are to be accepted as a full member of SunClan once they receive their warrior names, just as any other kit or apprentice. Potential initiates must be informed of risks of initiating including death if they fail, what the final test will be, be told there is no backing out once they have decided to initiate, and be given an opportunity to refuse the initiation process. Once an outsider has completed the ________ l, they are subject to all the benefits and privileges of even a pureblood Sun Clanner.

X A cat's life is a gift from the Sun God, and great care should be taken to preserve it when possible. Killing should be a last resort, done only with the approval of the Sun God or in defense of yourself or clan. When a life must be taken, it should still be treated with respect, and be given to the Sun God who blessed them with it.

XI No cat is above the SunClan code, and should be held responsible for their actions.

Paint Colors
SunClan has a unique tradition of painting their pelts in vibrant colors and symbols. It started for practical reasons, the paint made SunClan cats easily identifiable on the battle field for battle commanders. However, it is has evolved to become more intricate and decorative over time.

The paint colors a cat chooses to wear are directly related to their rank within in the clan. Each rank has specific colors that they are allowed to wear, and generally the older a cat becomes the more colors they are allowed to wear. This help SunClan cats identify your rank at a glance, making kits, apprentices, warriors, janus, and senators easily identifiable.

Hight Priest -> All warm colors, black, & white

Priest Promised-> All warm colors & black

Soothsayer -> All cool colors, black & white

Soothsayer Promised -> All cool colors & black

Janus-> All warm colors OR cool colors, depending on if they lean more priest or soothsayer

Senators-> Red, orange, yellow & white

Warriors-> Red, orange & yellow

Apprentices-> Red & orange

Kits-> Red

Little's image
High Priestess
Rank Symbol
Soaring's image
Personal Image
Blindfaith's image
Personal Image
Paintedcanyon's image
Personal Image
Rank Symbols

Rank symbols are worn on the forehead of important members of SunClan. These symbols are used to show a cat's rank at a glance, and is easy to spot from across the battle field.

High Priest-> The High Priest wears an ornate flame upon their forehead that stretches upwards between their ears. This represents the High Priest's determination and perseverance. It also reminds the High Priest of the importance of remembering the past, and learning from one's mistakes.

Priest Promised-> The Priest Promised wears an ornate sun upon their forehead. This represents that they were chosen by the Sun God to serve SunClan to the best of their abilities.

Soothsayer-> The Soothsayer wears an ornate open eye upon their forehead. It represents vigilance, moral conscience, and truth. The Soothsayer doesn't have any direct power over the members of SunClan, but part of their job is to help guide the High Priest morally and inturpret signs and omens.

Soothsayer Promised-> The Soothsayed Promised wears an ornate sun upon their forehead. This represents that they were chosen by the Sun God to serve SunClan to the best of their abilities.

Janus-> Janus wear and ornate circle upon their forehead. This represents their search of knowledge and perfection.

Paint Locations

Certain symbols are wore in certain places, making it easy for the cats of SunClan to find the most important symbols without searching all over your body. Where you wear these symbols also can change their meaning slightly.

Forehead: reserved for rank markings. These markings are used by the High Priest, Priest Promised, Soothsayer, Soothsayer Promised, and Janus to show their rank within the clan. Cats not in the upper ranks of the clan generally wear simple swirls of colors that help tie together their look, instead of a paticular symbol.

Right shoulder: reserved for a cat's zodiac symbol. A cat's zodiac symbol is based upon the month they were born into SunClan, or the month that they initated.

Left shoulder: reserved for personal symbols

Chest: reserved fore virtue symbols

Personal Symbols

Personal symbols are a unique symbol that are designed by individuals to set themselves apart. These symbols are usually, but not always, a visual representation of their name or something they value. For example, Littlestar's warrior name was Littlebird. So her personal symbol is that of a humming bird hovering over a sunflower. Personal symbols can change through out a cat's life, but general just become more elaborate. Each cat's personal symbol is unique, like a signature. Cats wear their personal symbols on their left shoulder. Personal symbols can not be the exact same as anyone else listed on the page or any of the virtue symbols listed below. However symbols can be reused by a descendent if the cat it belongs to has passed away, in memory of them.(must obtain rper permission first)

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Personal Image
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Personal Image
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Personal Image
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Personal Image
SunClan Zodiac
With each month of the year, SunClan believes certain traits are more likely to appear. These are symbolized mainly by the various plants and animals that can be found in SunClan.
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Little's image
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Apple Blossoms
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January - Wolverine
Cats born under the sign of the Wolverine are steadfast and of a loyal nature. Wolverine's prioritize consistency and reliability in all areas of their lives. However, Wolverine's have a bit of a reputation: What a Wolverine perceives as dedication is often regarded by others as stubbornness. As a result wolverines may end up lingering in unhealthy situations longer than necessary just to prove a point. Despite their occasional obstinance, however, wolverines are dependable partners, soothing their friends and mates through their trustworthiness and devotion.Wolverines are relucatant to admit that change is a good thing, fighting even small changes every step of the way. When their way of life is threatened, better watch out. They are not afraid to fight for what they believe in with tooth and claw.

February - Rabbit
The cats born under the sign of the Rabbits are kind, adventerous, and nimble. The rabbit’s kindness may make them seem soft and weak. In truth, the Rabbit’s quiet personality hides their confidence and strength. A plain and routine life is not their style. Though conservative and careful in their actions, they need surprises every so often to spice things up. Rabbit signs are able to adapt quickly to new situations, thriving in chaos that others dread. Yet, even the rabbits like a quiet home to return to from time to time, and as a general rule dislike violence.

March - Earth
The Earth zodiac sign is one of the most stable and balanced of the zodiac signs. These independent, reliable characters have many great warrior qualities. They are self-confident, determined, and stubborn. These hard working cats are capable of persisting for as long as is necessary to accomplish a goal they have set for themselves. They respect discipline from above and demand it from those beneath them. They put the needs of the clan and their family ahead of their own, often neglecting their own needs in the process. While their persistance is one of their best qualities, it is also one of their biggest draw backs. Cats born under the earth sign form strong opinons, and once their mind is made up is is difficult to change it.

April - Apple Blossoms
Cats born under the apple blossom sign are loving, loyal, gentle, even tempered, and slow to anger. They despise fighting and quareling, and avoid it whenever possible. Apple blossoms sign cats are rule followers and lovers of peace, possessing all the qualities that make them amazing friends and mates. The value that saftey and security of those they care for above all else. They are dependable, never betraying the trust of others. These cats are practical, often pointing out the most logical andobvious solutions to problems. However, there within lies the problem with those that fall under this sign. These cats can become overyly jelous and possessive of their friends and family, not allowing them to make their own mistakes. They will go to extremes to protect those that care for, even if it goes against the other cat's wishes.

May - Rose Cats born under the sign of the rose are observant, critical, and quick to judge. They come off as emotionally cold, and have a habit of suppressing their natural kindness and emotions. They shrink from committing themselves to friendship, make few relationships, and those they do make are still kept at a distance. However this means that they conceal too much emotion, leading to inner turmoil. They do this becasue te have difficulty trusting others, not trusting their own perception of othrs.The are conscious of certain shortcomings in themselves, so they have mastered the art of self control and hiding their emotions. This doesn't mean that they don't care for others, in fact the often care to much. They are still waters that run deep. These cats are sensible, discreet, and well spoken. They have a good understanding of others, and are acutely aware of what they are going through. These cats are intelligent, studius, teachable and objective. They are able to set aside their emotions for the greater good,no matter how much it hurts.

June - Fire The cats born under the fire sign are the most intense, frightening, and power hungry characters in the SunClan zodiac. Even when they appear at peace on the surface, there is a smoldering intensity to their gaze that makes lesser cats tremble. These cats always seem on the edge of releasing their fury upon those around them. But those of us who are particularly They need great self-discipline, in order to contain their burnig desires. These cats can use their inner strength for great good, or great evil. Their tenacity and willpower are immense, and their personalities overwhelming for some, yet they are deeply sensitive and easily moved by their emotions. Their sensitivity makes them easily hurt, quick to infer insults (often when none is intended) and easy to anger. They tend to make enememies due to their outspokenness, and they find it difficult not to be overly critical of anything or anyone to whom they take a dislike.

July - Eye The cats born under the eyes sign are the most spontaneous, intelligent, charismatic, and extroverted of all the SunClan zodiac signs. They carry themselves with pride, have magnetic personalities, and are natural leaders. They are ambitious, courageous, and self-confident. There is no such a word as doubt in their vocabularies. They were born to command, their personalities bringing out the best of their subordinates. They are uncomplicated, knowing exactly what they want and using all their energy, power and resoures to get it. The eyes sign cats are easy to read, and you always know where you stand with them. These cats think and act bigger than others dare; the ambitiousness of their schemes and idealism sometimes intimidate their followers. They have an inate ability to go straight to the heart of any problem, and to resolve it quickly. If Leonians meet with setbacks they thrive on the adversity. Their faults can be as large in scale as their positive traits, and an excessively negative eye sign can be one of the most unpleasant cats imaginable. Their traits are often exagerated and taken to extremes.

August - Heart
The cats born under the heart zodiac sign are ambitious, impulsive, enthusiastic and full of energy. These cats are very open to new ideas and highly value personal freedom. They welcome difficult challenges, but are impatient and will quit if they don't get their desried results quickly. Heart signs make brave leaders that care for those under their command, however they do not make very good followers. They despise being ordered around, so it is wise to allow them to believe that they are making their own decision or reason with them instead of forcing compliance. Heart signs fall in love with others quickly and deeply, and make devoted mates. Despite all their good qualities, their immense energy can make them restless and argumentative. They question everything, especially authority. This can get them into trouble with the Priests and Janus.

September - Wind
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October - Memories
Cats born under the memory sign are family oriented, loveable, and make great parents.They are not very adventerous, prefering the security their home offers. Memory sign cats are social butterflies, but sometimes need a quite place to retreat to when they need a respite from the stresses of life. For them there is a time to socialize and a time to be solitary. Thes cats are able to identify and sympathize with the situations of others because of their awarness of those around them. These cat have a tendency to be emotional and overact in stressful situations. Memories signs have strong maternal and paternal instincts, often taking in and adopting kits in need. These cats like to have large extended families, and have a fear of being abandonded by them.

November - Dreams
The cats born under the dream sign are imaginitive, creative, and romantic. When presented with a problem, these cats are able to come up with solutions that others couldn't even dream of. They are often over-imaginative and prone to fantasy. These cats can have difficulty distinguishing between the worlds their minds create and reality. The are idealistic and naieve, seeing the world for how it should be rather than how it is. The cats sometimes trying to shape their lives to fit some romantic ideal, even if it doesn't line up with reality. These cats are invalubale thinkers of the clan, who are not afraid to push the boundaries of what is possible.

December - Water
Cats born under the water sign have a positive outlook on life, are full of energy and life. They are versatile and have an inate love of adventure.They enjoy travelling and exploration, and are open to other ways of thinking. Though the have an ideal view of the world, dsiapointment does not affect them they way it does other signs. They are honorable, honest, truthful, sincere, with a passion for justice. They will fight for any cause they believe to be just, and are prepared to be rebellious. They walk a delicate line between loyalty an independence. These cats are often religious, with a strong sense of morality. They overemphasize the ethical codes they follow, rather than God Himself.This means that they regard adherence to ritual and conventional codes as more important than omens and dreams. They sometimes continue to go through the motions of religion, even when they have ceased to believe. These cats are gifted with foresight and good judgement, and they can be witty conversationalists.