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We believe that the strength of a Clan is not measured in the use of it's teeth and claws, though the warriors of spring will not shy away from a battle that must be fought. No, instead virtue and honor is demonstrated in their kindness to strangers, their benevolence to the less fortunate, and their level headedness in the face of those who have less of a stronghold on their emotions and actions. A philosophical group of cats, you might say. Violence only creates more violence. Two wrongs don't make a right. Treat others the way you would wish to be treated. Don't judge a book by it's cover. These are all proverbs the felines of SpringClan live by. Everything is forever in bloom, and both water and prey can always be found without much difficulty.

Jetstar [+] Coralpaw
Dancingdragon [+] Servalpaw
Cursedheart [+] Caramelpaw
Lunarpoem [+] Celestialpaw
Smokecloud [+] Creampaw
Luminescence [+] Lavenderpaw
Blackberry [+] Skunkpaw

🌸 Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.

🌸 Elders, queens, sick or injured cats and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders.

🌸 Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.

🌸 A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.

🌸 Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.

🌸 The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies, retires, or is exiled.

🌸 Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats.

🌸 No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different Clan.

🌸 The word of the Clan leader is the warrior code.

🌸 An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win their battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense.

🌸 Each Clan has the right to be proud and independent, but in times of trouble they must forget their boundaries and fight side by side to protect the four. Each Clan must help the others so that no Clan will fall.

🌸 Upon becoming an apprentice, each cat must take up at least one specialty, to better use and develop their talents for the good of the clan.

In the heart of SpringClan territory lies their camp. Springclan’s camp is surrounded by large coniferous trees and borders part of a long river that flows through Springclan’s territory. The walls of the camp are made of bushes that range from sweet berry bushes to sharp thorn bushes, along with thick protective thickets.

The entrance of the camp is a simple pathway of stones outlined by a variety of flowers that cut through the thick trees. The heart of SpringClan is almost always bustling with activity. Being both nocturnal and diurnal, it's not uncommon to catch a few warriors sleeping during the day or others out at night. It's a constant flow and all comes down to the preference of the cats within Springclan.

The camp itself is spacious, with plenty of room for all the cats of the clan known as the clearing. The clearing is a flat, grassy area that is scattered with dens, the kitten arena, and other areas useful to SpringClan such as the Meeting Stump. The Stump is a tall, wide, old oak that was cut down long ago. This is where Springclan’s leader gives announcements and other news pertaining to the clan. After a long day, it is not uncommon to see warriors and apprentices relaxing in the middle of the clearing where they socialize or practice the day's teachings.

The Leader’s Den

The Leader's den is the closest to the camp entrance. It is a large, hollowed out old oak tree delicately decorated with flowers, mainly bluebells, and surrounded by raspberry bushes. It gives off a sweet scent to anyone who passes by.

The Trusted’s Den

A new den was built shortly after Cardinalstar created the Trusted in order to accommodate them. Built between the cleft of two large rocks, the den is strewn with flowers and a variety of different leaves. It is located just opposite the leader’s den near the entrance of camp. The den floor is carefully laid with cozy moss nests that are lined with feathers to provide a bit of extra comfort.

The Warrior’s Den

Right beside the Trusteds’ den sits the stream of activity that makes up a majority of the clan. The Warriors’ den. It is a space filled with moss nests lined with feathers. This is where the Warriors come to rest when they aren't on duty.

The Apprentice’s Den

In a little area close to the Warrior's den is the Apprentices’ den. This den is located in an old hollowed out tree. An apple tree provides shade and a place to sharpen their claws when they aren’t out training with their mentors. They have a little space just behind the den to hang out and practice their new skills, or even spar with each other. It's surrounded mainly by raspberry bushes.

The Kitten Arena

Cutting through the clearing is a little stream that gives easy access to water and is fun for the kits to play in. Many little stones can be found there, as well as the occasional minnow or tadpole. In fact, the kits have their own play area. Wonderfully named and thought of by Shadedstar, the Kitten Arena is an area where the kits of the Clan can play and have fun without getting in the way of busy warriors and their apprentices. Separated from the main camp by delicious berry bushes, which the kits love to snack on, it is filled with plenty of enjoyable things to keep the energetic kits entertained. The creek stops in a small pool in the kitten arena, a perfect place to play and catch little minnows. Near the edge is a tiny apple tree where the kits can climb to the branches. It's big enough to hold their weight, but not dangerous if they fell. A hollowed out log lays in the center, brought in by Shadedstar when he first started building it.

The Nursery

Near the back of the camp is the protected burrow known as the nursery. Dug out of an old fox den, the inside is full of moss nests lined with feathers and flowers for Springclan’s queens. The Den is surrounded by raspberry and blackberry bushes, which offers a tasty snack for those inside, and a nasty surprise for those that try to penetrate the nursery den as they are met with sharp thorns hidden between the sweet berries. While there isn't much space it has never been a point of major concern since most of the kits prefer playing outside in the Arena anyway.

The Medicine Cat’s Den

Located just beside the nursery is the burrowed den of the clan’s medicine-cat and their apprentice. Dug out from an old badger den to give it more space. The den is surrounded with plentiful berry bushes, and just outside the den is a small pool which allows healing cats to have access to fresh water whenever they need it. Inside the den there are nests neatly laid about for the sick and injured, along with nests for the medicine-cat and their apprentice. On the ground and floors are little pockets dug out to store herbs and other necessities that the medicine cat needs.

The Elder’s Den

In an old hollowed oak, away from the busy center of the clearing, is the Elders’ den. This is where the retired individuals of the clan come to rest in warm mossy nests lined with the softest feathers. The inside of the den is decorated in flowers and other plants to make it feel more homey. These individuals are very respected among the Clan and are often asked for advice.
A vast, mystical land with endless secrets and many attractive sights. Located in the north-eastern area of the Mountain Clans territory is a unique place, filled with countless cherry blossoms, beautiful flower fields, and plentiful waterfalls. It is not easy to forget time spent in SpringClan, as the territory alone is beautiful enough to forever stick in memory, as are the residents that reside there.

The River

The river runs through the majority of SpringClan’s territory and ends at the lake. It’s surrounded by mossy rocks near SpringClan’s forested areas. However, it is advised that cats do not walk along the mossy rocks as they are skippering and could be dangerous. The currents are usually fast, but on certain days they are known to be calm.

The Lake

In the southern part of SpringClan, shared with SummerClan, is the lake. A large expanse of water that is plentiful with juicy fish. It’s most beautiful at night, when it reflects the moon and stars.

The Waterfall and Stepping Stones

Up in the north lies a flower meadow. This one surrounds the waterfall, which falls into a clear pool that is great for swimming. The pool is surrounded by cherry blossoms. Occasionally the petals will fall and float upon the water, making for a serene vision. If they’re daring enough, some cats like to jump off the cliff of the waterfall and into the pool below. Near the flower meadow is a set of large stones, known as the stepping stones, located in the river, used by the cats as a bridge. They can be slippery at times, so caution is necessary.

The Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Garden is the most sacred spot in SpringClan. Long ago an old Japanese man started the garden in hopes of developing around the area, but he disappeared and never finished it. The man made a pond which is void of life, and at night it reflects the stars and moon. The area is more nature than settlement with moss and vines covering the old stone statues and structures the man had built, and large trees surrounding the area that makes up the garden. A local river turns to a small waterfall that lands into a man-made pool near the center of the garden. Located in the north eastern part of SpringClan territory, hunting is strictly forbidden in the garden as it’s a spiritual area used to connect with StarClan. The Japanese Garden is mostly kept secret from the other Clans, as SpringClan believes there’s no need to share their most sacred spot.

The Den

Located near the Japanese Garden is the Den, made up of a pile of stones that were once going to be used for decorations. However, they became forgotten. The stones are covered in moss and make a natural den. It’s a good place to spend the night if cautiously checked for snakes.

The Blossom Stone Path

The Blossom Stone Path is a mystical man-made path leading to the Japanese Garden. The area is filled with cherry blossom trees, but mostly little hills that make a good spot for rabbit burrows. The grass here grows short and expands across the rolling land. The sight is great for couples, young and old, or playful apprentices. There must be caution, though, while traveling along the stone path as occasionally two-legs like to take their dogs to this area.

The Four Stones

Located just south of the Japanese Garden is four tall, most likely man-made stones that create a circle. The stones, known as the four stones, are surrounded by a moat formed by a miniature waterfall. The sun shines beautifully in the water and on the stones during sunhigh and sunset.

The Flower Meadow

Located near the SummerClan border, is another flower meadow. This is a magical area of tall grass, filled with flowers of all different kinds. The area grows many species of plants, and is a great place for herbs. Bees and mice are plentiful in the area, and it has been known as a great place to frolic. The grass is great for hiding in. The meadow becomes truly alive during the beginning months of spring.

The Valley

At the border of SpringClan and WinterClan lies the valley. A mostly open space with few trees, the valley is bordered by the forest and has an amazing view of the mountains. The river runs through this part of the territory as well, but the water is almost always cold due to it being mostly snow melt. The valley is plentiful with prey and lush with life.

The Forest

Closer to WinterClan’s border is the forest, a mossy, shaded place with thick trees and even thicker undergrowth. Prey like birds, rodents, and squirrels are plentiful. Dangerous predators like foxes and badgers also live there, so it’s better to be cautious.

The Abandoned Monster

Abandoned long ago by twolegs hoping to reclaim the naturous area lies the abandoned monster. It has an old, creepy feel to it. Located in the western edge of SpringClan’s territory, the monster sits reclaimed by nature many years ago. Now covered in vines and foliage, only the bravest of apprentices dare to venture there, sometimes daring each other to touch it.

The Thunderpath

A medium-sized thunderpath in the east separates SpringClan’s border from the Rogues and Loners. Around the general area the prey is poor and the stench is almost unbearable. It’s better to stay far away from this place.

🌸To be Added🌸






JETSTAR roleplayed by JETCLAW

Jetclaw is a balinese she cat, with a tan colored pelt, jet black paws, tail ears and face. Most strikingly is her bright blue eyes. SpringClan is not the place Jetclaw would’ve envisioned for herself. Though it would’ve been a place far more welcoming of her being born to a kittypet. Now as a former SunClan cat, her sudden ascension to power in the ranks of calm SpringClan is looking tumultuous at best. But Jetclaw has a goal. She didn’t leave SunClan willingly, and has been presumed dead by her former clanmates, thanks mostly to Senescence deciding to spare her on a whim. Now vengeance drives her forward. She craves to make the cat who drove her from her home suffer. SpringClan might be an odd place to seek a fighting force, but she won’t ignore an opportunity for power. But perhaps, in this place of loyal cats who crave peace, and are kind despite the pain inflicted upon them. There is something far greater for her to gain.

Lives: 9/9
Mate: None


Goldengriffon has always been curious. Ever since he could remember he had always wanted to know how things worked, or why things were the way they were. As a kit he was constantly asking questions, and his parents encouraged his curious escapades. The pale ginger tabby found that he was more interested in the history of the clans than anything else. Always asking questions about how they clans arrived in the mountains, what their ancestors were like. He does what he can do gather all the knowledge of old battles, or the accomplishments of old leaders. Though, he finds it hard to gather this kind of information considering most of it was lost with the sands of time. Yet Goldengriffon learned a valuable lesson as he continued his curious adventures. There is always two sides to one story. The pale ginger tom learned to look at everything with an open mind. Goldengriffon tries to remain as unbiased as possible when deciphering a problem. He makes it his prerogative to hear the entire story from both sides before coming up with a solution or determining who was in the right or in the wrong. Even as an apprentice he made it his goal to never jump to conclusions and believe one cat over the other until he heard the entirety of the problem. Goldengriffon has a good disposition, and rarely looses his temper unless he is pushed to his limits. He has a good head on his shoulder, and warm blue eyes that are always brimming with a curious gleam.

Mate: Dancingdragon




FAWNHEART roleplayed by SPOT

A cream somali she-cat with amber eyes. She was born and raised in Springclan and was once Springclan's finest medicine cat. However, when Eternalstar rose to power, she was banished and tricked into joining Fallclan where she stayed for moons. She met a Fallclan tom and had kits with him but after missing her home, she finally decided to leave Fallclan and rejoin Springclan when Eternalstar was struck down and Shadedstar came to power. Fawnheart is a soft and big hearted she-cat with a voice was silk. She's more on the quiet side but has always had a warm and welcoming disposition. Although she is a rather young adult, she is surprisingly wise and very kind.

Mate: None
Apprentice: Sakurapaw

SAKURAPAW roleplayed by SHADOW

A white she-cat with a black patch over one eye, black front toes, and soft heterochromic eyes of soft albino pink and lilac, she is the daughter of Zengarden and Septariadragon, named for the beautiful cherry blossoms of Zengarden's youth. Gifted with the hope that she will embody the meaning of the sakura – to bring about a time of renewal and optimism, to remind all of the transience of life – she is a gentle but at times ferocious she-cat who can be demure and captivating in her charm, or quick-witted and sharp when prompted / taunted.

Mate: None
Mentor: Fawnheart




🌸These cats are the ones that the Leader often seeks council with. They are the best of the best of SpringClan, and trusted with responsibilities outside the normal warrior.🌸

Loyal to a fault, Blackberry is a friend to the end. With a coat the shade of night, and eyes the colour of the setting sun, many would call him impending, like the shadows cast by the largest trees at dusk. His brutish appearance, quiet demeanor and secretive past cause many to accuse him of being the cause of many bad luck scenarios, though he has never been proven guilty. Although not a natural borne Springclanner, he has taken it as his home, willing to protect it to the end, and the scars across his body from throwing himself headfirst into border skirmishes and battles are his badges of honour, a proof that he remains loyal to his clan and adoptive family.

With a sword at her side and the wind tussling her dark black fur, the prodigal son has finally made their way home. She's an old friend of Dancingdragon and Goldengriffon, grown up with the pair in the lush fields of Springclan. While she appears to be the straight laced one of the group, she is always willing to join in whatever schemes Dancing comes up with. But some tom at a gathering caught her eye and Celestialroar left to go be with him. Even now, she isn't truly sure why she left. Either way, the clan flooded and now she has found herself back in her homeland. Calling her eccentric is both an understatement and an overstatement. Her speech is stilted and filled with old timey words you wouldn't hear from anyone else, but she is also truly immersed in her own imaginary world. Seeing herself as a knight or an adventurer or whatever the story needs, she prefers action with the clang of the rusty sword she found as a kit by her side. She laughs with her whole heart and cries tears like a river. Loyal and loud, it's hard to miss her. Celestialroar is a black cat with a white patch on her chest and bright green eyes.

With fur as gray as storm clouds and as blue as the rain that follows, eyes a striking sea-green, and a lithe--nearly feminine physique, Ratprince is known to gain admirers from all corners of the woods. He’s beautiful. Perfect, but in looks alone. Though he may be perceived as a charming prince, he’s hardly that, and whatever affection he receives only encourages an array of insecurities and self-doubt. He’s convinced himself that it’s merely the facade of perfection that will win him friends for no one could ever accept his flaws. Despite his interests in developing his social skills and gaining true companions, Ratprince is extremely attentive to how he’s perceived, which results in him appearing rather cold and closed-off at times. Crowds can be especially harrowing for someone like him. It is a bad habit of his to keep others at a distance to protect himself from rejection even though it adds to his feelings of loneliness and isolation. The easiest way to make it past Ratprince’s many walls is to find him at a moment where he’s enraptured by one of his hobbies. Gardening is his greatest passion and one he’s particularly shy about. Still, nothing could keep him away from gathering or tending to the herbs, plants, and berries that inhabit SpringClan’s territory. Ratprince is also fond of sparring from time to time, and despite his smaller frame, he’s quite good at it. Perhaps his greatest strength of all is his loyalty and compassion to those he cares for. Rare as it may be, he does all he can to make them happy and to support and protect them with utmost seriousness.

AUTUMNBLAZE roleplayed by SPOT
A beautiful dark red somali cat with blazing amber eyes and a firey mane. Although she looks quite fierce, she is actually kind and energetic. Always enthused by the simplest things, but don't get too comfortable. She can have a short temper if certain buttons are pushed. However, don't think her bubbly personality is a weakness. Oh no. She is strong and bold. She will defend her clan in an instant with no hesitation. She is one of nine kits born of the previous medicine cat of Springclan, Fawnheart, whom was exiled by Eternalstar with trickery but eventually came back to live in her home clan. Her father is a noble hunter, known as Foxfoot.

BRAMBLESOAR roleplayed by HAZ3Y
Born and raised in Springclan, Bramblesoar is a loyal and kind tom. He is fond of laying in the sun, his tawny coat and dark tabby markings gleaming. His fur is long, with white patches gleaming on his chest, a paw, and the tip of his tail. His light-yellow eyes are calm, watching the trees sway in the cooling breeze. He is fiercely protective of his clan and those he loves, always keeping a cool head unless something precious to him is threatened. Although he doesn't have many scars, he is more than willing to fight tooth and nail if it means saving others (regardless of whether or not they're also in Springclan). He can have a short fuse, quick to anger if he thinks there is danger, but most of the time he's very levelheaded and logical. Although some see him as lazy or hotheaded, he is only trying to do what he thinks is right to protect those he cares about and those who can't protect themselves.

Cardinalsong is a cheerful, friendly, tom. Much like his sisters Shininghope and Dovewish. He is a dark ginger tom with bright green eyes, very similar in looks to his father (and namesake) Cardinalheart. Cardinalsong is always eager to interact with his fellow clanmates, and talks a lot. He has a bad habit of saying too much at times, and is kind of awful at keeping secrets. But he never has any real malicious intent. Though he is confused by the rift between his parents, Cardinalsong is certain that he and his siblings can solve the problem between Lightstep and Cardinalheart. He's a problem solver, and he's never met a problem he hasn't at least tried to solve.

A dark brown tom with splashes of white across his lips in what a two-leg might call a "milk mustache." His bottom jaw is slightly twisted, a birth defect that occassionally leaves a sharp white tooth sticking out from the bottom. Crookedbramble's crookedness doesn't just leave with his jaw, though. He's not always the most... moral of cats, although he isn't necessarily bad. Just a true neutral, often doing just what he needs to get by. Crookedbramble has light green eyes that are flecked with a more amber tone.

CURSEDHEART roleplayed by NOVA
The first word that may come to anyone’s mind when they see this ginger tabby might be ornery. It might be angry. Regardless of what that first word may be, it is never far from the truth. Cursedheart has a scowl that seems to be a permanent feature of his face while his orange eyes constantly spark fire. It’s very rare to see this tomcat smile or even relax. He constantly walks around with a “fight first, ask questions later” type of attitude. His biggest insecurity is the view that others have of him. After his parents abandoned him, first his mother and then his father, Cursedheart is afraid to get close to others, afraid that they’ll all just leave him one way or the other. His parents had only ever considered him a burden. It wasn’t exactly something they tried to keep secret. Their words continuously haunt him, and he pushes himself in everything always trying to prove that he’s worth more than what they thought. Because of his parent's words and actions he tends to push everyone away. Cursedheart prefers to be alone. But never really minds if he’s surrounded by others, despite his obnoxious objections. In truth, he can be incredibly soft and gentle around those he trusts, though that is no easy feat.

DAPPLEDMINT roleplayed by PAO
Can you say you were named for the scent of mint? For the color of your eyes that resemble the herb? Dappledmint can. Her name comes from her dappled, calico fur and from the cool mint greens of her eyes. But it's more than that. She a breath of fresh air, cool and minty. This small she-cat is sweet, not bitter; calm, not hasty; gentle, not rough. She's spring embodied in a solid form. Her scent is that of fresh chamomile and her smile of brilliant snow. Dappledmint is perfectly adorable. Curious and optimistic, childish and small, inquisitive, and intelligent. Just as spring is many things, so is this she-cat. Dappledmint is many things but her heart is sure and sound. Her mind wanders, wondering about what if's and how comes. She questions the world around her, but remains faithful nonetheless.

DOVEWISH roleplayed by SPOT
An ashy blue coat cloaks the elegant features of Dovewish. Rested upon the curves of her face are two ocean blue orbs placed perfectly symmetrical. A piercing of small, gold loops can be found at the top of each ear and feathers braided into her silky, soft fur, collected from her travels. While she may look flawless on the outside, she is broken and damaged on the inside. Dovewish had returned to Springclan after abandoning her clan for soul healing. After a devastating break-up with the tom she loved, she couldn't bear to live a single day seeing him happy with someone else. Once a kind and gentle soul, corrupted by the sprouting seeds of jealousy and envy. It nearly drove her to end her life if it weren't for the tom she loved rescuing her from the tempting riptides of the great lakes on Springclan territory. After that moment, she had decided to run. She ran away to discover herself, breaking free from the cold chains of resentment and the cage of self destruction. Now, she has returned with stories to share and a brave, new out-look. The cat she once was, caring, shy, and loving, was long gone. In its place stands a confident, daring she-cat with an unfiltered tongue. Here to prove herself to the clan once more.

With white fur, faint grey markings, and blue eyes, he was named after the moon he so resembles. Yet his mystical appearance is far from his personality. Eclipsingmoon doesn’t have a mysterious bone in his body and won’t hesitate to be brutally honest or blunt. Yet, he only talks when necessary. He prefers to spend his time alone or with one or two close friends at a time. A tragic loss in his youth caused him to become very protective of his sisters: Cometclue and Solarpainting. As the only male of the litter, he felt especially obligated to appear strong to them and also to convince himself that he was okay. Eclipsingmoon has a strong sense of justice. He respects his leaders, but he will always put the clan as a whole first. Even though he makes a perfect warrior, he has many flaws. He can be ignorant, intolerant, single-minded, rebellious, and noncommittal regarding love.

EVENINGROSE roleplayed by PAO
Life didn't start out all that great for Eveningrose. At only two months of age, she and her family were attacked by a wild dog. It left them fatherless and injured. This dilute calico is missing a front leg from that dreadful day, but from there it took a turn for the better. Though the poor she-cat was confined to the medicine cat den when she first arrived, even delayed her apprenticeship due to her injury, Eveningroe has only smiled. They were blessed to survive where her father hadn't, blessed to find a new home where many wouldn't have, blessed to still be able to walk even when missing a leg. This kit was adapted well to both clan life and being three-legged. To her, it was as natural as breathing. It probably helped that she'd lost the leg so early in life, but Eveningrose saw it as a blessing that she was even able to walk at all. This amber eyed cat is just full of positivity and optimistic as can be, it's her nature, her way of life. Her mother is Lavendersprig and her father was Branches, they started life as loners as did their kits until the attack. Eveningrose was born alongside Frostedsea, Sundance, Branchtwist, and Smokeglass.

One who walks with grace and her head held high will be looked at, but one who also shows her strength and doesn't back down will be shown with respect...or that's what Faithfulfeather believes anyway. This she cat has long fluffy black and white fur with eyes that sparkle like jade gems and a small black nose. She was raised that looks may turn some felines heads but its your choices, your heart, and mind that will gain you the respect you deserve. So with that Faithfulfeather has only shown who she was by what she does, and anyone who just likes her for her looks is not worth it. After all looks are a fleeting thing while the soul is the most precious jewel of them all.

A brownish-silver tabby she-cat with a yellow-green eye and one missing eye. When Primal Instinct attacked Springclan, Finchwatcher fought alongside her clan mates with all the fierce spirit and raw power of a tiger. Though, sadly, it was not enough. Severely outnumbered and taken by surprise, Primal Instinct ravaged through Springclan camp and murdered anyone in their path. Finchwatcher stood her ground bravely but she was no match for a powerful Primal Instinct cat. She lost her right eye that night. All that remains is healed over indention where her eye should be. While she fought bravely, she now finds herself self-conscious of her appearance and seeing the reactions of her fellow clan mates as they stare at her missing eye only adds to her insecurities. There is no telling whether she will learn to over-come what had happened or if it will forever haunt her. Though, no matter what lies ahead for her or the struggles she has faced, she will always remain loyal to her clan and will always defend it.

FIREFLY roleplayed by JETCLAW
Even at a young age, Firefly knew he was going to push the upper limits. Born initially into FallClan he found himself unsure of what path he'd take, he is quite happy to be in SpringClan, and seeing the contentment from his mother knows she is happy as well. He takes heavily after his father being a dark red somali cat with white around his muzzle and tail tip, amber eyes gleaming with inner strength. This is a tom that will never back down from any challenge. He is courageous and strong, and ready to push himself to his limits. However, his heart is soft and he takes consideration for those around him, often sacrificing his own safety for others.

HONEYCREAM roleplayed by PAO
Flowers are meant to be marveled at, cared for, and cherished. Love, friendship, honor. Pain, infection, death. Such small things and yet they hold such large positions in the world. Life or death. Love or lose. Just a simple rose could tell a whole story based upon their color, whether their blooming or not, and what they’re paired with. It’s the little things. It’s things like clumsy paws, stuttered words, and awkward moments. Other times its romantic gestures, alone time, and stolen moments. Honeycream understands all of this, for he is all these things and more. A loner. An outcast. A romantic. A stuttering mess. A fool. And so much more. Many times, the tom has been found sprawled across the ground—whether from tripping over his own paws or items that litter his path—or causing too much noise while hunting that he can catch nothing. It is as though trouble has a means of finding him no matter where he goes or what he does, and putting him on his face in the process. A walking bad luck charm. There are times where he is as sweet as his name implies. Small, shy Honeycream will be the first to find the perfect flower or help another find that perfect flower to cheer someone up, to comfort them, or to express a feeling. For flowers and shy actions speak louder for him than words ever will. Pale cream and white fur can be found in a field of flowers sooner than out on a patrol or with others. He values his time alone, the time to marvel at the beauty before him and not have to utter a word. Flowers and bees can not judge for failure and mistakes like peers can. Honeycream has accepted his role in the clan, an unwanted mess. No one wishes to have the stuttering fool on their hunting patrol least he scare off all the prey. No one wants him on a patrol least he scrambles away in fear at the first signs of a fight. He is a pacifist, a flower child if you will. Emotional, supportive, and kind. Honeycream is not made for fights, but to settle conflict. To be the one to offer a shoulder to cry on or an ear to tell all your secrets. It has amazed most that he has survived as long as he has, especially when he wasn’t expected to survive kithood. But here he stands, surrounded by flowers and sweet scents. Blue eyes looking out in wonder at what the world has to offer. He is fine with his simple life, craves it even, for all he needs is a meaning. Things as simple as flowers and their meanings, stories to be heard and ears to tell them to, cuddles in a soft nest and with warm bodies. Moments where words, even stuttered ones, can mean the most. Where hearts are easily broken and slower to heal. It’s things like these that he lives for. The little moments in life.

Disheartened by the troubles that faced FallClan, (and the heartbreak of a failed relationship), she decided it was better to cut ties with FallClan and return with her mother to SpringClan, the place of her birth. She has a white coat much like her mothers with black splotches and bright amber eyes. She's pretty quick on her feet but tends to move quickly from thing to thing making it very hard to keep up with.

Brown and white tabby she-cat with hazel eyes. She is an airhead, but has a kind soul and is eager to help others. This she cat seems to get along with everyone and is very empathetic to those around her but also has a tendency to put the needs of others before herself. While she sometimes stumble over her words when flustered she will also try to hide her own feelings so that she doesn’t worry others. Is unfortunately a terrible liar.

IVORYSNOW roleplayed by NOVA
Demure, shy, gentle. She detests confrontation and would sooner turn her cheek the other way rather than fight. But that doesn’t mean she has endless patience. Ivorysnow has been known to snap from time to time, though the sight is incredibly rare. She tends to act like everyone’s mother with how she frets over the wellbeing of her clanmates. Her voice is like a gentle caress, her stance always welcoming, and her blue eyes always bright with life. This snowshoe she-cat is always humming a little upbeat melody as she goes about her days. Though gentle, Ivorysnow can be firm when she needs to be. But it’s very easy to convince her to be just a bit lenient every now and then. She is a bit on the pudgy side, as she can never say no to an extra mouse or two, but she simply claims that its just more of her to love.

A handsome beige colored tom with a brown face, framing his spring green eyes. He is the spitting image of his father, Thistlestar, leader of Springclan. Though at a young age, Juniperhollow was full of spirit and adventure. Born with a gentle and pure heart, many saw him as the weakest of the litter despite being the second oldest. However, as he got older, many began to see a change in his behavior. His father's personality showing through him. He became calm, collected, and rather responsible. Although he matured, his heart still remained pure. He stands with his father, protecting all of Springclan.

Lightstep is a light gray tabby she-cat with a white belly, paws and underside of her tail and bright blue eyes. She tends to be quiet, an observer, preferring to learn more about what situations and what's happening in the clan around her. You never know when someone might let slip some valuable information is her motto, even though she's unlikely to share any secrets she hears. But knowledge is power after all. She looks very dainty, but her small lithe figure allows her to move quickly and be an excellent climber. Her parents died when she was younger and she was an only child. She is curious and is eager to learn more about the world around her which has gotten her into trouble from time to time, but she's still a decent fighter, nowhere near the strongest in the clan, but tough and cunning enough to handle most situations she finds herself in.

A rather small tom that's splashed with both grey and white patches with bright light green eyes. Before he joined Springclan he had been a young kittypet who had been abandoned by his old twologs by a river because "he had too much energy and was destroying the house." Lumine didn't understand truly what they meant but it was what it was. There were a few times that there were close calls until he joined the Springclan and once he joined he gained his warrior name Luminescence. Although on the smaller side this tom makes up for his size with boundless energy and being very quick on his paws. All he wishes to do is prove himself and show he is capable of doing anything.

LUNARPOEM roleplayed by PAO
The moon is a poem. She speaks her words in a whisper, quietly to the stars around her. They whisper back in song, telling of stories long gone. She's seen it all, watched over the world in the night sky. She whispers to the lovers, the dreamers, the poem writers. A lunar sight with a story to tell. A moon so full and beautiful that she draws all eyes. But it is her words that are spoken that they do not hear. Poems that float by on the breeze, unanswered and ignored. Lunarpoem has been one of the few cats to listen to the poems told by the moon. Her pale, ice-blue eyes are closed to the world as she sits, listening to the world around her. She hears the laughter from the tree's leaves, the echo of the stream, and the poems from the moon herself. In her family, it is nothing new to love the world around them as she does. Her great-grandfather instilled that into them all, the call of the stars, the whispers fo the woods, and the poems of the night. Lunarpoem is no different. But her focus is on the night sky and the moon who whispers the best secretes. Being a quiet cat herself, this black she-cat finds peace in the comfort of the moon's light. Once she'd heard her first poem, she fell in love with them. She tends to speak in the style, thus confusing many around her and feeling outcasted. But her mother has shown her love and has learned her language. They understand finding the love in the sky and nature's light. To hear the voice of the world whispered to you in a poem of words. Sunrisemosaic raised her daughter well, and Lunarpoem is nothing short of a beauty who speaks in riddles and observes the world. Lunarpoem is a gift, quiet and blessed. Daughter of two brothers and the cat they loved, she may not remember the two toms, but she's heard their stories. And sometimes, she thinks she can hear their whispers in the night air.

Mapledusk is a dark ginger tabby with a bit of white marbling around the chest. He is typically a quiet tom who prefers to make his actions louder than his words. Despite his incredibly shy demeanor, he is fierce to those closest to him. The blue eyed tom's past is well hidden since he prefers not to speak to most of his clanmates. Only a selected few may be able to crack his tough shell to the sweet, kind, and fierce warrior he is. That being said he likes to avoid apprentices and kits because they make him nervous.

"Don't wait for the knight in shining armor. His armor is shiny because he has never been to war. Instead, look for the knight with torn and tattered armor. He is the one who knows how to fight and is sure to be the one who can keep you safe from harm." Maskedknight, much like his name suggests is a knight in disguise, protecting and helping all he can in secrecy. His armor beaten and broken he comes off harsh and unfriendly while upholding his morals. Because of his hardened personality though he is often labeled as the bad guy, unapproachable and receives the brunt of others unkindness.

Born and raised on the streets, it was only a matter of time before Newsnarl ended up in a rogue gang. Yet after his recruitment, he soon discovered the ruthless hostility of the group even among its own members. He was expected to fall in line, commit any sin it took to ensure the gang’s prosperity or suffer the consequences of disobedience. So he fled. The fear that the rogues of his past might come after him still haunts him to this day, but now he has a real home in SpringClan. He feels grateful to have been accepted into the clan and puts his best effort forth as a warrior. He’s almost always hunting, patrolling, or practicing his skills in combat. He loves to be around his clanmates and socialize, but he doesn’t go out of his way to make friends either. When he’s in a good mood, Newsnarl acts smug and playful, but he can do a 180 from the slightest of things. Hot-headed, tactless, abrasive, and loud are the traits that usually show the most. He says things he doesn’t mean and acts out, only to regret everything once he’s alone. Apologizing is something he avoids. The anger issues stem from his countless insecurities, which are mostly baseless. Even when he knows he’s good at something, if he’s not the best in the clan, then he must be the worst. Newsnarl is an attractive (though he doesn’t believe it) ginger tabby with honey-colored eyes.

Pumpkinking is a boisterous fluffy ginger tom with lighter fur on his belly, and darker fur on the tips of his ears. He is a proud tom, with an insatiable curiousity. He likes to take the lead, to tell others what to do, but in turn finds it very difficult to listen to others. Even those who are in positions of power. He was found along with his close friends at a young age and taken into SpringClan. He doesn't remember much about his family, but he knows he likes SpringClan far better. His amber eyes glow with a certain light when he's home in SpringClan instead of anywhere else.

Insightful yet critical, this put-together large black tom is the bane of his clanmates. He grew up confident due to his place as the biggest of his litter; he was harder to push around and found he could fend off his siblings when necessary. Ravensight was quick to grow, though by the time he reached the age of a warrior, he was only slightly above average. His strength is far from his only virtue, however: he has perceptive eyes and a clever mind. If there's anything Ravensight excels at, it's picking out what other cats try to hide and throwing it back in their faces. He likes to find weak points and vulnerabilities and exploit them. His siblings are Crowtalon, Rookflight, Jackdawcry, Magpiefrost, and Hoodiedrop.

He's always been on his own. The fearsome predator that keeps nightmares at bay, he stalked at the leader's paw and kept him safe. He killed cats young and old, innocent and guilty, on command; when the fateful day came that Goldenstar died, he took his daughter and fled to a new world. Ever since then, he's been serving her from a distance. Singedwolf can't let other cats close. His need for independence isn't born of determination, but of fear: his cruel family has never treated him well, and those old nerves are still deeply ingrained in his being. He can't entirely remember being young, not even when his face was burned off, it's all hazy and full of gaps, but he knows it was bad. He knows that he can't trust the cats around him. Irritable and self-isolating, he keeps everyone else at bay, and for a long time his life was stuck on pause. He was a servant, nothing more, without wanting or ideals, born to do someone else's bidding. It wasn't until his injury, when his recovery took him away from his service, that he began to question if there was another way to life. Now resting in SpringClan while Bloodystar reigns over SunClan, Singedwolf has begun to harbor doubts about whether he'll ever return. A thick-furred gray-and-black tom-cat with a severed back leg and burn scars over his face.

SMOKECLOUD roleplayed by SPOT
Smokecloud is a smokey tom with piercing yellow eyes and burn scars across his face. This tom was born as a barn cat, living with his mother and siblings. Unfortunately, one fateful night, when he was barely an apprentice age, the barn caught fire as a stormy breeze knocked over the light that hung outside the barn. He was separated from his family by a burning beam which sprayed up hot ashes causing the burn scars on his face. He was unable to save his family and eventually left his home. With his family dead and the barn burnt to ashes, the tom found it too hard to live anywhere near it. So then, he ventured out to find a new place to live as a loner. In his travels, he learned basic medical treatments and how to survive. It was until then he found Springclan. They brought him in and trained him. However, the leader at the time, sent Fawnheart, their medicine cat, away to Fallclan to help with a green cough out break. She eventually decided to join Fallclan and Smokecloud, already with the knowledge of basic medicine, took her place. When she decided to return, he gladly stepped down and became a warrior once again.

SOFTPELT roleplayed by JETCLAW
Softpelt has grown used to shifting with the times, though she hopes to once again let herself take root in the place she called home before. She's a soft kind cat, her kittypet roots clear in her fluffy white appearance and demeanor. She wound up in FallClan for a time upon seeing their struggle without a medicine cat. Given her caring nature, and her passing familiarity with herbs Softpelt took up the position of medicine cat to help these cats. However, when she sensed the tensions getting too high in FallClan, and Inksplash felt spurned by the cat she was falling for, Softpelt and her daughter decided it was time to return home to SpringClan. Her greatest strength is handling kits, having mothered and served as a teacher to kits before. Her blue eyes are soft and welcoming to anyone.

Much like her sister, Autumnblaze, she is quite beautiful, though with a lighter sorrel colored fur; much more like her father's, Foxfoot. She was born with an unfortunate disability; blindness. Her pupils like moons, surrounded by an amber glow. She was born in darkness and that's where she spends her days. She can't see the beauty around her. She doesn't know what the world looks like. However, her scent and her hearing are extraordinary. That's not all to make up for her blindness. She also has a gift she received from her mother, Fawnheart, previously Springclan's medicine cat. That gift is that of visions. She can see things other's cannot despite her being blind. In her dreams and visions, she is not blind. She can see everything around her as if she were never blind to begin with. Stellareclipse has a short temper, however. Who could blame her? Living in mostly darkness, not many could be happy with that. She wishes to be a regular warrior but with her disabilities and power, the future may lead her down a different path.

He's the same, yet not. After having resolved a conflict with his tormentors from his long-forgotten past, Viperstream returns to SpringClan as a renewed cat. Apart from a few recent scars on both his flanks and back, he retains the same features - a lean, blue-eyed tom with long legs. However, in his absence, SpringClan had changed. With Thistlestar gone and new leadership in command, Viperstream wishes to return as a mentor to the younger generation and share his knowledge of the world. Just as before, he is still in search of that "one" he can settle down with and start a family.

With his neatly refined coat and articulate manner of speaking, very few cats believe he was ever the loner he claims to be. His sleek copper fur reflects auburn in the sunlight, matched by a pair of inquisitive green eyes, and flows over a limber and toned willowy body. The scars marking his body suggest the harsh life of a warrior: few rogues would have fought in so many battles, and none of them would have survived without the aid of a trained medicine cat. His left ear is split down to the base, he's missing patches of fur on his flanks and lower back leg, but the most flagrant wound is the long scar curling beneath his eye and down through the side of his throat, matched by the bite marks in his scruff. He was a SunClan warrior when he was sent out to break the first wave of defenses during a siege, and he was sent out to die. He tore his way through their ranks until the cats were pulling him down into to the dirt, and his best friend, his half-brother, sacrificed himself to save Wolfwaste. His mother saved his life then, faked his death and dragged from out of the battle and into a new clan. Was he supposed to thank her? Of the pair, he can't deny his brother was always his better half: Myriadwolf wasn't articulate or intelligent like Timesquandor, but he was pleasant to be around, optimistic and trusting. He was sweet, he believed the best in others even after he was proven wrong, and he was willing to take risks to help others. A selfish cat him Timesquandor could never understand that. He's been stuck in his old ways for so long, this selfish and judgmental tom isn't sure he can change, but for his friend, he has to try. His new name is an adaptation of the old - waste for his former name Timesquandor, for the life he's wasted thus far, for the untimely death that wasted his brother's potential; wolf in memory of the best cat he's ever known - and he's determined to find new meaning in it. Perhaps he can curb his own negativity, perhaps he can put his intellect to good use, perhaps he can learn to laugh if only he can stop looking over his shoulder. He has a long journey ahead of him, but for the first time in a long while, Wolfwaste wants to take it.

ZENGARDEN roleplayed by SHADOW
A grey tom with white patches along his body and white spirals along his tail, forelegs, and backlegs, as well as calm lilac eyes like waters reflecting a particularly beautiful sunrise, he is a SpringClan tom through and through, born and raised, and adores his homeland. Calm, peaceful, and often considered to be of sage wisdom, he's approached by many, not just his family, for advice and to lend an ear to their troubles. He is fiercely protective of his family, most especially his daughter, Sakura, and will fight to the death for his clan.

Caramelkit is one of the daughters of Faithfulfeather and Honeycream. She looks like their dad with more of a caramel than cream coloring but was born with her mother's jade green eyes. Her name doesn't just describe her physical appearance, but she is a warm and sweet cat. Despite her warm personality, Caramelkit is highly intelligent and doesn't entirely care for a lot of attention from males. She prefers to pick and chose who she wishes to be friends with. Despite her aloofness towards males, she secretly desires a strong relationship built upon friendship and trust. When super emotional (angry, sad, happy) caramelkit develops a stutter, much to her embarrasment. She often wishes that her stutter could go away.
MENTOR: Cursedheart

Celestialecho is a Siamese mix with beautiful black points on creamy colored fur. Her eyes are the deep blue that most siamese felines carry. She has long legs and a slim build, making her much more of a hunter than a fighter. She's outgoing and friendly, easily making friends with anyone she crosses paths with. Don't mistake taking this friendliness for granted though, Celestialecho can hold a grudge like no-one's business. With a little bit of persuading, you might be able to get back on her good side. Celestialecho craves affection, whether it be romantic or platonic, and she's very doting on those whom she loves. Truthfully, she'd make a wonderful mother, but she's unsure of whether or not she'll ever have kittens or even a mate for that matter.
MENTOR: Lunarpoem

CORALPAW sky roleplayed by biyuu
A pale ginger and white tabby she-cat with blue, almost green eyes. Loud and abrasive, Coralsky's abrasive demeanor is off-putting to most of her Clanmates. Born into a family of rogues before being dumped on SpringClan's door, she has very little recollection of her family besides small snippets of memories and occasional flashbacks. Coralsky has an inferiority complex a mile wide, pasting over her insecurity with false bravado and a carefully-crafted persona of fearlessness. She is intensely distrustful even of those she’s known her entire life, and keeps a tight social circle. When this social circle is threatened by an outsider, she seeks to cut the outsider off as soon as possible. Even with those few cats she lets in, she runs hot and cold constantly, and experiences frequent mood swings that can be set off by the tiniest thing. She has very little emotional regulation or self-awareness, and can go months without stopping to think about how something really makes her feel. Coralsky is frustrated when others don’t share her blunt, abrasive communication style, but is intensely defensive of herself and angered when they do. She has trouble planning ahead, has very little impulse control, and prefers to live “...spontaneously” as she calls it. She feels societal pressure to conform to Clan life like her Clanmates, but seeks individuality as her number one desire, causing her to lash out irrationally at Clan power structures and hierarchies. She is infamously anti-authority to the point of attempting to start a coup in SpringClan as a kit, but paradoxically seeks power and control within her relationships and social circles. Coralsky adamantly refuses to examine her past before she came to SpringClan, on the grounds that there’s nothing good that can ever come of self-reflection.
MENTOR: Jetstar

This tom is the son of Honeycream and Faithfulfeather. With looks of his father of pale cream and white fur with blue eyes. The only difference between the cats is the way the tabby stripes come across him make it like when a bee is covered in pollen. Ironically for a cat that lives in Springclan that is surrounded by flowers he sure is allergic to pollen. If he is anywhere near pollen he cannot stop sneezing for the life of him. He is sweet and loving in the way his father is to the creatures around him, but has his mother's strength and confidence.
MENTOR: Smokecloud

LAVENDERPAW badger roleplayed by NOVA
Much like the flower she was named after, Lavenderbadger exudes an air of calmness all around her. She lives for today and doesn’t worry about what tomorrow might bring. Her black and white coat is constantly covered in various flower petals. Laying around in the flower fields of Springclan is her favorite pastime, and she’ll sometimes forget to return home. It wouldn’t be the first time that one of her clanmates would drag her back into the camp. Lavendarbadger just laughs it off, not even bothering to clean the petals from her pelt. Much like her father, Honeycream, this tuxedo she-cat is a romantic. A hopeless romantic at that. Lavenderbadger has always dreamed of what her perfect romance would look like, and though each time the scenarios all look different, it lives the she-cat sighing wistfully. After all, what’s not to love about love? A bit of a free spirit, this cat sways to the beat of her own drum with not a care in the world.
MENTOR: Luminescence

SERVALPAW swipe roleplayed by IAN
A lavender ocicat with large, yellow-golden eyes that are rimmed with thick smudges of black. His eyeliner is the darkest part of him, the rest of his body's spots swirling in shades of brown, but never black. No matter how old he gets, he still has a baby face, something that he's not super fond of whatsoever. He says it means he gets taken less seriously, but his lack of seriousness probably roots in his golden retreiver personality more than anything else. Although he tries his best to focus, often times, it feels as if there is not a single thought in his head, which means he walks around the clan with an airheaded bliss more often than he doesn't. A very go with the flow creature, he is the kind of cat that could get easily absorbed into a group where he could serve as the comic relief.
MENTOR: Dancingdragon

SKUNKPAW flower roleplayed by PAO
Who names their kit Skunkkit? Well Honeycream and Faithfulfeather did and the poor tom has been made fun of for it ever since. The fluffy tom has a white underbelly and legs with black across his back, the opposite coloring of a skunk, but similar enough that he's parents thought it was a fitting name. The only blessing is he got his dad's pretty bluebell eyes and those stand out from the black fur around his eyes. While his parents are proud of him, of his name, and everything he does, the poor tom known as Skunkflower is embarrassed by them and his name. He doesn't smell, actually likes to roll in flowers so he smells like them and nothing like a skunk, but he's name still gets him made fun of and teased as though he does. Poor Skunkflower ahs a permanent blush on his face from his parents' and tehri embarrassing ways as well as the embarrassment of his name. Always embarrassed, the tom has developed a tough skin and decided he's not that lucky. How could he be with a name like his? Plus he's kind of clumsy like his dad but that's due to having an extra toe on his front paws. So really, he tries to avoid his family, and to avoid the embarrassment that's sure to follow with his lovey-dovey parents. He loves them. don't get him wrong, but he just wishes they weren't so embarrassing to be around.
MENTOR: Blackberry

The worst color to wear is white: It hides no secrets and tells no lies, something Dancingdragon hates about her coat. It's the same silken ivory of spider's silk and equally as soft to the touch, framing a pair of magic fire eyes: An imperial swirl of cerulean and jade, peppered by gold flecks. Imbued with the genetics of two esteemed warriors long since passed, brothers who lived similar legacies and died valiantly in battle, and a SpringClan bloodline dating back to the clan's earliest days, newcomers often mistake her for poised and benevolent-- until they meet her. Though proud of her ancestry-- often to the point of arrogance-- she's determined to strike out on her own and create a reputation for the strengths of her own character rather than the strengths of those that came before her. Dancingdragon has claws that are quick to draw blood, but the real danger is her tongue, sharper than any blade. She's an efficient warrior, excelling in battle and decent in hunting, but struggles diplomatically. Her temper tends to be easily sparked and not so easily quelled. One slight against her spawns a grudge that will outlive her mortal soul, but there's something to be said about her tenacity. SpringClan's enemies are her enemies. Dancingdragon cares more for her clanmates than she will ever let on, and she would sacrifice herself if it meant the safety of anyone in her clan, from the oldest elder to the smallest of kits. She may be a miscreant masquerading under her family name, but, above all, she's the culmination of hundreds of warriors, deputies, and leaders who have dedicated their lives to the clan she now defends.
KITS: Sharpkit, Softkit, Sweetkit

As radiant as the morning dew, the young queen is a small but beautiful calico. Her bright sapphire eyes and long elegant fur makes it seem as though she doesn't belong in clan life. Despite appearances and first meetings, Morningdew is especially fierce and protective over those she holds close to her heart. The queen recently joined the clan after her kittypet home burst into flames. She had been so terrified that she ran headlong into Springclan's territory. Once she learned more about the clan the more she wanted to stay and to raise her kits to become warriors. Nothing is mentioned about the kit's father, and Morningdew doesn't speak of him.
KITS: Lacekit, Crimsonkit, Brookkit

A black she-cat with hints of red in her fur when the light hits a certain way and pale blue eyes, she is a ferocious she-cat who holds no qualms about making her opinion heard and her perspective made plain for all to see. Though she was not born to SpringClan, it has quickly become her home and she bears no intention or remote desire to leave. Though she can at times appear cold and aloof, she loves her family dearly, particularly her daughter, and would fight the most chilling of demons to ensure the survival of those weaker than herself.

Brooksong is a tortiseshell she-cat with bright amber eyes and an inquisitive zest for life. She loves to go on adventures with her brother Crimsontooth. Whereever there is trouble you can be certain that both littermates will be smack in the middle of the chaos. Brooksong is the exact opposite of her little sister Lacefeather. But if Lacefeather were to be teased or made fun of, you can guarantee that she will be there to defend her sister. Brooksong's energy is like the loud babbling of the brook that never wanes, even in the dead of winter. She is the eldest of Morningdew's litter.
Littermates: Lacekit, Crimsonkit

LACEKIT feather roleplayed by BIYUU
A tuxedo-patterned white and black she-cat with brilliant blue eyes. She is laid-back, preferring to keep close with her mother and stick to the rules. While her littermates tend to flock together, she is more of an outsider. She is the daughter of Morningdew, and the sister of Brooksong and Crimsontooth.
Littermates: Crimsonkit, Brookkit

SHARPKIT stream roleplayed by WOOF
One eye an icy blue and the other an earthy green, Sharpstream is living proof of the thin line between heaven and earth. She's wrapped in her mother's pretty ivories, but finding any other mementos she inherited from Dancingdragon would take a truly catastrophic misstep on your part. Docile and down to earth, she's more like Goldengriffon in that regard, maintaining her father's amiability, curiosity, and charisma with only a dash of his anxiety. She can often seem like she got the best of both of her parents, but churning below the surface is an inescapable riptide reserved for those that cross her, her family, or her clan. Though quiet like a stream babbling through the woods, be warned: Even gentle waters can carve through rock.
LITTERMATES: Softkit, Sweetkit

SOFTKIT briar roleplayed by NOVA
There’s no denying her lineage. Her golden tabby coat is an identical match to her fathers, and her fluffy pelt comes straight from her mother. From the moment she opened her baby blue eyes everyone in the clan assumed she’d be just like her father, Goldengriffon. It was why her mother had given her the prefix “Soft”. How wrong they had been. Softbriar may look like her father, but her attitude is all Dancingdragon. This fiery she-cat doesn’t know what it means to sugar-coat things. She’s blunt, abrasive, and knows exactly who she is. As an apprentice she had a bad habit of flaunting the fact that her father was the deputy, and often thought she could get away with anything. How wrong she had been. But even though she learned her lesson, that didn’t change much. Softbriar’s best weapons are her claws and her tongue. One wrong move, and she won’t hesitate to put a cat in their place.
LITTERMATES: Sharpkit, Sweetkit

The broken bird. He served his clan as best as he could until the accident, and even then, struggled to make it as a loyal servant to his leader. But the damage was permanent, and although his spirit was crushed, akin to his leg, he has developed an easy and happy disposition from staying in the elders den. He proves to be a wise advisor for apprentices and warrior alike, and appreciates his position for what it is now rather than a banishment from being useful to his home. His long calico coat is always impeccably groomed, becoming a bit of an obsession for him in his ample free time since his early retirement. But the light of his warrior days remains in his hazel eyes, which always seem to be watching the camp entrance with a special interest, keeping his attention much more than it should.