S T A F F   R U L E S
Each moderator is either a: Clan Leader, Group Leader, Helper Moderator, or a Clan or Group Deputy undergoing Moderator Preparation.

RULE two
As a leader-moderator, you have a duty to both your clan as well as to moderating the site. Neglection of either of these duties will result in punitive actions and possible demotion, depending on the extent of neglection. The Leadership Activity Chart is used to monitor activity for the clans. The Moderator Discussion Strikes said, as fully discussed here, monitors moderator activity.

RULE three
Staff Members are just like normal registered users on Classic. Everyone must follow the site rules. If a staff member breaks any of the Site Rules or Staff Member Rules, they will receive the appropriate punishment. The second time a Staff Member receives a warning they will be demoted. Staff Members are not permitted to create hate threads.

RULE four
If any moderator of administrator needs to take an extended break from the site, they must both add themselves to the Absence Forum and request one or more grace weeks. Being on the absence forum does not automatically guarantee grace weeks will be applied. Any absence in which grace weeks are not requested or are not applicable toward will result in strikes on the Leadership Activity Chart.

RULE five
No moderator or administrator may ban or unban any member without a completed discussion of the debated member's history. Once a final decision has been reached, one of the Staff will be instructed to unban or ban the appropriate user. Punishment might result in a reminder of this rule from one administrator. If the user is posting sexual content or is creating an unsafe situation any Staff Member has the permission to immediately ban the user.

RULE six
Moderators cannot delete threads. If a thread is getting out of control, one may lock the thread, assign warnings to participating users, and use the report function to report the thread. The administration will then decide if the thread deserves to be deleted. The only exception is if the thread contains pornographic material. Deputies and leaders both have the capability of editing threads made by other people. All such edits are logged in the security features of the site, and one may only edit threads that involve their clan.

RULE seven
Moderators have the power to assign warnings to members of the site. Warnings are assigned for all infractions of the Site Rules. After a user has received three warnings, they will be banned from Classic. A warning expires a year after it has been assigned.

RULE eight
Revamps for any page on the site may be done on the revamp site; however, clan leaders or managers of the pages are under no obligation to accept a revamp.

RULE nine
Staff Members must remain active throughout their career as a site staff member. Active refers to a Staff Member participating in Staff Discussions. If your inactivity becomes a very prevalent problem, you'll be messaged by one of the administrators. Be sure to explain all persistent drops in activity to the administrators.

RULE ten
Each member of Classic may assume one leadership position (Leader or Deputy, or clan equivalent) and one medical position (Medicine Cat and Medicine Cat Apprentice) at any given time. Staff members may not assume two like positions. If a member acquires two same positions, the member will required to formally resign from one of their like positions. In addition to this, members who assume a position are forbidden from tryout out for an identical position. Leaders may choose if they have a deputy for their clan.

RULE eleven
Confidentiality is imperative whenever we have a staff discussion about a member on our site. No administrator or moderator is allowed to share information concerning discussions of this nature made on the moderator site to anyone anywhere. This includes sharing screen shots of discussions or quoting any information. This is to protect the staff's privacy and will allow open discussion especially on sensitive matters. However, staff members are free to talk about any discussion with any current staff member. Any staff member found sharing these confidential discussions to people outside the staff including the person the discussion is about will be a given a warning and possibly be demoted from their position depending on the severity of the infraction.

RULE twelve
Supposing they stepped down in good standing from their positions, former administrators may become a helper moderator if they choose. In the event that a former administrator returns from a leave of absence, they may request to become a helper moderator after proving that they are active. First time returners must meet the LSAC requirement of 20 threads for two weeks, while former administrators who have returned more than once must make that requirement for a month. A former administrator may only be a helper moderator two times, unless otherwise voted on by the staff. In the event that a leader stepped down in poor standing, any member of the staff may bring this up and it may be voted upon by the staff whether the former administrator may retain this privilege.

RULE thirteen
Should a Clan leader decide that they do not wish to lead as a Moderator, they may step down from Moderator and only be a Clan Leader.

The follow critera must be met before a clan can be deleted or the site overhauled.

Clan Deletion Criteria:
✓ Were activity checks and ceremonies made monthly?
✓ Were plots being made seasonally and remained strong for a month or more?
✓ Did the leader make at least 5 open threads within a month?
✓ Was the leader regularly replying to their rps and not last second on a Saturday?
✓ Was the page being regularly updated and maintained as needed?
✓ Has the clan been dealing with inactivity, defined as below the CPCC within two months?
✓ Is there a deputy and a medicine cat? Are they making/replying to threads?
✓ Has the leader asked for support in improving clan activity?
✓ Has there been a history of inactive leaders?

Even if a clan meets every deletion criteria there must always be a mod discussion first, as well as an investigation into the leaders roleplay history. For a clan to be considered for deletion there must have been attempts made by the leader to lead their clan. Should a leader be found to fall short of any of the criterias the deletion proposal will be dismissed.

If the deletion criteria has checked all of those boxes as yes, a vote will be held to the public if the clan should be deleted. The vote must be held for at least 1 week and messaged to all members. No clan can be deleted without the public voting with a super majority that they wish for said clan to be deleted with a clear description about what deletion is within the message. Should there be a day where there is not access to the website another day will be added onto the vote. Furthermore admins and mods must be responsive in a timely matter should a member have any questions about the vote.